Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AC and Working out

Over the years, my interests have changed. I used to spend alot of my leisure time playing video games but then got involved with the internet, specifically managing a group of parents of gay kids. Then my interest in the internet shifted towards workingout and fitness. I am still very into workingout and hope I never stop.

Offline, my main interest was horseracing. Before our first child, we even owned part of a racehorse and my first internet ID was horsemom2 so that interest lasted a good 30 years or more. Then as I started going to casinos more and more and enjoying penny slots, my gambling focus shifted away from horseracing. Going to Atlantic City so often made one or both of us going CET Diamond status obtainable as long as we focused on their 4 casinos (Harrahs, Showboat, Ballys and Caesars). The Borgata will upgrade any CET Diamond level player to their Black Label for a full year. As the years went by, I started resenting the AC CET Total Rewards casinos more and more because of various poor customer service issues. The final straw was having a sudden Diamond lounge charge. Obviously, most other Diamond members felt the same because the Diamond lounges became empty as well as slot machine seats. I love The Borgata for its food and loose machines but miss the variety of having more places to eat, stay and play so have been going more recently only twice a month for one or two nights instead of 3 times a month for 2 to 3 nights as well as a bus trips. Most of these current trips are funded by The Borgata's slot bonuses so I haven't lost money like I used to but I am finding myself not as excited about Atlantic city visits as I used to be so my interest is waning. Really think the future Revel and Hard Rock casinos will be huge financial losses like the Taj Mahal after the initial summer season. CET ruining their AC Diamond brand has opened the door for The Revel to take advantage of CET's business blunders but doubt they will hit the ground running with offers even as good as The Borgata's which is still losing business in spite of the CET Diamond exodus.

Peak Fit Challenge and Classical Stretch

I woke up at 4am this morning so I could workout before the electrician arrives and cuts our power. I did the warmup and first block from PeakFit Pure Cardio then alittle more of the *Anywhere, Anytime* workout then a Classical Stretch (829) recorded this past Monday. CS 829 was very therapeutic for all of my joint problems, especially the shoulders so may become a regularly done routine by me.

PeakFit cardios and Classical Stretch will be my main workout focus the next few weeks with a sprinkling of other stuff when time allows.

ETA: the Electrician will not be coming till tomorrow since the ground is still wet :(

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Catch-up

Not much to report other than doing alot of walking the past few days in AC and a Classical Stretch when I got home this afternoon. Next few days may not see much working out either because we start having our electrical circuit board replaced tomorrow and are fully booked each morning till Saturday.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

PeakFit WOW!

This morning after warming up on the bungee to MUVE, I tried some of the PeakFit *Anywhere Anytime No Excuse Workout*. Handled the warmup and first few circuits well but started to poop bigtime about 15 minutes into the workout. I love the moves, mostly athletic cardio and that none are done for too long. However, because of its intensity, it will be slow going for me to try all of the 3 dvds I received in a trade. Very SLOW going. May take longer than a month! Will definitely have to do more sparks if I want to continue to try these as well as other virgin workouts plus revisit others. Must do a spark before each meal like my son does.
After PeakFit, I did some more of Fitstix Adaptive PE for upper body cardio and some Classical Stretch.
Here's the Peak Fit Challenge website with clips for each dvd

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kukuwa Speedbody Fitstix Adaptive PE

I started by warming up on the bungee to MUVE radio shows with West African and Polynesian dance. Got in the mood for more African so did the first two songs on Kukuwa's Adult Advanced workout. Then wanted to keep the party going with another favorite so did rounds 4 through 7 from Rob Forcelli's Speedbody which used a medball then wanted some upper body so did the first couple of routines on Fitstix Adapative PE and finished with Classical Stretch.
Revisiting some of these favorites made me realize that I do not need new workouts at all!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Besides my regular morning workout, I had a functional strength workout lifting a 15 pound turkey in a pan plus its juices several times to baste the bird. Food came out great though almost an hour too early so we just ate earlier LOL

This morning while the bird cooked, I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE then did some Temple Dance from youtube then Kathy Smith's lower body from her Kettlebell set then some Biggest Loser vol2 Functional strength and group strength using a Smartbell instead of a stability ball or medball. Finished with Classical Strength. Smartbells are a nice piece of equipment that never caught on because of their expense. It is weighted and curved with two handles. Very nice for halos and figure eights, etc.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rough night and rougher morning

Last night around 12:30 am, our electricity went out then about 30 minutes later the electricity was going on and off with a loud noise then finally there was an explosion type sound. Then we saw a bright light and smoke from our den windows. Am assuming a transformer or whatever blew. Then there were a bunch of red blinking lights which I assume were fire trucks. Anywho power was restored around 2am. It felt like an alien invasion LOL
Thought we may have lost one of our puters which acted really strange till it seemed to overcome its shock. Getting my dvd players to work right was really tricky, needing to do alot of channel switching and gyrations to get everything working properly again. Now I have to reset two vcr clocks and programming to capture Season 8 Classical Stretch. No dvr yet.

This morning I did some MUVE on the bungee than alittle Zumba-like dance from youtube. Next a premix from Crave Results and finished with a Classical Stretch. This is one of the GR Dance routines I did

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mostly Lower Body Cardio today

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with more office MUVEs then did some Biggest Loser Volume 2 Men's athletic cardio using mostly the lower body on the UR with its stability bar and some of the Women's lower body strength then the CORE from Crave Results and finished with Classical Stretch.

My biceps feel well worked from yesterday's Crave Results without any elbow twinging and my knee seems much better after wearing a knee bandage with magnets yesterday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

More Crave Results

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE clips that were filmed in an office setting. What makes MUVE perfect for the rebounder is that it uses very little floor space. Then I did the double dumbell and band routines from Crave Results which were felt intensely without bothering my knee. I used homemade XCOs instead of dumb bells and mostly hammer curls with the band for biceps because my elbows do not like palms up curls. Finished with a Classical Stretch from Season 8!

Classical Stretch Season 8

Check your PBS stations because NYC TV (channel 25 on FIOS) at 6am had started broadcasting the season 8 of Classical Stretch a week or two late so I almost missed it! They hadn't done a new season in so many years, I had given up. Plus Saturday and Sunday are no longer repeats like in the past but a separate series episode. Today was 822 and last day of the series #830 is scheduled for next Tuesday. On Weds 11/30, season 8 may be restarting with 801.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

AC and Crave Results

I walked over 30,000 paces Thursday through Saturday and ate pretty healthy. Showboat was empty Friday night which was probably why we got comped. Ballys was also offering us Friday night comped even though we have not played there since May 2011. Couldn't believe how there were no lines for the Diamond lounges Friday night or Saturday, proving CET has done a great job destroying their AC brand. Food was ok at the Diamond lounges but not close to the quality of The Borgata buffet and lounge. Anywho, now that we got husband Platinum for free parking through March 2013, we are pretty much done gambling at any CET casinos. The machines were pretty loose at both The Borgata and Showboat so I never used any of my own money this trip and actually brought home some of the downloaded bonus $$.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE then did the first few blocks from Angie Miller's Crave Results which were mostly single weight moves so I used my light kettlebell then finished with some Classical Stretch. My knee was getting pretty good in AC but when I kicked off the blankets the last night to get out of bed, I reinjured it. It's still better than all of the previous week and I am pretty sure, it will heal.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Biggest Loser Volume 2

I warmed up with MUVE on the bungee then did a bunch of chapters from the Biggest Loser Volume 2, using my Smartbell for the stability ball and medball chapters. Also used Fitstix and rebounder for kickboxing cardio.
Finished with a Classical Stretch.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pump Party

This morning I warmed up with some Jumping-Fitness videos from youtube then did most of the standing segment of Mindy's Pump Party before finishing with a Classical Stretch. The music in Pump Party is outstanding but I did tweak the moves alot to make them more AWT focusing on the core and upper body more, mostly using the light bar that came with my disposed YogFlex. Right knee is still whining but seems alittle quieter.

Really wish more workouts had good loud music!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Suddenly I See

I really should celebrate with the *Suddenly I See* song from the MUVE website because I finally got a new pair of glasses today for the first time in many years and what a huge difference! I can see distance, the puter and the titles of my workouts on my shelves soooo much better now. I do have to adjust to the motion sensation from the larger lens and more prominent floaters though.

This morning I did some Kathy Smith Rejuvenation Walk and some Les Mills Body Attack from youtube on the bungee then 3 chapters from Angie Miller's Kettlebell Bootcamp and finished with some Classical Stretch. Just did a spark using a Jack LaLane stepper vhs I got from a thrift store. Think I will use my stepper more because it didn't aggravate my right knee which has been whining more and more lately. Taking a MUVE break till next week so I can revisit other neglected workouts more but may sneak in that *Suddenly I See song*.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

online bouncing, KS KB, Circuit Burn and CS

I warmed up on the bungee with online bouncing clips which I may give the links for or even upload later today. The first was a bunch of free Reebok videos I linked together and then I did a Senior routine (nothing Senior about it!) found on Jumping-fitness.
Next I did the Fatburning chapter from Kathy Smith's Kettlebell dvd with the music only option. Really love this routine!
Then I did half of the boxing (with Fitstix) and lower body pre-mix from Circuit Burn, tweaking it to work both sides more evenly simply by making most 4 counts just a 3 count and finished with Classical Stretch.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not a Stellar Workout

I felt tired and achy this morning and even MUVE on the bungee failed to get me into the workout groove and neither did Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk but I did enjoy a Classical Stretch and may do a spark or two later.

Yesterday before dinner, I did some jogging and jumping jacks on the bungee.

ETA: I just did an amazing spark outside in the yard with my walking poles. Lots of fast intense walking then alternating big lunges plus some squats inbetween the walks and lunges. Then stayed in the sun for alittle extra Vitamin D when recovering. Went breathless quite a few times.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Magical morning workout

Every now and then, a workout just clicks 110% as it did this morning.
As usual I warmed up on the bungee with MUVE then some KS Rejuvenation walk on the bungee with palm weights then some Body Gospel using their bands and finished with an outstanding Classical Stretch. All of the aches and pains I woke up with are gone and I sweated profusely on a chilly morning. Workouts like this are better than any pain pill.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

MUVE and KS Rejuvenation Walk

Woke-up with alot of DOMS and a swollen knee which Arnica gel returned to normal. It was probably from the Hamelin D'abell workouts, even though I didn't come close to doing all of his reps. Still will revisit them because love the music only effect but will be more cautious.

Did 5 MUVE routines on the bungee then some of Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk on the bungee with homemade XCOs. Would like the Rejuvenation Walk workout much more if chaptered, especially since the left sided V steps seem out of place like they should have been after the upper body sequence. Also wish it had a music only option. Otherwise, think her Matrix Power Walk has more moves and energy. Power Walk also has lots of standing abs.
Finished with some much needed Classical Stretch.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MUVE and Hamelin D'abell

I did a few MUVE songs on the bungee then used the standing segments of youtube's Hamelin D'abell workouts 1 and 2 with Fitstix then did alittle of the Rejuvenation walk and the whole stretch with Kathy Smith's red band that comes with the dvd kit.
I am still totally loving MUVE. Each song has a huge variety of moves and the songs are really starting to grow on me. MUVE is perfect on the bungee with minimal tweaking (and I never spin around anyways).

Here are some links of the MUVEs and Hamelin D'abell: was taped at a Senior Citizen home but is quite challenging! I do the chair stuff on the bungee or sitting on a stability ball. has some really good lyrics.

for many more free clips, just go to

Some blog clips are on their 2 wonderful dvds as well.

here's a Hamelin D'abell

If anyone would prefer clips to links, let me know or I'll continue to suggest mostly links to their website cuz less time consuming. If you have any problems playing the clips on the MUVE website which are mostly in Quicktime, please let me know! I will try to upload any clips NOT on their retail dvds. Let me know if my uploaded videos are also not working for you, especially if you may be purchasing their dvds and need to see some MUVE clips to be sure you will like the MUVE style.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VF and online workouts

This morning I warmed up with MUVE then did the cardio from Give Me 10 More on the bungee then did a great band workout led by Janis Saffell and finished with Classical Stretch. Most of my MUVE clips come from their internet site which offers alot of online clips in their blog. The Janis Saffell clip was from her Reformer workouts on youtube and worked great with the Body Gospel bands. I wouldn't have known about any of the above without VF. Give Me 10 More was from a VF Exchange.
Thanks to VF (, I get to try alot of different workouts that I otherwise never would have known about. I use their exchange for trades as well as online workout sites to add to my purchases. Most of my purchases are because of VF reviews.

VF has a wonderful current thread about online workout sites:

Rotations, Diets, & Results Rant

After reading an article written by a well known trainer emphasizing that everyone needs to stick to the same exercise routine for at least 8 weeks to achieve a specific result, I had the following reaction:

Variety, feeling well, and enjoying the movement when moving keep me moving.

Really do not care about any other goal or result except that I keep moving safely.
More and more studies are supporting how exercise can boost the immune system to defend against cancer and heart disease as well as help alleviate depression, insomnia, and stress. However, the wrong kind of exercise can actually have an adverse effect.

Dread, boredom, and injuries are obstacles I have avoided successfully for the past 12 years since making regular exercise a daily part of my life. I have seen others lose interest or get injured trying to do what their mind and body do not want to do. Not getting the temporary, sometimes unrealistic result one is seeking can totally derail all exercise.

As far as permanent weightloss, diets do not work either.
Small permanent changes in one's lifestyle as far as food choices will help maintain a healthier body.
Health and Fitness are a lifetime marathon, not an 8 week sprint.

Bottomline, the best personal trainer is the voice inside of one's own head. Stop searching for the *magic bullet* and start listening.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I just wanted to share a great site called

If you want to share a file or files up to 2 gigs, you can upload them and have the link of the site offering the download sent to any email address and your own sending address. The file(s) can be downloaded for 3 days up to 10 times before the site disappears.

This site has enabled me to share alot of videos with friends online that couldn't be emailed because too large and is much more private than posting the videos on youtube or facebook.

Two checkins in One post

Cannot believe I forgot to post yesterday's workout!
Warmed up with MUVE on the bungee.
Then did some Give Me 10 More and alittle bit of a kettlebell routine.
Then a Caribbean Workout Dance Stretch and some Classical Stretch.

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with a very long MUVE recorded at a senior Unity House and have to give kudos to those seniors who did the whole workout! Then I did some athletic cardio on the bungee, alittle upper body from Exercise TV and finished with Classical Stretch.

Whatever I have been doing is working well because my weight is still going slowly downwards and I have felt less twinging with the cold weather than I used to feel.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still MUVing etc

Warmed up on the bungee to MUVE clips that I had previously missed, 3 of which were on the floor. I did one while lying on the the bungee, another on the floor and the last while sitting on the bungee but moving like I was lying LOL Even sweated!?! Really enjoyed the new sensations of Muving in a different way.
Next I did the dance from Chiball Essentials then some walking/dancing with Fitstix and finished with some Classical Stretch. Thought I was done for the day but started reorganizing the shelves in the bedroom so lots of bending and stretching and climbing up and down a stool.

Friday, November 4, 2011

BodyFlow MUVE Chiball Upper Cuts

This is a very special workout found on youtube, some of which I used as a warmup this morning:
LesMills Body Balance (or Bodyflow) 39

Then I bungeed to a couple of clips I had previously missed on the MUVE website: She's Da Bomb with 4 yo Allen

and Stomp to My Beat which  just the other day!?!

I then did some Body Gospel, Caribbean Workout Chiball and an upper body workout that used a band and stretched. Tried to do some Kettlebell swings but my intense DOMS from Give Me 10 More's lower body made it too uncomfortable.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MUVE GIVEMe10More and floaters!

Last night, I suddenly saw a weird moving image with my right eye that is obviously a floater. Ironically, I have an eye doctor appointment today after rescheduling last week because of the toilet/plumbing problem.

This morning I warmed up with MUVE on the bungee then did the rest of Give Me 10 More which I really liked! The Lower Body, Upper Body and Core, all felt alittle unique and effective. The standing segments preceded the mat segments so I could easily skip the mat. Even liked the standing part of the stretch. For lower body, I used 5 pound dumb bells that have handles which were perfect. For Upper Body I used mostly homemade XCOs. For Core, a light kettlebell.

ETA: Well after almost 3 hours at the eye doctor, I have to go back in 4 to 6 weeks because of the floater to make sure the process doesn't become a retinal tear. They had overbooked because of cancellations from power outages earlier in the week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MUVE GiveMe10More CS Chiball

I warmed up to a couple of MUVE clips which were great on the bungee that I believe weren't on their dvds. I'll try to find these clips online and post their links. Nothing else gets me wanting to move like MUVE.

Then I did the cardio chapter from Give Me 10 More which was mostly bungee friendly and had a couple of new moves. Then I did the compound strength chapter which had mostly Kettlebell type moves. My lower body was fried and I was covered in sweat at this point so will do the rest another day.

Did a Classical Stretch and some Chiball Dance of the Dragon and Essentials to finish.

here are the clips I did this morning

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AC and Thriller

Just got back from a nice trip to AC.
Last night we had tickets for Harrah's Legends in Concert and enjoyed it more than we have in the past. Their Michael Jackson was exceptional and seeing him do Thriller with the dancers on Halloween was priceless, even though the tickets were free LOL

Had a bumpy start with the snow and our tire pressure warning light staying on. Tire pressure was fine so we just ignored it. Getting it checked officially tomorrow when it is taken in for its 6 month servicing a week early (plus a free car wash from the dealership to get rid of all of that nasty salt).
Our car is so quiet that Steve left it on when we stopped at a diner to eat on the way home!

The Borgata was hopping yesterday, all day and evening.
On the other hand, Harrahs, even with comped show tickets, was like a ghost town with an empty Diamond Lounge at 6:30PM which used to be their peak dining time. Whole place felt emptier than the early weeks in December used to feel. Their revenues must have plummeted after the summer season since alienating most of their AC Diamond regulars.