Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jumpsport 550F PRO

I LURVE my new Jumpsport!!!

It arrived with its loosest tension but the mat is still firmer than my original on its tightest adjustment.  Having 36 cords instead of 30 for the extra 5 inches makes it a much firmer mat tension. So now I have a larger and firmer mat which my feet will definitely prefer.  It also needs slightly less overhead room so it is in my basement and the original Jumpsport is in the living room with a higher ceiling.  I can now do side to side steps and jumping jacks without touching the border of the mat (or my head brushing the ceiling LOL).

Set-up was slightly confusing because one cord was not completely attached and an extra cord had been sent.   I believe they want one cord released when folded and am guessing the extra cord is just a spare in case one cord becomes damaged. It took my whole body weight and strength to open the folded frame.
ETA: releasing a couple of cords near the hinges will make unfolding easier!

Since it is a folding model, it also came with a traveling case for the legs which was a nice bonus.  The legs screw on and off easily without tools for traveling.

I am very impressed with the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F PRO quality and design.
Definitely made the right choice for my feet since walking in soft sand is the worse scenario for Plantar Fasciitis.

Jumpsport Folding Trampolines
Professional Fitness Trampolines

here are the various diameters:
44 inches is the diameter of the 550 frame.
The skirt mat diameter is 38 inches end-to-end.
The diameter of the actual jumping surface of the inner mat that is connected to the cords is 30 inches. The outer 4 inches of the skirt do not feel stable enough to me so I avoid jumping on it.

Just take 5 inches off any of the above to calculate the 350/370 diameters. The skirt mat still has the same 4 inch fringe on both.

Just did a spark on the new bungee and can now do 3 moves I just couldn't do well on the smaller model:
Jump squats (landing in a wide leg squat)
butt kick jog (kicking the feet upwards to the butt instead of lifting the knees to jog)
tick tocks (alternate swinging each leg up to the side)

As far as vigorous healthbouncing, definitely feel the pumping without the jarring of the joints.
It is wonderful to have a bungee version of the BodyBurner.
Also appreciate feeling more stable and less likely to lose my balance.

Here is a comparison of the Jumpsport 550 to my other models.
It has the size of the BodyBurner, quick bounce of the Urban Rebounder and non jarring bungees.
My ReboundAir has absolutely nothing positive for me to compare.
The 550 tension is so much firmer than the 370 that my 370 bounce is probably more similar to that of a Bellicon.  I prefer the higher tension for stability, speed, and my Plantar Fasciitis.  Between the larger mat and higher tension, I can do more moves, faster and with more stability.
For example, I never could do the Urban Rebounder type bounce landing on the front part of the feet because it was too jarring for my hips on a spring rebounder.  I just tried it on the 550 and I can do it darn fast without hardly leaving the mat.  However, when I tried it on the 370, it was slower and sloppier.

ETA 9/16/2014:
It has been confirmed that a 49 inch Bellicon has a different softer bounce in its center so it is not the best choice for anyone with Plantar Fasciitis.  My 550 is now almost a year old and bouncing in the center of the mat is still firm so I saved my feet as well as a few $$

ETA: release several cords around the hinges when unfolding a 550 for the first time!!!!


  1. Hi. Thank you for the review. I am seriously considering this model. Are the hinges (of the folding mechanism) on this model made of plastic or metal and do you find them to be durable? Do the legs screw and unscrew easily? I am 5' 9.5" and weigh 185 lb. Would I need the larger size or would I be able to get by with a 39" model as the 350 pro? Do you find it to be a higher impact exercise due to the extra firmness of the 550f as opposed to using a softer trampoline? I have an overactive bladder and a frequent urination issue. Do you thing using this trampoline could help with this issue? Some say rebounding helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles while some say it weakens them, it's confusing. Thank you! All feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The hinges are durable and the frame has a lifetime warranty. However, it is not easy to fold and unfold so I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to fold it often even though the legs screw on and off easily without any tools. Because of your height, I would suggest the 550 for a few more inches if you can afford the extra cost and space. It isn't higher impact but it is a faster bounce because of its firmness than the non PRO mats. As far as the bladder issues, I never had one when bouncing but did have a nervous bladder which has improved by consciously adding longer times inbetween bathroom visits and avoiding unnecessary just in cast visits.

  3. Thank you for replying. Are you able to store it on it's side? I read somewhere that it comes with a warning not to store it sideways due to its folding mechanism. Also, as far as matching the trampoline to your weight, would 180-190 pounds work well with the 550 pro?

  4. You can store it on its side as long as it is completely vertical and not on a diagonal. The PRO mats handle up to 300 pounds.

  5. Sorry for bothering you with so many questions. The guy from claims that the bungee trampolines and also the larger mats are not effective for the health bounce. He recommends the Cellerciser. How do you find the 550 pro as for the health bounce & the lymphatic system? Also some claim that the firmness of the bungee doesn't hold up with time. Do you find this to be true? Your feedback is helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

  6. His review of bungees did not include the JumpSport PRO mats. Also if the PRO bungees start to loosen with time, you can adjust their tension tighter. The PRO Cords are under warranty for 3 years from Costco or 4 years from JumpSport. After a year of using the 550 alot, the black cord covering has frayed a bit but the cords themselves seem just as strong.
    I had a ReboundAIR and an Urban Rebounder and my bounce is just as quick and firm but non jarring to the joints so I can bounce much longer (and barefooted). I cannot remember the last time I caught a cold because my immune system is great. The Bellicon bungee cords only have a one year warranty. From what I have seen, the Bellicon 49 inch mat cones even with the tightest tension cords. My 370 PRO is firmer than my 550PRO since the 350/370 frame is 39 inches but the 550 PRO still has a much better bounce than any spring I have ever tried and much firmer than the regular (non PRO) 350 and 370 bungees. If you plan to bounce with your feet mostly in the center, then get the 350 PRO.
    Bottomline: If you plan to bounce with your feet farther apart, then get the 550 PRO.

    1. I ordered the 350 PRO and so happy I just read this.
      It sounds like it will be perfect for me because I mostly do the health bounce & don't need the larger one. I do lots of other exercising, but this is just for health & wake me up in the mornings! thanks for your reviews, comments & videos. I've been using the urban & will take it up to my work when I get my jumpsport. (I work at a holistic medical clinic and will put in my office)

  7. I'm basically decided between these two models, (350 pro or 550f pro) but that's really the question. Is it better or more comfortable to bounce with the feet together or apart, or is it just personal preference? claims it's better with the feet together but others say shoulder width apart.

  8. I have many more posts about bungees on this blog which may help you.
    reviews the earlier 350/370 non pro jumpsports and it seems as though even the non pro adjustable jumpsports were approved for healthbouncing. His negative bungee comments were about Bellicon bungees.

  9. I prefer to have my feet hip width or wider which works well on both. The 550 for me was the best choice because I workout in a basement with a low ceiling and its legs are slightly shorter.
    Also like the extra space for other moves like jumping into a wide squat. The 350 legs do need a small tool that comes with it to remove the legs so if you truly want to store it without legs often, the 550 PRO may be better.
    The 350 works well in my den in a smaller space but higher ceiling when watching tv.
    If you want a handlebar, Costco sells the 550 with a free handlebar.