Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Edited Gems

This morning I really enjoyed the edits I revisited.   I had loved the Leslie Sansone mix and match routines after I had replaced their audio but two of them (Intervals and Upper Body Blast) were made even better after switching their soundtracks.  Now I want to revisit all of them!  LOL
Also I enjoyed an edited Denise Austin routine with feel good unique moves and the first part of my edit of the  jessicasmithtv StrideII routine which uses a band. (StrideII was shared on the 2/18 post recently)

Like the Leslie Sansone, I have two versions of the Denise Austin Shrink your Fat Zones Pilates routine.  The whole routine is on youtube:
short edit:

Longer edit is on Toutbox:,67509847.mp4(video)

ETA Thurs 2/25:

another wonderful edit done this morning in addition to a few others
original jessicasmithtv Interval Walk

(I am enjoying revisiting old edits!)

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