Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great News!

In 3 months, all of my high numbers (Total Cholesterol, LDL and Triglycerides) went down quite a bit!  Also my BP has been very normal.  I think I am out of danger of developing metabolic disease and diabetes.  Mainly I have limited refined carbs and have done some HIIT spikes two or three days a week.  I also lost 4 pounds.

ETA:  also my A1C went down.
Still pre-diabetic but at least not near the top of the range.

Only disappointment was that the sun really does not produce VitD for me.  Just as well, last time I was in the sun, the mosquitoes had a buffet.  Will go back to daily VitD  pills.

This morning I did the standing segment of Jessica's Total Body Metabolism and also some of her Shoulder and Neck Gentle Yoga Flow.  Finished with a bit of walk-bouncing with Leslie.

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