Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Politics online and in real life

On exactly the same day alittle over a year ago, two sociopaths made life online and offline surreal.
File storage and sharing is ending on WellVideo this month.
When I first joined WellVideo, it was a wonderful place and had the potential to become even better.  Unfortunately, a sociopath infiltrated and ruined the community sharing spirit there.
In a way, it will be a relief not to have to witness the destruction of the WellVideo community spirit anymore.  The damage is done and it will never be repaired.  Those of us who like to share, will continue to share in other ways.  I, myself, will thankfully have less exposure to the sociopath and her minions.  The *War* is over but my conscience is intact.

Now I watch helplessly as another sociopath is destroying the sense of community spirit in the US.  Even if he does not become the next POTUS, he will be plastered on TV and PC screens as a constant reminder of how much hate exists in our country and around the world.  There is no escaping this monster.  He will remain a part of our culture indefinitely.

The only way to react to a sociopath is to run far away from the monster and have no interaction.
Where can the decent people in the US run?

As usual, I turned to working out to release some stress.
I really enjoyed some edits of Alchemy of Movement!
If I remove the excessive reps, they make wonderful sparks.

Looks like my Amazon package was not loaded on to the truck today.
Actually UPS switched the package to the USPS system late this morning.
Tomorrow is another day.

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