Friday, July 29, 2016

POTUS Update

Christie left Trump alone too long and Trump started tweeting insults at Bloomberg.
Again giving in to his childish temperament and as a result, drawing more attention to Bloomberg's words.
Clinton has said that someone who is easily baited by a tweet should not have access to nuclear codes.

Pence reprimanded Obama for name calling after Obama referred to Trump as a demagogue. .
(Only Trump has the freedom of derisive rhetoric)

Trump demanded that his supporters not watch Clinton's nomination acceptance speech.
(Only Trump is allowed to rig the media.)
Well he got his precious higher ratings in viewership
BUT  Clinton's speech had higher approval ratings.

Also Fox news did not show the powerful speech by a Muslim father whose son died a hero.
(Again only Trump is allowed to rig the media.)

With the cyber attack escalation on the Democrat campaign in addition to other government sites, perhaps, Clinton's original personal email server was actually more secure.

Now Trump is threatening to get even nastier than he was before.
Do NOT give this manchild the nuclear codes!

Poor Trump got confused and thought Tim Kaine was the NJ Governor Tom Kean.

I do not know which is worse:
an ignorant and unstable Trump
or the ignorant and retroactive GOP platform

VOTE or be prepared for a miserable decade

Trump is running scared claiming that Hillary scheduled the debates during NFL games to decrease his audience.  These debates were scheduled almost a year ago!
She will expose how little this man knows about the position he seeks.

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