Friday, March 24, 2017

B Bounder

(Note: this wonderful product sold out within 5 days on QVC.
More have been ordered and should be available in June.)

Crazy me,
I just received a 5th springless rebounder LOL

This one is the B Bounder.
It is rectangular 57 by 441/2 inches and has a barre for the 57 inch side.
The mat is attached by wide elastic bands, not bungee cords.
The bounce is less springy than my other bungees but the upper body pushing on the barre has a higher intensity effect with less lower body impact.
The barre and wide mat enable some trickier moves like vigorous skaters.

QVC sells it and it was designed by Bernadette Giorgi who made some nice ballet inspired videos.
However, there is no warranty from Giorgi.

The mat does have some cosmetic defects (creases and puckers) but otherwise it seems like a solid piece of equipment.  The barre side legs must be attached or it can tip.  No tools are needed for assembly.  Assembly was easy except for the last barre part so I would suggest lubrication if just reversing  the part does not work.  In fact, lubricating the legs and barre ends would make putting it together easier and taking it apart easier plus eliminate any noise from the parts rubbing against one another.

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and find it very reasonably priced.
I would actually prefer the B Bounder over my pricier JumpSports because of its larger space and barre but still prefer my Hexagon which is no longer sold by AliExpress and ironically was my cheapest bungee purchase.


  1. Thank you for your review! I hope the more you use your b bOUNDER the more you enjoy it!

  2. My 2nd rebounder has broken down (both springs). Bought one of those hexagon ones and my husband and I spent several days of frustration (yelling on his part) and finally just threw it back in the box. I am looking at this b-bounder but the size is very large. The actual rebounder is 57 by 44 1/2? What is the dimension of the mat itself? What is the spring/sprung of the b-bounder compared to steel springs compared to bungee cords? How difficult is the assembly(my husband tells me I can only buy another one if it comes pre-assembled!)? How many people does it take? How much time does it take to assemble? Why is the barre necessary (couldn't get the hexagon barre on? I have extremely good balance as a ballroom dancer of decades and would not use it. Thanks!

  3. Was the hexagon you tried from places like WayFair? It had a reputation for being difficult to assemble, especially the bungees. The bands on the b bOUNDER come already attached.

    The hardest part in the b bOUNDER assemble was getting the plastic wrap off the barre. Unfolding and plugging the legs in were a snap. I am not sure whether you need to attach the barre legs or not. Mine tipped up when dismounting without the barre legs. So if that happens to you, you can just attach the legs without the barre. Mat dimensions are ~38 by 48. Actual size is as stated. b bOUNDER is less jarring than springs but not as springy as bungees.
    It is very light and easy to move around and if you skip the barre, removing the legs and folding will solve limited space issues.