My Embedded Daily Motion Videos

I hope the embedded videos on my blog do get readers moving.
Daily Motion unfortunately has an ad at the beginning of their videos and every 5 minutes!

So I have been experimenting and think I have found a simple way to avoid the ads every 5 minutes :)
I believe after the initial Daily Motion ad plays on my blog, you can click the Daily Motion icon in the lower right corner after the embedded workout actually starts playing and see the rest of the video playing on my  Daily Motion website without ads every 5 minutes.  You can enjoy the workout there, bookmark or save the url for a future visit  and/or consider downloading it.

Downloading tips:
Keep MUving *Just Right*: Downloading a Video

Not all of my private MUsic added videos are embedded on my blog to access through the blog.
You can email me for private Daily Motion links or other options like sharing video files through dropbox or filemail.

Here is my Bouncin Barb Playlist with embedded recordings found on DailyMotion:

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