Adding Music and Downloading Tips

Note: unfortunately, Freemake demands a Windows Operating System

ETA 5/19/2014: about the easiest way to download a video
just copy the url of the video you want to download
and paste the url into the dialog box at the top of the savefrom website
click on the download in the yellow box to the right
click on your format choice and the video file will be downloaded

ETA 12/26/2013:
Just found out you can download some video files directly from Vimeo.
For Vimeo, right click on the blue Download button to choose your format.

I prefer to download with Freemake Video Downloader since Realplayer stopped working on Chrome and convert/burn with Freemake Video Converter.  
Both are available free at

However, I do not recommend getting the toolbar and any other software offered with the Freemake software download which you can avoid by choosing to customize the download and installation.

Freemake Video Converter can download youtube files and burn the files into a movie file onto a dvdr in a single swoop but is not as compatible with as many video websites as Freemake Video Downloader.
I store downloaded video files on my hard drive till I have a couple of hours to burn onto a single dvdr with Freemake Video Converter.
Sometimes I use Freemake to convert a file to wmv if I am going to do any editing.
If I want to add my own music, I can choose *no Audio* when converting the file to make a muted wmv file.
Sometimes before converting I trim out parts I do not want to do and/or break long videos into smaller segments or chapters, each saved separately. 

For music, I rip cds and more recently, extract MP3 audio files from videos.
(Here's where it can get alittle tricky)
Youtube has a zillion videos with music.
Either Freemake product can extract/download just the song from an online video and Freemake Video converter can extract the audio from any video file.

To add music to muted video files, I use Windows Live Movie Maker.
Probably could add the music with Freemake but it is easier to find the exact spot to change the song on Windows Live Movie Maker.  Also I save the movie for email which makes the file smaller.

You can edit a video file on a dvd workout in the same way, ripping the video from the dvdr with Freemake Video Converter.  Use the DVD as your source.  Freemake will give you a choice of titles to play, trim and convert.

ETA: when downloading and converting video files, make new folders as needed so you can find the files and delete files you no longer need.


  1. Hi! I'm a fan of your You Tube Channel. Thanks for all the videos.Could you please upload them with the original cuing? It's important for me to listen to the instructions. Thanks a lot

  2. Simply go to JessicaSmithTV on youtube for the original videos with cuing
    or download the Jessica's videos from the filemails mentioned in previous posts.