Thursday, August 17, 2017

Healthy UTV Gold

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Since my basement large stability busted, I have been using  an armless swivel chair more for the second part of my workouts after bungee bouncing.
This morning I added sliding pads under my feet and found this a nice joint friendly combination.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Personal Medical Update

I have finally been feeling some improvement since my hands and feet are responding to the treatments in spite of being very stressed about having a Bigot-in-Chief.
Stress is the cause of most health problems.

I blamed Lipitor for aggravating an anomaly in my body.
Years ago, a micro-surgeon told me that my blood vessels in my wrist were compressing the nerves.   The condition which mimicked carpal tunnel syndrome developed when I was pregnant and gaining weight.  Recently a study found that the erratic pain from fibromyalgia  can be from blood vessels

Lipitor increases the risk of developing Diabetes.
Pre-diabetes can also cause peripheral neuropathy as well as actual diabetes.
April 2016 my A1C was at the top of the pre-diabetic range.
July 2016 after cutting back on refined carbs and losing 4 pounds, it went down a couple of points.
May 2017 after cutting back on refined carbs even more and losing a few more pounds, my A1C was at the bottom of the pre-diabetic range.

Now that I have been on an anti-inflammatory diet for almost 3 months which excludes refined carbs, gluten, and dairy, I believe I will no longer be pre-diabetic when tested next month.  It is quite amazing to see how my waistline has been reduced.  Also my blood pressure has become much lower.

I will eventually stray a bit from this diet but will return to it if I see my weight going in the wrong direction, knowing my weight and waist are much more important than my cholesterol profile.
This alternative medicine specialist was expensive but worth every penny because it made me more committed to the diet and being healthier.

Anti-inflammatory diet includes meat/fish/eggs/nuts and all veggies and fruits
also a square or two of dark chocolate

Excludes refined carbs, gluten, dairy, fried and processed meats
I tried gluten free bread but have gotten used to eating without bread
I rarely feel hungry or have cravings and have been losing weight steadily
eventually, I may add back occasional white potatoes, butter, and milk
My lab tests did not show any food allergies

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Freemake Video Converter

The newest version (4.1.10) of the (Gold) Freemake Video Converter does not download a video by pasting the url for free anymore but you can still use their free (Blue) Video Downloader instead.

It is easier to download and install the newer Converter version choosing the custom option to avoid unwanted extra software.  The previous version (4.1.9) is trickier to install without unwanted extras.  You have to click on two links to reveal the 3 extra offers to uncheck.