Sunday, June 18, 2017

Free or Cheap Online Workout Offers

This is a very nice Qigong channel on youtube:
Yoqi Yoga and Qigong

It is similar to Lee Holden's style with nice scenery.

Also the Gold subscription for Healthy UTV for a whole year for $20 may still be available:

They add a new Live Gold class weekly and offer 10 downloadable workouts from UTV as well as streaming of all workouts.

ReboundFit has free workouts here and on youtube:
and a new monthly sub for $4.95

Be360 offers a free one month trial

LekFit offers a one week free trial

Bernadette Giorgi offers b bOUNDER workouts on FaceBook

PungaFit on youtube is still adding new routines

BollyX has added new routines you can buy or access with referrals:

Get access to all of their RevWell TV videos for a month for a $10 donation

Sunday, June 11, 2017

b bOUNDER Workouts

Bernadette Giorgi has a few b bOUNDER classes already on Facebook and will be adding more.

Come join the Jump into June challenge!

QVC will be featuring their replenished stock of b bOUNDERs
Saturday 6/17

I have been having a bloat problem with my new diet because of lots of raw veggies and the number one exercise recommended for bloat is bouncing!

(The diet suggested by Bernadette is very similar to the one I am following.)

ETA on 6/16:
Low carb flu is completely over.
A teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in green tea after a gassy meal has prevented bloating.
My body has adjusted to eating mostly fruits and veggies and I have lost about 10 pounds and over an inch off my waist.
Feet feel completely different with less tingling and more sensations.
Energy and mood levels are better through-out the day.
Still Tinnitus and random aches and twinges.

One benefit I did not expect is that food tastes better.
Maybe the nerves to my taste buds needed regeneration LOL

Friday, June 9, 2017


Stress is not just a killer, shortening our lives, it can ruin the feeling of well-being daily.
We cannot change other people but we can change how our they affect our health.
I am refocusing on my own physical and mental health.

The traditional medical community added to my stress but luckily, I found an alternative health professional who is helping me heal.

Finding enjoyable ways of moving with music kept my muscles strong in spite of pain.
Now I am finding the energy to keep moving through-out the day.

TheRUMP definitely created loads of stress:

The stress produced by TheRUMP, his hateful supporters, and the GOP Congress is ruining the feeling of well-being for many.  He is a domestic terrorist, using words as weapons of mass destruction.