Sunday, January 14, 2018

Leslie Sansone and MUsic

I have been visiting Leslie Sansone Walks more since subscribing to the Walk-at-Home monthly series.  The website also enables streaming any of the monthly routines without installing the app.  I do own most of the dvds already but find this website and app much more appealing than setting up a dvd.  Plus the website has offered 4 of the new walk 15 routines although 2 have also been released on youtube so I may continue the subscription after the free trial.

I have also edited most of the dvds to have music only.
When streaming a walk, I can mute it and play my own music if I do not want the cuing.
I really enjoy the dancing that Michael does in the background of some walks so watch him and add my own tweaks.  Most moves are easy to follow without cuing and most can be modified to higher or lower intensity.

This article emphasizes the importance of walking:

Just 20 minutes a day of brisk walking and healthier food choices can prevent inflammation which causes Coronary Heart Disease and insulin resistance.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Article about Strength Training for Cancer Patients

A blog reader requested that I share this article:

Just as there are diet debates, there are exercise debates.
The best exercise you can do is what you will do
Find what feels good and keep moving (or in my case, bouncing)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Sue Grant, ThunderBell and WalkingOnline

I have been using the 7 DVD Older and Wiser library which was a bargain at $35.
Her cardio, strength, and stretch sections are much more unique than most.
Her cardio is simple to follow if I want my own music.

This library enables the downloading of her older 5 dvds.
It may have been my best purchase of 2018 even though I already had 4 of the dvds!

another great recent purchase is a 6lb Thunder Bell.
I did some of the moves and really feel them in my core and upper body muscles without any pain.

The Dance Faith Fitness channel owner
has an online walking subscription with a free 7 day trial

often she ran into music copyright issues on youtube so this may be a great alternative for low impact walking with decent music.
I may check it out in January after canceling a couple of subscriptions.
For now I am buried with purchases and subs and have not even tried all of her youtube routines.