Friday, July 6, 2018

All Star Workouts

If you have a cable provider, you can sign in and have access to the All Star workouts.

I restarted my WalkingOnlineWorkouts subscription after skipping a month to do other routines and am hoping there will be a new weekly 30 minute routine most weeks instead of a biweekly hour routine which did not motivate me to keep the monthly subscription.

Also I started revisiting SHINE but use the speaker enhancement option of voice cancellation to have less WHOOing.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Incompetent and Uncaring UI

The UI (Useless Idiot) is incompetent and soulless. He does not understand policy and refuses to learn because he simply does not care. He does campaign rallies to promote hate and division and ignores human rights issues. Over 4000 deaths in Puerto Rico and orphaned children who have a living relative will be his legacy along with pollution and loss of international allies. He has ended most deals, made no new deals and lies and lies and lies. Eventually his decisions will backfire and ruin our thriving economy. Putin's UI has damaged democracies better than Putin could have ever imagined.

About the restaurant thing ... early in the campaign, I was at a restaurant near a table with two men who were loudly attacking Hillary Clinton. 
I did not enjoy my meal and have not returned. 
I believe restaurants have the right to not serve a racist party and to protect their other customers and employees, just as other businesses have asked loud racist customers to leave. 
Our society is divided because of the Liar-in-Chief and I would prefer to spend my time and money in places where I feel comfortable. I do not want to be around these liars and dividers, just as they, perhaps, should choose businesses that support their lies and propaganda where they would feel comfortable. 
If you want to treat immigrants as criminals, best learn to eat at home. Most restaurants in my area employ and serve lots of immigrants.

I did some research and if people bother to vote, we can reverse the tRUMP cult direction in spite of gerrymandering and Russian propaganda. In 2016, there were 55 million GOP registered voters, 72 million Dem and 42 million other. Since then, the GOP has seen party affiliation decrease.

It will take years, even decades to undo the damage the Russian Useless Idiot has done to our country.
he went from being Russia's Useless Idiot to Russia's Dangerous Idiot in less than 2 years.
Our credibility has been damaged internationally. The economic effect has not taken effect yet and sadly, the next administration will inherit an economic mess. Hopefully, the hate driven minority will be silenced, especially as they feel the economic results of their folly.

So some people prefer preventing Choice in a few states to keeping other Democracies as allies and trading partners or keeping families together who are seeking asylum or stopping crazy people from getting guns, even assault rifles?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Effects of Exercise in your Brain

This video explains the effects of exercise on your brain