Friday, March 16, 2018

Current Workout Favorites

I still bounce daily to edited files with music only.
Currently, I am focusing on edited purBounce files by German instructors, some originals of which are on the youtube WellShaped TV channel   Also once or twice a week, I do a youtube routine found on ShirlinaFit.

Second part of my daily workout has been mostly either Misty Tripoli or Nia.
I break up the longer NiaTV routines and am currently in the middle of their newest Community event routine Wild and enjoying the two instructors, especially since I burnt out on Debbie Rosas even before Carlos retired.  Once or twice a week I do a single weight or slider weight cardio-core routine like a ThunderBell or Axion Core instead of dance.

During the day, I either take a few 10 minute outdoor walks or do an indoor walk or dance while gently bouncing or sitting on a swivel chair, sometimes holding a band or fitstix.

I am enjoying all of the above with no feeling of dread and seem to have much more energy and less pain.

had to share this 40 min BounceFit video
offers good music and moves

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I love the free Jessica Smith videos on youtube but prefer to play my own music.
This one in particular is very good on a bungee:

I do the first 20 to 30 minutes on my feet then the rest while sitting in a chair.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Shirlina and Leaps&Rebounds Bungee

I just did Day 1 with Shirlina and and will do more of them!
Her youtube channel has all of her rebounder routines.

Her newer routines are done on a large Leaps & Rebounds bungee which is very reasonably priced on Amazon.
Its bounce seemed identical to my PROBounce bungee.
Each move is listed and counted down for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest.
There are 5 circuits and the moves are varied.
Whole workout is about 20 minutes.
She plays decent music but you can mute and play your own.

This is the playlist I will be doing

You can also get a file that visually lists her routines for free on her website for traveling or doing your ow thing with your own music.

Amazon Leaps&Rebounds bungee link

L&R Customer service confirmed here is a lifetime warranty on the frame including the legs and mat!