Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wake Up America!

Why did the Russians want to undermine Clinton?

Why does our POTDS (President of the Divided States) call the Russian investigation a witch hunt?

Why has he not enacted the Russian sanctions passed by Congress?

Why does he attack every person except Putin?

Why is he more loyal to Putin than anyone else, including Melania?

Why is he still helping Russia with hateful rhetoric, spreading their propaganda, and chaos?

Is he a treasonous traitor and/or an extremely incompetent Narcissist?

(I do not know whether to feel sorrier for the Russian people who are stuck with Putin or the American people who are stuck with the POTDS.)

Comparing him to fairy tale characters:

He is the living embodiment of the Emperor who wore no clothes.

Similar to the Pinocchio theme: the more he lies. the more our noses smell his stink.

Unlike Beauty and the Beast, no Beauty can change him back into a human being.

He is the reverse of Robin Hood, stealing from the Poor to give to the Rich

He is the reverse of King Midas, everything he touches turns to $hit.

(Please let Mueller become our hero knight on a white horse.)

ETA 2/23:
Think about it. Polls are totally in favor of common sense gun restrictions. You have NRA spokespeople attacking the FBI and everyone else who support common sense changes. Then you have the gun nuts threatening survivors and the loved ones of victims who speak out against a weapon of war (or making fun of them like like the First Son) . And our POTDS, continuing to divide the States and wanting armed teachers?????? This is the jerk who makes our major decisions. Think about it and VOTE,VOTE, VOTE. 
November cannot arrive fast enough.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Misty Tripoli Dance your Heart Out

Misty Tripoli has a new series called
*Dance your Heart Out*

It is similar to Delicious Dance but I like the new music much more.
When the DVDs become available, they will cost $39 but for now you can get the streaming for $29 and just pay ~$4 for shipping and handling for the DVDs after they become available.

There are 5 different routines with 6 tunes each for a total of 30 tunes plus a Self Care Session.
All 6 routines and each individual tune can be streamed

go to the streaming video tab for more information about both series

for more info about Dance Your Heart Out

If you like to get into the music and explore what makes your body feel good, this series is amazing.

If you prefer to follow the leader, skip it.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What is on my mind today

Compare the fuss about Clinton's emails to the red flagged people with access to the White House classified briefings, including the Con-in-Chief who would never pass a background check and who has crossed many confidential red lines with unfriendly countries. The same *PRO Life* people who want to take the right of choice away continue to enable assault weapons for mentally unstable people. The Abortion rate has declined while mass shooting rate has exploded. The Con-in-Chief is only interested in preventing the immigration of Muslims and other minority immigrants and is not bothering to investigate homegrown terrorists. He is using hate and fear to divide the country instead of using decency to unite the country. 

Will America ever be as great as it once was again?

ETA on Feb 17:
Long before Russian trolls were exposed, I knew most of the negative feelings towards Clinton and positive feelings for the Divider-in-Chief were irrational. Whenever I saw one of these irrational posts, I would block the person who posted. I never bothered to argue or reason with an irrational person. These people wanted to believe and spread Russian propaganda instead of being a compassionate caring American which to me is what made a Democratic America great. I am ashamed so many drank this Kool Aid and hope the damage done to our country and the planet, physically and emotionally, can be reversed but doubt I will live long enough to die peacefully. 

Russia won this battle and probably the war.