Sunday, April 15, 2018

Do your own research

After taking Lipitor for over a decade and ignoring its adverse effects,  I learned the hard way to do my own research and not take for granted studies done by Pharmaceutical companies and guidance from the medical community making money from my misplaced trust.

Many adults over 50 are pre-diabetic and do not even know it.

Waist to Height ratio may be a better way to measure obesity risks than the BMI and weight.
(google waist to height ratio for more info)

The ratio of Triglycerides to HDL is also a good indicator of insulin resistance.
(google Triglycerides to HDL ratio for more info)

Another informative video:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

DVDs vs Streaming vs Downloadable Video Files

I have been a collector of workout VHS, dvd and digital downloads.
Slowly but surely, I have evolved into preferring digital downloads, especially if I want to edit them for my own private use.
However, I do like streaming when the video plays without any glitches if I like its audio and moves.

People who re-sell dvds are not putting money into the pockets of the original copyright owners. 
Many dvd owners rip their dvds and then sell, trade, or gift them.
(Some even clone them)
So why not enable all streams to be downloaded into digital files and owned permanently by the customer so they can be used without an internet connection?

I understand why some instructors prefer not to enable their streams to be downloaded and played without at least a protected app like the Purple Player platform but the truth is that there are many ways to download a stream into a digital file or record a stream anyway.
(There are also customers who pool their money and share expensive subscriptions)

By not enabling a download, they are probably losing more business than protecting their content.
A streaming only site that does not add enough new content to keep long term subscribers interested is not going to attract as many new long term customers.

Friday, April 6, 2018

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

I recently turned 69 and have been online for almost 20 years and exercising regularly with videos for almost as long.   As much as I seem to be able to simplify complicated tech issues, I have been very resistant to change.  We were using AOL dial-up and totally skipped DSL.  Our family had nothing but one old Windows XP desk top for a decade, skipped Vista, and was late trying a Windows 7 laptop till 2011.  I clung to my exercise vhs and vcrs, never went blu ray, and only had tube tvs till 2012.  Even now we never went dvr and only have HD capability on one of our two HDTVs.  We use Tracfones and do not have an activated smart phone.

Part of it is frugality.  If it ain't broke, why fix it or spend more on something unnecessary.  My husband is tech phobic so prefers not evolving.  Changes can be stressful as well as more costly. Older folks tend to be resistant to advances in technology.  Every daylight savings day, it was a battle between my mother and mother-in-law whose vcr will have their time corrected by me first.  My Mother did not speak to me for 6 months because I did my mother-in-law's vcr before hers on that very first Sunday morning!

For almost 2 decades, I enjoyed working out every morning in our basement with my old tube tv, vcr or cheap dvd player, and cheap speaker system.  I liked working out with myself in a mirror and would just glance at the tv. 
Ever so slowly because of having so many bungees in so many rooms and two laptops plugged into old pc power speakers, I started using either video files or streaming on the laptops when working out.   The bungees were at better angles with the laptops than either HD TV and I was too lazy to move furniture and connect the laptops to the tvs.  Meanwhile, I was still editing files and burning them to dvdr to use in the basement but just on laundry days.  I am using so many streaming sites that I started buying streams and downloads instead of dvds.  Recently I finally tried some dvds which were identical to a couple of my streamed downloads and was shocked to see the streams on the laptops were better than the dvds on my tube tv.
I will still use dvds on laundry day but have definitely fallen on the streaming/download side of the fence.
An Old Dog has Learned a New Trick
but still no need for a Smart Phone, dvr, or fancier bungee LOL

Just wanted to give a shout out to WalkingOnlineWorkouts.
I am loving their streaming with great music, moves, and scenery.
So glad I had transitioned to streaming so I can enjoy these!