Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Theory

Sociopaths usually use gaslighted minions to do their dirty work.

After hearing how tRUMP behaved at the CIA and with Congress, I believe tRUMP is totally delusional and that Bannon is the gaslighter-in-chief.
In other words, Bannon was given the power of the POTUS.
He is the puppet master, not tRUMP, not Putin.

Bannon wrote the inauguration speech.
A clever sociopath does not address the CIA and the Congress as tRUMP recently did.
This is why his press conferences were avoided since July.

Bannon also controls Sean Spicer, KellyAnn, and all other tRUMP surrogates with gaslighting.

Those who voted for tRUMP were all gaslighted by Bannon through tRUMP.
tRUMP's narcissistic disorder is putty in the hands of a clever sociopath.

I was called crazy when I tried to reveal a sociopath on a fitness video site where I was even manipulated for awhile.    I woke up too late. Most thought me nuts but I see the same scenario happening in tRUMP's regime, or should I say Bannon's regime.
Paul Ryan and Pence better wake up before Bannon removes all obstacles to full power.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Boycott Fox News!

POTDS wants to bully all real news media except his beloved Fox News.
We should support factual news.
a POTDS and his press secretary telling lies on their first day is not acceptable.
This is no longer a campaign strategy.


Speaking at the CIA this afternoon, President Donald Trump said, “I have a running war with the media.”
Like much that Trump says, this isn’t quite true. His war isn’t with the media. Trump lives off media attention and delights in press coverage. His war is with facts. And it’s there that his tactical skirmishes with the press begin to make sense. Delegitimizing the media is important to Trump because delegitimizing certain facts is important to Trump.

Lets not forget KellyAnn!
The official Nutcracker called these lies *alternate facts* LOL

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pictures tell all, not Fake News

Sean Spicer's first press briefing was fake news that tRUMP had the largest inauguration attendance.
tRUMP embarrassed himself, similarly, in front of the CIA star wall.
tRUMP's Failure not to be the largest attendance for an inauguration when compared to Obama's in photos.

In fact, today's Women's March in DC totally outnumbered tRUMP's inauguration crowd.

The Women Marches today were HUGE.
Yesterday tRUMP said it was a beautiful day and God favored them with less rain.

Then today he used yesterday's weather as an excuse for less parade attendance.
Guess God preferred the Women Marches?
Also all of the pink pussy hats in DC were made in the USA,
tRUMP caps were made in China.
So much for buying only American.


These Marches were HUGE all over the world.
Actually there was no room to *March* in DC and Chicago and NYC.
Love trumped Hate.

TV ratings for RUMP dropped 18% from Obama's first inauguration day
Concert grossed 6.6 million viewers with 4.5 on Fox News.

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March
in Washington Had 3 Times as Many
People as Trump’s Inauguration