Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zumba online and Filemail

Just got back from 3 nights at The Borgata and actually did a spark on the bungee, one of the ReFitRev routines I had fused.
ReFitRev has had alot of new subscribers to their youtube channel.
Also kareenu uploaded a bunch of new videos so I am hopeful more videos are coming from both youtube users.

Here's a bunch of songs done on a beach, a few other dance routines, and some routines with Zumba stix.
Ends with the newest Nia Awareness of Feet.
Janette's Beach videos come from user vjz29
TheDance videos come from user FoodieBelle242
The Zumba Toning stix comes from various youtube users
including Kit-fair2u2
(one will lead you to another when searching for Zumba Toning)

Nia's Awareness of Feet is located at

Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Zumba and Nia

A newly created filemail link

offers Zumba songs done on a Beach and a few more Dance routines with and without Zumba toning Stix. Also the latest Nia class Awareness of Feet.

Janette's Beach videos come from user vjz29

The Dance videos come from user FoodieBelle242

The Zumba Toning stix comes from various youtube users including (Kit-fair2u2)
(one will lead you to another when searching for Zumba Toning, starting with Kit's)

NiaAwareness of Feet is located at

Really Loving ReFitRev!

I did another ReFitRev combo this morning on the bungee and think these may become my favorites. Embedded all 4 videos below.

After the ReFitRev warmup on the bungee I finished PeakFit10 More Cardio Strength. Except for the floor stuff, block 5 could be my favorite.

Then I finished Rockin Body Dance Party with Fitstix but skipped segments when feeling repetitive.

Will search for the RefitRev routines I did this morning. On my filemail link, it is called *GF NoControl HighVoltage HipHopCD.wmv* on

Here are the embedded clips found at
#1 was

#2 was

#3 was

#4 was

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nia Awareness of Feet

The Nia blog has a new class video uploaded
The Awareness of Feet

youtube links for rebounding, some filemails too

I bounce mostly to youtube downloads,
picking whatever videos have both music and moves that work well.
Most are music only, no cuing.

Here are several youtube users I have bounced with recently

Janey Zumba at 144 pounds

Janey Zumba at 130 pounds

GiGi's uploaded by missybelladonna

Also love to rebound to videos on as well as their dvds

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loving Holly (Nia)

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with ReFitRev then did a couple of blocks from Peak10 More Cardio Strength with Zumba Sticks then a kettlebell then some of Shaun T's Dance Party with Fitstix. There are some moves I really like in Cardio Strength that I would like to do more reps of and some moves I will not do. Maybe if I memorize the ones I like, I can do them during the ones I don't like or even during other workouts.

Anywho, I finished with a couple of excellent Nia routines by Holly.
One of which was similar to what I like in Cardio Karate and will try to locate later.
This was my final routine which was delicious:

Found the lively routine with lots of powerful moves:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Rockin' and Muving

I warmed up on the bungee to some ReFitRev then did the rest of the standing segments of Cardio Karate Cardio Intense, skipping ahead when too repetitive. Since I still have lower body DOMS from Below the Belt, I did the whole Rockin Body Disco Groove with Fitstix, again skipping when a segment felt repetitive. My Upper Body and Core feel worked and I sweated. Mission accomplished.

Monday, May 21, 2012


This morning I warmed up to some of ReFitRev's youtube clips on the bungee then did some Jessica Smith's youtube Upper Body and 10 minute Standing Abs. Next pod3 of Cardio Intense which was presented more like those in Cardio Circuits. Then the rest of Rockin Body Party Express with FitStix which next made me revisit some of the Hip Hop chapter on Fitstix Fusion LOL.
I really like the loud music without verbal cuing on ReFitRev's videos!
Jessica Smith's Upper Body just suggested what moves to do but didn't have complete sets for each side like Below the Belt and 10 minute Standing Abs. Many of her upper body and standing abs moves felt more effective if I reversed the twisting side instead of doing it in the direction that she was. It is amazing how the upper body and core can use Fitstix in Rockin Body, making it a Hip Hop Walk for the whole body.

ReFitRev videos can be found at
I highly recommend *Do You Love Me*


In the Parade magazine, Colin Powell discussed *Kindness*.
A church sermon he attended ended with
*Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it, needs it more than you will ever know*.
Powell's interpretation was *Kindness is not just about being nice; it's about recognizing another who deserves care and respect*.
This *Kind* attitude is easily forgotten online.

In a previous blog post, I discussed how one rude act opened the door to many other rude acts on a message board.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone treated one another kindly instead of triggering a domino effect of rudeness in both the real world and virtual world?
There are people online who seek confrontation, avoid them.
Do not become part of the domino effect.

My new mantra:
"It's not your Beliefs that make you a better person,
your Behavior does"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still Rockin' my Body

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some Dancehall Aerobics.
Next did Pods 1 and 2 from Cardio Karate Cardio Intense. The moves were faster and more combined in this workout than in the Cardio Circuits but it was still fun and worth the learning curve and revisiting down the road.
Then did 10 minutes of Jessica Smith's youtube lower body workout Below the Belt which was absolutely excellent. Already have Butt DOMS!
Next I did the first half of Dance Party Express on Rockin' Body holding Fitstix and tweaking to work the upper body more then did the whole routine at the end on the UR.
Finished with some Nia led by Holy (youtube).
Really enjoyed all of the above.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rockin Body

After doing the Cardio Karate Cardio Intense warmup then some zumba-like dance on the bungee, I grabbed my Fitstix and did the first routine on Shaun T's Rockin Body (Mark, Move Groove) and found it very much what I would call a Hip Hop Walk so decided not to buy Amy Bento's dvd and patiently wait for a trade. I'll just be walking with Shaun T instead.
Then I did the second block from Peak10 More Cardio Strength and am very grateful to the VFer who generously lent me this one because I am really glad I didn't buy it since it seems to have more planks in it than the previous similar workouts.
Finished with some Nia off the internet.

I have to mention I woke up with lots of aches and pains but felt really good during Mark, Move, Groove so am looking forward to revisiting Rockin Body the next couple of weeks. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

BAK from an overnighter

Had too many AC slot dollar bonuses and offers not to squeeze in an overnighter last night. We stayed at Showboat because I had previously canceled our 2 nighter at The Borgata through an email, being too lazy to call to cancel just one of the nights.

Anywho made some new discoveries, some good, some not so good.
A couple of the Good:
Slots seemed looser at Showboat and The Borgata.
The Bortgata buffet had incredible chocolate covered pretzels on their desserts.
The Wild West Buffet has a new collection system for the earn a free buffet coupon that enabled people to go right in without waiting on the cashier line.

The Bad:
I ate way too many chocolate covered pretzels.
The Wild West earn a buffet offer is ending this month just after improving the line wait.(last year it continued in June)
Showboat wanted $20 more for a Boubon Tower upgrade, even though I had reserved a comped Premium room so they are playing games like Ballys. Also Showboat may start charging extra for early check-ins when their one great feature was not making folks wait for a room if one is available. Guess they are getting extra business with Revel next door but they best be careful not to piss off their regular customers too much. The Summer will end and so will their reservations.

OK so Revel is starting to try to lure the higher tiered players into their casino with free parking, free slot play, comped rooms, etc. They are offering Tier 3 and 4 a whooping $50 slot play. Heck my Red label and DH's Black label each got $40 free play today at The Borgata Mystery Slot Bonus and we do not have to earn $500 comp dollars to get a free room!!! Plus The Borgata charges $5 in room taxes/fees to Revel's $35! Thanks but No Thanks. The main incentive for us to keep DH Black Label is the $10 comp entry into The Borgata's buffet or Amphora Lounge. Still no incentive for us to play at Revel.
If the new casino in town wants to lure customers away from their home base, the offers have to be better than those the home base is already offering.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why The Borgata, not Revel?

I am not a smoker so do like Revel's smoke free policy.
From there it all goes downhill for me.

Basically dislike their whole attitude from their CEO to their Facebook rep.
Overpriced rooms, food and alcohol do not interest me
Nothing to see or do there if not a hotel guest except gamble
No incentive to gamble there for the moderate gambler
and I usually play the most where I am staying
No buffet ( I am a taster so prefer variety when eating)
no horseracing simulcast for DH
dark confusing casino with mostly high minimum penny slots
no clue where the real full size restrooms were
high escalator casino access and do not care for elevators either
(still trying to figure out how they passed fire and safety inspections because the building is a disaster scenario in the making if there is a real emergency)

BTW it took quite a few years for The Borgata to lure us away from CET Diamond status and I was hoping for another casino alternative for variety. The only advantage CET has over The Borgata is their properties elsewhere. Revel lacks that advantage as well.
The Borgata is far from perfect though CET and Revel make The Borgata seem perfect by comparison. From the revenues, looks like alot of other people feel similarly.

So our not-so-wonderful governor ignored the state owned racetracks, donated $$ to Revel, and vetoed gay marriage. Would be a hoot if he ran as VP and NJ goes to Obama.

ETA: Revel is adding more incentives to play for higher tiered players. Too little, too late for us to become fans but DH will get his $50 free play for signing up with his Borgata Black Label.
Pretty much a similar routine but this time after the bungee warmup, I finished Max Abs and Cardio Circuits then ended with Nia youtube clips. Also in the middle did block one of Peak10 More Cardio Strength which was ok but had alot of moves I had to tweak.

I love this quote I found on Facebook
"It's not your Beliefs that make you a better person,
your Behavior does"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This and That

Today's workout was pretty much the same pattern as the previous two days:
warming up on the bungee to online Zumba-like clips but the last routine of the set was AWT holding light weights
a couple of the routines on Gilad's Max Abs
a pod on Amy Bento's Cardio Karate Cardio Circuits
the whole end routine and cooldown from Liquid Grooves
Finished with some strange standing pilates found on youtube that seemed to have been on tv. It had some cardio that I did on the UR and some band stuff. The form and cuing for the resistance band moves were abysmal but I just did what I knew was safe for me.
The important thing is I kept muving and enjoyed most of what I did.

Most of my current warmup youtube clips are found at
also some by

The pilates stuff I did was from

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Plea to People

I have often been reminded that there are people who act/react differently on the internet than they would in real life, similarly to how some people behave differently behind the wheel of a car. Both the internet and the car offer an atmosphere of anonymity so people may do/say things differently than they would one-on-one in real life. Of course, there are people who would behave rudely 24/7 because of their own personal baggage, personalities or whatever.
I try to avoid these kind of toxic people if I can.

Yesterday, a car sped up as my son and I were crossing a street in a crosswalk. When we first started crossing the street, the car was not in sight. Obviously the driver was reacting to something within himself. As a result, a nice walk in beautiful weather on Mother's Day with my son lost some of its magic.
Then a person called a post of mine on a message board *insulting* and I still see no reason behind her behavior. Again reacting to something within herself.
When being treated unfairly by another person because that person has some sort of problem, I try not to let their problem become my problem but sometimes I do react stronger than I would like.
It is human nature I guess.

In a perfect world, people would treat one another as they would want to be treated themselves but nobody is perfect. Shit happens.
I would just like to remind people that everyone else has feelings and reactions based on those feelings.
Even if you are having a bad day, be kind to one another.
Your actions are yours to own. If you are having a bad moment, try to give the other person the benefit of doubt. You will not make yourself feel better by treating another human being badly.

ETA: I pretty much did the same workout dvds as yesterday, just picking up where I left off on a dvd and doing a similar amount of each. Big difference was doing Gilad's Max Abs with my yellow Smartbell instead of the 2lb speedball I used yesterday. Not only was the Smartbell more comfortable to hold but I got breathless and sweated buckets! Really like all of these dvds alot including the dvdr I burned from the internet. Yesterday's check in offers filemail links to download those workouts in either wmv or mp4 whichever works best on your devices.

Ironically, the message board where I believe I was treated rudely was about Gilad being rude to somebody who approached him after a public workout. So I posted on the board some thoughts about why Gilad may have appeared rude and another VFer who found my post *insulting* because of her own personal baggage responded rather rudely.

Luckily for us, there is no financial risk for the perceived rudeness like in Gilad's case because neither of us is a celebrity trainer selling dvds!
I really feel empathy for the trainers who put themselves out there because vidiots can be a tough crowd to please and it is virtually impossible to create the perfect workout for anyone, let alone most of them. On top of that, the trainers have to try to be in people pleaser mode 24/7. Even then, there will still a few with their own baggage affecting their opinions and reacting negatively.
I used to be a people pleaser. After decades of not being able to please my own mother because of her own problems, I have learned that some people just aren't worth trying to please at my own expense so I just try to avoid them. Sometimes, I cannot avoid them. However, I try very hard to still give these people benefit of doubt and take the higher road, reminding myself I am not responsible for their reactions, only my own.

Paul Katami posted the following on Facebook:
*Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
Abraham Lincoln*

ETA: Thankfully, the Gilad thread received a response from Gilad, apologizing to the VFer and explaining why he may have seemed preoccupied. Unfortunately, alot of people had already responded negatively, if not rudely, to one another as well as Gilad and some continue to be critical of one another and Gilad. Glad I didn't jump on the *tar and feather, let's run him out of town* bandwagon. Also glad I didn't pursue any communication with the person who personally attacked me whom I will be ignoring in the future. There is no reasoning with a person determined to be unreasonable.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and online workouts

Mother's Day to me is mostly significant because exercise helped me through a miserable depression after seeing a TaeBo infomercial on Mother's Day 13 years ago. Exercise has helped me shift my focus from being a Mother to taking care of myself.

If anyone is interested in any of the online workouts I have been using and would like a link to any of them, send a request to
You can even try sending occassional filemails up to 2 gigs for free with filemail. Filemail has given me a free premium account for mentioning them on my blog and I love to share.
Again if you have a pc and not a mac, Freemake Video Converter makes burning dvdrs a breeze, available at
It also downloads youtube clips, converts from and to all formats (even vts files on a dvd) and can be used as a media player and editor.
I found and Freemake Video converter looking for easy and free ways to share and both providers have been wonderful.
If anyone comes across youtube or vimeo workouts worth sharing, please let me know!!!

This morning I warmed up with Bollywood type dance on the bungee then tried a bunch of new workouts: Gilad's Max Abs, Cardio Karate Cardio circuits and some of sequence 2 from Liquid Grooves. Really liked all of the above. If Max Abs had better music, it would easily be the only medball workout I would do. Lurve the slow powerful movements in Cardio Circuits which has a different feel than any other workout. Surprisingly, the TIFTT (Taking It From The Top) doesn't bother me at all in Liquid Grooves. The Bollywood Dance youtube clips were great on the bungee!! I had fused two different instructors. Here's the MP4 filemail link still active till 5/22:

Here's the wmv link available till 5/28:

MP4 may be preferred on macs
wmv may be preferred on windows pcs

Saturday, May 12, 2012

AC and UK Toughmudder 2012

We just spent a couple of days in AC with beautiful weather. Walked over 40,000 paces while our poor son in London did his first (and maybe last?) Tough Mudder. Really don't have any details other than a sunburnt bald head and a swollen ankle. LOL
He really looks happy in most of the photos instead of in pain.
More photos are at the bottom.

Revel's soft opening seems like a bust and as usual, the only consistently successful casino in AC has been The Borgata.
Anywho I was shocked at how empty Harrahs was on Thursday and Friday. Friday evening there is usually a line at the Diamond Lounge but it was so empty it almost looked closed. Guess alot of Diamonds didn't bother staying Diamond this year like us.

Almost have used all of the $25 coupons that came with the CET Platinum book, mostly for nice breakfasts. Food highlights were a delicious char-broiled pork and egg sandwich at Showboat's Mansion which is closing. Also the wonderful Veggie Benedict at Caesar's Cafe Roma. Definitely, get their Veggie Benedict instead of their horrible breakfast buffet!
Bally's Wild West dinner buffet only cost us $12 in losses to get the free buffet coupons for Friday night (10 points each) and the line wasn't bad. Maybe 15 minutes tops but we ate early just before 5PM (they open at 3PM on Fridays). Pretty decent steak and brisket. Lima Bean soup was really good too. They even had my favorite oreo pie! Dinner buffet is superior to the lunch buffet and the play 10 points for a free buffet is good for either buffet, seven days a week.
Harrahs Cafe Cappuccino has been replaced with an Italian cafe like the one in Caesar's lobby. Alittle overpriced but interesting choices. Seems to be an improvement except doesn't accept the coupons. Otherwise, Harrahs food options have been greatly compromised with the loss of Reflections and no more breakfast buffets. Only a brunch buffet now on both Saturday and Sunday. Sorry but not paying over $50 comp for breakfast when The Borgata is $10 comp each and accumulates twice as quickly. Haven't a clue how to use the last Harrahs $25 coupon. Maybe they will send us a free buffet coupon in May or June because we have stayed and played there once a month or so.

ETA: Son's ToughMudder other photos

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Online stuff and FitPrime Lower Body

First I warmed up on the bungee to Zumba Dance from youtube but I made a mistake in the editing and burning of the download, repeating the second part of the routine instead of saving the first part. Being compulsive, I will check for what I missed LOL

Then I did the cardio and duck squats from FitPrime Lower Body. The long large Walmart bubble wand I half filled with a sliding filler (rocksalt and pennies) worked great as both a bar and a towel.
Then I did a great lower body routine on youtube:

Also did some of a standing abs routine by Jessica Smith on youtube:

Finished with Tiffan Rothe's new Warmup as a CooldDown:

Workout was cut short by a dentist appointment so may do more later.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiffany Rothe Chair video

Just had to share this video with y'all!
Tiffany Rothe's youtube channel is
She is one of my favorite online instructors and uses great music.
This chair routine really works the core and upper body to a great drumbeat:

FitPrime and Hamelin D'abell Upper Body

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Gigi then did about 30 minutes of FitPrime Upper Body but used a band instead of weights and fast forwarded through the pushups and other mat stuff.
Then I did some more Nia with Holly. Finished with the warmup and upper body from Hamelin D'Abell's Method dvd which I received in an exchange. At First I was disappointed because it looked alot like his online content and it was an unchaptered dvdr, not pressed. I never would have bought it for his $30 price tag! However, my shoulder was twingey from FitPrime Upper Body and his twisting extended shoulder/arm move seems to have fixed it!! Online his clips have either music only or echoed cuing. The sound quality was much better on the dvd. Pleasant music and cuing. So no trader's remorse.

Here's Hamelin D'abell's youtube channel

Monday, May 7, 2012

KickButt Strong Bear and Nia

This morning I warmed up with more Zumba with Gigi and picked up some really fun moves for the bungee. Then I did some of Kickbutt Strong Bear. While doing it as well as recently revisiting some other Fitprimes/Kickbutts, I noticed how different these workouts feel compared to when I them differently years ago, back before elbow and knee problems. Now I use sliding filler weights like Fitstix, low step instead of tall step/stool and skip planks, etc. They are like a completely different workout! Much more enjoyable.

Lastly, I started doing the online Nia clips with Holly. What a joy to do Nia with a different instructor. My abs are already sore from the very sneaky standing abs in the clip. Think I fused a few too many clips together because was pooped after 10 minutes of a 20 minute chapter so will have to find the place I stopped at the next time. I fuse short clips before burning a dvdr, trying to reduce the number of menu screens needed since only 6 files fit on to one menu screen. Outsmarted myself with the Nia clips because more intense than expected.

This is the Nia routine I did with the sneaky standing abs

Sunday, May 6, 2012

online videos and filemail downloads

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee with GiGi then did most of Kickbutt Fast Cheetah. Fitstix worked very well with Kimerly Spreen's cardio. Next I did some Planet Motion online clips and finished with a wonderful Nia routine by Kinetic Studio (link below).
If you haven't tried this youtube clip yet, just do it!

Here's Janey's and GiGi's youtube clips:
Janey Zumba at 144 pounds

Janey Zumba at 130 pounds

You can find 2 full classes by GiGi here

look for kendrita227 on youtube for Planet Motion

The Nia clips are scattered all over youtube but one should lead to another if starting with the Kinetic Studio Nia clip at the top of the post.

If anyone comes across other online workouts with great music that can be downloaded and perhaps uploaded to filemails, please let me know! My free premium account with filemail is good for quite a few more months. I do have some other filemail links still active for other youtube routines, most of which I haven't yet tried myself.

Some of their youtube and filemail links are

Another collection of various dances mostly from kareenu on youtube

That should keep y'all busy for quite awhile LOL
Remember, if you come across online workout clips with great music and feel good moves, please let me know!!!
Filemail links do expire so do not hesitate to use them while they are available.
If you want your email address added to my filemail address book for future filemail uploads, email me at
I may be updating this post as I upload more filemails so bookmark it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flex Posture and more online Zumba Classes

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with an online Zumba class then did some Tracey Anderson arms without weights then some FlexPosture skipping most of the floor stuff. Also did some African Dance including its run jump chapter on the UR and bellydance type cooldown. Finished with some Chiball Essentials, even doing some of its yoga and mat abs and ballrolling segments. Some of my joints whined a bit but found I can massage and even lightly tap them with my Fitstix rounded end for relief :)

The online Zumba classes I am now doing can be found at
GiGi leads them and the youtube user posting them is missybelladonna

I really like all of the workouts I am finding online because of their music.
They may not be visually as good as a dvd workout but I really do not watch the tv much when muving. I have several dvdrs to try like going to a different Zumba class everyday but I can do it my way and often my way is using my core more and feet less on the bungee.

ETA: here is a filemail with some of Janey's and GiGi's classes

Also here's one for online Planet Motion clips:

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Incredible Toes

I am very inflexible but I can do something nobody else can do:
a Feat with my Feet

I can easily cross my pinkie toe over the toe next to it and uncross them without using my hands. Plus I can do both feet at the same time.
There is no trick or trick photography, just some weird wiring in my feet.
Wish I had a drum roll for this video clip
seeing is believing:

Maybe I should go on *America's Most Talented*?
Maybe I should get a pedicure first.

Metaboost and Planet Motion links

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Janey's Zumba then did some Planet Motion youtube clips. Cannot believe these clips were posted in 2010 ansd it took me this long to find them. It all started with having Kendra Howard posting a video on Facebook yesterday which led me to her youtube uploads. Her youtube ID is kendrita227
I love her style which is like Nia on steroids or Zumba/African Dance with a bit of martial arts.
Here's a filemail of the online Planet Motion clips:

Then I did most of FitPrime's Metaboost. I am really enjoying FitPrime for the music and tweaked moves. The more I revisit what I already own and find free stuff online, the more I realize I do not need to buy anymore workout dvds! From now on will only reach for my credit card when it is to support a favorite instructor with unique moves and music like Kendra Howard.

ETA: For inspiration that it is never too late to improve your fitness through movement

ETA: found another workout series on youtube with great music:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crunch Time

This morning I warmed up to some African Dance then did most of CrunchTime. I really enjoyed the music and different feel of these FitPrimes but haven't really done any of the non rebounder and Just Rights more than once!!! Shame on me.

Also like segments of the African Dance workout because of its music and simple moves. Cannot really recommend it to anyone to buy because of its poor production quality but it is a winner for me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fit Prime

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to some Zumba with Janey. I really like these because they are easy to follow with simple but fun muves.
Then I did the Jump Force 10 minute bonus for some step crosstraining.
Next I was going to do some of Anna Benson's Just Right Weights Cardio and Yoga but wound up doing most of it!! It felt like great crosstraining so I decided I needed to revisit the FitPrimes because of how they work one side (the weaker side) more than the strong side. However, in my case I will work my twingier sides less. I'll be home more consecutive days the next week and want to workout smarter, not harder. I'll sneak in a more intense spark every few days. Will be using mostly sliding filler weights for the upper body (Fitstix, Zumba sticks and homemade XCO trainers) and my lightly weighted YogFlex stick. May occasionally substitute a band.

Links to Janey's Zumba are on this post:
ETA: here is a filemail with some of Janey's and GiGi's classes

One of my best tips to make exercise consistent is not playing *Simon Says* or *Follow the Leader*. Use a workout dvd as a suggestion but make it your own, doing what feels right for you. Nobody is watching! I never do the same workout twice. Just give me good music and some fun move ideas and I'll do the rest.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Back from another AC trip but only with alittle over 30,000 paces this time because we stayed mostly at The Borgata. Tried to eat healthy at all of the buffets and didn't feel bloated like I overate so hopefully, succeeded.

Now to figure out what I want to do tomorrow and the next week or so as far as workouts.