Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last 2013 Workout

This morning was the last workout for 2013 so I chose the jessicasmithtv new Bootcamp Boogie uploaded this past Saturday.
Of course, I replaced the audio first :)
The higher impact and intensity were great on the 550f bungee BUT I had to wear shoes with inserts because my feet have started to bother me again.  After that ridiculous Plantar Fasciitis flare, I take new twinges very seriously.  My right knee also has developed a new twinge which prohibits bouncing on a stability ball so I was relieved that the shoes and 550 combo worked twingelessly.  I was able yo use the whole 550 mat surface wearing shoes so it was quite a nice change.

Next I did some weight work from Kelly's Your Best Body and enjoyed many of the unique moves:

I had edited my private video file so there was just one or two sets of each move.

Here's a sample of the edited Bootcamp Boogie with a song by Fergie called *A little Party never killed Nobody* which happened to be the last song in the Borgata Holiday Burlesque show we saw this past weekend:

For the whole original routine go to

Friday, December 27, 2013

Olga Kotelko

The Parade magazine featured a 94 year old track star Olga Kotelko.
I found the following on
What Makes Olga Run?

Olga's Rules

The Big Nine:
1. Keep Moving
2. Create Routines
     (But Sometimes Break Them)
3. Be Opportunistic
4. Be a mensch
5. Believe in something
6. Lighten Up
7. Cultivate a Sense of Progress
8. Don’t do it if you don’t love it
9. Begin now

Just wanted to share because I truly believe in those rules

Bellicon Dance Party, DA FatBlast and Nia Vibe

This morning I did the Bellicon Dance Party (original on youtube) with replaced audio and absolutely lurved it.  Simple moves and great MUsic.  Then I did Denise Austin's Balancing Act Fat Blast (original on youtube) which I had trimmed while replacing the audio.  I liked it so much I am re-editing to have my favorite Kettlebell-like moves repeated more.  Finished with my favorite songs from Nia's Vibe while bounce-sitting on a stability ball.  The dvd is worth getting for the BodyRock routine alone!

original Bellicon routine at
▶ 10 min - Dance party on the bellicon - YouTube

my version of the Bellicon routine:

Bellicon 10 min Dance Party MU by POMBarb
remember after the initial ad plays (if there is one) and the actual workout video starts to play to click on Daily Motion in the lower right corner so you can avoid an ad every 5 minutes

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Filemail and Download Tips

ETA: to use filemail now, you must be registered and are limited to 10 free transfers so I have lost interest in this option.

Filemail (www.filemail.com) used to be a wonderful way of sharing files when I had an upgraded account but very limited for free accounts.  However, I think filemail.com now allows more days, downloads, and larger files than they used to on free accounts.

I will download a video file myself so I can provide a walk-thru:
You can click on the link for the file you want to download below its thumbnail and download just that file or you can click on *Download all the files* (colored Green) to get a ZIP file which is a nice option if a filemail has more than one file attached.  The file will go to whatever folder your browser downloads files to (usually called Downloads).  You can then move the file by copying (or cutting and pasting) by right clicking the mouse on a Windows system  to wherever you want it to be on your hard drive, etc.

Just found out you can download some video files directly from Vimeo.
Just right click on the blue Download button to choose your format.

This morning I did the HeavyHands Panaerobics to which I had added MUsic which I will embed again. Remember after the initial ad and the video starts playing,  to click the Daily Motion in the lower right corner to play without ads.  Use that url to revisit or to download.

HH Pan Amazon MU by POMBarb

Also did the Senam routine to which I had added MUsic.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

No matter your personal beliefs, enjoy the Holiday season and be kind to others.  Actually, try to be kind to others everyday of the year and most importantly to yourself.

I have made a playlist of workouts with Holiday MUsic on Daily Motion and am in the process of adding my latest creation using Ellen Barrett's Ballet Pilates which is on youtube.

My Happy Holidays Playlist link is
▶ Happy Holidays - A Video PlayList on Dailymotion

and here is the Holiday Ballet Pilates:

Holiday Ballet Pilates with Ellen Barrett by POMBarb

(remember to click on the Daily Motion in the lower right hand corner of my blog embedded videos after the video starts to play and you can see the video without ads every 5 minutes on my Daily Motion channel)

Suzanne Bowen is offering a free Barre video as a Christmas gift
Barre Fire with Tabata
password is Merry Christmas

Also here's a temporary filemail link for the Barre Fire video file converted to MP4 which was gifted by Suzanne Bowen on vimeo
Filemail.com -Barrre Fire

This morning I did Joannie Greggains Holiday Workout which I had uploaded to Daily Motion. It worked very well on my new bungee with Fitstix.  Then I did this wonderful routine:

It is easier for me to follow Berty who doesn't cue in English than similar routines by Richard Simmons!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Shrink, Fonda with Emerge, and Wonderful QiGong

I enjoyed some edited Shrink routines on the bungee and ball.
Then I did Jane Fonda's DooWop routine

which was amazing when combining it with the song Emerge:
Never expected this weird combination of moves and MUsic to be that good!
(Tip: you can try the combo above by playing Jane's routine muted on one tab and the song playing on another tab or browser, etc.  For example I play the song on youtube after I open another tab with my blog playing Jane's video muted)

However, something in the mix aggravated my right knee so I switched to something more gentle which was quite a nice QiGong routine:

ETA 12/24/2013:
This morning I did Jazzercise Burlesque but modified alot to make it lower intensity.
Some moves were faster than they needed to be too but I liked alot of them and the music.
Used the bungee then the ball.
My right knee is much better but I am being cautious.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jessica's Gliding Routine

First I warmed up on the bungee with some of Chris Freytag's Fight Cellulite Fast to which I added MUsic.

Next I did the edited version of Jessica Smith's new gliding routine.

Original routine
▶ Fat Burning, Full Length 30-Minute Low Impact Aerobic Workout: Cardio Core Fusion Flow - YouTube

Brilliant creativity!  I expect lower body DOMs tomorrow.
The easy to follow gliding moves went perfectly with other music.
I edited out the planks which really should have been at the end of the routine for those who prefer to skip them.

I finished with a Shrink 5 minute routine to which I had added MUsic and it worked well sitting on a stability ball.

Since I cannot share the music I had added to Jessica's routine, I am creating excerpts with Holiday music to share :)
....check back here later

I am going to post individual clips here and then the whole video on Daily Motion
Here's the Holiday Gliding clips with Jessica Smith:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Happy and Healthy New Year to All

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heartrates with Samantha and HH Panaerobics

Our son with OCD has been worried about his heart because of various chest pains.  Doctor said everything sounded ok.  This morning his resting heartrate was 54 and he was worried it was too low but he had jogged 2 miles yesterday and 54 for his age is actually great, comparable to that of an athlete's heartrate.

So I figured I hadn't checked mine for quite sometime so did it during this morning's workout to compare the heartrate to my perceived exertion since my heartrate monitor coincided with my perceived exertion in the past and had since broken.  I am happy to say I have lost no cardiovascular endurance in spite of several injuries, especially Plantar Fasciitis!  I checked my heartrate whenever I perceived I was at various levels of exertion and found I can determine quite well at all intensity levels.   Best part is I can achieve whatever intensity level I want on the bungee, off the bungee and bouncesitting on the stability ball with and without Fitstix.   People may think my unique workout routines are a waste of time but obviously not for me.  As with anything else, I get what I put into them.  MUsic motivates me to put more into otherwise boring moves.  Tweaking the moves to make them feel better works too.

Anywho my workout this morning was two more edited routines by Samantha (low impact then athletic drills) then some HeavyHands Panaerobics with free Amazon MUsic added and ended with some of the Senam routine with Amazon MUsic.  I did Samantha's Cardio yesterday as a spark and like her simple moves and number of reps in her routines. HH Panaerobics and Fitstix worked very well on the stability ball!

HH Pan Amazon MU by POMBarb

The Senam routine was posted on 12/8
Keep MUving *Just Right*: BAK with a Blast!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Samantha Spark and Jessica Black Friday 4

I edited out the moves I didn't want to do and added MUsic to this routine:

The result was the perfect spark :)
So perfect that I actually did it even though I had already gone on a long outdoor walk today.

Also you can find the Jessica Smith and Shape Black Friday Fitness Week 4 here
Black Friday Fitness 7-Minute Fit-In-a-Flash Workout Video - Shape Magazine

Daily Motion Embedded Videos

I hope the embedded videos on my blog do get readers moving.
Daily Motion unfortunately has an ad at the beginning of their videos and every 5 minutes!

So I have been experimenting and think I have found a simple way to avoid the ads every 5 minutes :)
I believe after the initial Daily Motion ad plays on my blog, you can click the Daily Motion icon in the lower right corner after the embedded workout actually starts playing and see the rest of the video playing on my  Daily Motion website without ads every 5 minutes.  You can enjoy the workout there, bookmark or save the url for a future visit  and/or consider downloading it.

Downloading tips:
Keep MUving *Just Right*: Downloading a Video

Not all of my private MUsic added videos are embedded on my blog to access through the blog.
You can email me for private Daily Motion links or other options like sharing video files through dropbox or filemail.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gin and ?

This morning I revisited most of Gin Miller's Swing Yourself Fit to which I had added MUsic.  Did some on the bungee and some with my heavier Zumba stick instead of a kettlebell.
Finished with the Senam routine to which I had added MUsic.  Started on the bungee but ended up on the ball.

The original and edited versions of the Senam routines were embedded on my 12/10 blog post.
Keep MUving *Just Right*: Lurved Everything Today

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gilad and Becky

First I did a few Gilad routines with added MUsic.  All worked well on the bungee and ball because Gilad uses those black round disks so his movements are not space demanding.
However the star this morning was a foreign TV show led by Becky to which I had added *free* MUsic.  I liked the original alot and really lurve my edited version:

Senam Becky MU by POMBarb

Monday, December 16, 2013

POPSugar, Ellen, Gilad

This morning I started with the edited version of

then did some of Ellen's Walk Off Belly Fat with the Audio replaced
and finished with some Gilad aerobics found online to which I had added MUsic.
All worked well on the bungee and ball.
There were some standing abs and lower body as well.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

DA, GetFitFast, and Saffell Fierce Force

This morning I edited an online workout by Denise Austin, replacing the MUsic and removing the non workout parts and floor.
original video

Then I did an edited version of this

Finished with some of

Except for the 3 minutes of planks, it needed no editing :)

Everything was great on the bungee and ball.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Keaira and Jess Freebies

This morning I did the 3 mile Walk Dance by KeairaLaShae to which I had added MUsic.  Some of the music was from Christi Taylor's Pure Spice dvd and some from Christi Taylor's youtube videos.  Also added some music that was free on Amazon.  The combination was totally enjoyable with no dread and worked well on the bungee and ball.
Original video:

Next I did an edited version of the jessicasmithtv Build a Better Back Side, removing mat stuff, adding MUsic and using my Fitstix.  This is an older video which was offered as a download for a cheap price that she recently uploaded to youtube for free last Saturday.  Each Saturday Jessica offers another freebie at noon.
Original video:

She is also offering a freebie on Fridays on Shape for 5 weeks.
Yesterday was Black Friday Fitness week 3:

If you have Firefox and its Download Helper, you can download these Black Friday routines.

I am anxiously awaiting the release of two new dvds by Jessica in early January!

Friday, December 13, 2013


I just wanted to advise anyone with a Tracfone problem to call their corporate office at (305) 715-6500

I had had a 48 hour merry-go-round ride with Tracfone's regular phone and Facebook customer service and would still be on their merry-go-round if I hadn't called their Corporate office.   My Tracfone was shipped to me with a different Sim card than what they had listed in their system.  Simple warehouse mistake.  Not so simple mistake for regular customer service to detect and correct.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back to Nia

I have been a Nia fan since first finding their original VHS at Walmart about 14 years ago.  I then bought all of their VHS then DVDs up to and including Unplugged, Sanjana, and Opal.  I hesitated to get Passion and Vibe till they were gifted to me because I just cannot get into Nia without Carlos who retired after Unplugged.  The descriptions of Passion and Vibe are misleading because Carlos is not participating.  Passion is actually led by a gal other than Debbie (Debbie is in the class) and a guy who led the Awareness of Bones (Kevin).  I do like Kevin alot but still miss Carlos.

Nia Class Video - Awareness of Bones | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness

The Passion and Vibe DVDs offer a music only option which makes them more appealing than the online classes.  However, the camera angles on Passion, some of which I did this morning, were as awkward as their online classes.  I really wish they would do the camera angle just from the back to follow like in the class or just from the front for a mirrored effect.  Switching back and forth makes following very confusing.  The Music only option enables me to use whichever side I am using instead of being confused even more by the cuing.  Passion worked well on both the bungee and ball.  The music was mostly jazz which isn't my thing as much as their New Age music but the moves were easy to follow if not anal about working the sides equally.

All Nia online classes are listed here:
Keep MUving *Just Right*: Nia Online

I tried to get permission to share clips but Nia wants the traffic for their online classes counted on their sites and do not want to worry about music copyrights for their older OOP routines.

ETA 12/13:
This morning I did the rest of Passion which was probably the best part of the class for me. Music was lively as was Kevin and the Cooldown was pleasant.   Then I did the first few songs in Vibe. The camera angles shifting prevented me from getting into it.  I got so frustrated that I actually stopped trying and just watched.  Will try it from the next song but if Debbie had ever tried to follow her own class on DVD before releasing it for sale, I think she would have realized it was just ridiculous to follow.  I do not mind the frustration nearly as much when the class is free online.  If I followed the dvd mindlessly, I would wind up working just one side most of the routine.  I was even thinking of trying to edit it to make sense but realized it just wasn't worth the effort.
To prove it wasn't just my mood, I did the upper body from Gin's Swing Yourself Fit with my own MUsic and really enjoyed it!  I still have DOMS from her Lower Body routine done a couple of days ago. No Buyer's Remorse fo getting this DVD but I did it all with my own MUsic :)
Then I did some of the cardio from Jessica's Shape Black Friday Fitness week2 to which I had also added MUsic and enjoyed that as well.
I may actually watch some of the Nia online classes again and just create clips of routines I like enough to revisit.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lurved Everything Today

I really enjoyed today's workout in spite of waking up with many aches and pains. The real winner was the last routine.

I warmed up to Keaira's one mile walk to which I had added MUsic.

Then I did the warmup and cardio from Gin Miller's Swing Yourself Fit.
I loved some of the unique moves but of course, had to replace the audio :)

Last but not least was this Senam routine:
Original Senam  routine:

My version:

senam anak MU by POMBarb

a nice spark thanks to Susanna for finding the song:
When the Coyote Comes  ~ Fernando Ortega
which was added to the Bellicon 10 minute Dance Party

ETA 12/11:
This morning I did another senam routine which was alittle too fast for me.  Then I did another Senam routine with added MUsic which was very nice.  Then I did the lower body from Gin's Swing Yourself Fit with MUsic added which started off with the *Coyote Comes* song which worked as well with a kettlebell as the song worked on the Bellicon.  The best part of the workout was again the last one, I had added my own MUsic selections to the Shrink Intention routine and edited out moves I prefer to skip.

This video gives a demonstration of some Shrink cardio at about the 1:50 mark

Sunday, December 8, 2013

BAK with a Blast!

This morning after 3 mornings in AC, I was back to my morning routine.

I started with some Pure Spice songs but skipped to the next tune when each song became repetitive which worked really well as a bungee warmup.  Then I did 2 fabulous routines to which I had added MUsic. The first was from a foreign TV show which had very simple foot patterns so worked well on the bungee.  I believe these foreign TV shows can be a great alternative for low impact or walking workouts and there seems to be many of them on youtube uploaded by various users.

Here's the original video:

and it turned it into after replacing the audio:

Senam Indonesia MU by POMBarb

The second routine found online was the Prevention Turn Up your Fatburn Cardio Interval:

It became

Prevention Turn up your FatBurn Cardio Interval MU by POMBarb

If you need help downloading these or learning how to create your own combinations, check this blog.  Rather than give away a fish (dvdrs with my creations), I believe it is better to teach anyone interested how to fish or even create their own routines so you will never be hungry for a fish or fun routine to do.

ETA: 12/9
I really enjoyed this one which is very different from anything else I have ever done.  Great *no dread* routine for lower energy days.

It is low impact and works the lower abs throughout with various isometric contractions.
Will be replacing its audio and editing out the floor at the end.
ETA: an edited version will be available on Daily Motion and this blog on 12/17/2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bungee Rebounders

Yesterday I exchanged the skirt mat on my Jumpsport 370 Fitness Trampoline with the petal mat because I never tried the petal mat since tightening the cords.  I was pleasantly surprised that my feet appreciated more tension with the relatively unused  petal mat.  So I do not think the Jumpsport 550F PRO is necessary for its much higher price unless cost is not a prime factor in deciding which bungee to get.   If cost is not a factor but space is, then splurge on the 49 inch Bellicon but consider ordering the next stronger set of cords recommended for your weight for a firmer tension.  If you want the best of both worlds, the 44 inch Jumpsport 550F PRO is a perfect compromise for extra space, tension and cost.

Bottomline, do not waste money on any spring model.
Once you have bounced on a bungee, you will never go back to springs.
You can save some $$ by getting the cheapest Jumpsport 200 models.  Amazon has had recent lightening deal on both and Jumpsport also offers discounts now and then on all of their models.  Costco offers the Jumpsport 350 and sometimes has a discount (last discounted price was just $250!).  I believe as with everything else, as time goes by, there will be more discounts on all of the bungees as well as some improved models offering even more space without giving up mat and cord tension.

This morning I did the rest of Jessica's Fusion Band to which I had added MUsic then did my edited version of her Shape Black Friday Fitness Total Body package.  Then I did more Pure Spice songs, starting on the 550F then finishing on the stability ball.  I could skip from song to song with the dvd player remote but could not select the songs from the menu.  Some songs I liked enough to revisit and others were just not my thing.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

and the winner is Jessica's Fusion Band

This morning after warming up with some Solibeat and Christi Taylor's Pure Spice, I did half of Jessica's Fusion band to which I had added MUsic and embedded on Saturday 11/30.

Solibeat is good but the drumbeat starts to feel repetitious.
The effect of Pure Spice depends on the song.  I liked the first 2 songs but the third was too fast and not really my kind of thing.  I was very surprised not to have the songs chaptered on the menu!  Also I was missing a song LOL  Case says 12 songs but I only saw 11.

My version of Jessica's Fusion Band had a fantastic effect on me :)
LURVE the Amazon free music and working with a band aerobically.
I still pooped halfway and look forward to doing the second half tomorrow.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Favorite!

This morning after warming up with Solibeat, I tried the edited video file with added MUsic of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max routine led by Jillian and absolutely lurved it!
So here's a short sample of my new favorite spark:

Then I did some more Biggest Loser edited files and then some of this routine which was darn good

It has some good moves and music.

ETA 12/2:
This morning I did some more Biggest Loser routines with MUsic added and alittle Solibeat.  I also updated my blog links and added a screen shot walkthru for Handbrake to the previous Freemake Walkthru for ripping dvds.