Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Private Sharing

I have been sharing most video files privately lately so do not have any new public files to share through this blog.  There are so many wonderful edited routines with great music that I just do not know which to choose to record to share more publicly.

Right now most of my workout sessions will be spent visiting Jessica Smith's new Walk Strong set.

Dozens of original and edited files I have not had the time to try will be piling up in the meantime.
Hopefully, I will get back to recording and sharing more publicly next year LOL

Just a quick review of some of Jessica's new set which may be the best dvd purchase I have ever made.  First up yesterday morning was Cardio Party which was nice but the music was too soft so I replaced its audio.  I wound up doing the whole workout again while sitting in front of my laptop last night LOL
This morning was the Interval routine.   I did the first half on the bungee and second half on the ball.  The moves change quickly so I was relying on the cuing more than usual and the music didn't bother me so may never edit it.  It totally wiped me out so next time will follow Mom Debbie LOL  The planks moves can be done upright while bouncing.
Then while sitting on a swivel chair, I tried some of 360 Abs and WOW!  Jessica hit a home run with this routine.  I doubt I would ever try this whole routine in one session.  She has almost every standing abs move I have ever seen and even a few more.  The moves are simple enough to follow that I will replaced its audio and probably split it into 2 separate files.    I am really excited about this set and amazed at not only Jessica's creativity but her generosity at giving her fans so much for free online plus this set for such a reasonable price.
(hint: register your email address to get a special discount code)

My sweatfest with Walk Strong continues.  My favorite may be the Barefoot Fusion Sculpt but still have a few to try.  It just felt so good like Ellen Barrett and other fusions but with lots of new moves. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Respect Our Differences

Our son's boyfriend is a Catholic Mexican.
The biggest obstacle in their relationship is that he is also vegan.

When the boyfriend came out as gay to his family, they were supportive.
Coming out as vegan was much tougher for his mom to understand and accept.
On the other hand, I often wonder how many religious homophobes eat shellfish.

One of the worse arguments I had with my husband who is my best friend was because I ordered sausage in a diner and all he saw were the three little pigs in  the classic movie *Babes in Toyland* being slaughtered for sausage links.  He became so grumpy and continued to be grumpy for a whole weekend!

When I was the moderator of an exercise email group, there were lots of battles over different eating choices which made the email group less focused on exercise.  The owner of VideoFitness forum wisely excluded diet talk.  It is one thing to make a choice about what a person decides to eat but trying to stop others from eating what they choose is just as unfair as pushing any other religious or political agenda.
Almost any difference can cause unnecessary division,  As strange as it sounds, I have felt bullied by members of VideoFitness because I have not purchased an expensive Bellicon bungee rebounder so visit that forum less often.   I bounce everyday and have for over 15 years but have seen others very new to bouncing treat me as am enemy because I have not jumped on the Bellicon band wagon.  Different Strokes for different folks.

Everyone should be able to pursue happiness and have equal rights.  Differences should be respected.  People who feel differently should not be dehumanized, bullied, or ostracized by zealots and mob mentality.   Most mob mentality is created by toxic people, people who cannot respect differences.

There are so many different issues that can divide people and even families.  It is disheartening to see so many people in the world letting differences cause separation and even violence.    Hopefully, 2016 will be a year when people will decide to respect differences instead of attack them.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Had to share this with you because laughter is the best gift to give:

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday 

here are samples of recently revisited Ilyse Baker edits which were great for bouncing

I gave up looking for the perfect workout so have learned to edit routines to make them more appealing.  For example, the Sweat Lab series has some interesting new moves but the audio stinks and the combos are done three times with too many reps which gets tedious for my old body and unnecessary.  Currently, I am editing The Sweat Lab series, taking out extra repetitions and moves I do not want to do while adding music.  The result has been a fun Sweat Lab Express LOL

Monday, December 21, 2015


Many events recently are making me a bigger believer of karma than ever.  Even when bad events have happened, it seems as though they were meant to happen so I could move on if I learn from them.  When a door or window is slammed shut, another always seems to open.

I tend to be quite helpful towards most people who cross my path being a chronic people pleaser.  It makes me feel good to make someone else happier.  When people treat me like a door mat, I remove the mat.  Sometimes I really would prefer to smother them with the mat but that may only help me feel better about their poor behavior for a short time.  I prefer to take the higher road and just to have nothing more to do with people who takes advantage of my good nature.  Heck I even feel sorry for them for losing what could have been a really good friend in their lives.  If people want to think ill of me and strike out, it is their problem and I try not to make me mine.  I am honest to a fault.  Always was and always will be.  I can accept white lies but cannot accept lies to cover poor behavior.

As the new year approaches, I feel it will be a wonderful one.  I have old and new friends who seem to appreciate me.  Our older son has the first real love of his life.   My health issues feel better than they have been.  Even my teeth are giving me the hope that I can continue to enjoy eating LOL

You can focus on the negative or decide to focus on the positive.  Those who focus on the negative will doubtfully ever feel well and may try to make others feel unwell.   That is their problem, do not allow it to become yours.

Happy Holidays!  Hope this makes you smile:

nutcracker danceThe Nutcracker dance you've NEVER seen before!
Posted by Melody Mendez Fox 32 Chicago on Thursday, December 17, 2015

One other thing, this youtube video has some great lower body cardio:

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Focus on the Good in the World

Michael Moore who found Trump to be very cowardly when both were waiting to be on a tv show several years ago made a powerful post on Facebook and here is an excerpt which really put it all into perspective:

Fortunately, Donald, you and your supporters no longer look like what America actually is today. We are not a country of angry white guys. Here's a statistic that is going to make your hair spin: Eighty-one percent of the electorate who will pick the president next year are either female, people of color, or young people between the ages of 18 and 35. In other words, not you. And not the people who want you leading their country.

It still amazes me how surreal Trump's campaign is.  Also amazes me how surreal it was when the least friendly person on WellVideo became the administrator of a private club there, the focus of which was making friends and sharing.  Of course, that focus for that club no longer exists just as Trump represents everything unAmerican: bigotry, racism, prejudice, bullying, deception, greed, hypocrisy,  etc.

My conscience cannot tolerate Mr.Trump's bullying and mob mentality.
My conscience just could not tolerate the mob mentality and the stress generated in that other club.  I left that club and started another with the original focus of that club:
making friends with other workout fans around the world so we are all healthier mentally and physically.  
Anyone with an interest in workouts can visit WellVideo.net  
Anyone who registers and friends me (Bouncin Barb) and treats other members well can become a member of this new club.
WE are all more alike than not.
Do not give any power to those bullies who lack a conscience and try to dehumanize any victims for a false sense of superiority.   Resist mob mentality.
The people who designed WellVideo wanted a place where all can be friends in the pursuit of health.
The original focus of the US was the pursuit of happiness for all. 
Do not give away your health and happiness to joyless people since misery loves company.
Choose health and happiness!  
The golden rule of treating others how we would like to be treated is still the best way to peace and happiness for all.    

This morning I worked out with myself and loved it!  LOL

BB BungeeBall MU 2 by POMBarb
I really enjoyed the music and the moves so plan to record more.
No trouble keeping in time on the large PROBounce even though the recording was done on the JumpSport550.
(both models are still having a great Holiday sale price!)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Bouncing and Bouncing and Bouncing

I have been enjoying some workouts I had edited awhile ago and never visited before doing more new edits of Be360 routines.  I really enjoyed Leslie Sansone's Walk to the Hits All Time Favorites but with my own oldies soundtrack.  Also enjoyed some Brazilian Butt Lift especially the cardio while sitting on a stability ball.  Also liked the stability ball upright routine but held a purple Zumba stick instead.

Since getting a new temp cap on my cracked tooth, I am eating again LOL

Be sure to visit my bouncing playlists on DailyMotion!
(you tube has some of the routines but not all of the same music)
I may be adding more on one of the bungees or the stability ball soon.  I am surprised that the sit-bouncing on a stability ball seems more popular on youtube and pretty much ignored on Dailymotion so am not sure exactly what my next focus may be.

Meanwhile here is a routine I re-edited with Holiday Music:

BB PROBounce Holiday MU by POMBarb

I am soooo excited about Jessica Smith's new set being released around Christmas.  What a way of actually looking forward to winter.   The set looks and sounds awesome!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Clove Oil for Tooth Pain

I have been having some dental problems and right now have a temporary cap on a cracked tooth.  The darn thing was really painful last night.  This afternoon I finally tried a dab of clove oil and it has not bothered me since!  Like night and day.  Pain went immediately away and has not returned.

Wish I had tried this simple remedy much sooner.  Maybe I would not have lost another tooth after trying to save it with root canal and two crowns.

It is so sad to see so many people in the real world and online who do not understand this simple message.


However, should read:
If your religion or political party requires that you hate someone then you need a new one.

(I cannot stand homophobic people hiding behind a religion, especially if they choose to eat shellfish)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Vimeo Bellicon Classes

This Vimeo channel has some Bellicon classes

Here is one for example


There are two other classes and hopefully, more coming

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bouncing with Weights

I did a few more edited Be360 files then an edit of a few combined youtube videos, one of which used light weights on the bungee.   It reminded me that when bouncing and using a single heavier weighted object like a medball or purple Zumba stick to keep the weight under 2 pounds since the additional GForce can aggravate joints, especially the shoulders.  Even a playground ball can be used instead of a heavy medball.  I prefer my purple Zumba stick because of its sliding filler when using one weighted object.  When using two weights, I prefer my Fitstix for the same reason.  Sliding fillers are kinder to the joints.

There is the option of going heavier if you are not bouncing and just standing or sitting with no bouncing action but I prefer to keep bouncing either standing on a bungee or sitting on a stability ball when working out.

Here is a sample of one of the routines I did this morning with a special holiday song:

Whole routine is available on WellVideo: 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Edited Be360

I am still trying the edited (Bellicon) Be360 files and enjoying them on the bungee and ball but more for their music I added than the actual routines.   Overall, I definitely prefer the gal's style to the guy's.  I can keep in time easily in spite of my low ceiling even with the higher jumps. Both repeat their moves too much so I start tweaking them and it evolves into spontaneous free-styling.  I may record myself doing a few with the awesome music.

I am still enjoying the lower, wider PROBounce mat.   However, the quality and awesome holiday price ($399) for the 44 inch JumpSport 550 at Costco and Amazon would be my first recommendation  because the PROBounce is lesser quality and newer on the market so its customer service may be less reliable.  The 48 inch model current price is $299 but you can try to order through the Holiday special link for $249:

My son has been assigned the task of softening up my very firm JumpSport 370 PRO mat LOL

ETA next day:
I just worked out and a routine by the guy is now my favorite bouncing routine!  The Be360 Stamina&Endurance routine has lots of bouncing variations.  Plus the music I added works for me.  Still prefer most of the gal's routines except for this one.
I can share the edited file with friends.  This video file is so good that there is no point recording myself doing it so probably will not be recording much for awhile.
You can find the original on
and get your first month FREE without giving any credit card or personal information.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Irony

Trump claims we have to ban Muslims from entering the US because some poll claimed 25% supported violence against the US.

What about the US Christian radicals who support discrimination against gays and even violence.
What about the US Christian radicals who support discrimination against Planned Parenthood and even violence?
What about the US radicals who want everyone to carry a concealed weapon?
We have seen several controversial shootings by professional police officers.  How many civilians may be caught in a crossfire and ricochets if so many people are carrying a concealed weapon?  How many of  these armed people may do something violent because of road rage or alcohol?

Hate Rhetoric is spreading Hate and violence like a cancer.
It does not matter which radical group creates the Hate and the motivation for violence.  The results will be more innocents caught in the cross-fire, not just physically but mentally as well.

Bottomline, no irrational person who does not support equal rights should have the right to lead our country.  The POTUS has to support EVERYONE.  No POTUS should harbor irrational fears and hate.  Is it asking too much not to have a mentally ill POTUS?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Be360 FUN

I am really enjoying the edited Be360 workouts!

I replaced their audio with music only and removed all non-bouncing moves.  Most of the moves are easy to follow on either my PROBounce bungee or while sitting on a large stability ball.  Time flies by while sweating and having Party-in-a-Box FUN!

Personally, still see no reason to spend more for a Bellicon.

These Hoe Downs look awesome too!
From https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS3EbVDpoI_skNMqR3J3O-Q

ETA a bonus Nia routine recorded in Switzerland found on Facebook:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Free Garuda

Many video workout collectors went crazy for the Garuda routines by James D'Silva.  The only ones that interested me were those using a chair and now they are on his youtube channel for free:


Stop the Insanity!

The radicalized Christian Republicans in this country are hitting new lows:
(imagine being the parent of a student killed by friendly fire)

Trump, Cruz, Falwell, etc. should all be investigated for inciting violent hate crimes.  Nobody guilty of their behavior should be allowed to run for any public office.

Were the shootings at the Planned Parenthood facility any different than the shootings at the CA holiday party?

Irrational Hate breeds violence.
More guns means more shootings.
Stop the insanity!

President Obama made me feel so much better this evening.
Nice to have a rational President.

Of course, his rational approach will just make the hate mongers spew more hate.  We will never be able to prevent the irrational attacks made by sick people.  Hate speak may make more crazies cross that line between belief and action.  Hate breeds Hate.
What will happen to most of the decent people if those who thrive on chaos and irrational hate become louder and more powerful?

Please remember what makes the US special:
its mix of people with different cultures, religions, and races
and the freedom to have these differences with equal rights.

Do not let any radicalized segment of our population destroy this ideal by spreading hate.

ETA: Looks like Trump finally shot himself in the foot with his Muslim hate.  It was just a matter of time before one of his stupid ideas were going to be just too stupid.

Saturday, December 5, 2015



Trump after having several demonstrators at a campaign event said:

"Look at what happens. 
Our country is so divided. 
There's hatred between people. 
We want to bring it together"

His whole campaign has been about hate as well as several of the other GOP hopefuls.  Heck his whole life has been about hate.

ETA:This morning while bouncing to an edited Tracey Anderson cardio, it struck me how 3 of the most popular instructors have used spring rebounders:  
Tracey Anderson
Yin the Zone
Hamelin D'abell
(Terri Walsh has used a Bellicon)

All of the above also use pumping music greatly limited by copyright issues
Being able to use a bungee and any music I choose is truly amazing.

How does the way I exercise affect my health?
My resting heartrate after coffee and before working out this morning was in the 50's.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Bellicon Workouts!

You can try your first month for free on the new Bellicon Workout 360 site:
It was a very easy sign up without asking for any credit card number or anything that may need to be cancelled before charged.

This morning I did an amazing Tracy Anderson cardio edit with music by David Guetta.  Tracey repeats the moves enough where I can do a move as long as I like then do another move that appeals to me.

To WellVideo Friends:
Be careful what you post on even private profile walls, blogs, and messages because I have had previous posts copied by someone then pasted somewhere else without my consent.
This was a disgusting netiquette violation by someone who is the administrator of a popular private club.
(needless to say, I left the club and unfriended the violator)

The Bellicon videos may look prettier than mine
just as Bellicons may look prettier than my less expensive bungees.
However, I prefer the variety of moves and music on my home recorded workouts.
Again it is how a bungee is used that counts and not how pretty it looks.  The gal does more my kind of action on the bungee, using her whole body when bouncing instead of just a quick walk which can be done without a bungee.

I have been enjoying the Bellicon routines after replacing their audio LOL

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tis the Season

In the past, a few friends wanted workouts with Holiday MUsic so I wanted to share a few of them from my DailyMotion Holiday Playlist:

First the Classic:

Joanie Greggains Holiday WO by POMBarb

then edited:

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 1 by POMBarb

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 2 by POMBarb

Then some Ellen

Holiday Ballet Pilates with Ellen Barrett by POMBarb

Some Jessica:

JS Holiday Gliding by POMBarb

JS Turkey Trot MU by POMBarb

Happy Holidays and Hope y'all surround yourself with positive supportive peeps

Monday, November 30, 2015

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I heard another bungee owner offered home videos using a stability ball and more recently bands attached to her bungee.    It may be just a coincidence or it may be some of my videos inspired her to record new styles.  I guess I should be flattered that she used a stability ball and used bands on a bungee if the latter.

Having fun moving to pumping music is my focus.
Fun cannot be imitated because it has to be felt.
Also I prefer using my whole body when bouncing and not just stepping with my feet which can be done without a bungee.

I am still a people pleaser to those who appreciate the trait.
However, I quickly remove my welcome mat for anyone who takes advantage of that trait.
My generosity ends when you try to treat me like a door mat.

ETA: Tuesday 12/1
I made this video for someone who was considering buying the JumpSport PRO 370 seen on Craigslist for a really great price!

Without a doubt this mat is much firmer and smaller than my others.  Still prefer my others for more lateral movement and less high bouncing but for the Craigslist price, it is a steal.

It was a nice change of pace to bounce in another room.  After the above, I did a Leslie Sansone walk that was free on youtube using my HDTV with internet apps.  
There is a slight freeze in this routine.
Ironically I could have done a routine by my sincerest fan but find Leslie Sansone more FUN.
I have a theory that the freeze enabled the video to become a freebie.
For even more FUN, try my edited version with the cuing and freeze removed!

(now my sincerest fan will be blogging her videos with more interesting music.  OK I am officially flattered.  However, will her videos be FUN?)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

3 Types of People

There are a few who have at one time or another have belonged to each group.
Very thankful for the first group who never progressed to the third group.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

On a personal note, yesterday was the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. 
Our son who is gay brought his vegan soulmate and everyone enjoyed the food and the conversations.  It is a blessing to see our son so happy and no longer alone.  
Too bad there are so many *parents* who do not put their child's happiness ahead of their phobias.

His partner is Mexican born and raised and he is the only one to learn English so son is trying to learn Spanish before he meets the family.   Partner's family seem to be ok with him coming out as gay but much more upset about his coming out as Vegan!  His mom just needed reassurance he was still Catholic.

(I also guilt tripped as only a mother can do that both need to contact their mothers more often so we will worry less).

ETA: sadly even *good* stress has affected my neuropathy.
However I still enjoyed working out to edited files of new Chris Freytag walks.
I cannot imagine what my physical condition would be without bouncing to music.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Bungee Sales

The Costco JumpSport 550 deal is back for the holidays!
sale expires 12/20/15

and now Amazon has it for the same price without the handlebar:

Also the PROBounce.me site is back
here is an early peek at their Black Friday sale
sale expires 11/30/15

Personally, I would choose the JumpSport550 because of Costco's return policy and it includes the handlebar.
Wish I had bought mine from them for that lowest price and a handlebar.
Its quality has been excellent and I have the cords adjusted to their tightest tension after 2 years of use because my feet prefer the firmer mat.  Currently, I do prefer the even lower height of the PROBounce in my basement with a low ceiling.

I want to make it clear that the JS550 is 44 inches, slightly lower height and has 6 more cords than their 350/370 model.  Most customers bought the smaller JumpSport before upgrading to a larger Bellicon so cannot objectively compare the JS550 to a 44inch Bellicon.
Costco price is $400
44 inch Bellicon is $600 plus shipping.

PROBounce 48 inch sale is $250 through 11/30/15.
Bellicon 49 inch is $700 plus shipping

I am not aware of Bellicon sale prices for the Holidays.
Amazon may have sales on the smaller JumpSports.

ETA: I just finished my morning workout and feel great!
I used edited Leslie Sansone files but tweaked her moves alot being inspired by the great music.  Time flew and I am still sweating buckets LOL

Monday, November 23, 2015

Have you Done your Workout Today?

If not, it may explain your foul mood

So before you post something or do something not so nice, get moving!

After your workout, watch this

and think about how you are living your Life and how you may be focusing on the wrong cup

We are getting our home ready for our Thanksgiving dinner so I am doing my once a year dust attack.  It seems like the only items without dust are my bungee mats LOL 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leslie Sansone 5 Boosted Miles = GREAT Bouncing!

This morning I did the first two miles with the original soundtrack from the new Leslie Sansone 5 Boosted Miles.  The moves all worked great on both the bungee and the stability ball.  I sweated like crazy but did miss having pumping music so will edit the miles and even the demo which was quite nice.
Most reps are done just long enough not to get tedious. Each move can be done at the starting intensity or boosted.   Having a bungee or ball enables even more levels of intensity.

This dvd may turn me into a Leslie Sansone fan!!!!
(or a fan of Leslie Sansone edited files LOL)

ETA: Sunday 11/22/2015
I did Miles 3 and 4 which were quite intense and loaded with moves that worked well on the bungee and even the stability ball with some tweaking.  Took a peek at Mile5 and it looks like a party-in-a-box thanks to Michael who really jazzes it up.

and don't forget to do the Turkey Trot with Jessica Smith!
original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UlHJ1vfSwk

my edited version:
Enjoy your holidays, create new memories, and cherish whatever memories you have of past holidays

In my attempt to avoid toxic behavior online, I had put a few VideoFitness members on ignore.
Never realized that while they were lining up to be snarky about my bungees, a few other members actually defended me!  WOW
Guess the toxic behavior was not my imagination if others also identified it.

However,  I have to say that I have much more fun on my cheaper bungees than what I have seen on Bellicon youtube videos.  That is not being snarky, just honest.  Bottomline, it is not which rebounder model you actually use but HOW you use it that counts.
Here is a short sample of my first PROBounce recording.
I prefer to bounce without shoes:

The whole clip can be found on

re-edited with Holiday music on

The PROBounce.me website is down for maintenance while adding new features.
Soon these alternative bungees will be available through Amazon too.
I will continue to discuss bungee options in private and objectively because VideoFitness has too much irrational mob mentality against all brands not Bellicon, creating unnecessary stress for those who are in the market for a bungee.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

I have made my own private club on WellVideo for friends and friends of friends.
Hopefully, it will be a less stressful place for everyone who has had unnecessary hurt feelings.

There are a few *friends* who have become less friendly.  I cannot be friends with people who put workout videos ahead of feelings, even though I participated in that inner circle previously because I did not listen to my heart.  There are people on WellVideo from all over the world and I hope to help them connect with one another rather than feel disconnected.    Right now there is so much sadness and madness in the World that a place where someone can see the good in others is very needed,

*Build it and they will come*
(and they are coming and coming and quite happily)

Monday, November 16, 2015


Back after a night in Atlantic City and not only does my winning streak continue but my feet did not cramp last night for the first time in years!   I had been dreading our AC trips because of the cramping.  I have been enjoying the tunes our favorite casino has been playing, many of which I use when editing workouts.

I had ordered two walking dvds from amazon just before the trip and won more than enough to cover the order.   Karma.

a couple of new youtube channels to try:
Trainer's Edge

Hip90 Fitness TV

Sara Jesperson  Trumi routines

I am really happy to see that a media company is officially sharing  OOP workouts like the Trainer's Edge series.  There are so many treasures not being sold anymore to be shared

(still enjoying edited Ilyse Baker routines)

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Just got done doing some more Ilyse Baker routines with music I had added and had a blast.  All moves worked well on the bungee and stability ball.  My heartrate stayed in perfect zones.  Endorphins kicked in quickly.

Perhaps if some unhappy people tried some fun routines, they would be happier and less obsessed with collecting routines which do not make them happy.  I know this could have been a ridiculously stressful week for me if I did not have my party-in-a-box bouncing workouts.

I workout more for mental health than physical health. Those who are only focused on vanity and do not enjoy their workouts, need to refocus and have more fun.   Experiment with new styles and new music.

Prayers for all victims of mob mentality, especially those in France.

The real world is full of turmoil and negative energy.
I am determined to focus on positive energy in the url (unreal) world.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!

Most of my friends know our older son is gay and has finally met a great guy.  They recently spent a week in Florida going to theme parks.  Our son has an obsession with horror movies and this is a little video his boyfriend made for him while son was at work on Friday the 13th

His boyfriend really seems to care about our son and is a great guy.
So happy he is happy.

A Miracle?

I am so excited that I had to post this first thing today!

For the first time in years, the tingling and numbness in my feet and hands are barely noticeable.  It gives me hope that my body is finally healing and the statin induced peripheral neuropathy is not permanent.
Also it indicates that the PROBounce is not affecting me adversely.
I have been bouncing to mostly edited Ilyse Baker routines and really enjoying them.  She uses simply to follow moves and repeats them just enough to get into them with my music but not to the point of boredom.  Each is a party-in-a-box.

Our younger son finally had an annual exam and thankfully his cholesterol results did not need any statin prescriptions pushed on him like the older doctor tried to do 4 years ago.

We all like the younger new partner much more than the older doctor.
(don't tell our doctor but) my husband has cut back on his Lipitor at my advice and his cholesterol results have risen slightly but are still satisfactory to the doctor.  More is being prescribed than what is necessary for its anti-inflammatory effect in men.  Lower (or alternate day) dosage has that effect with less adverse side effects.

MUving on in both exercise and in my online life where I give my time freely to those who appreciate my offer.  Still detest Mob Mentality which exists in both the real and unreal url worlds.

A group of 3 or more persons, who act with a negative group conscience to show strength in numbers.

Will be making delicious apple preserves and will not let a few spoiled apples or small mob deter me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Profile of a Sociopath

It never ceases to amaze me even though I have seen the behavior so often.

I spend countless hours helping people because it makes me feel good.
A person with no empathy for others comes along and out of resentment or jealousy or whatever,
destroys what I have tediously built.

It is so sad to see this destructive behavior.
But there is an explanation!
It is simply in their nature.

For those who are unaware, here is a profile of a sociopath:

There is a sociopath on WellVideo.
I have warned many about her but my warnings are not heard by all.
Guess those who do not listen will have to learn the hard way.

also some good advice on dealing with a sociopath:

I did most of the above instinctively:
cutting off contact and warning others.
The hardest part of warning others is not to sound crazy.
I tried, I really tried. but I failed.

I know it is not my fault but I did bring the lion into the den.
I should have known better.

ETA: another very informative article which shows how a sociopath makes the victims think they are making their own decisions:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A New Day

What a difference a day can make.

This morning I started with the edited file of the youtube video Debbie Siebers Cardio Walk:
original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts8dI0YSY_Y
(I had shared my edit on 11/7)

The music I had chosen was really perfect for me this morning.  Of course, I still tweaked a few moves on the bungee and had such a blast that I wished I had recorded it.

Then I did another youtube video while sitting on the ball which was absolutely wonderful!

no editing needed!
just fun fun fun
This new channel may be quite fabulous

On a personal note, today is my sister's birthday.
She has Alzheimer's but was quite sharp on the phone call I just made to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Each day is a gift
enjoy the present
learn from the past
and have faith in the future

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking a Short Break

I am taking a short break from the drama and stress online.

When I return, I will not be editing private videos anymore.
Just Out-of-Print or publicly hosted workout videos
Everything happens for a reason and karma will do its thing.

Feel free to drop by my Bouncin Barb channel on WellVideo:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Party-in-a-Box Day

Even though I felt stressed and like I was coming down with a cold, I thoroughly enjoyed my workout this morning!

I had edited a few youtube walks with Debbie Seibers found on the youtube  Engine7Media channel:

sure hope hydrogen peroxide in my ears stops the cold's progress as it has in the past!
ETA: it worked!  the cold was gone the next day

Friday, November 6, 2015

I am who I am

From my first day online and hopefully till my last day, I have given my time, energy and abilities to offer help to people,  It started with a support group for parents of gay kids almost 17 years ago and now continues with support to workout video fans from all over the world.  Along the way, I have been resented by people with emotional baggage whom I have tried to avoid but sometimes too late because I have a chronic *people pleaser* trait.  Some of these toxic people have destroyed what had been built.

I have no ulterior motives other than try to help and make life better for everyone
It is quite stressful to see the destruction of good intentions.

I am not afraid of death other than leaving our younger son alone.
I do not need a false religion to guide me because my heart is good.

I am who I am and know who I am.
Just wish I could stop trying to please everyone and identify a person without good intentions sooner rather than later before they inflict their damage.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Magic Bullet Hits Target

Yesterday's Alchemy of Motion workout was not energizing because of the screaming and *whooing/whooping* of its instructor so I could not get into the music.  My mood needed elevation because of toxic people online and in the real world.  I have wasted too many workout sessions trying streamed workouts with poor audio quality and screaming instead of cuing so will not be participating in anymore purchases from PowHow Lucy Wallace which are overpriced IMHO. She does not offer a sample to see if the music is loud enough with quiet cuing.  Besides, the routines are repeated alot so why buy duplicates?

However, this morning I, thankfully, had another awesome workout.  Unfortunately cannot share it because the music I used had alot of foul language and the visual was a streamed Oula class.  However, the music definitely fit my mood this morning and enabled me to blow off some steam LOL

WellVideo has been having lots of changes or glitches which may never be reversed or fixed.  It put me back in the mindset of when these changes first started happening.  I need to let go of the past, forgive myself for allowing a deceitful person to influence me, and not let history repeat itself.  I cannot change the behavior of others but can work on my own focus and attitude.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Again I am reminded about how many people in the world will just not let others live their own lives.  Houston defeated an anti-discrimination bill and Ohio defeated legalizing marijuana.  Kentucky now has a tea party governor along with their bigoted county clerk.

Whether online or in real life, these bullies just will not let other people pursue their own happiness and it stinks.  What is legal marijuana use in Colorado is illegal in the majority of states.  If the POTUS and courts did not support marriage equality, same gender marriage would not have become legal in all of the states.  So you do not want to smoke marijuana?  Hey I hate second hand smoke, especially cigar stink, yet allow smokers to continue to ruin their health and everyone elses around them in the privacy of their homes.   I am one of the few of the hippie generation who never tried marijuana so have no real dog in this fight.  I am a woman married to a man and see no threat in marriage equality but do have a dog in this fight since our older son is gay.
Shame on religious leaders for promoting hate.
Shame on politicians for promoting hate.
Shame on all bullies who will not live and let live.

In my own small world online, I am constantly feeling victimized by bullies and toxic people.  Why can't people just be happy without trying to make others miserable?  I guess these people are just miserable and misery loves company.  I choose not to be a guest at their pissing contests.  There are lots of wonderful people in the world but it is getting harder and harder to hear them because the not-so-wonderful are so loud.  Just look at the current GOP presidential nominees.  OMG are these the best examples of what the US citizens desire in a leader?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Recording!

I recorded a video bouncing on the PROBounce to an edit of a Booya Stamina video but probably did more freestyling than actually following the video.  After warming up, I added foot to hand bands but used the legs of the bungee for anchors.  Then I did some ball bouncing then more PROBounce bouncing and finished with a short cooldown dance.  Actually I did much of the video then decided to record it so I worked out for 40 minutes LOL

I wanted to work out intensely today because I had too much candy yesterday which triggered my chronic pain condition and wanted to de-detoxify.  I seem to workout more intensely when I record.

Several hours later, I am still feeling GREAT!
A real magic bullet workout this morning.
If I could only bottle how I feel and share it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Great Suggestion!

Besides collecting rebounders and stability balls, I have collected various kinds of resistance bands.  I liked the kind that connect a foot to a hand but I prefer not to wear shoes and most of these contraptions work better with shoes.   This morning I started with an edited video which used a large Stamina rebounder with cords attached to its handlebar.  It is a private video and the tunes I used had foul language so I will not record my action BUT when they started to use the bands, I had a light bulb moment and grabbed my bands that came with a Richard Simmons set and put the foot loops under and around 2 legs.  I may record this action because the tunes are less offensive.  Tomorrow I will try another similar video with my Billy glove band to see which band set I rather use.

I also did an Alchemy of Motion (PowHow) routine and am finding they repeat their songs way too often.  Worse yet, the one I did this morning had loud cuing and screaming so the music was too soft for me.  These subscriptions are very expensive, especially when considering their audio quality and repetitive tunes.  I would continue to purchase a new routine if it had a sample of its audio quality but unfortunately, they do not have samples of each routine which is $8 a pop.  Quite honestly, some of the free online dance routines are even better or can be made better by replacing their audio if the audio quality stinks.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Move Tube

There is a new youtube channel called Move Tube

It is great to see the Blanks family reunited

Some Observations

I believe I finally found the perfect formula for myself, starting a workout session with a ~10 minute routine and music I know that will get me bouncing whether on a bungee or stability ball then switching to a routine that may need more tweaking to keep me interested for about 30 minutes on and off the bungee and ball.  Ironically, my favorite warmups have been the videos I had recorded!  They all seem to include my favorite tunes and moves so there will be more coming,
This morning the warmup got my heartrate up and then the longer less intense routine kept my heartrate in a lower zone but still aerobic.  The more into the music I am, the higher my heartrate.

People keep asking me what I think about my bungees.  Most who can afford a Bellicon will go Bellicon but with no guarantee that they will love it or even use it to its full potential for fun.  Bottomline, it is not which bungee you buy but how you use it that counts.  A Bellicon may look more impressive but I guarantee few Bellicon owners have more fun than I do every morning or actually bounce as much as I do daily.  I know I would have way less fun on a Bellicon in my basement, worrying about hitting my head on the ceiling.  Just the smaller difference in height between the JS550 and PROBounce made a huge difference for me.  Also if you do not intend to bounce barefooted, I doubt you would use a Bellicon to its full potential.  Wearing shoes greatly interferes with my fun.

Someone asked me what was the main difference between the 48 inch PROBounce and Bellicon.
My response was *about $500* LOL
I do not own a Bellicon and see no reason to own one for $500 more.  Second main difference would be the Bellicon is a couple inches higher.  I can do what I want to do on the PROBounce and without hitting my head on our low basement ceiling.  I have received snide remarks for comparing the major  bungee brands while never trying a Bellicon but the the people making the negative comments never tried a JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce first so have no clue if they would have then decided a Bellicon expense was worthwhile for them.  Not all Bellicon owners are 100% satisfied!  I have to wonder why some Bellicon owners have to lash out against owners satisfied with cheaper bungees.
News Flash:  $500 is not a negligible sum to many potential bungee customers.

I am very happy with our Nissan Sentra and did not need to test drive a luxury car.
Maybe in the future in another home, I may try a Bellicon but doubt it.

Party in a Box recently done:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PROBounce Discounts

The PROBounce bungees already have a $50 discount on their website:
but there will be an additional discount on their 48inch model starting officially around Black Friday, returning it to its pre-order price ($249).  Hopefully, the free shipping will continue as well.

I doubt you can find a better bungee at this remarkable price.
See it in action with Ultra cords:

same clip but different music:

(both video samples are at the end of longer clips which start with bouncing on a stability ball)

I love mine.  Of course, if you rather pay much more (up to three times more) for a Bellicon, it is better quality (and prettier).  The lower height was and is the appeal of the PROBounce for me.  The cords have been showing no wear and it has been used regularly for over a month.  There is a slight squeak now and then which has responded to tightening the legs or lubricating the frame joints.  I highly suggest putting some vaseline or lubricant on the legs and frame joints when putting it together.
I was given a preview link to the future sale BUT am not receiving any compensation for spreading the word.  Someone thought I was selling JumpSport bungees in the past because I was a huge fan of their product and will now probably assume I am selling PROBounce bungees!  My only intention is to help people find a bungee they can afford as well as enjoy.  I would prefer to suffer Buyer's Remorse for several hundred dollars less if it were my first bungee purchase.  I can only be responsible for my own behavior and rather avoid a pissing contest with people who never even tried the JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce and feel it their duty to help others spend substantially more money.  I like these two bungees almost equally but would not recommend the JS550 at its current $500 when the PROBounce is cheaper, especially when $250.  However, if the JS550 were again $400 at Costco and the PROBounce $350, I would recommend the Jumpsport for its quality and adjustable cords.  I believe my videos show how much I enjoy my less expensive bungees and that I can use them both the same way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Really Old VHS

I was really enjoying this edit of mine of a vhs shared on youtube.
The only thing ruining it was a weird clunking sound in the soundtrack I had used.
It starts with arms then has abs followed by easy to follow cardio.

here is my edit

(hope y'all can see it)

original on youtube

and here is an oldie but goodie from an OOP VHS:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bouncin Barb Vids

I am going to embed my Bouncin Barb videos here from DailyMotion so they are easier to access. All future videos will be added here from the POMBarb channel on DailyMotion (Bouncin Barb Playlist) for convenience.  You can click the lower right corner of each video to go to the actual full size file.  Most are also available on youtube, some with different music.

BB BungeeBall MU 1 by POMBarb

BB BungeeBall MU 2 by POMBarb

BB BungeeBall MU 3 by POMBarb

BB PROBounce Bungee MU 1 by POMBarb
(music gets louder)
also with Holiday Music near bottom

BB PROBounce Band MU (public audio) 2b by POMBarb

same as above but different soundtrack:

BB PROBounce Band MU (preferred audio) 2a by POMBarb

BB Probounce MU 3a by POMBarb

BB Ball then PROBounce MU (preferred audio) 3b by POMBarb

BB Ball then PROBounce MU (public audio) 3c by POMBarb

BB PROBounce bands ball MU

BB PROBounce bands ball MU by POMBarb

a video demonstrating the JumpSport PRO 370

The above can all be done on a rebounder, large stability ball, or even sitting in a chair and use the core and whole body instead of just pedaling the feet.  All use pumping music too.
Most can be done smiling.
Just have FUN and ENJOY!

here are links to the above videos and more:
dailymotion playlist

youtube playlist when music is accepted


OMG  This is the truest truth of all:

I had a realization that someone online was a pathological liar to hide her negative behavior and quickly stop playing a part in her lies. Yesterday another person who is a friend and neighbor lied right to my husband's face to hide his gambling addiction.  These pathological liars are deeply disturbed but adding lies to cover poor behavior just doubles their problems.  I do not understand how these people can do what they do and sleep at night.

another good one:
Walk away, no RUN away from people who behave poorly.
Refuse to become a part of their drama.
However, I will not pray for these people, preferring to pray for nice people who got a bad deal.
(In the real world, the thought of Trump or Carson possibly being nominated by the GOP is as surreal and as terrifying as any nightmare)