Monday, November 2, 2015

Great Suggestion!

Besides collecting rebounders and stability balls, I have collected various kinds of resistance bands.  I liked the kind that connect a foot to a hand but I prefer not to wear shoes and most of these contraptions work better with shoes.   This morning I started with an edited video which used a large Stamina rebounder with cords attached to its handlebar.  It is a private video and the tunes I used had foul language so I will not record my action BUT when they started to use the bands, I had a light bulb moment and grabbed my bands that came with a Richard Simmons set and put the foot loops under and around 2 legs.  I may record this action because the tunes are less offensive.  Tomorrow I will try another similar video with my Billy glove band to see which band set I rather use.

I also did an Alchemy of Motion (PowHow) routine and am finding they repeat their songs way too often.  Worse yet, the one I did this morning had loud cuing and screaming so the music was too soft for me.  These subscriptions are very expensive, especially when considering their audio quality and repetitive tunes.  I would continue to purchase a new routine if it had a sample of its audio quality but unfortunately, they do not have samples of each routine which is $8 a pop.  Quite honestly, some of the free online dance routines are even better or can be made better by replacing their audio if the audio quality stinks.

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