Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday and Shaun T

OK my love affair with Shaun T's creativity is continuing. This morning I did the Hardcore Abs and Bootytime on the Rock It Out dvd and Hardcore Abs is now my favorite Standing Abs routine and Booty Time is now my favorite Lower Body routine.  Booty Time is just as much a cardio interval workout as it is a lower body workout so kills two birds with one stone.   It is official, I believe the Rockin Body series is now my favorite series.  They all can be done as they are or with Fitstix or on the UR.  Great music, great instructor, great moves, even great modifications. Glad I didn't burn out on Shaun T with Hip Hop Abs!  Still have no intention of going Insane though.

BTW Shaun T reminds me of Will Smith an awful lot.  Don't know if anyone else sees the similarities in their personalities.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Phew!  Using Fitstix with Rockin Body Rock It Out was a real sweatfest!  I did try various hand placements to work the muscles Shaun T was targeting and really worked them :)

GREAT soundtrack :)

no buyer's remorse here :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Weds through Friday

Well we avoided the heat wave by going to Atlantic City but unfortunately,  it was windy and cloudy the past couple of days there so I didn't walk outdoors much anyway :(

Am very excited about my workout tomorrow morning cuz will be doing Rockin Body Rock It Out which just arrived today (even got home before me!) LOL

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday and Tennis Balls

My husband's lower back has been acting up and I know he doesn't have the patience for the Egoscue Supine Groin Stretch (link to its description is in my favorite links).  So I gave him a couple of tennis balls and told him to just lie on one or two in his painful area and moves around alittle.  At first, he was very reluctant cuz of the pain the ball(s) caused but when he saw how much better he felt afterwards, he has been doing it several times a day and even suggested packing a ball for our AC trips.  Now why did I never think of that????  I can use the ball for all of my trigger point and deep massages while away.   Boy, do I feel dumb for not thinking about that much sooner!  Well at least I did pack and have used a brush for skinbrushing when away which seems to help some of my joint twinging.

This morning I did some Hip Hop Abs with the Fitstix, some of it on the UR then rested then did some barre for the lower body and Classical Stretch.  It is going to be very hot up here the next couple of days so will be doing a lot of walking indoors instead.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday and Thrift Store Day

Whenever we are home on Mondays we like to go to a new thrift store near us that takes 25% off on Mondays.  Today's find for 75 cents was another Advanced Lateral Thigh Trainer vhs cuz my other copy is a bit finicky and this one was sealed so may be better.   The Jane Fonda I procrastinated about last time was gone but her Favorite Fatbusters vhs which I do own has plenty of similar footage.

This morning I reversed my routine doing Elle Make Better's Toning workout from Exercise TV,  using a homemade XCO then rested then did some Hip Hop Abs with Fitstix then alittle Classical Stretch.  The Elle Make Better toning workout was more like an AWT workout like Mitch's Melt It Off Cardio.  I will probably buy this dvd eventually to try its second workout but not for $20.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday and Interests

Since an online friend mentioned why he had gotten into collecting beanie babies during the time I got into exercise, I started to reevaluate my interests, past and present and actually published a page about those interests.  I may adjust that page,  especially if my interests do not plateau as my weight has LOL

ETA: I did a 30 minute dance workout (Hip Hop) without Fitstix so I could use my homemade XCO trainers instead of dumb bells with Jackie Warner's Psoriasis freebie dvd (Fit in your Skin) after a rest.  Finished with Classical Stretch.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday and a Weird Spark

Same sort of routine as the past two workouts.

I did a very weird spark yesterday though while watching *Up* with our son, he was bouncing, jogging, etc. on the reboundair while I was sitting on the Barry's Bootcamp blimp and bouncing, jogging, etc. LOL

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday and Rebounding TV

Every Friday there is a new webisode on Rebounding TV and this week's helped the lubrication of the upper body joints.


Yesterday and today, I did a similar workout combination, first warmed up on the UR then used Fitstix with Shawn T's Hip Hop Abs for 30 minutes,  rested 20 minutes then did 30 minutes of a band workout followed by Classical Stretch. Yesterday's band workout was the total body routine from an old but still great Tone in 15 vhs and today's was shoulders and legs from Powerfit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday and Tweaking the formula

Will be working out soon and as expected, still plateaued in spite of the new workout formula plus even making an effort to eat less.  I decided to tweak my formula a bit to keep it interesting and will try doing 20 minutes of moderate cardio with Fitstix then rest 10 then 20 minutes of resistance then rest 10 then 20 minutes of Classical Stretch.  Also will add in a spark in the afternoon and will try to healthbounce at least a minute every hour throughout the day.  I want to move as much as I can without aggravating my joints or overtraining.

Will be blogging sporadically when there is something I want to share.

ETA: OK am already tweaking the formula back LOL  Seemed silly to stop 20 minutes into cardio while I still had energy.  Whether 20 or 30 minutes duration of cardio at the beginning of a workout session may depend on intensity which in turn may depend on the style of the workout and what I am putting into it that particular day. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday to Weds

Well, as you can guess from my absence, I was away from keyboard.

Since the weather wasn't great, I did 32,000 paces mostly indoors.

Home workouts will resume tomorrow :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Saturday and My 1st week blogging completed

Well today is the last day of my first week of blogging so when I start my next week, guess this week will become archived.    Not a bad week, only one day of dreaded unexpected and unexplainable joint pain and I kept to the 30-20-30 formula each and every day.   Am at the bottom end of my plateau and who knows maybe next week, I will finally bust this plateau without food poisoning :D  

The best part about this week and blogging, I heard from some folks I have never met before as well as a couple of older friends I haven't heard from in quite awhile  :)

This morning I did 30 minutes of Fitstix Fusion including all of the Hip Hop section on and off the UR while using Fitstix then rested 20 minutes then did some Exercise TV standing abs and lower body stuff.

ETA: I was very sad to hear that Dr. Leonard Schwartz who created HeavyHands past away.  I really adored him and his work.

Friday and Sliding filler weights

This morning I used youtube Zumba and Zumba toning episodes (just do a search on You Tube for Zumba toning), alternating with the Zumba sticks, Fitstix and  the ones I made from large $2 bubble batons from Walmart filled 2/3 with rocksalt and a few pennies.  The bubble batons when held in various parts, either at the handle or just above the handle seem to have more range of motion  with the sliding filler which I liked but have to stay off the UR when using them because of my low basement ceiling.  Did that for 30 minutes then rested 20 then did alittle more Zumba on the UR (stickless LOL) then Classical Stretch.  The gal didn't get the full use out of the Zumba sticks that she could have by holding them slightly differently but the difference is much more obvious when using the Fitstix or Walmart wands because the filler in the Zumba sticks slides the least.  For example, I find keeping the palms facing one another for biceps (hammer curls) is definitely much more effective and better for the elbows even if using regular dumb bells.

My arms really felt well worked after the 30 minutes so I decided to just bounce on the UR empty handed after the recovery break.

ETA: Today's Rebounding TV episode was how to use a rebounder to work the abs.  Every Friday there is a new episode.  Link is listed under my favorite links.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thurs. and Music

This morning I did some episodes of the Cynthia Kereluk cardio I had downloaded from youtube which are mostly hilo and athletic cardio which use very little space so very rebounder friendly. Sometimes she has her double showing higher impact which is even UR friendlier. Reminds me a bit of Funburning for Dummies. Here is the first cardio episode to check it out:
Then I did some Marina's rebounding episodes from youtube till I had bounced for 30 minutes. Also a url to introduce you to Marina:
Then took my 20 minute break
Then I visited the Disco Abs on Exercise TV while holding my Fitstix which was a great combination then did some Classical Stretch.

Disco Abs wasn't quite as much fun as Richard Simmons but loved the music and some of the moves. The better and louder the music, the more I feel like moving. Sometimes I will freestyle to a cd or even a workout dvd with good music but with moves I prefer to skip.

sorry if my attempts at links failed above but you can copy and paste the url or go to youtube and search for Cynthia Kereluk and Marina Kamen or use the links in my favorite links listing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weds. Healthbouncing and Sparks

I am feeling MUCH better this morning but did take a night time Tylenol in the middle of the night cuz woke up at about 2:30am and knew I wasn't falling back to sleep easily so slept in.

This morning I did Richard Simmons Party Off the Pounds first 30 minutes then rested 20 then finished the Party and some Classical Stretch for my second 30 minutes.  I started the Party on the UR then used Fitstix from the *Hit Me with Your Best Shot* song.  Richard Simmons' workouts make wonderful sparks cuz you can pick and choose which songs to do whether choosing a chapter from the dvd or fast forwarding to the desired song on a vhs.  His music really gets me moving :)

Even though I redirected my focus to the 30-20-30 formula for my morning workout, I have been trying to do alittle healthbouncing regularly throughout the day because I know just sitting all day after doing a morning workout is not the best choice.  More and more, prolonged sitting has become a known health hazard.  Rebounding TV suggests that a person only has to get up every hour and healthbounce as little as 10 to 20 bounces to ward off the negative effect of prolonged sitting. Healthbouncing is usually standing on a rebounder and pulsing up and down gently without going completely airborne with both feet off the mat.  A rebounder isn't even necessary for healthbouncing.  You can just stand in place  or sit on a stability ball and pump up and down.

Occasionally my healthbouncing break becomes a full fledge spark if it continues more than 10 minutes which often happens to me once I start moving, especially if the music makes me want to keep going  :)

Tuesday and Joint Pain

This morning was one of those dreaded mornings when I wake up with a lot of joint pain.  Could be the colder weather we are getting. Sometimes when the cold weather season starts, I restrict myself to low intensity only till my body adapts and take long hot baths.  Never have been officially diagnosed but believe I have some sort of unpredictable painful flare condition.  I have lived with pain most of my life but believe it or not, am in less pain now in my 60's than I was in my 30's! So before I workout which I know will actually help, I can share some of my pain relief tips.  

Luckily, it isn't sciatica this morning but if it were, I would do the Egoscue Supine Groin Stretch.  I have a link to that but their page doesn't emphasize enough how critical it is to keep the extended foot propped upright and that the stretch could take as long as 45 minutes a side. Most people who try it and do not find relief, do not give it enough time.  It realigns all of the joints with gravity.  Ironically, I have found that some back exercises and stretches suggested for sciatica will actually trigger sciatica for me!

My miracle cure for all injuries as well as unexplained pain is Arnica Gel.  I linked it to the GNC store because it is the cheapest and most conveniently found at their brick & mortar stores.  This stuff is beyond amazing. Apply it to any injury or sudden twinge as soon as possible and it will relieve pain and bruising.  I have a tube on every level of my home and never leave home without it, having a tube in my fanny pack and suitcase.  Never would have known about it if I hadn't met a gal through TaeBo from the UK where is is used by the general population much more than in the US .  If I had known about it sooner, it would have saved me from way too many days of unneeded suffering.  It is especially great whenever a knee twinges or I feel like I pulled a back muscle or smacked a bodypart against an inanimate object cuz I am a bit of a klutz.  I try to avoid all painkillers except Tylenol because I have a tendency to bruise with the others if I take any too often.

As mentioned earlier, my chronic elbow pain and occasional shoulder pain have been controlled well by switching from dumb bells to Fitstix.

My current problem has been my left foot but it is improving.  Arnica gel relieves the pain and on really bad days, I tape it (didn't link that particular site but there are many that show how to tape feet for whatever problems are ongoing).  Also rolling my foot on a tennis ball and skinbrushing seems to help it (sorry but lost that skinbrushing link as well LOL).

Should mention rolling (on a tennis ball, rolling pin, foam roller, etc.) can really help pain if you can loosen the tight spot or triggerpoint of most painful areas.  There are many dvds and books available with this type of therapy information.  Even youtube has many helpful clips.

OK, I will be working out soon but may adjust what I am planning depending on how my joints respond so will add in the details of what I did later. 


Just finished my workout which started with the 29 minute Beginner's workout vhs I found for 75 cents yesterday at a thrift store.  It was low impact aerobics with an upper body weightless focus which worked fine with the Fitstix.  I healthbounced to warm up during their warmup stretch, switched to healthbouncing during their abs and finished with their warmup stretch.

Rested 20 minutes then did some of Margaret Richard from Mag Rack, some of Incredible Abs2 which is my least favorite cuz mostly mat, and some Classical Stretch.  Whole body feels well worked.  As expected, everything feels much better after moving.  I have found there is always a way to move that will make me feel better no matter what my current condition is.  Big mistake in the past was not to move when something hurt and then the pain would radiate to other areas.  There are endless ways to modify workouts to avoid using an injured bodypart.  Only time I will not workout at all except gentle healthbouncing is when I have a cold starting which thanks to regular mindful exercise is rare.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monday and Some Explanations (Fitstix, etc.)

Since today is laundry day and my washing machine and dryer are adjacent to my basement workout area, I'll be timing my 20 minute rest to overlap with laundry duty.... hopefully LOL

Will be doing 30 minutes of Exercise TV's 21 day cardio 2 (ELLE Make Better second cardio workout) then 20 minutes of laundry and healthbouncing then Incredible Abs3 and Classical Stretch to complete the second 30 minutes of exercise.   Same toys as yesterday: Fitstix and Urban Rebounder for cardio then a heavier homemade XCO trainer for Incredible Abs.

Previous to this 30-20-30 formula, I was doing the 60 minutes of exercise without the midway rest.  A study was done which indicated more fat burning when a 20 minute rest period broke up the two 30 minute exercise sessions.

I am hoping this will make my metabolism respond differently than it has been without the overtraining effects which seem to occur whenever I workout more than 60 minutes.

Why Fitstix?  Fitstix have a sliding filler which creates a reactive impact that strengthens joints. Overtraining with dumb bells had greatly aggravated my elbows because my muscles could go heavier and longer than my supporting joints could handle.  Of course, I didn't realize this until the damage was done but luckily, thanks to Fitstix, the damage seems to be reversible. In addition, Fitstix add intensity because I am involving the upper body and core more.  XCO trainers are similar in theory but are wider in diameter than Fitstix so when it is a movement where two hands are holding one weight, I use one of my homemade XCO trainers.  All I did was fill a Pringles or Lays Stax can with about a pound of rocksalt and duct taped the lids on.  To go alittle heavier, I used less rocksalt and added in some pennies.  How the filler slides, gently and smoothly is more important than the actual weight.  The sound of the sliding filler lets you know when the movement is correct for reactive impact.  Between the Fitstix workouts and XCO youtube clips, I learned how to move these kind of weighted objects, going for the filler slide. I loved medball workouts using my little kettlebell from the Kettlenetics set but now am using sliding filler weights exclusively.  AWT (Aerobic Weight Training) or 4 limb movement is still one of my favorites styles but now I just replace all weighted objects with those having a sliding filler so I can do my favorite workouts without overusing my joints.

Rebounding can make light weights have a heavier effect because of the G Force so some folks have a tendency to use weights that are too heavy for the joints when rebounding.  The 14 ounces of a Fitstix is perfect when bouncing.

Fitstix and workouts designed for them can be purchased through the Fitstix products link or through Mary's Total Fitness Dvds link listed in my links section.  Both sites have clips of the workouts.  I do not receive any financial gains from promoting these sites offering Fitstix products but the relief from elbow pain I have experienced is payment enough for me.  

ETA: I am in my 20 minute rest period now and wanted to add that the second ELLE Make Better cardio was all done upright so didn't have to modify much at all :)

very rebounder and Fitstix friendly

I guess I should mention that I started eating more mindfully last week and since have gone from the higher end of my plateau to its lower end.  Just a thought though, if I do bust through the lower end and stay there, guess I may have to start a different blog!  

Also if anyone wants to get a feel for sliding weights, specifically Fitstix, I did make a decent cheap homemade version.  Walmart sells large bubble containers with a handle on them for $2 in their toy department.  I broke off the thinner part of the wand inside, rinsed out the bubble mix and let it air dry real well then filled it halfway with rocksalt and a few pennies.  Rocksalt alone would probably work too but already had a concoction in the house and the rest of the rocksalt was in the garage.  One day, I may twist off the handle and pick out the pennies LOL

Sunday and Mother's Day

My life really changed on the Mother's Day 11 years ago at the age of 50 when I was very depressed about everything and discovered that regular exercise was my way to climb out of that deep dark hole.  It started with discovering TaeBo through an infomercial and has continued without any derailment since.

Though I saw great physical changes, especially during the first 6 months, it was the emotional changes that kept me moving because I have been more or less plateaued as far as weightloss for over 10 years, in spite of eating mostly healthy and moving regularly.

So I am going to try the following formula to see if it affects the Neverending Plateau:

exercising 30 minutes

resting 20 minutes

exercising another 30 minutes

This morning, I did the first 30 minute cardio workout on the ELLE Make Better Cardio dvd which is currently being shown on Exercise TV while holding my ProJoyFitStix and doing most of it on the Urban Rebounder.  Of course, I modified and did something other than squat thrusts and mountain climbers.

What can I say?  I love my workout toys, um equipment.

Then I rested 20 minutes:

stretching, light healthbouncing and setting up for my next 30 minutes

Then I did 20 minutes of Exercise TV's Cindy Whitmarsh's Incredible Abs 4 thanks to Lindsey's Blog dvd giveaway 

and some Classical Stretch courtesy of NYCTV PBS to finish the second 30 minute workout session.

During Incredible Abs, I used a homemade 2 to 3 pound XCO trainer instead of a dumb bell (as I said above, I love my toys and really love how kind sliding filler weights have been to my elbows)

Will go into more detail about modifying, Fitstix & other sliding filler weights and rebounding once I get the hang of blogging.