Friday, December 29, 2017

Sue Grant, ThunderBell and WalkingOnline

I have been using the 7 DVD Older and Wiser library which was a bargain at $35.
Her cardio, strength, and stretch sections are much more unique than most.
Her cardio is simple to follow if I want my own music.

This library enables the downloading of her older 5 dvds.
It may have been my best purchase of 2018 even though I already had 4 of the dvds!

another great recent purchase is a 6lb Thunder Bell.
I did some of the moves and really feel them in my core and upper body muscles without any pain.

The Dance Faith Fitness channel owner
has an online walking subscription with a free 7 day trial

often she ran into music copyright issues on youtube so this may be a great alternative for low impact walking with decent music.
I may check it out in January after canceling a couple of subscriptions.
For now I am buried with purchases and subs and have not even tried all of her youtube routines.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Free 6 Week Walk Challenge

Starting January 1st,  the Walk At Home channel on youtube will be offering a free 6 week walk challenge!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Turkey and stuffing on the side

My son requested I post our traditional turkey and stuffing recipes so hopefully one day, someone can make it for him after I am gone.

The night before cooking the turkey, I marinate it inside and outside with the following:
grated carrots,onions,garlic, paprika,  salt and pepper
use about 3 large onion and 7 or more large carrots and a half clove of garlic

the turkey is cooked in the marinade which becomes its gravy
so if you want even more gravy, use more veggies

separately make a bread stuffing which can be pepped the day before:
grate celery and onions and cook till tender in alittle oil
(usually I try to use twice as much celery as onion)

add salt and pepper and whatever herbs you like
crumble and break up whatever bread you want and mix everything
bake about 90 minutes

Walk at Home

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home offers the first month free to try her daily walks and some dvd titles.

The videos stream with the same Purple Player that Jessica Smith uses with or without an app. 
After the free month, the subscription is ~$5 a month which is very reasonable.

(Not sure if I will keep the sub because I already have all of her dvds and have edited many of them to have preferable audio but do like streaming more than messing with a dvd)

The Coffee Debate

I have been drinking much more coffee daily since my doctor gifted us with his older Keurig system.   This doctor is a functional health specialist and put me on a strict anti-inflammatory diet for peripheral neuropathy but never restricted coffee or caffeine.  Previously, I had a half cup of coffee most mornings to get things moving for a bathroom visit and to energize my morning workout. 
I used to drink more when younger till I developed palpitations during menopause.

Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I had lost a few pounds by cutting back on carbs before seeing him and then saw pounds literally melt away in the first 3 months of his diet.  Weightloss has slowed down since I added some foods back into my diet but still continues slowly.  As long as it goes in the right direction, I see no reason to be as restrictive because being more restrictive created stress.  Eating is a pleasure for me and when it is no longer a pleasure, I am not a happy camper.

Developing metabolic disease is no longer a serious threat.
All markers have gone down
(triglycerides, A1c, blood pressure, waist circumference, etc.).

However, I still was having problems with sleep and regularity.
After having several cups of coffee a day, I am sleeping better than ever???
Also no palpitations and a very low resting heart rate.

The benefits of coffee, both decaf and regular, are debated online and there are studies that support both sides of the debate. 
However, I have solidly landed on the side that coffee benefits me.

Ironically, it seems most studies for post-menopausal women seem to support both decaf and regular coffee.   My sister has Alzheimers in spite of being low carb and exercising her whole life to keep her weight stable.   She had also avoided caffeine most of her life because of breast cysts but now indulges all day.

I believe the coffee debate is much like the statin debate.
Studies will support either side and it is up to the individual to determine what is best.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Michelle Vo Fitness

Michelle Vo Fitness channel on youtube has great dance cardio!

the Dance Cardio for Weightloss video I did this morning had music only and easy to follow, fun choreo.  Best part is, the vids are free!!!!

Worse part is youtube has some music restrictions.
I can download from youtube in many different ways.

For more information about downloading:
or search for an extension on your favorite browser

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Some New Deals for the New Year

You can subscribe to Healthy UTV Gold for $20 for the first year

PlyoJam has online classes with a free 7 day trial and an annual subscription ~$100
a free 30 day trial then ~$15 a month

only 2 parts of one new class is added on Mondays and the only other class on the site is the one from the previous week
This 2 week limit may be because of music copyrights.
(I cancelled already because too much WHOOing and screaming)

This is a great deal from Lee Holden:
30 Days of Qigong for $17

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Older and Wiser Series with Sue Grant

Although I already own several of the 7 dvds that Sue Grant has created,  I decided to own her library online for $35.   The library enables the downloading of files from the first 5 dvds as well as the streaming of all of them.

Mostly, I had wanted to try her new Pizzazz dvd and thought I could download it but found out after the purchase that its files were not downloadable.  Then the first few times I tried to stream Pizzazz,  it streamed with horrible quality so I was very disappointed and emailed her.   Meanwhile, I eventually figured out how to stream Pizzazz with good quality after realizing most of the freezing was during its introduction.  I really enjoyed the routine so reconsidered trying to cancel the order and there were 2 other dvds I never tried so I emailed Sue Grant again.

She generously offered to send me the Pizzazz DVD!!!
ETA:  The Strength and Stretch routines on this dvd are wonderful although its original appeal was is Cardio.

Since then I have enjoyed trying the two other routines and am going to revisit the ones I already own using the online library because it is so much easier for me to workout with a stream than bother with a dvd.

I really like getting the streams more than the dvds now as I did with Jessica Smith and previously with Lee Holden's 30 day series.
Also love the subscriptions to Healthy UTV Gold which is ending soon and NiaTV which is good for most of 2018.

Doing most of my workouts in the den using a laptop with power speakers was a very good switch for me.  I am ready to start moving in less than a minute.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Personal Update

I do not regret trying to find a peripheral neuropathy cure with a functional medicine specialist.

I do not think the treatments, supplements, and diet have helped my damaged nerves.
If I get stressed, I feel as badly as ever.

However, the attempt was worthwhile in many other respects.
I got extensive lab tests done that were covered by our medical insurance which helped eliminate some worries and the diet helped me to reverse metabolic disease (pre-diabetes and hypertension) much more efficiently than I would have done on my own.
Plus we got a free Keurig coffee machine!

In all honesty, I could not give a testimonial for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy but I could recommend functional medicine to those plagued by other conditions.

I did blow another $20 on his book, hoping to find something I may have missed but his book is mostly an advertisement for his practice and greatly exaggerates his promised personalized approach.

(I have removed the doctor's name from my blog because I could not give him an objective evaluation being very disappointed in the results.  If anyone wants to try to reverse metabolic disease, try an anti-inflammatory diet of no grain and no dairy).

Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Deals

Costco is selling the JumpSport  550 for $399 till 12/24.

Also you can buy the Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles and band set for $19.99 on Amazon

free autoimmune video series:

Monday, November 20, 2017

Footloose at Afterworks theater

Our son was Willard in this cast but we saw a different performance.

Willard Learns How to Dance

Willard Learns How to Dance

What Willard's Mama Says

Footloose Finale

Saturday, November 18, 2017


There is a new mental disorder called Trumpitis.
Afflicted people cannot remember any communication with Russians or any other details they prefer not to recall.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Great Day

Yesterday I had terrible brain fog which I believe was triggered by a new spice I tried because I felt weird soon after eating dinner the evening before.  Thankfully, this morning the brain fog was finally lifted.

Also yesterday the Chiropractor who treats my neuropathy was replacing his Keurig machine and gave us his older one.   We bought the cheapest pods (Acme's  Signature Select Kona Blend Medium Roast) which were on sale this week.   No need to spend more because I enjoyed my coffee this morning as much as other brands we have tasted at the Chiro's office.

Anywho yesterday I also bought the new Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 set digitally so have instant access.  This morning I did the Barefoot Cardio Core which was wonderful till my internet got cut off LOL    Thankfully, the internet reconnected after a few minutes and there are offline options for viewing as well.   I loved the workout and even if I do not love any of the 19 others, it made the purchase a good one for me.

(if you join her email list, you get a code that reduces the price of the dvds or digital files up to 11/29)

a clip from our son's show last week:
Willard learns to dance

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WOW Hemp Oil

I had a very stressful day and night Sunday while we were away at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino on an overnight trip.   Feet were cramping and very painful, even worse than before I had started treatments last May.

Most of the pain was gone by morning but I was still very emotionally upset with the setback.
A dear friend who was visiting us at the hotel brought me some high quality Hemp oil Monday for me to try and it really helped.  Stress faded immediately.  I felt really relaxed and was able to walk quite far with no pain.

This morning I felt stress returning with pains all over and again the Hemp oil completely reversed the condition.  My arthritic hand went from being stiff and painful to feeling completely normal.  I know stress is a huge trigger for my cramping and pain so finding this simple solution is a wonderful discovery.
(too bad it does not affect Tinnitus LOL)

Anywho, hemp oil is supposed to relieve stress and anxiety as well as inflammation and pain.
So even if my condition is not completely curable, I found a way to tolerate the condition and feel well.  Years ago, I had used Valium or Kava Kava to relieve anxiety but sparingly because of known adverse side effects.
(hemp oil is like marijuana without the psychotic effect).

My friend orders the 500 mg Hemp oil extract (CBD) from
The larger the order, the higher the discounts they offer.

To my friends who suffer from anxiety, insomnia and pain,
try CBD Hemp Oil!
It makes you feel good from the inside-out.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Great Sale for JumpSport550

This is the cheapest price I have ever seen for the JumpSport 550 bungee

However, Costco often lowers the price to $399 and includes the barre

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Turning Point?

Yesterday and this morning, my extremities are tingling way less so I am hopeful that my statin damaged nerves are healing.  Also I have been sleeping better although weight loss has plateaued and tinnitus is loud as ever.

Overall, I have seen enough of an improvement in my health and feeling of well being to justify the expensive treatments and dietary advice.  Still hopeful, I will experience even more positive results in spite of not adhering to the strict anti-inflammatory diet as closely as I was.  Hopefully, the new PEMF treatment will improve the tinnitus eventually.

My twice a week treatments started the end of May.
The PEMF machine arrived in September near the end of my prearranged treatment plan but I am still getting a treatment once a week in *maintenance*.

I cannot accurately rate just how much the treatments have helped in reversing my nerve damage so did not volunteer to do a testimonial .... yet.   If the diet alone is the main source of  improvement in health (weight loss and normal blood pressure),  I did not need the expensive treatments, just the dietary advice.  Then again, the expense did make me more committed to the diet.

I do think this chiropractor spends too much time trying to attract new clients and then treats most of his clients the same.  His office offers treatments just 3 days a week and often closes for holidays and vacations.  There are other chiropractors who are specialists in reversing neuropathy who may have treated my particular case differently.    Granted the longer a person is on a statin, the longer it may take to heal the damaged nerves.  However, there is also a hereditary factor and I know from developing carpal tunnel syndrome during my first pregnancy that I have an anomaly in my wrists discovered in surgery and therefore, probably in my ankles and other joints where nerves are being compressed by blood vessels.   Nerve compression from blood vessels may also play a role in fibromyalgia.

The medical profession in general has ignored statin adverse effects.   My doctor who has since retired ignored my neuropathy complaints in spite of obvious signs like no hair growing on my legs or arms and tried to bully me into continuing on statins.  My medical history still will not officially include peripheral neuropathy or tinnitus so these conditions and possible treatments are just ignored.   There seems to be a silent agreement among medical doctors and medical insurance companies not to recognize these conditions officially.   Perhaps this silence is controlled by Pharma.
It is a vicious cycle how statins can affect metabolic disease and nerve damage.
If I had not discovered health bouncing on a bungee rebounder, I truly believe my condition would have become physically and mentally unbearable.    Health bouncing enabled just enough circulation to my nerves to keep them alive.  Where there is Life, there is Hope.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Try Faithful Workouts!

Here is a free offer for the Faithful 14 day fast start plan.

(I am Jewish and still enjoy these routines)

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Nia has started a streaming site called NiaTV.
It is only $9.99 a month after a 15 day free trial and has ~25 new videos led by a variety of instructors.
Only Global Unity and 52 Moves are copies of previous dvds.

The quality is quite good!

It will be a nice addition to the edited walking and bouncing workouts I have been doing lately.

NiaTV has a download arrow in the upper right corner when playing a video but the file is HUGE.  For my own use, I prefer Firefox Download Helper for the smallest file because it plays well on my devices.

My newest favorite is *SOUL* with Britta bon Tagen

Sunday, October 8, 2017


After my last PEMF treatment, I have had 3 consecutive nights of sleep without any medications, making me a believer.  I also feel more relaxed.   So I will continue going to the specialists for maintenance treatments once a week.

Tinnitus has sadly not been affected by the PEMF
..... yet.

ETA 10-12:
Still sleeping well!
Still no relief from tinnitus.

Feet seem to be improving with less intense burning.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

4 Months Down

Still going for treatments for peripheral neuropathy and still on a strict diet which I do not mind with an occasional small treat.   Still losing weight.  LOL and so is my husband!

My main problem is not getting enough sleep but not because of foot or leg problems which rarely cramp at night anymore.  Just good old stress.  The tingling and burning are more tolerable but still there and worse when stressed.  I'm less of a hermit and going out for lunch and shopping more.

Tomorrow I see a regular MD for the first time in over a year.  It is a doctor that replaced our previous doctor.  Will see if he is a statin pusher or not.  I will miss the doctor he replaced who was not a bullying statin pusher like the older doctor who has retired.

My specialist is going to keep treating me at no extra charge and got a new machine (PEMF) a couple of weeks ago which may help the nerve healing.  Soon after my first treatment with the new machine, the worse burning in my left foot diminished so there is hope for a full recovery.

Remaining hopeful and patient while trying to avoid unnecessary stress.

ETA 9-29:
I like the new doctor!
he was worried about my low heart rate and weightloss till I explained how I workout regularly and have been on an anti-inflammatory diet then he said I had the heart of an athlete LOL

Thanks to my son, I have been adjusting WHEN I eat more than HOW MUCH I eat.
Intermittent fasting enables fat burning and is easier as well as maybe more effective than dieting.

ETA 10-3: Lab results
Good and Bad News
Lipids were much improved especially triglycerides.

Blood Glucose and A1c are still prediabetic.
I believe it is poor sleep responsible more than what I eat.
I had caught a cold one week before the lab tests.

I read some shocking statistics today that 51% of people over 65 are pre-diabetic and that most (70%) will develop type II diabetes.  This is an epidemic!
People on statins are twice as likely to develop Type II diabetes.
A doctor tried to put our younger son on a statin for life at the age of 27.
That son with life style changes has proven that the stain was not needed.
My lipid profile has improved with lifestyle changes.
In other words, the pharmaceutical industry has caused a serious epidemic.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Personal Update

The nerves in my feet have been healing!
I almost gave up a week ago when I was not feeling the 60% minimum improvement that was promised after 3 months.  Now I have hope for 100%.

I had added back small portions of restricted foods and am still losing weight, just slower.

Stayed tuned for what my next blood tests may reveal.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

German Workouts

On youtube, WellShaped TV has a variety of workouts in German including Bellicon bouncing.

I found another site with similar routines!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Evaluation

Some specialists treat each patient differently but this doctor treated all of his clients the same. 
He does not have any partners so his treatment days are limited. 
Treatments are available just 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).  
Any of these days can be cancelled frequently for holidays and vacations.
Unfortunately, he spent more time in adding more clients to his practice instead of treating those who already paid.

For every food or diet there are pro and con opinions.
Just because this doc believes his diet is the right one for everyone does not make it so.
Cut out food groups and of course, the client will lose weight because consuming less calories.
it is proven that losing weight will reverse metabolic disease so I am no longer worried about my insulin sensitivity.
Paying this doc a ton of money made me more committed to his diet and losing weight was a nice bonus but not a cure for my condition.
If my neuropathy condition is hereditary which it probably is according to the surgeon who did the carpal tunnel syndrome release on my right hand, diet has little to do with it, other than not gaining weight.
I had gained weight during my first pregnancy which triggered hand numbing because my blood vessels were compressing nerves and adding more fat to the area made the compression worse

There is no cure for me (this realization in itself was stressful) but I will try not to gain any weight.  I will keep active to help circulation and will deep breath to help my tinier than normal red blood cells get oxygen to my brain and nervous system.
I will continue his supplements and treatments to help my circulation till the visits become too stressful.

My main focus will return to limiting stress, not food groups.
(I have no Gluten or Milk sensitivity)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Personal Update Neuropathy

After having my 24th treatment for neuropathy today, it saddens me to admit that I have given up hope of ever reversing my nerve damage.   There is a new PEMF machine there so I will continue to go once a week to see if the new machine has any effect but I am done with the strict dieting.

Eating this way without feeling better is stressful.
Going through the treatments without feeling better is stressful.
Stress continues to be my largest obstacle to feeling well.

Losing weight did improve my physical health (lowering blood pressure and A1C) but emotionally, I was happier before.

ETA March 2018:
What has really helped me the most is Frankincense&Myrrh Neuropathy rubbing oil.
It is even better than Arnica gel and is the only thing that relieved the burning sensation in my feet and works great for all nerve pain all over. The main ingredient is St John's Wort oil which is in another product called Nerve Pain Away which I saw on TV.  Then I found Neuropathy at a local health store when looking for St John wort oil.

I still go to the Specialist especially when I have an injury because the new WAVE machine is great.

Monday, September 4, 2017

B BOUNDER on FaceBook


b bOUND to The Best You!

Group is now public

Bernadette Giorgi has been generously sharing videos and tips so take a peek.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

3 Month Personal Update

Overall, I am feeling better since starting an anti-inflammatory diet and treatments to increase circulation to my extremities 3 months ago.  My nervous system had been damaged for over a decade so cannot expect it to heal within 3 months.  Just wish I had stopped Lipitor at the first sign of trouble to avoid so many chronic conditions like cataracts and tinnitus.
My upper body is responding to the nerve healing treatments faster than my lower body.
Feeling these improvements gives me hope that more are coming.

Losing weight and avoiding certain foods, especially refined carbs, has reversed my insulin resistance and risk of developing metabolic disease which was probably also affected by Lipitor.  Blood pressure is now normal.

However, my digestion just could not adapt to my very restrictive anti-inflammatory diet so I am slowly adding some high fiber grains back and will be careful if I see my weight going in the wrong direction or feel any unwanted inflammations.  I was not dairy or gluten sensitive in blood tests but restricted both anyway as my specialist recommended.  The CALM Magnesium supplement helped but it is hard to find just the right amount to use.  Probiotic sauer kraut did nothing.  Apple cider vinegar sometimes helped if taken before a salad.  Raw vegetables were just too gassy when they were the main part of most meals even though I love salad.

Lately, I have been revisiting Jessica Smith dvds and enjoying them like they are brand new.
(I did most of them just once previously LOL)

She also had some nice rehab vids which I am now including since I am cramping less.
It may take me several weeks to revisit all of her dvds or my edits of them!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Healthy UTV Gold

Try his code to get a Healthy UTV  Gold subscription for a year for just $20 which includes a weekly new Gold Live class:

code ChrisGold20

Since my basement large stability busted, I have been using  an armless swivel chair more for the second part of my workouts after bungee bouncing.
This morning I added sliding pads under my feet and found this a nice joint friendly combination.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Personal Medical Update

I have finally been feeling some improvement since my hands and feet are responding to the treatments in spite of being very stressed about having a Bigot-in-Chief.
Stress is the cause of most health problems.

I blamed Lipitor for aggravating an anomaly in my body.
Years ago, a micro-surgeon told me that my blood vessels in my wrist were compressing the nerves.   The condition which mimicked carpal tunnel syndrome developed when I was pregnant and gaining weight.  Recently a study found that the erratic pain from fibromyalgia  can be from blood vessels

Lipitor increases the risk of developing Diabetes.
Pre-diabetes can also cause peripheral neuropathy as well as actual diabetes.
April 2016 my A1C was at the top of the pre-diabetic range.
July 2016 after cutting back on refined carbs and losing 4 pounds, it went down a couple of points.
May 2017 after cutting back on refined carbs even more and losing a few more pounds, my A1C was at the bottom of the pre-diabetic range.

Now that I have been on an anti-inflammatory diet for almost 3 months which excludes refined carbs, gluten, and dairy, I believe I will no longer be pre-diabetic when tested next month.  It is quite amazing to see how my waistline has been reduced.  Also my blood pressure has become much lower.

I will eventually stray a bit from this diet but will return to it if I see my weight going in the wrong direction, knowing my weight and waist are much more important than my cholesterol profile.
This alternative medicine specialist was expensive but worth every penny because it made me more committed to the diet and being healthier.

Anti-inflammatory diet includes meat/fish/eggs/nuts and all veggies and fruits
also a square or two of dark chocolate

Excludes refined carbs, gluten, dairy, fried and processed meats
I tried gluten free bread but have gotten used to eating without bread
I rarely feel hungry or have cravings and have been losing weight steadily
eventually, I may add back occasional white potatoes, butter, and milk
My lab tests did not show any food allergies

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Freemake Video Converter

The newest version (4.1.10) of the (Gold) Freemake Video Converter does not download a video by pasting the url for free anymore but you can still use their free (Blue) Video Downloader instead.

It is easier to download and install the newer Converter version choosing the custom option to avoid unwanted extra software.  The previous version (4.1.9) is trickier to install without unwanted extras.  You have to click on two links to reveal the 3 extra offers to uncheck.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AliExpress Rebounders

I saw AliExpress is selling the iBounce Hexagon trampolines again!
(I adore mine)

They also have a nice looking 48 inch round model which looks like my PROBounce but has a T-Bar
However, I believe my 48 inch PROBounce had a stronger bungee tension option and I prefer the larger Hexagon shape.

Bernadette Giorgi has given her permission to share all of her b bOUNDER routines.
Some are on youtube, some are on her facebook pages, and some on her website.
Her b bounder facebook page is

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Getting Real

Stress definitely plays a huge role and I am handling stress poorly lately thanks to politics and a rotten Big Brother cast with no summer tv shows for distraction.  I do enjoy some of my current restrictive food choices but eating is not the joy it used to be.
Sadly, eating has been a real source of joy for me.
Some of my favorite memories involved a special meal.

Paying lots of money on this nerve damage *cure* did make me more committed to the diet but does not help the stress factor.
Maybe my nerves just need more time to regenerate.
Time will tell.
I am trying to be more optimistic and positive but am losing the battle and as a result am feeling more stress.

I am still losing weight but the anti-inflammation diet and stimulation treatments (now 2/3 done) do not seem to be as effective as I had hoped.  Tingling still in feet, hands and face.  Still occasional muscle cramps though not as frequent.  Tinnitus (buzzing in the head) may be even worse.
Abdominal gas has become more bothersome.
Worse yet brain fog and headache which stopped when I stopped Lipitor have returned so I cut back on the cholesterol lowering capsule the specialist gave me.  This head thing had also returned for a week or so when I first started the diet and was thought to be low carb flu.
All of these complaints may be related to stress more than food.

Overall. I may have felt better before this diet both physically and emotionally.
I know losing weight was necessary because I was becoming close to being diagnosed as diabetic and have seen my A1C and blood pressure dramatically improve with weight loss and cutting down on refined carbs.
At least I have found out I do not have any food allergies or sensitivities.
In a way, it will be a relief if this anti-inflammation diet does nothing for me so I can enjoy more variety when eating and just do whatever I can to reduce stress while trying not to gain back any weight.

(stay tuned for the final analysis in 4 weeks)
I am being re-evaluated later this week.
The doc believes it will just take longer for my nerves to repair since my problem was chronic for so many years.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Great Youtube video!

15 Minute Home Workout   Low Impact HIIT Rebounding
is about the most perfect bouncing video on youtube.

I hope more are coming.

Also Amy Bento has uploaded some rebounding and kettlebell routines to youtube:

Personal update:
This week we went to Atlantic City for the first time since staring my therapy and I am happy to share that I can walk with less pain!  All joints and feet were cooperating.

Aerobic activity may help prevent dementia

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Foaming Melons

A few weeks ago, we had a cantaloupe leak and make a mess.
It had been bought the day before from Aldi.

This morning a watermelon bought from Acme or Aldi did the same thing.

I read that the grocer was at fault for not rotating their produce properly and were selling melons that were too old and/or damaged.
Both incidents made a huge mess to clean so I am not going to buy anymore melons for quite awhile.

I decided to buy just pre-cut melon that looks and smells good and avoid anymore messes.
My husband agrees in spite of his frugal nature after injuring his arm when lifting a large melon a few weeks ago

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Current Journey

I am halfway through a nerve regeneration process for peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves) which includes treatments to increase circulation and an anti-inflammatory diet with special supplements.

After struggling to lose weight the previous year, I have been losing one to two pounds a week without feeling hungry.   The tingling in my face and extremities has improved and the excruciating muscles spasms have become rare.  I still feel random twinges from confused nerves and tinnitus.  Hopefully the nerves in my central nervous system will respond and resolve the tinnitus.

Stay tuned for updates.

ETA 7-9
I have been feeling better most days but still have some painful moments.
The stressful 3 hour clean up of a messy leaking watermelon yesterday morning seems to have ended my current weight loss plateau.  I was happy that the stress of that mess did not ruin my energy level for the rest of the day or bring increased pains.
I am sleeping better without cramping and my constipation tendency has been resolved thanks to the magnesium supplement CALM.

There is a Portuguese supermarket near us that has wonderful stewed dishes which has added nice protein to my daily choices including salmon and a diner with an outstanding salad bar.  Our son loves my new way of eating and my husband tries not to flaunt his bad habits.  However, his A1C has not been stellar and could use some dietary changes.

ETA 7-12
I just had passed the first half of my treatment for peripheral neuropathy and last night felt some real changes in my feet giving me hope for a full recovery.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Free or Cheap Online Workout Offers

new Pamela Essentrics youtube channel
(recently added and looks great)
(videos on youtube have been removed)
Check out her website

This is a very nice Qigong channel on youtube:
Yoqi Yoga and Qigong

It is similar to Lee Holden's style with nice scenery.

Also the Gold subscription for Healthy UTV for a whole year for $20 may still be available:

They add a new Live Gold class weekly and offer 10 downloadable workouts from UTV as well as streaming of all workouts.

ReboundFit has free workouts here and on youtube:
and a new monthly sub for $4.95

Be360 offers a free one month trial

LekFit offers a one week free trial

Bernadette Giorgi offers b bOUNDER workouts on FaceBook

PungaFit on youtube is still adding new routines

BollyX has added new routines you can buy or access with referrals:

Get access to all of their RevWell TV videos for a month for a $10 donation

Sunday, June 11, 2017

b bOUNDER Workouts

Bernadette Giorgi has a few b bOUNDER classes already on Facebook and will be adding more.

Come join the Jump into June challenge!

QVC will be featuring their replenished stock of b bOUNDERs
Saturday 6/17

I have been having a bloat problem with my new diet because of lots of raw veggies and the number one exercise recommended for bloat is bouncing!

(The diet suggested by Bernadette is very similar to the one I am following.)

ETA on 6/16:
Low carb flu is completely over.
A teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in green tea after a gassy meal has prevented bloating.
My body has adjusted to eating mostly fruits and veggies and I have lost about 10 pounds and over an inch off my waist.
Feet feel completely different with less tingling and more sensations.
Energy and mood levels are better through-out the day.
Still Tinnitus and random aches and twinges.

One benefit I did not expect is that food tastes better.
Maybe the nerves to my taste buds needed regeneration LOL

Friday, June 9, 2017


Stress is not just a killer, shortening our lives, it can ruin the feeling of well-being daily.
We cannot change other people but we can change how our they affect our health.
I am refocusing on my own physical and mental health.

The traditional medical community added to my stress but luckily, I found an alternative health professional who is helping me heal.

Finding enjoyable ways of moving with music kept my muscles strong in spite of pain.
Now I am finding the energy to keep moving through-out the day.

TheRUMP definitely created loads of stress:

The stress produced by TheRUMP, his hateful supporters, and the GOP Congress is ruining the feeling of well-being for many.  He is a domestic terrorist, using words as weapons of mass destruction.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Mystery Diseases

Some diseases or unhealthy conditions are mysteries, including peripheral neuropathy.

I had 127 tests done and the results show inflammation and allergic reactions but no pollutant or food sources of either were identified.
My blood sugar and cortisol were slightly high.
Triglycerides, A1C, and Vitamin D levels have improved since last July after cutting back on refined carbs.
Omega3 fatty acids are too low and lipids/Cholesterol too high so now have new supplements added to my regimen.
Thyroid is fine.

An anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, and treatments to improve circulation are already decreasing the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy.   As I feel better physically, I feel better mentally and emotionally.  The fear of living with progressive pain has been alleviated.

This alternative treatment is expensive but worth every penny because traditional medicine was doing nothing for me but adding to my stress.  Cannot put a price on feeling well.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Turning Point

After a week of the *low carb flu* (headache, brain fog, and moodiness),  I have finally turned the corner and am feeling darn good on a food plan that restricts refined carbs, dairy, and grain (gluten).
Besides eating mostly fruits and veggies, I am on fancy supplements as part of my treatment with a functional medicine specialist.  Also I have received 3 of the 24 treatments scheduled in his facility.

My energy level is through the roof and painful twinges are less common.
Peripheral Tingling is down a bit but not the Tinnitus.
Moodiness has been replaced with Euphoria.

As much as I may miss more variety in food, I do not miss the pain, fatigue, and hopelessness.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pungra Fit and Fuzion Fitness Chair on Youtube

The Pungra Fit Channel on youtube is wonderful.

This morning I finally tried the rest of the 25 minute routine posted on April 30.
There were lots of jumping moves that were great on the bungee and a few cardio spikes.   Much more fun than most walking workouts and more do-able than most dance workouts.

I will be trying them all!

Also try Fuzion Fitness Chair routines like this one:


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Therapy Visit #2

Before my treatment,
a gal took 6 tubes of blood and also urine.
(our medical insurance covers these tests)

Today I had the hydro bed added to my treatment and loved it
and was given a bunch of supplements and ointments*
(and an African violet to welcome me as a new patient)

He said my calves were much looser.
I have not had a real cramp since my first treatment Monday.
Next week will only be one day Wednesday because of the holiday

a liquid that is loaded with over 400 nutrients one capful a day
An herbal supplement pill to take once a day
a Magnesium powder recommended at night
an ointment to go on any sore muscles, joints, etc
a pump bottle that relieves pain through the skin applied either in the inner elbow or behind a knee for absorption
(this pump will definitely be in my pocketbook for my next trip to Atlantic City because the nights have been full of cramps there)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Peripheral Neuropathy

This past week, I was evaluated by a Functional Medicine doctor who specializes in reversing the progression of peripheral neuropathy.  I will be starting my actual treatment next week.  The hardest part will be adhering to a strict anti-inflammatory diet.  This has been the only hope I have been given about reversing the condition which has been ruining my feeling of well-being for the past 5 or more years.

Traditional medicine offered me nothing and actually may have damaged my nerves with Lipitor.

....... Stayed tuned.

I had my first treatment Monday 5/22.
First I stood on a vibrating platform which is supposed to help everything especially fast twitch fibers.  Eventually this vibrating massage will become a workout.

Then I sat on a cushioned chair while disks were applied to the feet and lower back to stimulate circulation while I breathed in oxygen through nasal prongs (I am oxygen deficient because of small red blood cells).
Last I had heat therapy then all sorts of vibrating and rolling therapies to stimulate circulation and break up tight spots.
When done I felt really loose and light.

The only thing I found uncomfortable was lying face down on the therapy table which was not designed for large breasts.

I am determined to follow the anti-inflammatory diet which excludes sugar/refined carbs, gluten, and diary.  Soon my blood will be tested for allergies and other markers to determine which foods to avoid and which supplements to take.

The treatment is expensive which makes me (and my husband) more determined to do it 100% for the best results.  He usually sabotages all of my attempts to eat healthier.
A nice side benefit is finally losing some weight!

Monday, May 8, 2017

BollyX Beta

BollyX is offering free streaming!
You are not even asked for any credit card or paypal info.

If you use this link to sign in, more videos will be unlocked:

I love this kind of cardio and music.
Besides being free, their site streams videos on my new tablet.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Great Youtube Bouncing WO

This routine is great and FREE!

I also edited it to music only because German cuing was not needed:

Also I just got a new toy: an RCA Viking PRO 10.1 2-in-1 from HSN and recorded a short tune while following a Sister Fitness video in our den on the 48 inch PROBounce.  

Here is a clip showing the bounce on the b bOUNDER:
I just could not position the camera and b bounder to get the whole thing in landscape so it starts showing the lower body bounce on the mat then switches to showing more upper body.

The PROBounce is much springier but the b bOUNDER enables more side-to-side action and the barre gave me security for the crossover jacks.   The jacks were much more intense because the upperbody was used.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mind and Body Can Heal

I love this video!

and I love the nurses and the patient!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Videos Stored on Google Drive

GoogleDrive does not convert files for playing like youtube does so many video files may not play (or open) while on GoogleDrive.

GoogleDrive can be used for storing video files and sharing links to the files.

All files are downloadable (ignore the virus warning on my videos LOL).

To Download from the title screen, right click and scroll down to *download*.

To Download from the video screen, click on the download icon in the upper right corner.

Most of my file formats are mp4, avi, or wmv.
If you do not have a player for any of these,
download the free VLC media player for whichever device you are using.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Enjoy the Show

Seth Meyers explained why TheRUMP voters would vote for him again in spite of his fake news, mental disorders, tweets, stupidity, and incompetence:

They know he is all bluster and they like the status quo.
In other words, they do not want him to do anything but bluster.
The bluster is entertaining for many and comedians never run out of material.
What good is a soap opera or reality TV show or a *news* program without a villain?

The US economy is still steadily heading in the right direction thanks to the previous POTUS.
Why in the world do anything catastrophic to it??????

Enjoy the show or vote to change the channel.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A New Sub Recommendation

I just did a Lekfit ITS (In The Studio) which offered rebounding and TA-like upper body.
It had no cuing and decent music.
Visually easier to follow than streamed classes because just Lauren with a mirror.
There are other videos with cuing too.

There is a free trial but I may actually subscribe down the road after more videos are added, especially if the streaming runs smoothly.

a free Amy Dixon 8 minute cardio on FaceBook from Bowflex:

a free vimeo channel The Bradford Method with some Trampoline Barre


CoffeyFit on youtube has a new Raw series:

Pungra Fit on youtube!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


When it comes to The RUMP,  he is his own worse enemy.
The more he rants on Twitter, the more he demonstrates his ignorance and incompetence.

Ossoff received more votes than predicted in spite of and probably thanks to The RUMP's Tweets and robocalls even though The RUMP is spewing his alternate facts and giving himself the credit for Ossoff not getting over the 50% needed to avoid a run off.
Ossoff was predicted from polls to get 42% and perhaps, up to 46% from undecided but thanks to The RUMP got 48%.  Also the district had been recently gerrymandered by the GOP so some who expected to vote for Ossoff, could not.

Why demand more aircraft carriers if his administration cannot keep track of the ones the US already have?

Why demand we buy American and hire American when products sold by The RUMP brand, including his red hats, are made outside of the US and many of his properties need visas for workers?

Why congratulate Turkey for weakening their position as a Democracy?
(because he has businesses there!)

His ignorance and incompetency are reflected by all of his efforts as are his Conflict of Interests:

Why allow the coal industry to pollute our country when the coal industry is dead and not going to be revived? (The RUMP earns $$ from the oil industry)

Why build an expensive wall when we have 2 huge coasts less protected by a reduced Coast Guard?

Why give tax credits to the wealthier for healthcare and remove the subsidies from the less wealthy? (coal miners have received many benefits through the ACA)

Why give lower taxes to the wealthier who already do not pay their fair share, especially when he has no transparency with his own tax returns?

Why have a Muslim ban only for countries where his businesses are not located?

This list is never-ending but The RUMP is an even bigger Ass than expected and has no clue what the US taxpayers want, especially those who voted for him.  For example, his war against Mexico will hurt Iowa's corn commodity.
The GOP has no clue what US taxpayers want and gerrymandering districts can go just so far.

Grassroots movements, Town Halls, and protests will not be ignored at the polls and all frustrated taxpayers will benefit from The RUMP's Conflict of Interests, lies, ignorance and incompetence.

and this is all about finances without even including all of the people being harmed by The RUMP hate rhetoric and GOP unfair social services reductions.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nuisance Phone Calls

It is obvious *Do Not Call* does nothing for stopping nuisance phone calls.
I usually just let the answering machine screen our calls but when my husband is out shopping, I usually do answer.  Running to the phone to answer a nuisance call has really become annoying as well as inconvenient.  I have considered dropping our landline altogether but our son does not have a mobile phone anymore and really do not want to give out our mobile numbers or have them on all of the time.

I finally took some action and figured out how to block phone numbers with our Landline FIOS Digital phone service:

I have blocked all of the  numbers from the incoming call list for the past week, some of which had called several times in spite of being reported to *Do Not Call*.

Our phone may not ring at all for days or even weeks! LOL

Friday, April 7, 2017

POTDS Bannon or POTUS Trump?

Now that rump has pivoted away from the alt-right by demoting the President of the Divided States Bannon and giving a damn about Syrian kids, the big question becomes .....

will President Bannon regain control as POTDS
will rump try to become the POTUS and listen to more reliable advisers

Only Time will tell.

Maybe he will care about the surviving Syrian refugees
Maybe not

Maybe he will care about the American born children who face losing a deported parent
Maybe not

Maybe he will care about pollution affecting unborn fetuses and children
Maybe not

and only cares about himself
The sudden caring about Syrian babies was just an excuse to order the air strike in an attempt to reverse his tailspin in polls.
His old Tweets suggesting Obama would do likewise are proof.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Edited File to Share

The original 5 minute Miracle Mile from the Walk at Home Channel can be found on youtube:

I really enjoyed the music I added to this file so will share the edited file so others can see how a free youtube video can be transformed into something special

Optional tip:
you can play any music you enjoy while doing any workout muted

Monday, April 3, 2017

Why RUMP Lies
is part 2 of the LA Times series

copied and pasted from the article:
In the months ahead, Trump will bring his embrace of alternative facts on the nation’s behalf into talks with China, North Korea or any number of powers with interests counter to ours and that constitute an existential threat. 

Most of his claims against Mexico are lies.
He demands an expensive Wall to separate us from Mexico buts cuts the Coast Guard budget which protects our coasts from drugs and illegal immigrants.  

His conflicts of interests are never-ending.
He cuts the budget on many social services like school meals and meal on wheels while the taxpayers pay to feed his family at his restaurants.

His tax plan will benefit the wealthy while his budget will cut benefits for the poor and middle class.

He lies about ObamaCare which makes medical insurance more affordable for the poor (expanded medicaid) and middle class (subsidies) and ignores how RyanCare will only make health insurance more affordable to those who earn the most money (tax credits).

The list goes on and on.
He is a domestic terrorist in spreading hate and lies and destroying our environment.

next in this LA Times series:

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our Dishonest President

Our Dishonest President
this article is the first of a series by LA Times

Copied and pasted excerpts:

Trump’s shocking lack of respect for those fundamental rules and institutions on which our government is based. Since Jan. 20, he has repeatedly disparaged and challenged those entities that have threatened his agenda, stoking public distrust of essential institutions in a way that undermines faith in American democracy. He has questioned the qualifications of judges and the integrity of their decisions, rather than acknowledging that even the president must submit to the rule of law. He has clashed with his own intelligence agencies, demeaned government workers and questioned the credibility of the electoral system and the Federal Reserve. He has lashed out at journalists, declaring them “enemies of the people,” rather than defending the importance of a critical, independent free press. His contempt for the rule of law and the norms of government are palpable.

His utter lack of regard for truth. Whether it is the easily disprovable boasts about the size of his inauguration crowd or his unsubstantiated assertion that Barack Obama bugged Trump Tower, the new president regularly muddies the waters of fact and fiction. It’s difficult to know whether he actually can’t distinguish the real from the unreal — or whether he intentionally conflates the two to befuddle voters, deflect criticism and undermine the very idea of objective truth. Whatever the explanation, he is encouraging Americans to reject facts, to disrespect science, documents, nonpartisanship and the mainstream media — and instead to simply take positions on the basis of ideology and preconceived notions. This is a recipe for a divided country in which differences grow deeper and rational compromise becomes impossible.

His scary willingness to repeat alt-right conspiracy theories, racist memes and crackpot, out-of-the-mainstream ideas. Again, it is not clear whether he believes them or merely uses them. But to cling to disproven “alternative” facts; to retweet racists; to make unverifiable or false statements about rigged elections and fraudulent voters; to buy into discredited conspiracy theories first floated on fringe websites and in supermarket tabloids — these are all of a piece with the Barack Obama birther claptrap that Trump was peddling years ago and which brought him to political prominence. It is deeply alarming that a president would lend the credibility of his office to ideas that have been rightly rejected by politicians from both major political parties.
for our country to survive:
those who oppose the new president’s reckless and heartless agenda must make their voices heard. Protesters must raise their banners. Voters must turn out for elections. Members of Congress — including and especially Republicans — must find the political courage to stand up to Trump. Courts must safeguard the Constitution. State legislators must pass laws to protect their citizens and their policies from federal meddling. All of us who are in the business of holding leaders accountable must redouble our efforts to defend the truth from his cynical assaults.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


If you are playing a video file with black borders and would like the video to fill the whole screen:

open the file with the VLC media player,
click on *Video*
then *Crop*
then *16:9*

To get rid of the labels
click on *Video* again
then click on *Fullscreen*
(ESC to leave Fullscreen)

Friday, March 31, 2017

The GOP Helped Russia!

Obviously, Russian propaganda and hacking affected the campaigns and elections. 
For decades, the GOP had their anti-Clinton witch hunts so the GOP embraced anything negative about Clinton.
The GOP were fine with how tRUMP used and abused fake news when aimed at Clinton, no matter the source, enabling the most corrupt and incompetent POTUS and Congress.

Russia was able to damage our credibility, moral compass, and physical environment because the GOP welcomed the Russian influence.   tRUMP and GOP leaders ignored our professional Intelligence community because they appreciated Russia's help. 

2018 and 2020 can not get here soon enough for a HUGE backlash to put the US in the right direction again and drain the DC Swamp.

Karma can be a bitch.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Truth 101

Fitstix Fusion

Changing the soundtrack can make an old OOP workout feel new again

Fitstix Fusion MU newer by POMBarb

This workout is loaded with unique moves.

ObamaCare is the Law of the Land

I will never understand why Ryan and Trump supported a healthcare plan that only helped the rich instead of making healthcare more affordable for everyone and was not supported by the medical community.
Obviously, Trump did not understand or try to understand any of it.
Ryan?  just giddy with power?
The GOP plan had an approval rating of 17%
Have no clue why even that 17% would be there if they can read.
Then again some on ObamaCare still do not realize it is the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Thanks mostly to their protesting constituents, the GOP House could not get it passed and ObamaCare will not be repealed and replaced.  Our Aspie son will continue to receive NJ Family HealthCare instead of having no medical insurance or having to pay a small fortune to stay covered. Now that ObamaCare is hanging around, insurance companies should try to participate.  I have no clue if the GOP governors who refused to participate can change their policies for the good of their constituents.

Imagine if the POTUS and Congress had been elected according to competency and policy instead of empty promises and propaganda.
Politicians need to put their constituents first before party and ego.  Their constituents elect them and are their employers, paying taxes towards their salaries.
No huge tax cuts for the rich.
No budget cuts for social services, environmental protection, and education.
Improved Infrastructure to provide jobs and to take care of America first instead of a wasteful Wall or more nuclear bombs.
Put the People ahead of their Egos or look for a new career.

Friday, March 24, 2017

B Bounder

(Note: this wonderful product sold out within 5 days on QVC.
More have been ordered and should be available in June.)

Crazy me,
I just received a 5th springless rebounder LOL

This one is the B Bounder.
It is rectangular 57 by 441/2 inches and has a barre for the 57 inch side.
The mat is attached by wide elastic bands, not bungee cords.
The bounce is less springy than my other bungees but the upper body pushing on the barre has a higher intensity effect with less lower body impact.
The barre and wide mat enable some trickier moves like vigorous skaters.

QVC sells it and it was designed by Bernadette Giorgi who made some nice ballet inspired videos.
However, there is no warranty from Giorgi.

The mat does have some cosmetic defects (creases and puckers) but otherwise it seems like a solid piece of equipment.  The barre side legs must be attached or it can tip.  No tools are needed for assembly.  Assembly was easy except for the last barre part so I would suggest lubrication if just reversing  the part does not work.  In fact, lubricating the legs and barre ends would make putting it together easier and taking it apart easier plus eliminate any noise from the parts rubbing against one another.

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and find it very reasonably priced.
I would actually prefer the B Bounder over my pricier JumpSports because of its larger space and barre but still prefer my Hexagon which is no longer sold by AliExpress and ironically was my cheapest bungee purchase.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Subscription Rants and a RAVE

I just want to warn subscription customers to keep an eye on any subscriptions that were cancelled.
I had unsubscribed during a free trial with GROKKER and received an email confirming the cancellation.
I have since been billed for two more months.
On my account it says invalid expiration date so someone probably made an error when entering the expiration date.
They are supposed to respond within 24 hours but I still have not heard from them today which is the second business day since I first contacted them about this matter.

ETA: GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

I had also cancelled my Sister Fitness subscription because they seemed to have alot of glitches and I got tired of policing their monthly offerings.

Last but not least, a RAVE for
I first got their streaming annual Premium subscription at a very reasonable price ($6) then a few days later accepted their special email offer ($20) for an annual Gold subscription.
The Gold includes several downloadable files and access to their LIVE Classes.
A new Live Class is added each week and I really enjoy them!
Although I can cancel at any time, I have decided to keep the subscription for the Live Classes.
Fitness friends have told me UTV will send an email a month before the current annual subscription expires before it is automatically renewed so I have a few weeks notice to cancel if the renewal price seems too expensive.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Another Bungee Option

This model looks great and very reasonably priced.
If I were not as happy with my bungees as I already am,
I would cave.

I caved LOL
the handlebar, shape, and size were just too tempting,
especially if it truly folds easily

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Thanks to our POTDS and his personality disorders,
one by one he is alienating all other countries, except maybe Russia.
Allies like Mexico, Australia, and the UK are now cautious about any diplomatic relations with this very flawed individual,

His obsession with alternate facts makes him an unreliable leader.
He has no credibility left and other countries are very aware of his flaws.
None of the intelligence professionals or leaders from other countries will trust his judgement which has made our country much more vulnerable to future terrorist activity.
His bullying attitude and focus on military strength makes him a threat to world peace.

His tweet which preceded Tillerson's meeting with China made diplomacy much more difficult for Tillerson.

His meeting with Merkel did not go well in spite of her phenomenal effort to remain diplomatic.
German journalists asked questions which would have been ignored if asked by American journalists and rump's responses to these questions confirmed his flaws and poor judgement.

What will happen when there is a real crisis instead of these ridiculous self-inflicted conflicts?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GOP Health Plan

For the apathetic who have medical insurance through their employer: 

the GOP health plan repeals the employer mandate, causing many families covered by their employers' group plans to lose coverage.

For those who appreciate the ACA, you will lose the subsidies which were higher for those who earn less and those who earn more will get higher tax credits instead.  Those receiving extended medicaid may also lose that benefit completely.

With many losing benefits or not able to afford a decent plan, the insurance companies will have to charge more since less money will be incoming from the Federal government.

In other words, the rich will be richer and the poor and middle class will be poorer, especially the sicker and/or older poor and middle class.

The rural non-college educated who voted for the cult will probably get the worse end of the deal,
Making America Greater for the White Rich Right.