Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still Loving Lucy

and my journey with Soul Sweat Lucy continues
I also did some of an Amy Dixon medball routine that I may edit

taking a needed break from blogging and sharing till Monday

Friday, May 29, 2015

I Love Lucy

I am doing some of the Soul Sweat routines led by Lucy and really enjoying them.  Her moves are easy to tweak on my 550 bungee and when sit-bouncing on a large stability ball.  Her music is like she used some of my edited workout soundtracks!

If and when there are actual DVDs, I will whip out my credit card since I really do not like streaming as much.

Last night I banged the back of my heel badly and had immediate intense pain.  Put Arnica gel on and pain went away and never returned.  I love that stuff!

ETA: Just returned from a mammography follow-up because of dense tissue and am happy to report, the suspicious spot was a nothing!  (I was sitting there the whole time waiting for the results thinking how I have gone bra free and bounced daily for the past 15 years so it should be ok but was very relieved to have the official confirmation that all was OK)

Found a great place to store and share videos
sign up is super simple and if you store a video in the photo folder, it is downloadable
seems more user friendly than dropbox and offers 20 GIGS free!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sue and Lucy

This morning I did the rest of Older and Wiser and some of an Alchemy of Motion Sultry Soul Sweat with Lucy.  Last night I was a bit disappointed in the PowHow Chantel Soul Sweat but Lucy delivered.  Much prefer Lucy's moves and music.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dakidissa and Sue Grant

Today I did more Dakidissa and some of the Older and Wiser cardio with Sue Grant.  Every file had the audio replaced and was greatly enjoyed.  Now I have to try to stop sweating!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Move It or Lose It and Dakidissa

Today I did the rest of Move It or Lose it and there is something about this dvd I like but cannot put my finger on it LOL    It seems to get alot done without really having to get over-done.

I also visited an edited Dakidissa youtube file with fabulous MUsic added.  Actually I had combined two of her cardio abs routines:
originals on youtube
(just play your own MUsic if desired)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanks to Many Who Have Kept me MUving

This morning I did the PlyoJam Burnout main workout which worked great on both the bungee and stability ball.   I even liked the  original soundtrack, both the instructor and the music.
I could not get the website to work properly for me but maybe you can get the free preview sample.

Then I did some of the Move It or Lose It!:  Fit and Fabulous for Life with Julie Robinson and enjoyed it too.  It worked great on my new surface option.  I had a strip of flooring left from our kitchen floor replacement and the strip is providing me with a nice barefooted sliding board, much better than gliding disks, etc.

I have to take a moment to express my gratitude to some very special people I have met online who have kept me moving.  I started with a TaeBo email group over 15 years ago then several years on the VideoFitness discussion forum and last but not least, WellVideo.  Along my journey, I have connected with several special online friends who have a generous spirit much like my own.  Thanks to these wonderful souls, I have discovered different ways to move.  I am a variety junkie and do not do even my most favorite routines often.  I do still buy many dvds and downloads of my favorite instructors to support their business and have enough edited routines to keep me very busy the rest of my life.  It is still nice to try something completely new once in awhile.  Privately sharing internationally has opened many new doors for me.  Alot of the sharing is just being supportive of one another since we have the common interests of workout videos and feeling well through exercise.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Soul Sweat Alchemy1

The Soul Sweat Alchemy one with Lucy was briefly offered online and I finally got around to really trying it this morning and lurved it!  Simple feel good moves and great MUsic.  Absolutely wonderful.

Cannot really give any information about their videos and classes because still have not figured it out myself.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New WellVideo

Recently, has had alot of upgrades.  Besides being a video hosting site focused on Fitness, it also offers a great place to store videos, publicly or privately.

Just recently there have been new privacy settings added so now I can store my videos more privately for my own use.  Unlike youtube, its server does not restrict music to any country/countries.  Unlike dailymotion, I can store routines longer than one hour and upload more than 2 hours in one day.  Unlike most video hosting sites, it has an Administrator who is helpful and cares.  If I title my videos correctly, they can be found using the search engine or I can organize them on playlists.  I plan to store more originals and open two tabs, one to play the video and one to play a video with music I want to move to,  I have dozens (maybe hundreds?) of music added routines for a source of music.  True, I can play the music from my laptop BUT only from my laptop.  This way with two tabs running, I can workout using my husband's laptop which does not have my stored music.  Gosh the possibilities are now endless.  For those who have hesitated to visit this site, their loss.  For those who understand what this site is about and need help finding content, friend and message me!
Bouncin Barb

Another advantage is I can store my video files privately and actually help my favorite instructors and vendors. Free advertising for them, making workout video fans aware of their existence in the description of the thumb nail.

Friday, May 22, 2015

RAVE: Jessica 5 Mile Walk On

Yesterday I received the Jessica Smith 5 mile Walk On DVD from Amazon, unfortunately loose in its case even though S&H was over $6. Yikes!

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles Walking Exercise DVD

Last evening I did the warmup and first Brain Boost Mile as a spark in front of my laptop, mostly sitting and enjoyed them and found them refreshingly different.  This morning I did the Belly, Buns and Thighs on the 550 bungee then the Power Posture while sitting on a Ball then the Turbo Charged mile.  Overall, the music is ok but I preferred her previous dvds for music.  However, the only one I may edit so far is the Belly, Buns and Thighs because the cuing was useful in the others.  Brain Boost would be ridiculous without the cuing LOL

Power Posture works the upper body and most of it was great while sit-bouncing.  It was rather sneaky and tougher than it looked.
Turbo didn't feel that bungee friendly in the beginning but with alittle tweaking worked well and I wound up doing the whole mile instead of just a bit of it as planned.  I actually got breathless but not at all exhausted, mentally or physically.

Still have the Boogie Down mile to try and the two bonus chapters
(Strong feet/ankles and Strong knees/hips)

I like having 15 minute miles instead of two 30 minute miles because less repetition in moves and theme.  Personally, her previous DVD: 15 minute Blasts were more fun for me but I still have not tried the Boogie down which may be more fun.

Walk On: 15-Minute Fast Fat Blasts



Continued  5/23/2015:
This morning I did the Boogie Down mile, Warmup, Brain Boost mile, CoolDown and half of the Strong feet/ankles bonus.  Time Flew and I did all of the miles on the 550 bungee.  I did not have to think much and just followed Jessica's cuing which did not annoy me like most cuing does.  Most moves worked great on the bungee, The MUsic was there but not really contributing anything till the Cool Down.  I also liked what I did of the bonus and look forward to doing the rest and the other bonus for knees and hips.
Overall impression = THUMBS UP!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mostly Edited Suzanne Andrews

This morning I did my edited files of the Suzanne Andrews Walk your Way to a Healthy Heart 2 and her Interval workout.  I loved the music in both and really had fun with them on the bungee and ball.  I also did some of another edit but my mind is blank LOL

I purchased the above 2 Suzanne Andrews through her website and can also stream them on Vimeo.

ETA: I remembered!
the other video was an edit of


original video youtube on

I may be sharing my edit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Better Day Today

My left foot seems much better today after having edema for about a week.  So of course, my right foot had to start complaining more LOL
So since the right foot was whining, I skipped the bungee and did the Joyful Movement Cardio dvd.   I am not sure if I liked this DVD as much as the Sculpt DVD and did it pretty mindlessly like a Leslie walk so may replace its audio to possibly engage my mind more or try it on another day when I can be more focused.  I then finished with sitting on the ball while doing an edited file of the Suzanne Andrews Walk your Way to a Healthy Heart routine.  This routine is free if you submit your email addy to her site

Of course, I prefer my edit :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Having a Pity Party

If you do not want to attend my pity party, stop reading now.

I am 66 years old and my body feels like 90.  For years, I have been using movement and music to keep moving and elevate my mood and relieve pain.   I can only enjoy this movement for about 40 minutes a day and the rest of the day exercise mentally, creating more edits of video files.  Along the way I try to share these files and other routines which make me feel better as well as tips to help others find ways of feeling better.  Sometimes the tips are solutions to internet and pc problems.

I have met many people online who I love to try to help and in return help me feel better.
I have also met a few mentally ill people who hurt other people unnecessarily.  It is their solution to feeling better to ignore the feelings in others and inflict pain.
I have tried to avoid these toxic people as much as I can but my body cannot tolerate the stress that they cause anymore so I will be just privately helping and sharing with others who have good hearts like mine in spite of painful bodies.  I am removing my Welcome door mat.

This world is really difficult with so many selfish and intolerant people who have a sense of entitlement.  When I see politicians spending tax payers dollars to try to push the *religious* agenda of their narrow minded constituents, it just boggles my mind.  This mentality trickles down.  A bully is a bully whether he is trying to take away equal rights or trying to control what is allowed and what is not allowed according to his own emotional baggage.  I do not understand why people cannot just live and let live.

People should be kinder to one another.

ETA: I am feeling much better after working out.
I did the Natalie Spadacinno Joyful Movement Sculpt dvd which was filled with feel good moves (great to have a new instructor to follow!) then did some of an edited Keaira found on youtube
original embedded on WellVideo:

the music I used was perfect.
edited file:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Priority One!

This morning I did a couple more of the anonymous youtube rebounding routines which I enjoyed, mostly because of the music I added.   Then I did an edited Priority One Getting Started routine 103 which I actually preferred.

There are many Priority One Getting Started and Moving Forward routines on youtube

All of the above worked well on my Jumpsport 550 bungee (barefooted) and sit-bouncing on my large stability ball

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Terri Walsh will be sharing her free youtube videos on WellVideo!!!!
Here is her channel

Hopefully, sharing on Wellvideo will earn her more fans who will pay for her downloads.  Lots of international WellVideo members discover *new-to-them* instructors this way.  Great way of advertising.

Ironically my workout consisted of edited files of youtube rebounding routines which will not be made public at the request of their author who prefers to stay anonymous.  Anywho had a ball because of the MUsic I had used.  Moves all worked well on my 550 bungee and stability ball.  Finished with some of an edited Jill Cooper file which was originally in Italian!

WellVideo had another upgrade to fix the youtube coding so the videos have the youtube titles and thumb prints.  However, I can no longer embed WellVideo videos on this blog so removed most of them.  No biggie because I have decided to store my private edits elsewhere.  Most on WellVideo really are not interested in them and I can find and play them easier on another storage video site.  Most of the videos will be for friends only but you can see all of the jessicasmithtv edits here:

If you are a fan of my edits, email me at for more information.
I will not accept friendship offers from strangers.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


So I have not posted for a few days because I wanted the outstanding Soul2Soul video by Britta von Tagen to be the top post for awhile.  I finally finished visiting the whole routine this morning and it may be the best routine in my collection.  I always like Nia-like full body feel good routines which combined dance and martial arts and bought many expensive DVDs because of this preference.  This FREE youtube video is better than just about all of them and I will list all of its Pros:
MUsic only and beautiful unique MUsic
Beautiful scenery
Attractive instructor and outfit
perfect amount of reps and moves done equally on both sides
most moves even work well on bungee and ball
minimal free style segments

only one which was she seemed so tiny with the huge background
Zooming in resolved that problem till she started dancing off the screen LOL

Simply a beautiful routine from beginning to end and about as perfect as it could be
youtube link

wellvideo link

Quite honestly I do not understand why people pay alot of money for routines which are not really special or unique and ignore what is available for free.
If you skip this one, it is your loss.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Soul2Soul by Britta Von Tagen

This video is so special, it deserves its own blog post

Barlates and MIF

This morning I did an edited file of the Barlates HIIT Body Blitz
original on youtube and WellVideo

Then I did an edited file of the Moms Into Fitness Cardio Plyometrics
available on

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mix and Match esp Priority One

This morning I warmed up with a Firm WarmUp which had its audio replaced by another editor.
then did my edited file of the Priority One Getting Started 102

Finished with some of the Ravi and Anna Happy Hormones which had some unique cardio.

WellVideo will be enabling trainers with public videos to monetize their videos and the Well advertisers will be paying a higher rate per view than youtube offers.  Even their youtube videos can be used on WellVideo.  These videos may be seen by more international video workout fans with less music restrictions.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Leg Cramps

I just wanted to share this with my friends and will post my workout later.

Putting the Hyland's leg cramp tablets and water near my bed in case I got a spasm like I had been almost every night as well as ordering their quick dissolve tablets was brilliant.   Have not had a spasm in 2 nights LOL

This morning I did my edited file of Denise Austin's Fat-Blasting Cardio Walk which was absolutely wonderful.

Then I did some of this routine Dance Cardio for a Better Butt:

and finished with some Tracey Anderson.
All of the above were done on the bungee and stability ball.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shelly Dose

This morning I mostly did an edited youtube routine by Shelly Dose which worked great with Fitsticks on the bungee and stability ball.  I liked that she repeated the moves often enough that I had plenty of tweaking options, sometimes moving to the MUsic I had added halftime or doubletime.  The whole edited file had a different feel to it than most other routines.

I also did some Tracy Anderson on the bungee and ball.
As a spark, I started visiting some edited Priority One Getting Started routines
simple to follow moves with MUsic only

Friday, May 8, 2015


A thigh leg cramp struck last night and would not stop like the cramps usually do.    I struggled down our stairs to the kitchen where I had the Hyland's tablet for leg cramps that had to be taken with water.  Thankfully the tablet stopped the cramp and prevented others the rest of the night so I ordered a bunch from Amazon this morning which dissolve under the tongue and will keep them bedside.  Also ordered their leg ointment which has Arnica in it plus a few other ingredients which may work even better on my legs and feet than Arnica gel to get the free shipping.  The Hyland's ointment is actually cheaper than most Arnica gels.

So this morning I did my edited file of the Body By Simone Cardio with Sarah.  The MUsic was awesome and Sarah offered some fun moves on the bungee and ball.  I had to take several breaks because my endurance has disappeared.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Astrid and Suzanne

This morning I did some of Pump the Positive with Astrid Longhurst then my edited file of the second Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walk.  Pump the Positive got surprisingly intense in its last cardio level.   The moves repeat alot in the Arthritis walk but I tweaked them a bit to make the routine more fun and the audio replacement definitely worked better for me.

The best part of WellVideo for me is connecting with vidiots from all over the world and discovering routines I never would have seen without WellVideo.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Downloads

This morning I did two of the Suzanne Andrews downloads.  The first was Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart2 and the second was the Interval routine.   The Heart Walk had lots of fun moves so intend to edit it to replace its audio.   The Interval routine had many of the moves from the Arthritis walks but each done just 15 reps.  OK 15 was a bit high for some of them but mostly do-able.  Once I replace the audio on this one, the only advantage the Arthritis walks will have is the scenic garden.

You can find where to rent or buy these downloads at

Personally, I recommend giving up the garden on the Arthritis DVD walks and get these two for good variety in moves.  Much more fun.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This morning I mostly did a workout called *Fattitude*.
Participating on WellVideo has enabled me to try more routines not available in the US.
At first, I found it too repetitive and slow but it picked up nicely in the second half during the last 2 aerobic segments so may be editing it.

I finally caved on a new pc for our den because it was becoming a nuisance to keep my husband on his race track betting website.  Got a great deal on Amazon!  For the same price as a Toshiba notebook after $30 off for an Amazon credit card, I got this Toshiba laptop with double the memory (4 gigs instead of 2), 15 inch screen instead of 11 inch, 500 gig hard drive instead of just 38 gigs and a dvd burning drive so I am glad I did the research.  I believe Best Buy sells it for the same $229 but not sure.
Check the other *new* offers fulfilled by Amazon to find the cheapest price and free shipping.

Windows8.1 was not the nightmare I was expecting LOL

Monday, May 4, 2015

Peripheral Neuropathy

My worse chronic adverse reaction from over 15 years on Lipitor has been peripheral neuropathy.    My doctors have ignored it but I have to live with this very annoying condition every day and it varies from day to day with no rhyme or reason.  From what I have read, little can be done except for temporary ways to alleviate its effects.  One thing I know I must do is move more often throughout the day.  I have this wonderful laptop in front of me filled with video files, music files, and streaming video sites so I need to use this weapon in my battle and take advantage of the warmer weather and go outside and walk in the sunlight several times a day

This morning I finished revisiting the level 4 cardio of Sue Grant's Older, Wiser and Wonderful which was still wonderful.  It was loaded with wonderful 3D movements without overdoing any of them and most moves worked well on my Jumpsport 550.  Then I did some of the Debby Mack Cardio Kick while sitting on a large stability ball and was losing interest during its one-sided jabs which seem to be going on forever but I am glad I persevered because the workout became quite good afterwards!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Walk 2

This morning I did the second Walk on the Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walk and preferred it.  The music was better and honestly, the voice-over cuing was more of a distraction than a help.  A music only option would have been great but I will do my editing thing. What I much preferred was that the moves alternated sides more, giving it more of an AWT effect and feeling less tedious to try to complete all of the reps on one side.    I woke up too early this morning and this workout was a perfect choice because it was easy to follow and execute without much thinking.  The first half was done standing on my Jumpsport 550 and the second half while sitting on a stability ball.  I used my Fitsticks as my light weights.  No joints complained even though I completed most reps.  Yesterday, my elbows and knees sent a twinge warning so I did not attempt all of the reps.   Later in the afternoon I did my edited version of the first Walk without a band while mostly standing as a spark.  It was half the footage of the first Walk so more like a one mile walk instead of two.  Lots more fun for me with less one sided reps and great music.

I also revisited some of the level 4 Cardio from Sue Grant's Older, Wiser and Wonderful and may continue the revisit tomorrow.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walking Workout

This morning, I did the first Walk which uses a band from the Suzanne Andrews *Arthritis Relief Walking Workout*.

I have hundreds of walking routines but the Arthritis Walks are very special. I love that there is a sitting option and different types of equipment in each.  The scenery is gorgeous in an outdoor garden.  The Audio is mostly a voice-over with cuing and music.  The music in the second walk may be better when peeking ahead and uses light weights instead of a band.  There is a standing and sitting option shown through-out both Walks.  I did much of the sitting on a large stability ball but used a chair when my balance felt too challenged.

Overall, the moves with the band worked the whole body and had a sneaky intensity.  However, some moves had too many reps for my preferences so I intend to edit the video with less reps, especially when on one sided for way too long.   It was suggested to start with just 10 reps and work my way up to the amount being shown for maximum strength.  If using the DVD as is, I would suggest switching sides after each 10 reps.  The moves are very simple to follow and my legs feel well worked so good cross-training.

This DVD including a band is available through CollageVideo

Youtube Finds

I have a post that I will upload later but wanted to share some wonderful (new-to-me) series on youtube which a very sweet lady has shared:

Between the new ones I just received and these, I will be really MUving

Friday, May 1, 2015

Body Project and Debby Mack

This morning I did an edited file of the HIITs routine by Body Project which really clicked for me.
I just loved the MUsic and the moves so this one became an instant favorite.

Then I tried some of the Debby Mack Back2Basics till I totally pooped.  It had pleasant music and cuing and the moves were easy to follow so a total *No Dread* routine.  I realize I moved more to the Music than the actual moves because of the bounciness of the bungee and stability ball so it will be interesting to see how it is with replacing the audio.  This is one of the few dvds that may be better with its original audio for me.  I liked her simple moves and cuing more than that of Debra Mazda's who was like her mentor.  Much better than Leslie's chattiness too IMHO.  What strikes me odd is how the VF reviews for this one were so-so.

This is really funny.  I never realized my old laptop had a card reader slot till I was reading a label claiming it had one and checked where it was located according to the manual.  Very hard to see because black on black but I found it.  Now I can transfer videos on my SD cards!

Stay tuned because in the coming days I will be reviewing the online and dvd routines by Suzanne Andrews.  Meanwhile, you can get her first Walk your Way to a Healthy Heart video free by supplying your email address

For an afternoon spark, I did an edited file of the WeightWatchers Beginner's Punch while sitting on my swivel desk chair in front of my laptop and really enjoyed it!  Using a swivel chair enabled my feet to move differently.