Sunday, May 3, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Walk 2

This morning I did the second Walk on the Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walk and preferred it.  The music was better and honestly, the voice-over cuing was more of a distraction than a help.  A music only option would have been great but I will do my editing thing. What I much preferred was that the moves alternated sides more, giving it more of an AWT effect and feeling less tedious to try to complete all of the reps on one side.    I woke up too early this morning and this workout was a perfect choice because it was easy to follow and execute without much thinking.  The first half was done standing on my Jumpsport 550 and the second half while sitting on a stability ball.  I used my Fitsticks as my light weights.  No joints complained even though I completed most reps.  Yesterday, my elbows and knees sent a twinge warning so I did not attempt all of the reps.   Later in the afternoon I did my edited version of the first Walk without a band while mostly standing as a spark.  It was half the footage of the first Walk so more like a one mile walk instead of two.  Lots more fun for me with less one sided reps and great music.

I also revisited some of the level 4 Cardio from Sue Grant's Older, Wiser and Wonderful and may continue the revisit tomorrow.

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