Sunday, May 17, 2015


Terri Walsh will be sharing her free youtube videos on WellVideo!!!!
Here is her channel

Hopefully, sharing on Wellvideo will earn her more fans who will pay for her downloads.  Lots of international WellVideo members discover *new-to-them* instructors this way.  Great way of advertising.

Ironically my workout consisted of edited files of youtube rebounding routines which will not be made public at the request of their author who prefers to stay anonymous.  Anywho had a ball because of the MUsic I had used.  Moves all worked well on my 550 bungee and stability ball.  Finished with some of an edited Jill Cooper file which was originally in Italian!

WellVideo had another upgrade to fix the youtube coding so the videos have the youtube titles and thumb prints.  However, I can no longer embed WellVideo videos on this blog so removed most of them.  No biggie because I have decided to store my private edits elsewhere.  Most on WellVideo really are not interested in them and I can find and play them easier on another storage video site.  Most of the videos will be for friends only but you can see all of the jessicasmithtv edits here:

If you are a fan of my edits, email me at for more information.
I will not accept friendship offers from strangers.

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