Saturday, February 28, 2015

Editing Video Workouts

I have not worked out yet this morning and intend to add my check in later afterwards.

I wanted to discuss my hobby of replacing the audio in various workouts, old and new.   Often when I share one of these edits, someone wants or would prefer the originals.  If the originals are out-of-print and available to me, I may share them as well.   If still in print, that person has the option of buying the original. I could just keep these edits completely private but I enjoy them too much not to share them privately.  It sounds weird but preserving out-of-print content and some of my edits are sort of a legacy for me.  Besides enjoying both doing and the process of creating them currently, I like to think someone who survives me may enjoy them in the future or learn the process themselves to keep moving and thinking.  Exercising the brain is just as important as the body.

This morning I did some more edited Jessica Smith Walks.  I discovered my new dvd player starts in the middle of a routine where it was previously stopped even if shut off which was a nice feature since I often pick up where I last left off.

As much I I enjoyed the edited Jessicas, an edited file of some Jill Cooper routines which used a rock as a weight instead of a medball, kettlebell or dumb bell was a big winner for me.

original one of three rock routines:

The MUsic I added really brought this to life and the scenery was wonderful.
Original audio was in a foreign language and had annoying wind sounds.

It will definitely be revisited!

Friday, February 27, 2015

JS Walks

This morning I revisited some of the Jessica Smith new walks with replaced audio.  I really enjoyed the Stride and Stretch with the replaced audio!  Most moves on her walks work well on the bungee and ball and most are repeated enough to be creative with some tweaking.  I only used 1/2 pound donut weights for her Tred & Shred walk because I was bouncing and didn't want the extra GForce to aggravate a joint.

Wonder of Wonders, my new Ellen Barrett DVD arrived only one day after most others had received theirs.  I was expecting to have to email their customer service because I didn't get any shipping notices.

Today's sparks were with Ellen Barrett's new Stretch Sculpt.  From its clip and comments made by some who received it before me, I was not expecting much so was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much.  First spark was the first half with its original audio.  I then replaced the audio with 2 different soundtracks.  I just did the first half again with one of the soundtracks and really enjoyed it.  However, since it has so many moves that could aggravate my shoulders, I did it both times without weights isometrically.  I also did some of the horse stance moves while sitting on the Hopper ball.  I really enjoyed it!  It felt good and the music kept me moving as usual.  In my book, it is a winner.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Storage and Burning Options with New DVD Player

Since my new DVD player can play videos in avi format burned to a dvdr by Windows7 without being converted to a movie with VTS files, I am going to store the videos for my next dvdr burn in avi format and see how it compares to burning a movie with Freemake.  The advantages are a much faster burn and an easier to rip dvdr on my laptop.  I can even burn more files in another session if there is space on the dvdr.  Will have to find the disadvantages after the fact which may be less storage space on the dvdr or these dvdrs will not work on all dvd players if this new Player were to die.  One of my old dvd players could play VCD so I suspect I could have done this type of burning for that model.
I could just store the video files on a dvdr as data files without burning for backup storage which is a great option if I didn't want them to play in a DVD Player because the files can be removed, etc.   I had hoped this Player would enable that kind of dvdr storage and playback since it has a USB slot for flash drives but it will only recognize dvdrs which have burned avi files.  Also, it will only play data files from the first burn and not the data files from additional burns. Eventually I may even experiment using a Flash Drive.  For now I have enough blank dvdrs to last quite awhile.

This morning I did the rest of Cardio Bounce Home Advanced then I did the Kamagon routines with Keli Roberts from youtube and loved the moves which worked great with a purple Zumba stick.  I was able to access these files from the dvdr to replace their audio with Freemake then burn the avi files with replaced MUsic to the same dvdr but unfortunately the new DVD Player only saw the original files from the first burn and not the MUsic replaced files burned onto the same DVDr.  I still have lots of room on the dvdr to store future files which will not play on the DVD Player so I still would like a Freemake burn of the files that are stored but do not play on the new player once I have collected 8 hours of such files.

The player is the LG DP 132 for anyone interested in checking it out and still using an old TV without HD. This may be the last of the dvd players with composite only wires made in 2013. Currently less than $28 at Walmart.
There was a bit of false advertising on the box because the only Windows Media it seems compatible with are audio files and the only video file format it is compatible with are avi.
It does load dvds fast and quietly.
The menus, displays and movement between titles are quite good.

Here's the Kamagon routine

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I finally feel like my old self again today.
A series of events which created alot of stress with a damn stress related headache made me lose enthusiasm for posting on my blog.  Finally last night, one night-time Advil relieved the persistent headache and it hasn't returned.

One of the things which had been stressing me is that both of my dvd players developed similar symptoms just as 2 vcrs failed a few weeks ago.    I decided to treat myself to another cheap dvd player and plan to get one at Walmart today.  Meanwhile I did get one of my old units working again each morning including this morning.  It is probably just dust but I do not want this anxiety each morning ruining my favorite part of my day = bouncing to music.
Having our den windows leaking again because of the weather conditions didn't help either.  Several days before the series of events, I had been rather depressed that I had to live with peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus the rest of my life thanks to my doctor's ego.  Well that headache reminded me that there are worse sources of pain!

A huge trigger for the headache was the unreasonable attitude I received online just because I am a JumpSport user and fan.  Granted it was all her own misguided internal demons causing the ruckus but I still let her attitude bother me.  Meanwhile a few people had shown an interest in JumpSports and asked some questions privately.  It is sad I am not comfortable giving advice about bouncing on VF anymore but it is not worth the stress it created for me from people who have their own emotional baggage which I refuse to carry.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited file of Cardio Bounce Home Advanced.  I used some newer MUsic and enjoyed every single tune and bounce.  I must bottle this feeling and take a sip whenever some $hit hits the fan whether it is pain, technology or people.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


I decided after a series of events to take a break from the internet.
My nature has been to want to help people but for now I will be focusing on helping myself and avoiding unnecessary stress.

If anyone needs any sort of advice which I had offered in the past, there is probably a link for it in my favorite links.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


This morning I did a few edited files including another Power mile by Leslie but the stand out winner was a low impact routine by Dakidissa.  My MUsic fitted her simple to follow moves and turned it into a wonderful walking workout.  As usual, I did most of it on my 550 and some on the stability ball.

here is the original:

I may share the file with replaced audio eventually.

Friday, February 20, 2015

JS and LS

This morning I enjoyed edited files of 2 walks:
the new Jessica Smith Low Impact Walk from her 21 day series but with added impact on the bungee and stability ball
then the second mile of the Leslie Sansone Power Walk with Power Surges which were also great on the bungee.

I enjoyed getting back into just bouncing to great music with simple moves.  I wish everyone can experience the joy that workouts like this morning can bring.

Remember to visit WellVideo and share my invitation link with friends

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Handlebar Solutions

As luck would have it, our den windows did leak last night.
I was hoping last winter's episode would not repeat itself.
Thankfully, I still got a good night's sleep because my husband and son took care of it, strategically placing pots, etc.

My son got a nice reward cuz I set up the Urban Rebounder in the basement this morning to see if he could do pull-ups using its handlebar and it worked.  The winter had been making access to outside pull up bars at playgrounds difficult and he has really developed his upper body and didn't want to lose what he had gained.

So now I am more inspired than ever to order the JumpSport handlebar so he could use our 370 frame the same way.  The 370 is much higher than the 550 and I feel wary when dismounting so the handlebar would benefit me as well.  What's truly sad is there are dozens of Costco 350 handlebars wasting away in homes of owners who do not use them.  Maybe I should give Craigslist a shot LOL

This morning I did some of Jessica Smith new dvds but with my edited files.  Really enjoyed them!!

I just wanted to add a reminder that you can visit WellVideo with my invitation link
This link can also be shared with your friends if you think the site will interest them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Done with VF

This morning I warmed up with an edited segment of a Blanche Black's circuit which used a rebounder then did most of an edited Leslie Sansone 3 mile LIVE routine which also used a band.  I did most of the band stuff while bouncing on a stability ball and varied the moves with alittle tweaking to hit more muscles.

I will return to try more George Jones in a day or two.

I mostly did the second half of this clip:

The Leslie 3 mile Live used to be available online through Vimeo but the channel is no longer available.

I have finally made the decision not to participate on VideoFitness anymore.
First there was a discussion about restrictive bras where I tried to warn the fans of restrictive bras that the bras restrict the movement of lymph.  Most reacted with snide remarks.

Then there was another bungee discussion where the bullying by the Bellicon fans made the JumpSport fans feel like losers.  I rather spend my time online with people who appreciate my efforts.

I just wanted to add a reminder that you can visit WellVideo with my invitation link
This link can also be shared with your friends if you think the site will interest them.

ETA: If you have any additional questions about JumpSport bungees not covered in the previous JumpSport blog posts (most are listed in my favorite links), email me or PM me on VF.  I do not sell them nor receive any commissions on their sales but am very satisfied with their quality. I will no longer publicly discuss them, especially on VF.

Monday, February 16, 2015


I had a horrible night last night finally realizing my peripheral neuropathy is probably irreversible.  Honestly, I would prefer a fatal stroke or heart attack to this condition, not that Lipitor is even proven to prevent a heart attack or stroke in postmenopausal women.  Karma being a bitch, I hope everyone my doctor loves is put on a lifetime of statins till they, too develop this permanent damage. Yes, he was blindly following medical protocol but he could have listened to my complaints and stopped this progression of adverse side effects till my nerve damage became permanent.  I tuned into the adverse side effects of Lipitor too late and my doctor's ego prevented me from stopping in time.

Anywho, last evening I stumbled on to some old youtube videos of  German TV Fitness shows with George Jones and cannot believe I never heard of him previously.   He has everything I ever looked for in an instructor which includes personality and music.  Billy Blanks introduced me to video workouts with a kickboxing influence but George Jones took it all to a much higher level with me living in the wrong country.
Komm boxen mit George Y'all!
(and be ready to smile and have fun)

My embedded George Jones Playlist:

ETA: I decided not to post a new day to leave the George Jones embedded Playlist at the top of my blog longer since my workouts will focus on his routines for awhile.  However, I must share that I may have found a great aide in my battle to relieve peripheral neuropathy.  I had read magnets may help and found an old small mattress pad with magnets in a closet which I had used years ago for back issues.  I put the pad on the lower end of the bed for my legs and even if just a placebo effect,  I felt much better in bed and now have way less tingling.  Skin also feels softer.
:::fingers crossed:::

Sunday, February 15, 2015

MsDsVlogs Fondas, LS Walk&Jog, and Suzanne Andrews

Here was the line up this morning:

Some Youtube Jane Fondas with the audio replaced by MsDsVlogs

Some Edited Leslie Walk and Jog

Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart 1 which is being offered free by Suzanne Andrews

All worked well on the bungee and ball.
Though I liked the music I added, Walk & Jog was bland as far as move variety.

I just discovered George Jones Fitness
It is Cardioke meets Boxing!!!  Love it

There are several videos available on youtube
ETA: I just embedded a playlist on tomorrow's blog post

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Amy with Paul and Caribbean Rebounder

This morning I did edited files of Double Down with Amy Dixon and Paul Katami and the Caribbean Rebounder workout.  Loved all of the MUsic used.  Double Down had too many reps of each move for my tastes but did have a few good moves. The Caribbean Rebounder routine worked on the bungee and stability ball nicely.

Now I know why I had replaced the dvd player I am currently using....
it does not shut off!
So I have to remember to pull its plug when done.

I may try to revive the other player.
Hopefully there is just some dust blocking the loading process.

I noticed the Chrome Video Downloader Professional extension offers an option to stream to Chromecast.  I do not own a Chromecast but this may enable streaming downloadable files from WellVideo!

Suzanne Andrews is giving a free download of Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart for Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2015

Jackie and Leslie and Ad Blockers

I have two new favorites as of this morning!
The edited files of Jackie Warner's Xtreme Abs and Leslie Sansone's Belly Blasting Walk.  I used a purple Zumba stick with Jackie and both routines worked on the bungee and stability ball.

Never expected to enjoy the workout this morning after a delayed start.  First the water heater and oil furnace were making weird noises but I think it was just a combination of both taking in very cold water at once.  Everything seems and sounds fine now.

Then my basement dvd player just would not load.  Luckily my spare worked.  May be time to purchase another cheap spare (kicking myself for passing up a nice one this past summer at a garage sale).

just wanted to remind folks that if ads bother you, especially on DailyMotion, get an ad blocking extension for your browser.
For Chrome, I use
For Firefox Adblock Plus

Thursday, February 12, 2015

JS and Nia

This morning I did the edited version of the new jessicasmithtv Kickbox Ballet fusion routine then some of Nia Elements.  I enjoyed the Kickbox Ballet fusion but had alot of weird twinges coming and going (thanks to Arnica gel more going than coming).

Nia Elements was perfect for a day like today.
Unfortunately, Nia removed Elements which was shared during our NY *blizzard*
The Move It and Passion classes with Carlos have been removed from the Nia Vimeo channel as well.
(Good thing I am a compulsive downloader)

Many free Nia classes are still available
see my Nia Online Classes link

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jill Cooper and ShaunT

Most of my workout this morning was an edited version of Jill Cooper's Anti-cellulite Workout which was really unique then I did some of the Shaun T Hip Hop Abs party routines. The Hardy Body Dance Party used light weights and was unique AWT.

In case you missed my post yesterday, I am using a new Chrome extension for downloading files from WellVideo called Video Downloader Professional.  Of course, it only works if Well has a downloadable file and not just an embedded link for the video.  The Administrator will convert the url to a file upon request unless its origin is youtube.  If youtube, you can find it there.  I haven't tried this extension on youtube and read it doesn't work well with youtube.

Somebody was looking for  Jane Fonda step routine and I just saw this

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rev Abs and Jeff Scott

This morning I did edited files of RevAbs Rev It Up and Jeffrey Scott's The Traveler's workout which was on Fitness Glo.  I liked some moves in Rev It Up but it was very repetitious so I am editing the edit LOL
Really enjoyed Jeffrey Scott's warmup and some of the lower body moves.  Both my abs and legs now feel prone to spasms more than usual so will drink extra water and electrolytes.

I found absolutely the easiest way to download a video from WellVideo using Chrome!
Using the Chrome browser, install the extension called
Video Downloader Professional

When you play a video you want to download, click on the arrow in the upper right corner.  You can rename this file whatever you want after it is downloaded (also can move it wherever you want by cutting and pasting) but if it is called MP4 when downloaded, type a period between your file name and the MP4 to keep the MP4 format identification.  The file opens with both VLC and WMP but opens easier if you keep the format extension.
for example, the name should look something like this after renaming

Monday, February 9, 2015

Best Soundtrack!

It is really weird but today I have less pain and spasms but also less energy during my workout in spite of great music.  Anywho I really loved the music I used when editing the 10 minute solution Rapid Results Fat Burner routines.  This is now officially my favorite soundtrack of all edits.  The moves I kept were good on both the bungee and stability ball.


I had to hear the whole soundtrack so even though most of the routine was modified with lower intensity, I kept MUving.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Great Combination of Edited Routines

I enjoyed everything I did today but the star may have been an edited routine from the standing segment of Fabulously Fit Moms Sleek and Sexy which used a scarf.


also enjoyed

I would love to get in contact with the person who replaced the audio

There were a couple of other routines I may eventually store online.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Great Moves and MUsic

This morning I did some edited routines by Cathe.  This current burned dvdr of edited routines I have been visiting is soooo good, I took it out to rip several routines to store online.  The MUsic contained many of my favorites and each routine offered good moves.  I'll continue with this dvdr more tomorrow after I revisit a Katami bar routine.

Online Karma is much more positive today with some nice people saying nice things to me.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Still MUving

I loved all of the edited routines I did this morning which included a couple of Cathe low impact HIITs and a Shape Cardio Interval.  I have lots of edited files on the dvdr I have been visiting and will eventually share some of them.

Great moves and Great MUsic means a happy Bouncin Barb, no matter how rotten I feel when I first try to get out of bed.

I have 2 questions to ask but neither will have a good answer:
Why does it seem like many people I try to help are nasty?
Why do I continue to try to help people in spite of their nastiness?
I must reign in my tendency to try to help for my own sanity since the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

For those who are curious, I was already stressed from nasty encounters with someone who did not understand English well but knew enough English to make me feel rotten.
Then a person who is part of the administration of a new anti-Statin forum shot me down when I suggested exercise????????  pardon my language but all I can think of is WTF!
(oh the only other response to using exercise to feel well was a nut suggesting an expensive vibrating machine instead of moving)
Needless to say, I am staying away from anti-statin forums and toxic people who have giant chips on their shoulders.  Just glad I discovered ways to move that make me feel better.

Anyway this helped to soothe me:
A Nia I missed!
 Elements: A Workout Routine by Debbie Rosas from Nia Technique on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

WellVideo Reminder

If you would like to see my videos and many others,
please visit WellVideo!
The servers are supported by revenue from visitors and the site may have to start charging its members if not visited enough.  You do not have to subscribe if you just want to drop in and check it out as a guest.

If you like what you see and want to become a member, register and friend me (Bouncin Barb) and/or send me a message for more information.

What I appreciate most about WellVideo is that I can share my edited videos there.

Great Routines!

These are the routines I did this morning on the bungee, stability ball, and some while holding a purple Zumba stick instead of a medball:

edited Daily Burn Cardio Ball Sculpt

edited BollyX (original on Booya)

edited jessicasmittv Jump Start Cardio

As usual, it was my MUsic that kept me MUving.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still MUving

I have been so busy uploading edited files to mymail that I forget to check in!

This morning I did some of a ShaunT party workout found on WellVideo which I never got the chance to try because the special Hip Hop Abs bonus set with these party routines sold out.  I like alot of the moves especially on the stability ball but missed pumping MUsic.

I love that my routines are available to play and/or download from the mymail cloud and no longer dependent upon being found on my hard drive or the specific backup burned dvdr.

Yes I could have just done the same thing on WellVideo BUT I couldn't even find my own uploads there because the playlists do not offer a link as easily as other sites.  Plus I was always being asked for the original files with the original audio and they are not easily accessible from dvds and many links no longer work for the online routines.

I enjoy working out with MUsic only and am not storing and trying to provide free access to everything I have edited.  When I think of the all of the captured VHS files lost with my deleted youtube account, it makes me ill.  I saved just my favorite edits and still have the VHS and dvds if I want to revisit the originals.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Darn It :(

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot!
(on the morning of Monday 2/2/2015)
Well last night and this morning, peripheral neuropathy was again intense.
At least I had a glimpse of what life may be like again one day.

This morning I did a bunch of routines burned in 2013, taking notes of which I wanted to revisit.
My favorite was a dynamic stretch with Kathy Smith.

OK now today's post.....
This morning I did an edited Amy Dixon Perfect Body then some of the edited Leslie Sansone Walk It Off in 30 routine.  Liked both, especially the MUsic.

I am really enjoying uploading to
and freeing up my hard drive.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February

I didn't get enough sleep last night but for a great reason.  When I got up for a bathroom visit at 4:30am, I noted I felt so much better than usual.  This realization made me very excited so there was no going back to bed LOL

Yesterday I started two new supplements so not sure if either or both had an effect. I started a CoQ10 with tocotrienols which are similar to Vit E.  I cannot take Vit E because it creates a bleeding tendency and I hope the tocotrienols do not.  The other was another brand of Apple Cider Vinegar tablets which are smaller and easier to swallow.  I plan to take these with two meals a day instead of the other with one meal a day.

So for the first time since forever, I got out of bed without feeling like any of my lower limb muscles were about to spasm.  Also I think the tinnitus was quieter.  It could be that the supplements were beginning to heal whatever was broken and just a coincidence with it happening just when I changed things up a bit.

I also am very excited about discovering which has become a great place to store my smaller video files.  Since I do most sparks in front of my laptop, having these files on a quick to stream cloud makes it much easier to just do it.

This morning I visited several routines on an older burned dvdr.  I liked alot of them BUT they all used basically the same tunes which I was testing at the time they were created so need to mix them up when revisiting.

I may try a rental from Suzanne Andrews because the price is right ($1.99).

Almost forgot to mention.  I think I found a solution to my problem with Handbrake files not being compatible with WellVideo by changing the video codec to MPEG4 from H264.  Only problem is the quality suffers a bit but may be worth the time saved for WellVideo uploads.