Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Storage and Burning Options with New DVD Player

Since my new DVD player can play videos in avi format burned to a dvdr by Windows7 without being converted to a movie with VTS files, I am going to store the videos for my next dvdr burn in avi format and see how it compares to burning a movie with Freemake.  The advantages are a much faster burn and an easier to rip dvdr on my laptop.  I can even burn more files in another session if there is space on the dvdr.  Will have to find the disadvantages after the fact which may be less storage space on the dvdr or these dvdrs will not work on all dvd players if this new Player were to die.  One of my old dvd players could play VCD so I suspect I could have done this type of burning for that model.
I could just store the video files on a dvdr as data files without burning for backup storage which is a great option if I didn't want them to play in a DVD Player because the files can be removed, etc.   I had hoped this Player would enable that kind of dvdr storage and playback since it has a USB slot for flash drives but it will only recognize dvdrs which have burned avi files.  Also, it will only play data files from the first burn and not the data files from additional burns. Eventually I may even experiment using a Flash Drive.  For now I have enough blank dvdrs to last quite awhile.

This morning I did the rest of Cardio Bounce Home Advanced then I did the Kamagon routines with Keli Roberts from youtube and loved the moves which worked great with a purple Zumba stick.  I was able to access these files from the dvdr to replace their audio with Freemake then burn the avi files with replaced MUsic to the same dvdr but unfortunately the new DVD Player only saw the original files from the first burn and not the MUsic replaced files burned onto the same DVDr.  I still have lots of room on the dvdr to store future files which will not play on the DVD Player so I still would like a Freemake burn of the files that are stored but do not play on the new player once I have collected 8 hours of such files.

The player is the LG DP 132 for anyone interested in checking it out and still using an old TV without HD. This may be the last of the dvd players with composite only wires made in 2013. Currently less than $28 at Walmart.
There was a bit of false advertising on the box because the only Windows Media it seems compatible with are audio files and the only video file format it is compatible with are avi.
It does load dvds fast and quietly.
The menus, displays and movement between titles are quite good.

Here's the Kamagon routine

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