Friday, June 3, 2016

Edited JS and Be360

First I did an edit of the jessicasmithtv new step circuit but really want to try this one eventually with the zip trainer instead of tweaking it for a bungee.  Then I did an edit of a Be360 but while sitting on a large stability which worked great.
Last I did some of a BodyJam which was music only which made it much better for me.  I plan to buy the Country Heat series because the music louder or music only DVD option is probably available.  It is becoming clear to me that I much prefer music only.

Since my knee was twinging this morning, I did the BodyJam while sitting on a swivel chair.  One way or another, I find ways to keep MUving.

2 reminders:
(1)the poll is back up on WellVideo if you would like to see a new site with file storing

I know some older members of WellVideo remember how wonderful file storing and sharing was before there were lots of changes which pretty much ruined the community.  Hopefully, most will learn from their mistakes and move forward.

(2) Tomorrow is another KPDanceBody Periscope class

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