Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Reminder

There will be a new KP Dancebody class on Periscope today.  It is scheduled to begin 10:45 am EST so will probably be done and on Periscope for 24 hours ~ noon.

This morning I reconnected with Shine Dance Fitness because the class I tried had loud music and good moves.  Most of the *whoos* were not during a movement.  Since they do repeat their routines, I will just do the ones with loud music and skip the others with louder whoos.

I am beginning to lose hope that WellVideo will have a new site for paid file storage.  It was a huge mistake to take the poll down last Sunday then replace it Thursday evening without any communication.  It had lost all positive momentum and made members confused and less trusting.
Storing video files has become a real roller coaster ride.  Streamnation and Toutbox closed shop and now files on WellVideo will be gone in 2 months.   Hopefully, mymailru and will continue.
(I have stopped using youtube and DailyMotion because private content is not kept private on those sites)

Unfortunately, only 35 minutes of today's KPDancebody class load from both PeriscopeDown and DownloadHelper files.  This 35 minutes includes several minutes before the class begins. I did get 3 more minutes from the live feed before my laptop stopped recording. A file that seemed to have the whole class only had the audio for the second half with the visual focused on an empty floor.  The whole class plays in the Twitter frame on Chrome so I recorded the second half on a mobile phone camera.    There may be a way to record or capture it but not in my arsenal.  Maybe using an older version of Firefox Download Helper.

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