Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another PROBounce Video

This morning I schlept the PROBounce down to the basement so I could record bouncing to an edit of a Jessica Smith Toning Walk using bands.  Unfortunately, youtube blocked the audio just about world wide so will replace the audio then embed it on this post.  It was amazing how much more overhead room I had on the lower PROBounce which leaves me with a dilemma whether to leave it down in the basement or return it to the living room for our son.  As a precaution, I wore my Futuro arch supports and my feet feel fine.  The humidity was very intense this morning so I had to stop and add a sweatband.

(email me if you would like to hear the original edit privately)

link on youtube
It will be ironic if I find I like this audio more!

Also here is the first PROBounce video embedded from DailyMotion

To see either on DailyMotion click on the *dailymotion* in the lower right corner of the video

Here are the recently embedded Jumpsport videos embedded from DailyMotion

ETA 10/01/2015:   I did the third Bungee Ball MU routine on the PROBounce which was recorded on the 550 and had no trouble keeping in time.   The mat definitely has more give than the 550.  Will have to keep a close eye on my feet to see if my feet are more aggravated by the PROBounce mat.  It is hard to determine since I have had weird foot twinges for years.  I did enjoy doing a full range healthbounce without worrying about hitting my head on the basement ceiling! Those few inches overhead make quite a huge difference for me.  Looks like my son will be losing his living room PROBounce LOL

10/02/2015:  so far so good.  My feet actually whined less today than usual!

Monday, September 28, 2015


I never noticed till recently how many views this edited video had received on DailyMotion!

It was one of the best large stability ball routines I had found online.
original on youtube

The original is also embedded on WellVideo

My edit:

I forgot to mention that this WellVideo channel has mostly youtube and youtube edits:

ETA: I did record another PROBounce routine while using a band which will only be available privately because of music copyrights.  However, will replace its audio with something that youtube will allow to play in at least the US and embed it on the blog.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bungee Personal Analysis

(Since this post, I received a hexagon bungee which is now my favorite:

Comparing factors, excluding price of 3 different size bungees.

Larger mats are wonderful for extra space but may develop coning or a soft center.  Higher cord tension may help keep the mat firmer and a quicker bounce.  Looser cord tension can feel either more pleasurable or feel too unstable for comfortable balancing, depending on the individual.  Bungees may loosen the most during their first month of use so being able to adjust the cord tension on JumpSports has been a great advantage.  Their 300 and 500 model series cord warranty is much longer than the one year given by Bellicon and PROBounce.
Shoes or barefeet is another factor to consider when choosing a bungee.  A squishier less stable mat may work ok by wearing shoes for more support as I did when my feet were the worse before I got a JS PRO mat.  I prefer bouncing barefooted but occasionally wear Futuro arch supports found at CVS if I feel a twinge in either foot.  Son bounces wearing just socks and his feet prefer the PROBounce mat.

So I now own 3 different size bungee models:
JumpSport 350/370 40 inch frame with a 370 PRO mat
JumpSport 550 44 inch frame
PROBounce 48 inch (frame measures 50 inches) with Ultra-cords

My favorite is hard to say because it depends on which room they are located.  Each feels slightly different and each has its own advantages so I have no buyer's remorse for any of them and would be perfectly happy if any one of them were my only bungee. I do love the PROBounce for its largest size and lowest height but not sure if the PROBounce mat firmness will be the best for me down the road and only Time will tell.

The 40 inch JS fits perfectly in our den and is the highest so the least preferred for our basement with a low ceiling.  Also being the highest, I am anxious when dismounting since I am short.  I preferred the original 350 skirt mat to the original 370 petal mat which felt claustrophobic and noisier.  The PRO 370 mat feels less claustrophobic but I would have preferred a skirt PRO mat (Beggars cannot be choosers since the mat was free, only paying its shipping costs).  The PRO mats have 36 bungees instead of just 30 so it is a firmer bounce which my feet prefer.  I used the non-PRO mat for 3 year till it started to feel unstable even on its tightest cord tension.  The balance challenge affected my feet poorly.  The PRO mat has made it much better for me.  I highly recommend the 40 inch 350 PRO mat with a skirt fringe to anyone with foot issues.  Exception, if the user is short, then mounting and dismounting can be more challenging. (tip: try a handlebar which is included free from Costco)

The 44 inch JS works great in my basement with caution being slightly lower than the 40 inch model.
(will try the even lower PROBounce there eventually).
It is now on its tightest setting and almost 2 years old.
The mat is not as firm as the 40 inch but the extra mat space is worth the less firm mat tension since I do not go airborne and stay in contact with the mat because of the low basement ceiling.
(tip: Just loosen a few cords near the hinges before trying to unfold it the first time.)

The PROBounce is located in the living room with a high ceiling because our son loves it there.  I love how easy it is for me to mount and dismount being the lowest of the frames and have enjoyed the extra mat space enabling more moves. Just hope the bungees do not become too loose with use for my feet.    Also I have noted I feel the PROBounce more in my calves which is an observation made by Bellicon owners.  Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet for peripheral neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis. (Warning: putting it together is a workout)

We have both been bouncing before meals.  My vigorous healthbounce on the den Jumpsport and son's high bounce on the PROBounce have been in perfect syncopation so either would work well for most cardio.  Weight does not seem to be a factor even though I am 40 pounds heavier than our son.

I judge my lymph pumping by the flapping of my breasts.  I am able to get this action on all three bungees.

Height comparisons for those with short legs and /or low ceilings:
Bellicon 14 inches
JS 550 12 1/2 inches
PROBounce 11 1/2 inches
(because of the shorter legs, the PROBounce is now in my basement)
The PROBounce has not aggravated my feet!

For updates check the bottom of this post:

For demonstrations check my Playlists on youtube or Daily Motion

Someone brought up the question about maximum weight limits on bungees.
The PROBounce Ultra cords limit is 250 pounds.
Jumpsport PRO mats including JS 550 300 pounds. 
Otherwise Jumpsport limit 250 pounds
Heavier weights have no other bungee choice but Bellicon

ETA 11-21-2016:
Currently started working out mostly in our den to use a laptop plugged into power speakers for streaming.   I am using the PROBounce there preferring its larger size to the two JumpSports.  Probounce ultra cords show no wear.  
Do not have enough space in the den for the even larger Hexagon so still use that one in the basement 2 to 3 days a week when doing laundry. 
Besides their larger size, I prefer their lower height for mounting and dismounting.  
My bare feet have been happy on all 4 bungees.

Monday, September 21, 2015

MUsic and Exercise inc PLAYLISTS!

Article about MUsic and exercise:

I know how much better I feel when workingout and afterwards when I use music.
It is an addictive combination.
I simply cannot workout without music which is why I edit easy to follow routines to have music only and have a party every morning.

Come Party with Me!
You can find the videos embedded in previous blog posts

or check any of the 3 playlist links below
(When viewing my recordings, keep in mind I am 66 years old)

These links show the playlists of my videos:

Bouncin Barb Playlist on youtube

Bouncin Barb Playlist on DailyMotion:

For WellVideo, go to my channel where you will find playlists including Bouncin Barb:

For more articles about bouncing to music:

I have various ways of sharing edited files of OOP and public files.
Many can be found on,, and Toutbox.
(youtube blocks music in many countries so is my least favorite video hosting site)

I am next planning to record my bouncing on the new PROBounce to my edit of the Jessica Smith Toning with a Band Walk because I really enjoyed this one this morning on the JS550 and want to compare how it feels on the PROBounce.  However, I have to wait for a morning that my husband does not need his laptop and have my son bring the PROBounce to the basement. (I can bring downstairs myself but our Aspie son likes to feel useful by carrying heavy things)

I picked a way too humid morning for this one!
(and had to replace the soundtrack afterwards because of copyrighted tunes)

BB PROBounce 2 MU band for public sharing by POMBarb

One thing really great about editing audio, I do not have to hear the shouting.  Do any of the trainers realize how annoying hearing *WHOO* can be?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

PROBounce in Action

This morning I freestyled on my new PROBounce bungee while playing tunes on my mobile phone and recorded the action between water breaks (lots of breaks cuz I drink alot of water LOL).   The audio gets much louder about the 1:30 mark after moving the mobile phone closer to the laptop.

I found the timing of the kind of combination healthbounce and dance that I do was just about the same as it is on the JumpSport550.   The main difference between the two models  is slightly more room on the PROBounce, making me feel a bit more stable.    The only advantage I can see in the more expensive JumpSport are the thicker adjustable bungee cords with a better warranty.  Only time will tell how long the PROBounce cords may last.

available links, each play differently on their hosts:
music is blocked in Germany and on some devices by youtube

I will continue doing my morning workouts in the basement on the 550 because of the dvd player/tv/stereo sound system/mirror and freestyle to MUsic throughout the day on the PROBounce in the living room. 

Friday, September 18, 2015


The 48 inch PROBounce bungee with ultra cords arrived!
(the frame actually was 50 inches on my tape measurer)
Putting it together was no picnic.
It was a real workout and sweat producing.

It looks well made except for one cord which I may have damaged sliding it around the frame to get the silver connector where I wanted it but there are 4 extra cords so no harm, no foul.  My husband had to help me connect the last part of the frame and one of the cords.  Otherwise, I did it myself and didn't draw any blood LOL
I alternated 4 cords and 5 cords between the 8 legs.

Once it is together it is light and easy to move.

It is quiet as long as I find the sweet spot on our squeaky floor.
All I hear are the feet hitting the mat.

The bounce is absolutely wonderful.  It is responsive and totally none jarring.  I can really go airborne in our living room with a high ceiling and do not feel at all unstable when landing.   The mat stays flat enough where I have no trouble doing the kickbutt style of running.  Quite honestly,  I can no longer recommend a more expensive smaller Jumpsport Pro unless with time, I find the mat aggravating my bare feet.  Personally, cannot imagine why a Bellicon would be worth double the price (almost triple the pre-order price), especially since the legs are shorter on the PROBounce.
I do not feel anxious when dismounting at all.

That being said, I probably get more of a lymph pump on the JumpSport 550 with its firmer heel landing.  Will keep that one in the basement for now, hoping the PROBounce will keep me moving more throughout the day.  I may set up the laptop to record some action tomorrow morning.

ETA: my son likes the new PROBounce the most so will be leaving it in our living room with a higher ceiling.

The PROBounce mat is 10 inches longer in diameter than my 40 inch JumpSport PRO mat and 5 inches longer than my 44 inch 550 Jumpsport mat.  Plus no petals or skirt in the way.
It is a softer bounce but not a slower bounce.  The mat does not pronate my feet/ankles (no coning) and does not feel unstable like the JS 350/370 mats did before I got a PRO mat.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PROBounce and 550 Embedded Vids

So I got all excited this morning that my new PROBounce 48 inch bungee had been shipped and was expected to be delivered on Tuesday, today being Tuesday.

Unfortunately, it is NEXT Tuesday LOL

Oh well, never know, it could be Monday.

I plan to post about it here so stay tuned if you want to hear how it compares with my 40 inch and 44 inch JumpSports.

Since I have a whole week to wait to try the new bungee, I recorded a third Bouncin Barb BungeeBall routine:

BB BungeeBall MU3

also on

Here are the first two of this series:

BB BungeeBall MU1

BB BungeeBall MU2
(LOL finally figured out how to embed a smaller video on the blog)

ETA Friday: Last evening, the PROBounce arrived about 20 minutes from my home.  This morning it arrived less than 5 minutes from my home where it will probably sit till Monday!

ETA 8:47 am It is on the truck for delivery! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Warm Wishes

Many of my online friends are going through stressful times because of injuries or having a family member suffering a fatal illness  All we can do is take care of ourselves the best we can under rotten circumstances.

I am hoping my friends are creating wonderful memories with their loved ones and that suffering is minimal.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rave: August Soul Sweat with Chantel

I like most of the Alchemy of Motion Soul Sweat routines but never expected to like the *August Soul Sweat with Chantal* routine as much as I did.  The MUsic was unique.  The moves were unique yet easy to follow.  Chantal usually loses me in either tricky choreo or too many repetitions but this routine made me a Chantal fan.   I thought I was getting burnt out on the the PowHow Alchemy of Motion Soul Sweat  classes uploaded by Lucy Wallace but am now excited again!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pumping Lymph

This site has lots of information about how to pump lymph and why the 350/370 JumpSport with adjustable cords is this reviewer's favorite bungee:
He should try the PRO mats if he really wants to find the firmest bungee bounce!

This site was one of the factors that made me lean towards getting the 44 inch JumpSport 550 instead of the Bellicon 49 inch model besides wanting to avoid a squishy mat which is not good for Plantar Fasciitis.  The arrival of the new PROBounce on the bungee scene will be interesting to investigate and compare with my JumpSports.

One woman insisted on getting a 49 inch Bellicon with lower resistance cords than the site above would suggest, even though the healthbounce was her main focus.  Anywho I had not visited the site in awhile so revisited it and found some interesting explanations about how I often feel.  The annoying *hives*, itchiness, weird underarm smell, and *out-of-sort* flu-like systems I sometimes get are actually a sign that my body had toxic waste to shed.  I am embracing these symptoms and will actually do the heel landing healthbounce more to produce them and hope one day they will just stop.  It was not intensity that produced these symptoms but productive lymph pumping.
I can also get this action sitting on a stability ball.  The more the girls bounce and the harder they hit bottom (that flapping sound) is actually an indication that the movement is pumping lymph.
I bounce bra-less because I want to pump lymph  and I have read how going bra-less is much healthier.
(OK I hate bras too and always have)

Many will disagree with the above thinking their breasts will become droopier or hurt too much when flapping but the connective tissue will actually strengthen and the sensations become more comfortable.

The new PROBounce ships this week!!!
Since I loved my cheap YogFlex,  I am not expecting it to surpass my 550 but just give me an alternative bounce with more overhead and sideways space like my dear departed YogFlex.