Thursday, June 30, 2016


I started visiting some of the streams and did a short Trainer Cardio that was great on the bungees!  Hope there will be more of these down the road.

Then I did an edited file of a BreakDown.  At first I was going to skip the BreakDowns but tried adding MUsic to one and loved the results.  Doing these will get me more used to their cardio in other routines too.

I am hoping the same songs are not repeated too often but I do enjoy the choreo more than TA.

WellVideo may be starting an upgrade soon.  As of today, I could not upload a file to share and can only paste urls from other host sites.

WellVideo will not store files anymore but a new site will

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Great Edit

This morning I bounced to a TA stream which had good music and moves but the edited Jessica Smith youtube walk for the Upper Body was really awesome.

Looking forward to her lower body walk edit maybe tomorrow

As much as I try to avoid and ignore toxic people and their minions, 
I am still stalked.

These people will never understand my true nature because it is so unlike their own.
They are drawn to People-Pleasers like flies to honey.
Hurt me once, shame on you. 
Hurt me twice, shame on me.
My only choice is not to play.
Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
Also treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.
If someone is toxic, RUN!

Do NOT let Toxic Trump become the next POTUS!

Choose Sharing over Greed.
Choose Tolerance over Intolerance.
Choose Kindness over Nastiness.
Choose Honesty over Deceit.
Choose Intelligence over Stupidity.
Choose Love over Hate.
Choose Peace over Violence.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Just got back from a winning trip in AC this afternoon and have been busy exploring the DanceBody streaming the rest of the day.  The quality is much better than the Periscope streams BUT all are recorded from the back of the class.  I liked the angle in the Periscope streams more.  Doing these streams will help to keep up in the Periscope classes.

I am just focusing on the Sculpt standing segments for all levels and the level II cardio.  I do not do mat work or complicated choreo.  To check out the streaming plans, go to and click on the streaming tab.

Tomorrow I may be ordering the new Jessica Smith dvds.
Busy Busy Busy

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last of KPDanceBody on Periscope

Today were the last KPDanceBody classes to be offered on Periscope.

Luckily I caught both classes LIVE with Firefox Download Helper because the Periscope TS file did not have the second class.  You can see the whole second class on Twitter using Chrome but cannot produce a file including the second class with Periscope Down.
The file of the first class ended with an explanation of their streaming which launches Monday.

The first class recorded LIVE flawlessly except for a rotten camera angle.
The second class had a glitch when adjusting the camera so I had to edit the two parts separately or one part would have been upside down.

They were also on FaceBook Live.
I was able to download both from FaceBook with Firefox Download Helper and did not need to rotate the videos!
The camera angle was better on FaceBook (less of her head cut off)
BUT could not hear Katia at the end because the audio was out of sync.

Overall, I prefer the FaceBook Live visual and wish it had been offered for previous streams.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Double KP Classes Tomorrow!

Trump Economics 102

A recent analysis by Moody's rating agency:
 Trump's policies could result in up to 7 million U.S. jobs lost.

How can anyone really believe that Trump should be the next POTUS?
His business focus will greatly influence his political focus.
His business will always come first.

The man is an expert at paying little to no taxes.
He will try to make that even more possible for him and his kids in the future.
His tax returns must be made public!
(just imagine his tax audit for 2015 after becoming a candidate and how many IRS agents will be needed to ever complete that audit)

The man is an expert at paying as little as possible for services.
He is the opposite of Robin Hood, stealing from the poor so he can be richer.
No way will he do a 180 degree turn and help the blue collar and middle class.
His law suits and bankruptcies are proof of his *deal making* focus.

He rarely donates cash to any charity.
(Thanks to pressure from the press, he did make a donation to Veterans)

He cares little about anything except getting every dollar he can without any empathy for the people he fleeces.  He is a sociopath with no conscience.

Everything he is promising to stop, he is guilty of doing and will never stop:
tax loopholes, outsourcing business to countries with cheaper labor, hiring illegal immigrants instead of union members, paying his own assets with campaign funds, etc.
(he is only forgiving the loans he made to his campaign fund because after the convention, he can only be repaid $250,000 and he is far from having enough in the campaign fund to pay back those loans)

He believes any lie he says enough will become the truth in most ignorant minds.
He is an economic bully as well as a social bully.
Do not make the US the next big mark for this con man.
Pt Barnum is known for claiming there is a sucker born every minute.
Lots of suckers are being born in the US.


As far as international economics:
Trump did not know what Brexit was when interviewed and had it explained to him, deciding quickly he was for the UK parting ways with EU.
He then plans a business trip to Scotland because of his golf courses coinciding with the Brexit vote.
Scotland wanted the UK to remain in EU!
A POTUS candidate and business man with assets in Scotland should have been more informed about their politics and economy.
To add insult to injury, the jerk blames President Obama because the POTUS tried to warn the UK of the consequences if leaving the EU.  Remember, Trump believes any lie he says enough will become the truth in most ignorant minds.

The UK's main motivation for leaving the EU was to stop immigration, not that it is easy to immigrate to the UK with its current Visa system or our son would be working and living there.  To put their economy and the world economy at risk was letting irrational fear have more power than common sense.
I have witnessed the damage a Demagogue can do to an online community and shudder to think what one will do to our country and the world.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Favorite Edit

Today's winner was an edit of a Tracy Campoli video.  The moves were great on the bungees and the music perfect.  When editing, I had repeated it to make the video longer.


edited file:

I also did more AKT cardio and some Classical Stretch.  Actually, I did a bunch of CS warm-ups. I love the CS warm-ups but my body really does not care for the the style otherwise.

For KP updates on Instagram:
Streaming Launch date is 6-27

(For the next few days I will be bouncing to TA and doing some Classical Stretch warmups.  Today I also started burst training using my recumbent bike on our patio which I hope to do 2 to 3 times a week)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

AKT, TA, and SweatLab

This morning I did some AKT cardio then some edited SweatLab then some TA.
SweatLab has lots of nice youtube clips
(of course I prefer my edits)

5 days till KPDance body streaming!

This periscope class was posted today but was originally shared 5-28
most are removed from Periscope after 24 hours

Other links from this past weekend may still be working too
(check my Saturday and Sunday posts)

I use Freemake Video Converter to rotate Periscope videos.
However, I added two links that offer other alternatives.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Trump Campaign or Scam-pain

So Trump *loans* money to his campaign then pockets the money by paying his resorts, golf clubs, private security, restaurants and the company that runs his planes, helicopters, etc. and expects to have his loans repaid by donors.


Self-Funding or another scam?

What will it take to wake up the idiots who think he is presidential material.

We have another billionaire who understands what true giving is and how his wealth can make life safer for some.   Mark Cuban donates money towards the over-time of Dallas police so his home town can be safer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Edited Alchemy and Shine

This morning I did some youtube Bombay Jam then Get Sexy Shoulders/arms then edited Alchemy of Movement and last but not least edited Shine Dance Fitness, removing most of the obnoxious audio.  The Shine routines were so much better after editing!  On their FaceBook page someone recently gave them a one star review because of the *Whoo*s, etc.  Hopefully, the instructor will try to refrain from yelling out annoying sounds but I doubt she can break these habits.  It may be fine during a live class but very annoying when doing a stream with the volume loud for the music.
There have been other dance streams (Jessica, Oula, Plyojam) with annoying sound effects by the instructor which ruin the effect of their great music, exception being KPDanceBody on Periscope.
KPDancebody will be streaming soon and hopefully will keep their loud music.
(6 more days and counting till DanceBody streams)

Trump fired his campaign manager who wanted Trump to be Trump.
Guess it is time to see if the old orangutan can learn new tricks.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

More KPDanceBody on Periscope

More Periscope DanceBody links posted today:

the ending of yesterday's Sculpt class

part 1 of Maddie Cardio posted 06-19
(actual class may have been 16 days ago)


This morning I did some more youtube Bombay Jam then some TA then some Shine Dance Fitness.
Much prefer TA for MUsic only!
(unless one Shine Dance Fitness Class will be when the instructor has laryngitis)

It makes me ill to think this pastor had more people attending his hate speak this week:

This man is as bad as any Radical Islam leader.
Freedoms of Speech and Religion have gone too far.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

KPDanceBody on Periscope Today

The class started before 11am EST without any warning.

The PeriscopeDown TS file is missing over 30 minutes, mostly in the middle of the workout and alittle at the end.
The MP4 file from Firefox Download Helper had most of the workout but cutoff even sooner than the TS file did.  I had the last few minutes that appeared LIVE and added them but even the LIVE segment ended when the TS file ended.

This morning I did an edit of the extended cardio from Michael Carson's Get Sexy, some Shine Dance Fitness and some of a TA class.  I loved Michael and TA but that instructor from Shine just does not realize how her yelling poorly affects the effect of her classes.  Even when another person is leading the class, the *owner*? is yelling out unnecessary cues and sound effects.  Today *Whee* became one of her favorite shout-outs beside *Whoo* and *Oh*.   Besides loudly cuing the wrong move, she counts loudly in the beginning of reps instead of a coutdown when we are approaching the last rep.  She really needs to do her own streamed classes herself to see how annoying her cues and sound effects are.  $10 a month is too much for her screaming and horrible cuing, especially since the routines repeat alot.  Then again, it is still a better deal than Alchemy of Movement which has its share of yelling and repetitive routines.

Whoops, I left one edit out I enjoyed alot, I edited a bunch of Bombay Jam routines from youtube and really enjoyed them!

Friday, June 17, 2016

KP actually Courtnay

This morning I did some KPDanceBody with Courtnay, loving it as usual then some Ellen Barrett Fat Burning Fusion which was good but too repetitive so I edited it and took out extra reps and added music and now am looking forward to trying this new edit!

It is sad to see the GOP Congress still allowing LGBT discrimination in the work place.
Remember to
against hate, discrimination, and bullying.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I have been stressed because of the Orlando massacre and the jerk running for POTUS and his sidekick (Dumb and Dumber).  The idiot sidekick said we should bomb overseas in retaliation for the Orlando shooting.  Um, where and why?  This was the act of an unstable lone wolf who projected his self-hate on to innocent victims, victims who deal with this hate daily from American politicians and religious leaders.
One has to wonder why these *leaders* and their followers are so obsessed about gay rights. How happy can they be in their own lives if so obsessed?

OK retaliate and shove those Freedom of Religion bills where the shine does not shine and remove all politicians and religious leaders who preach hate from their podiums and pulpits and ban assault rifles.   Trump wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will reverse gay marriage rights.  Sidekick vetoed gay marriage in NJ.  Just thought I should mention there are huge Muslim communities in NJ.  Way to go our wonderful idiotic governor.
This morning when I woke up neither our FIOS internet or phone were working so after tediously jumping through hoops on both mobile phones, I finally got a FIOS tech support person who informed me, it was just maintenance.  He explained they do this twice a month during the night.  Why did FIOS not explain this to their customers? and save them lots of aggravation???

Anywho I worked out and was miserable having lots of twinges triggering in several parts of my body.  The loud instructor in Shine made me more miserable.  After several attempts with videos that my mind and body rejected, thankfully, I finally clicked with an edit of a John Abdo Walk.

very happy I did not give up!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Homophobia, call it what it is

More and more Homophobia seems to be the main cause of the Orlando Massacre.

It does not matter if it were radical Christian or radical Islam ideology that added to the instability of the shooter's mind.  Our society is not kind to LGBT citizens.  Our society is not kind to Muslims, especially after 9/11 and worse since more recent radical Islam terrorism around the world.  The GOP primary and recent GOP freedom of religion bills which discriminated against LGBT demonized both Homosexuals and Muslims. The hate I see daily takes its toll.  I have seen how it has affected me as the mother of a gay man. I can only imagine what the combination of homosexual feelings and being Muslim can do to an unstable person since both groups are demonized in our country.
It disgusted me to hear the hate from Dr. Carson.  A Black man who became a medical doctor.  Hate was more powerful than education in his case.  I worked in a hospital and know firsthand how many Muslims and homosexuals are in the medical profession.

There is a belief that the worse Homophobes are those who are trying to suppress homosexual feelings.  Maybe if religious leaders and politicians would stop their hate trains, there would be less radical homophobia and homosexuals could have equal rights and the pursuit of happiness that our Constitution guarantees with separation of Church and State.

Politicians who cannot separate Church and State should not hold public office.
Religious leader who cannot remove hate from their pulpit have their own agendas and their congregations do not have to follow them.

Choose Political Correctness over Bullying.
Choose Love instead of Hate
Live and Let Live.

Monday, June 13, 2016

WeightWatchers Barre3 Offer

2 free Barre3 Workouts are being offered by Weight Watchers:

Hate is Poison

Imagine being a parent and being notified that your child was killed in the Pulse night club while never even knowing that your child was gay.   Thanks to our intolerant society, many gay children are afraid to come out to their parents.  Some parents have made it very clear that they will never accept a gay child.  They actually hate the reality that a child is gay more than they love their child.   Sad but True. Other parents like myself after a grieving process, love their child and evolve.
For the parents who knew and accepted their children, it has been very difficult to see so many Americans demonize their child.
Now those same people want to demonize Muslims, even though they made life so much harder for GLBT children and their families.

Do not let this tragedy promote more hate in the form of Islamophobia.
Many of the people who want to demonize Muslims have also demonized GLBT.
It is about Hate.
It is about Homophobia.
It is about being able to buy an assault rifle and high power ammunition to kill another human being because of hate.

Stopping the immigration of the Muslim victims of Radical Islamic terrorism is not the solution.
The people who want to demonize Muslims are helping to create future Radical Islamic Terrorists.
The people who want to demonize GLBT citizens must not hold a public office and be given the power to discriminate.

Just say *No* to irrational hate.
If your religious leader promotes hate, find another place of worship.
If a politician promotes hate, VOTE!

Trump is the Embodiment of Hate

As a woman, I had to listen to misogynistic remarks my whole life.
As a Jew, I had to listen to antisemitic remarks my whole life.
As a mother of a gay man, I have had to listen to homophobic remarks the past 18 years since our son came out.
As the mother of an autistic man, I have had to listen to bullying behavior of those who do not give a damn about my son's feelings.

Now I have to hear the same divide and conquer bullying behavior directed at Mexicans and Muslims.
It is not just embarrassing but disgusting that a nominee for POTUS is a bully and a bigot.

How can parents teach their children to be respectful of other people with this narcissist as a role model???

Vote and prove the majority of people in this country prefer civility and respect for one another over ignorance and hate.  Since when is being a bully better than being politically correct?

ETA: It looks like the GOP is trying to motivate Democrats who support GLBT equal rights to become Islamophobic.  Does it really matter what the religion is of a religious fanatic?  How about having this tragedy motivate the GOP not to discriminate against GLBT equal rights and to stop promoting ignorance and hate?

The GOP supporting GLBT discrimination need to be more honest about their own label and spreading of hate:

There are gay Democrats and gay Republicans.
There are gay Hispanics, gay Blacks, and gay Asians.
There are gay Muslims, Christians and Jews
Every single political party, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. has gay members.
Also each of these groups has the potential to create hate and violence towards each other, especially towards GLBT.

The GLBT community have more in common with the American Muslim community than some American Christians who deny GLBT equal civil rights.
Both groups are treated poorly by bigots and bullies.
People who prefer Love to Hate need to stand together.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Daily Burn 365

I never saw any tweets from KPDanceBody yesterday so do not think a Saturday class was done for Periscope.

Class was today!
(tip: I used Handbrake on the PeriscopeDown TS file then rotated it with Freemake Video Converter)

KPDanceBody streaming will be starting next week!!!
Will post when I know more.

This morning I mostly did some DailyBurn 365.  Every week, except the Memorial Day Monday, there has been a free class on youtube.  I enjoyed some of the moves and fast forwarded through others and overall, felt a good cross training effect.  Their cardio was great on the bungees.

It is ironic how people who lean towards ignorant hating support having guns but are Prolife.  Also they are against equal rights for GLBT tax paying citizens and want to ban Muslims from entering the US.  Equal rights for all means losing religious freedom to them??  Just once I would like to see such hate directed at people who eat shellfish so it is less hypocritical.
They want protection from foreign terrorists yet domestic terrorists kill people in abortion clinics, places of employment, public events, schools, and last night, a gay night club.
Hate is Hate no matter which religion (or politician) is preaching it.
The shooter was born in America and hated seeing two men kiss.
Bet there are many deluded people dancing on roof tops today (and some are still eating shellfish).

My heart goes out to the many families who lost a love one last night.

There is good reason why Trump's tweets about this horrible massacre are so off point:
he has no heart. (not much of a brain either)
He rather use it to bolster Islamophobia than feel any empathy for the GLBT community and their families.  The Muslims who do not hate are also victims of this hate crime.
(note: there are plenty of non-Muslims celebrating this massacre)

LOL Trump was shooting himself in the foot yet again, claiming if people in the bar had guns, the tragedy would have ended differently (perhaps more people killed with bullets flying from more directions?).  Yes by all means let guns in a bar where people drink and of course, as he said before, even in schools.  The shooter shot a security guard to enter the bar.  Imagine if anyone could bring a weapon into anyplace without any security.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fickled Again LOL

This morning I did a few edited Alchemy of Movement routines and a part of a TA class.  I had edited some Alchemies, keeping just the tunes I wanted to revisit.  I really enjoyed routines with Erin and Tori because their music is louder than their cuing.  I enjoyed them so much that after I get done editing what I already have, I may subscribe for another month to get new music and choreo to edit.  Most of the tunes I did were easy to tweak on both bungees.   I had so much fun, I may eventually record myself doing some of them.

I also enjoyed the upper body and some cardio with light weights in a TA class while sitting on a large stability ball.  Upper body cardio is supposed to help lower blood pressure and definitely seems to do that for me.

I have not seen anything posted about a Periscope KPDanceBody class today so it may be over ....

Trump added two words to his slogan:
Make America Great again
For Everyone

of course he left out a few words:
*For Everyone Who Kisses My A$$*
is what he really wanted to say

Friday, June 10, 2016

Loved Erin Today!

I enjoyed all I did this morning:

some of an edited Alchemy with Lucy as a warmup
some of a youtube Jennifer Galardi Ballet Body
an edited Alchemy with Erin
a youtube gyrokinesis demo:

I like Ballet Body but have to be careful not to trigger muscle spasms with it.
Erin's Imagination was edited to offer just my favorite tunes.
The edit worked well on both bungees and ball.

Just a few thoughts about the POTUS and the internet:
I have had a great deal of trouble using government websites for years.  Just this past open season in November, there was a big change in medical insurance plans for federal employees and retirees.  My husband and I had the option of choosing a *one plus one* plan instead of a family plan.   Their website would not enable making this change and we had to call dozens of times over the next two weeks to get through to a person to make the change.  This change should have been a simple choice through snail mail or when signed into my husband's account but was not.  Just signing into my husband's government account for medical insurance information had been complicated and difficult and as most of my friends know, I am very pc savvy.

My husband found using a computer in his office way too confusing for him.  It was a huge part of the stress contributing to early retirement and he claimed he was one of the best in his office at using their computer system!  I am still amazed at this claim because I have witnessed his inability to use a pc and the internet for years.

So Hilary was brilliant to have her own private email account.  It is a real invasion of privacy and obscene to think of anyone having their private email investigated and read by strangers.  Just the thought of someone seeing my typos makes me cringe.
Her emails have been under investigation for a very long time and no serious breech in security has been proven.  Much more transparency about her tax returns which are posted online too.  Technology for browsers and social media changes almost daily as do the government regulations about them.

Trump has Twitter diarrhea and tweets whatever he feels like saying with no filter or discretion.  He either has dementia or is a pathological liar and is always contradicting himself.  He uses Twitter to deliver childish attacks. What do you think his official private email will look like?
(we may never see his tax returns)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shine and Alchemy

This morning I did a Shine Dance Fitness class till the instructor started her screeching.   I will definitely not do a paid subscription because most tunes repeat alot and most have her screeching.  Very often her cuing is wrong too.  She acts like people are tuning in for her and not the tunes and choreography.   This attitude is fine if free but not going to help sell subscriptions.

Next I did some edited athletic cardio and then some Alchemy of Movement which I also doubt will receive more $$ from me.

Just hope the future KPDanceBody streams are as good and better than their Periscope classes.

The Wonderful Wizard of WellVideo has spoken
and WellVideo will remain online indefinitely!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tweaking and Freestyling

I did some KPDanceBody that included the song *Sorry* then some BodyJam which included the same song which made me more aware of what I liked and didn't like about the choreo of each.  I like KP moves but would prefer if the same move were repeated for more reps before switching to another.  Just as I am catching on to a move, it disappears for awhile and by the time it returns, I am having it disappear again just as I am enjoying it so continue do the move I like for a few more reps, missing the next move or two or three.  With BodyJam, the same moves are repeated so much that I start tweaking them to the point that I am more free-styling than following their routine.  Also they are too one-sided and not using both sides equally so I start reversing the moves to be more equal.  To find routines that repeat moves I like just the right number of reps is almost impossible.  Shine Dance Fitness comes close but the *Whoo*s ruin most of their routines for me.   Alchemy of Movement repeats the same moves too much within the same longer routines.  So I automatically tweak or freestyle no matter what I am doing as long as I like the music and some moves.
Bottomline my favorite routines are my edits with MUsic only and keeping just the moves I like.

I want to thank Trump for being such a jerk.   Thanks to his personality disorder,  most equal rights are protected and these ridiculous freedom of religion bills that discriminate will be tossed and our country will become more unified than separate.  Bullies will always be bullies but it is nice to know they are the actual minority. It is about time this country had a female as POTUS and a working Senate.    So thank you Mr. Trump for unifying our country against you and your ilk.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TA and Lucy

This morning after walking to vote, I did some TA and then some Alchemy of Movement with Lucy.

I was surprised to see so many voting in  just a primary today.   Eight years ago, I wanted to vote for Hilary but was a registered Republican so soon afterwards, officially changed my registration.  

The stupidity of Trump is louder and clearer than ever.  He is on attack against everyone who speaks out about his attacks on the Federal judge assigned to his Trump University law suits.   Besides the media and high ranking GOP, he is insulting his own staff who wanted to keep these pending lawsuits in the courts and out of the media circus.  He is abusing his power as a candidate for POTUS and being a bully about something that is personal and not in the best interests of the country.   Imagine if he were POTUS!  He would not listen to his staff or cabinet or anyone else.  Do not give this counter-punching bully access to nuclear missile codes!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Shine and KP

Yesterday I tried a bunch of Shine classes and skipped tunes with screaming.  
This morning I did a KPDancebody which started with choreo that did not click with me but did get better after the first third.

I do not know if the new WellVideo site with file storage will happen or not but lots of great stuff has been shared recently which will disappear in 2 months.   It is sad to see less votes than what we had last year when the site was loaded with files, many of which have been deleted since.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Reminder

There will be a new KP Dancebody class on Periscope today.  It is scheduled to begin 10:45 am EST so will probably be done and on Periscope for 24 hours ~ noon.

This morning I reconnected with Shine Dance Fitness because the class I tried had loud music and good moves.  Most of the *whoos* were not during a movement.  Since they do repeat their routines, I will just do the ones with loud music and skip the others with louder whoos.

I am beginning to lose hope that WellVideo will have a new site for paid file storage.  It was a huge mistake to take the poll down last Sunday then replace it Thursday evening without any communication.  It had lost all positive momentum and made members confused and less trusting.
Storing video files has become a real roller coaster ride.  Streamnation and Toutbox closed shop and now files on WellVideo will be gone in 2 months.   Hopefully, mymailru and will continue.
(I have stopped using youtube and DailyMotion because private content is not kept private on those sites)

Unfortunately, only 35 minutes of today's KPDancebody class load from both PeriscopeDown and DownloadHelper files.  This 35 minutes includes several minutes before the class begins. I did get 3 more minutes from the live feed before my laptop stopped recording. A file that seemed to have the whole class only had the audio for the second half with the visual focused on an empty floor.  The whole class plays in the Twitter frame on Chrome so I recorded the second half on a mobile phone camera.    There may be a way to record or capture it but not in my arsenal.  Maybe using an older version of Firefox Download Helper.

Trump Economics 101

Why doesn't Trump put his money where his mouth is concerning the economy of the US?

He has most of the products with his branding manufactured in other countries including a clothing line made in Mexico.

He has used illegal immigrant workers instead of union workers.

He has tried to pay as little as possible in taxes and will not share his tax returns.

He offers free rounds of golf and hotel rooms to charity, rarely cash.

He loves debt and bankruptcy, making everyone else carry the burden of his ventures.

He loves law suits, including even suing his rich business partners from China who bailed him out.

He has conned people out of money with a fraudulent university.

If anyone thinks he will do anything for the middle class, think again.

Instead wasting money building a wall between the US and Mexico, how about improving the infrastructure in the US and restoring homes to people who lost them because of Mother Nature.  This would create lots of jobs as well.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Edited JS and Be360

First I did an edit of the jessicasmithtv new step circuit but really want to try this one eventually with the zip trainer instead of tweaking it for a bungee.  Then I did an edit of a Be360 but while sitting on a large stability which worked great.
Last I did some of a BodyJam which was music only which made it much better for me.  I plan to buy the Country Heat series because the music louder or music only DVD option is probably available.  It is becoming clear to me that I much prefer music only.

Since my knee was twinging this morning, I did the BodyJam while sitting on a swivel chair.  One way or another, I find ways to keep MUving.

2 reminders:
(1)the poll is back up on WellVideo if you would like to see a new site with file storing

I know some older members of WellVideo remember how wonderful file storing and sharing was before there were lots of changes which pretty much ruined the community.  Hopefully, most will learn from their mistakes and move forward.

(2) Tomorrow is another KPDanceBody Periscope class

Thursday, June 2, 2016


This morning I bounced with the first Tracy Anderson Master Class found in the archives during the free access to her streaming.  The music was absolutely amazing.

Part of my Philosophy:

There are negative people who can drain positive energy.
If someone is draining your positive energy, walk away,
better yet: RUN away!
(especially if the person seems to have a toxic personality disorder without boundaries)

In anticipation of the BeachBody Country Heat series, I edited some videos:
Here are some links which may work for you

Kathy Smith Matrix with Country Music:

2 soundtracks for Denise Austin Country:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

KP and TA

It may sound awfully strange that a 67 year old woman is enjoying Katia Pryce DanceBody Periscope videos and Tracy Anderson Method cardio while bouncing on a bungee rebounder or large stability ball but that is exactly what I did this morning and really loved both styles.   Both routines had pumping music and simple to tweak moves.  No screaming and *Whooing*.

Also this morning the first Bridal Booty Camp by Tracy Campoli was online.
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