Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TA and Lucy

This morning after walking to vote, I did some TA and then some Alchemy of Movement with Lucy.

I was surprised to see so many voting in  just a primary today.   Eight years ago, I wanted to vote for Hilary but was a registered Republican so soon afterwards, officially changed my registration.  

The stupidity of Trump is louder and clearer than ever.  He is on attack against everyone who speaks out about his attacks on the Federal judge assigned to his Trump University law suits.   Besides the media and high ranking GOP, he is insulting his own staff who wanted to keep these pending lawsuits in the courts and out of the media circus.  He is abusing his power as a candidate for POTUS and being a bully about something that is personal and not in the best interests of the country.   Imagine if he were POTUS!  He would not listen to his staff or cabinet or anyone else.  Do not give this counter-punching bully access to nuclear missile codes!

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