Saturday, April 28, 2012

More online workouts and filemail

Here's a few other youtube workouts I edited to fuse for sparks.
Most are similar to Zumba.
for wmv files
for MP4 files

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Just Right Cardio then did the Advanced chapter of Adina's Dancehall Aerobics on the bungee. Overall, I prefer youtube clips to Dancehall Aerobics! Then I did the last 20 minutes of Jump Force and finished with some Chiball Essentials which was better than I had remembered.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tiffany Rothe Chair video

is the link to a wonderful chair routine with an African beat.
Enjoy :)

Taking It Easier but still Sweating

After being exhausted most of yesterday after a rather rigorous morning workout for me, I decided to take it easier today but still muved and sweated plenty. What was I thinking doing most of Jump Force in one workout session?? I was caught up in the moment with adrenaline pumping and forgetting that my body would go boom the rest of the day after the workout.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to some of the cardio in Just Right Cardio then did the rest of Nia's Tendons and Ligaments online class then did the chair part of Knee Rehab since my right knee and hip were acting up after Nia's floor stuff then did the third Yoga Dance Water Workout, skipping the floor stretch which I should have done with Nia!

I am finding more and more that most hip stretches aggravate my right hip. For example, my right hip was fine till I did some of Debbie's floor stuff for Ligaments and Tendons. These moves are supposed to help, not hurt the hip! It's crazy how I keep retrying stuff I know I shouldn't, expecting different results than what I seem to always experience. Just have to accept that my flexibility is different than others and promise myself to listen more to my own body and avoid all moves that my joints do not want to do which is just about anything on the mat/floor. Thank goodness the downward dog I did yesterday only temporarily affected my left elbow, just enough to let me know never to try anything with straight elbows again. It took years to undo the damage done to my elbows between snow shoveling, heavy biceps curls and planks. Once a joint becomes vulnerable, I must protect it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nia Kinetic video & another Filemail offer

I found this nice Nia spark through the Nia newsletter and wanted to share it while I still can before Blogger forces me into their new interface:

Here is its link on youtube

also found a whole bunch of Nia clips at

I uploaded some of the above to filemail for those who are interested in trying them:
is for 8 files in MP4 format
is for the 8 files in wmv format

Some may prefer wmv files to MP4 to use Windows DVD Maker for burning the video files on to a dvdr because it is already on most pcs with Windows7. Freemake Video Converter will burn any kind of video file on to a dvdr on a pc and is available at for free.
The other option is to load the MP4s on to Windows Movie Maker then save the movie to dvd but that would merge the 8 files into one movie unless each file were saved separately before burning. I haven't a clue what kind of files would be best when burning a dvd on a Mac if anyone wants to enlighten me? I think the MP4 files are more Mac friendly.
For more info, check my Freemake Video Converter and Freemake Video Converter tips links.
some helpful posts may be

Jump Force and Blogger Problems

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to Anna Benson's Just Right Cardio then did 40 minutes of Anni Mairs' Jump Force. This was the first time in too long that I revisited Jump force. It used all of my favorite toys perfectly. I did most of the jump rope on the Urban Rebounder wearing shoes and holding Fitstix. I used the step for most step moves except the V step into a jump squat which worked great on the Urban Rebounder. I sweated and didn't watch the clock like I usually do so this may be my favorite Force or tied with Life Force. Only tweaked minimally. Only drawback was I got confused during one of the step combos. I usually don't watch the tv screen that closely but since I am a novice at using a step, was watching more closely to see if I was doing the right move correctly and think there was an editing mishap.As far as why the Force dvds are all wonderful in spite of all of the competition out there, with the move changing every minute, the variety of moves keeps me moving. Even if some moves are in other workouts, those other workouts do not come close in the variety of moves in their total workout.

Blogger has this new look and unfortunately, I do not see how to upload video clips anymore. I also cannot find how to skip a line and start a new paragraph like before. Sadly, I am now stuck with their new formatting.

ETA: I was able to return to the old editing interface and hope they fix the video upload option and enable skipping lines and starting a new paragrah issues before forcing me into the new interface.
I am resistant to change especially when something isn't broke, why fix it?
It is really dumb to force people into the new editing interface when there are so many glitches.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

uh oh

While away, Blogger has changed its look so I may be having to do some reading and experimenting the next couple of days. I did put almost 40,000 paces on my pedometer Monday through Weds while away in AC this trip!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

As a spark yesterday I did Adina's Dancehall Aerobics segment 1.
Then after warming up this morning to Janey Zumba on the bungee, I did Dancehall segment 2. I like some of the moves in Dancehall but they are not presented evenly sided and feel rushed.
After Dancehall, I did the rest of Cardio Force, alittle Powerflex cardio but while holding Fitstix and finished with the second Yoga Dance Water workout.

I'll be switching Anni to the bungee for Jump Force.
Also want to retry Dancehall on the bungee.

ETA: stumbled onto a new youtube page which looks great!
Just did a spark on and off the bungee using some of the workouts located through the above links. Love workouts with live pumping music :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back on Track

Thankfully I slept better and have no signs of a cold so went back to a similar routine. I warmed up on the bungee to the online Zumbas a workout buddy had found. What I like about these particular online Zumbas is that they focus on one gal (Janey?) in a class, making the routines easier to follow. Also they use very little floor space so easy to tweak on the bungee. The feel is similar to MUVE except they repeat the same simple moves and combos longer which I wish Muve did. I would just be getting into a muve with MUVE when the muve would disappear. Also do not get Muve's graphics which are just distracting because by the time a graphic is interpreted, the muve is over and gone for good. Poof
If MUVE is intended specifically not to involve choreography then why the graphics?

Here are Janey's Zumba routines:
Janey Zumba at 144 pounds

Janey Zumba at 130 pounds

Song Warning:
There is a song in both of the above routines, I keep hearing in my head! I may have to revisit Andrea Metcalf's cardio to replace the song in my head LOL

Then I did 26 minutes of Cardio Force which seemed to complete all of the one sided routines on both sides. Finished with the second 13 minute routine from Nia's Awareness of Ligaments and tendons.

Thanks to the use of the step in Cardio Force, I eliminated another new AWT step workout from my wishlist and basket at TotalFitnessDvds because the cuing, music and moves were boring compared to Anni's.

ETA: here is a filemail with some of Janey's and GiGi's classes

Friday, April 20, 2012

Different Approach

I didn't sleep well last night and DH has a cold so I want to try to keep my immunity strong. Decided to workout very mildly today but frequently. Already did a bungee spark to Zumba found online (~12 minutes) then took a break then did the second part of the Nia Joint Awareness online class which had alot of new moves (~15 minutes). May repeat the above through the day depending on how I feel.

ETA: Just repeated the formula above, 12 minutes of online Zumba on the bungee and 15 minutes of Nia's Awareness of Joints. Next spark may be a Barefoot Dancer.

ETA: Just did another 12 minutes of Zumba on the bungee and 15 minutes of Nia's Ligament and Tendon Awareness.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Nia Online Classes

Just to repeat some links to 2012 free online Nia classes:
It seems as though one class a month is being added to their blog!
scroll down to the videoes

Awareness of Joints

Awareness of Bones (led by Kevin)

Awareness of Ligaments and Tendons

Awareness of Muscles
This Zensations class has Muscle Awareness as its focus.

Awareness of Feet

for an updated list:

Peeping Tom!

This morning was mostly athletic cardio on the rebounder, including Fiece Force circuit 2 then some of the newest online Nia Class which I really liked!

Something really distracting happened. We had scraped off a blackened basement window to let the sun shine in. While doing Nia I saw I had a Peeping Tom....

tomcat that is LOL
a beautiful orange cat was watching me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fierce Force

This morning, I did the warmup, circuits 3 and 4 and cooldown from Fierce Force. Sometimes I used the UR for impact and sometimes I just modified the move. Produced lots of sweat. Then I did some of the Strength&Spirit warmup as an extra cooldown.
May try to do the Fierce Force Upper Body circuit2 later as a spark.

Just wanted to mention that both TotalFitnessdvds and collagevideo will be carrying Fierce Force at lower prices (~$15) than the direct order from Anni ($20). If ordering an additioal dvd, you can usually get free shipping from them. TotalFitnessdvds also offers a 10Off code for another 10% off. Anni offered these direct mailings as a favor to impatient fans, including the shipping in the price so the total price is closer if you do not order another item from the vendors to get their free shipping.
Personally, I would choose to pay alittle more directly to the creator of a workout dvd so that the creator gets more of the money for future projects.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anita Barbero Strength and Spirit

This morning after warming up to GForce2 on the bungee I did the AWT chapter of Strength and Spirit with Anita Barbero.
Since this dvd is still available directly from Anita as well as Amazon, etc., I will just upload a small clip of it. I love doing AWT to a drumbeat and the routine produces lots of sweat while feeling great. This is one of those routines I keep for special days so I do not burnout on it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank you!

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to the folks who have dropped by.

Today was personally a very stressful day
(a visit from our son who lives in London)
and I really needed some affirmations.

Exercise has kept stress at a minimum for me over the past 13 years so I may have to blow the dust off a few favorites tomorrow morning to Muve Just Right.

HeavyHands Walk Plus

HeavyHands Walk Plus had been a favorite of mine for a long time.
The dvd is on sale at their site. However, their shipping and handling may be higher than most online vendors.

There are three different intensity levels shown. The moves are simple to follow and without any impact.
Any light weights can be used.
The workout, itself, is very similar to Anni Mairs Life Force dvd in its feel. I am hoping Anni's Fierce Force will be successful so she can next do a Walk Force.

Finding a Rotation

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to GForce2 then did Fierce Force circuit 1 off the bungee to feel the difference.
The modifications I made to lessen any impact actually felt tougher than doing the impact on the bungee. I cannot tell whether Anni switched directions in the fast feet in a circle move so will focus on doing half one way then half the other way to cover both directions LOL
Then I did workout one on Yoga Dance Fire and finished with some of the Powerflex Express workout to get some band resistance and did some stretching.

I am going to try to follow a similar formula for awhile:
warming up on the bungee
light weight (Fitstix) and/or band and/or medball/kettlebell AWT
feel good dance or ballet/CS

Hopefully this way I'll get alittle bit of everything each day

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rest of today's checkin

After warming up on the bungee to some of GForce2, I did Circuit4 of Fierce Force which had alot of moves which worked on the bungee.
I uploaded a clip of this circuit on my previous blog post along with some tips on how to modify downwards.

I finished my morning workout session with workout one from the Barefoot Dancer's Yoga Dance Earth dvd which was really a treat.

Fierce Force Total Body Circuit4

Just did Circuit4 (Total Body) of Anni Mairs Fierce Force.
and .......
lurved it as much as Circuit1 (Lower Body) :)

There were alot of moves that worked perfectly on my bungee rebounder.
These Circuits can be pretty intense so I will only tackle one of them at a time and even then will do whatever feels right for me. I did the full minute of some of the moves but sometimes just 30 to 45 seconds and simply took a longer recovery inbetween. Sometimes I did the whole 60 seconds by adjusting the intensity downwards. Now and then, Anni suggested an easier version of a move. In other words, the intensity level is easily adjustable downwards. I doubt most high intensity junkies will complain about its intensity.

I also wanted to mention that I paid the $20 to receive this dvd so my impressions are perhaps more honest than some bloggers that receive workout dvds for free.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fierce Force Sparks

I did The Upper Body and Core circuits from Fierce Force as sparks this afternoon. During moves I prefer to skip like all plank moves which aggravate my elbows, I either tweaked them into standing moves or just did a high knee jog on the bungee. There were more moves I prefer not to do during these two circuits unlike the first circuit but I managed to work up a sweat. Tomorrow I'll be doing the Total Body 4th circuit.

Still love the dvd for the first circuit alone as well as the warmup and cooldown.
Can work around the upper body and core circuits like I did this afternoon as add-ons. If I gave away every workout with moves I do not do, I wouldn't own too many workouts!

Fierce Force Circuit 1

Again a quick preview made me misjudge a workout.

Yesterday after taking a quick preview of Anni Mairs new Fierce Force, I was ready to trade it, seeing mostly moves I would have to modify like crazy. Well, I just did the warmup and the first lower body circuit and thoroughly enjoyed it with minimum tweaking! Most of the tweaking was so I wouldn't fall off the bungee. I used my sliding filler homemade XCOs for light weights and 5lb kettlebell for single weighted moves. Did most of the impact on the bungee.

I already love this circuit enough to keep it just for circuit1. Lots of unique moves which worked the lower body without aggravating my knees. Many moves seemed kettlebell inspired as I had hoped. Definitely sweated. Great AWT!

Mary at Total Fitness dvds will be selling this workout. For now, you have to email Anni Mairs directly (her email addy is on her facebook page) then send her a check for $20.

ETA: After the above Fierce Force, I did workout one from Sarina's Yoga Dance Water dvd. I plan to revisit all of the Yoga Dance dvds but alternating them because each theme has similar moves then I will revisit all of the Barefoot Dancer downloads the same way, alternating themes. Will also be revisiting the rest of the Force dvds. Sometimes will do Sarina or Anni as a spark if not in the morning workout session.

ETA: I will be sharing a clip of some of the moves in Circuit one from Fierce Force because Anni gave me permission to upload a clip of Fierce Force for those who want another peek of the dvd. A picture (or in this case, a video clip) is worth a thousand words. I am just giving a peek at the unique moves below found in Circuit one. Each move is done for a minute. First half of circuit works one side then the second half the other side. The last move was easy to tweak by turning just 90 degrees instead of 180. Another option would be to just step and turn into the squat.

Friday, April 13, 2012

BAK again

New record!
over 40,000 paces over the past 3 days on our AC trip

Will be trying Fierce Force tomorrow :)

there is a new Nia class video about joints uploaded on their blog
Awareness of Joints

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lori Sunderman

Yesterday at a thrift store I bought a Dance Away Oldies but Goodies vhs that didn't look familiar to the other Esquire Danceaways I have tried with Molly Fox. What a pleasant surprise to find out that it had a different instructor named Lori Sunderman! I love the music on these but cannot tolerate Molly Fox for long and am finding this instructor much better. The moves are simple and can be tweaked for the rebounder or Fitstix. Many remind me of those used in Body Gospel. Much better cuing than Richard Simmons but the songs and routines are shorter.

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to GForce2, finding this a much better warmup choice in sparks than workout to do all at once. Then I did the warmup from Gin Miller's Flexball vhs and then some ball rolling for my right knee and hip which felt twingey. Then I did some Dance Away Oldies but Goodies and then finished Life Force. Life force has much better moves and music than I remembered, making me even more excited about Fierce Force which seemed to have some kettlebell inspired moves on its clip.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweated then rewarded myself

I warmed up on the bungee to some GForce 2 then did two segments of Life Force.
Then I finished the third part of Kevin's Nia standing routine.
Had a delicious ending with the Asian Gyrokinesis chair routine I had uploaded on
and then an Ellen Barrett online breathing routine from her video blog.
Really love the online Gyrokinesis routines. They work the core in a real feel good way.

Unfortunately, Fierce Force wasn't sent yet because my addess got lost in the email shuffle. Oh well, at least it will give me more time to revisit the older Forces before its arrival.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anni Mairs Forces

First I warmed up to more of the Nia online workout with Kevin.
Then I did the Tick Tock chapter from Ellen's Grace and Gusto.

Then I decided to get more into the swing of Anni Mairs Force workouts since I am expecting Fierce Force to arrive this week. I finished Core Force which I had been doing as a spark. I just do what is the standing version of whatever is being done on the floor since I dislike floor/mat abs. I was pleasantly surprised with the nice music and moves in the cooldown. Then I did the first 10 minutes of Life Force and its cooldown which I really liked!

I have ignored the first 4 Force dvds for way too long. They are perfect with Fitstix and also take little foot space so can be tweaked for the rebounder. Decent music and a huge variety of simple to follow moves to do for a minute each. Different intensity levels are shown and of course, I can tweak the moves myself as well with my toys. Will try to do a Life Force spark later on the bungee.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Just spent Thursday night at The Borgata and Friday night at Caesars.
Popped into Revel and was totally underwhelmed, especially since the penny slots were mostly higher minimums than I prefer to play and there is no incentive to play there. Place felt cold, dark, and depressing. Alot of hype for nothing but what will become an Albatross in AC. Governor Christie should have helped the racetracks become racinos instead.

We did enjoy The Borgata and Caesars and wonderful meals.

ETA: How in the world does Revel plan to pay its bills if successful casinos like The Foxwoods is struggling??

ETA: Revel doesn't start checkins with hotel clerks till 4PM.
There are machines that start checkins at 3PM.
No earlier checkins unlike the other AC hotels.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chiball Beachball

While checking for new workout videos on youtube I came across a chiball routine which uses what looks like a beachball and looked very joint friendly. It had no sound so I added my own music :)

Finishing up

This morning I did more of what I did yesterday:
Warmed up on the bungee to more of GForce2
rest of Gospel Glory with Fitstix, some on UR
rest of Sole Synthesis
Zumba Proud Mary with Fitstix
and in celebration of ordering an advanced copy of Anni Mairs new Fierce Force,
I finished with some of her Core Force using Fitstix and a step

Last night before bed, I skin brushed then massaged my feet, ankles and lower legs with Weleda's Arnica massage oil. Had no cramping and lower extremities felt better than usual when first moving in the morning. What a relief not to feel any cramping or a tightness about to cramp.

ETA: I should add that I love the Force workouts because there is a different move to do every minute. Great variety!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Treats found online

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to GForce2 then did half of Body Gospel's Gospel Glory while holding Fitstix which I really enjoyed. Then I did the second leg sequence from Sole Synthesis and then a bunch of online stuff I had downloaded and burned:
Bodyball which uses a weighted ball in really nice feeling circular patterns,
an energetic feel good chiball and stretch,
a chair Waki Waki routine that I added gliding disks to
Also did alittle of a Zumba Proud Mary routine which I will revisit as a spark.
Most routines had great music and unique moves.

Stuff is constantly being added to youtube so there is probably plenty more clips I will eventually stumble onto. Love loud pumping music and new ways to muve.

The stretch done after the energetic chiball by the same group was already shown on my blog on

Monday, April 2, 2012

MUVE on Youtube!

I was excited to see that Muve is now on youtube under the user MUVEmethod

Now I can be notified when there is a new video uploaded :)

MUVE has become my favorite style of muving on the rebounder.

Loving my laptop

Last night I had a terrible leg spasm probably because of an electrolyte imbalance. In the past when just my calf, the old trick of pinching between the nostrils usually relaxed the cramp immediately but this time it was every muscle in the right leg from toes to hip. Anywho, I didn't want to work the sore muscles too much this morning so started with the last Barefoot Dancer Download which I loved then did some stuff from the internet, some of which I had added my own music to when burning.
First I did a routine that used a playground ball then paper plates as gliding disks.

Then I did a chair routine with a dowel, playground ball, and weighted ring led by a 97 yo German gym teacher:

Most exercisers would take a short peek at these, see seniors doing the workout and not realize their potential. The moves are sneakier than they look and were felt in my core as well as other muscles. Tweaking some moves, adding my own music and trimming parts I wasn't interested in made it alot of fun as well. Just loving my laptop!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Revel Huge Mistakes

Revel is opening this week in AC and no matter how beautiful it looks, it is making huge mistakes as far as the regular all year AC gamblers, especially to those who already have a home base casino like The Borgata.
Instead of keeping what works in AC and adding what is lacking in AC, Revel is lacking much of what people expect and adding stuff that will not attract as much business as they believe, like a beach party but not on the beach at a beach bar. Breathtaking views are nice but same can be seen from the boardwalk or even from the pier mall and Revel actually stole the view from half of the Showboat's hotel rooms. Better yet, a walk outside on the beach or boardwalk when weather is agreeable is better than any view but Revel doesn't seem to have any direct access to the boardwalk or beach. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit in NJ without a surrounding inner city providing an obstacle to the beach. OK there's plenty of places to talk and sit inside and outside the Revel but what's the point if the chairs aren't comfortable? The outside areas are built in such a way that there will be a constant wind which will make the fire pits less enjoyable. Some folks have been told the inside sitting areas are for decoration, not sitting???
I do like their No Smoking policy but it will definitely cut hugely into their bottomline. The Smokers will come and try to do their thing, making it uncomfortable for the nonsmokers as well as a real challenge for the security at Revel. All other AC resorts have more or less given up trying to enforce a partial smoking ban. If I could have a buck for every butt found in nonsmoking areas, I would be a multimillionaire. There will be walls of smoke to penetrate at the first point of the end of the Revel property, even if their security is successful.
The list of many other dumb business decisions which will deter business seems to grow while what the resort is bringing to the table seems to diminish.
No buffet which I believe is a real HUGE mistake.
No Tiered Players card and therefore, no special players lounge, exclusive lines, etc. for higher tiers and worse of all, no free parking.
No Horseracing Simulcast betting, even though off track betting parlors called Favorites are a huge hit in NJ and NJ voters approved future sports betting.
No direct casino entrance on the boardwalk.
Will be interesting to see if smoking will be allowed on the walkways from the boardwalk to the resort's entrance which will become a giant ashtray.
Regular video poker players do not seem impressed with Revel's poker slots so will keep playing at their current home base casinos.

Most Borgata Black Label Players will be staying Black Label.
Most CET Diamond will be staying Diamond and can always get upgraded to Borgata Black Label.
Most CET Platinum will stay Platinum for the free parking at Showboat (or Total Rewards bus to Showboat) and play at CET casinos for free buffet coupons.
For lower AC rollers, The Atlantic Club may be a diamond in the rough as well as the Gold Nugget. Both have been making some attractive changes.

Revel's timing would have been perfect to pick up the disgruntled CET Diamond players dropped football but instead of picking up the CET dropped ball like The Borgata did, Revel decided to let The Borgata continue to score touchdown after touchdown.
The Borgata will remain the only profitable casino in AC.

About the only thing Revel may do better than The Borgata is perhaps music selection. The Borgata continues to play some of the worse music soundtracks I have ever heard.

ETA: More info as updates are reported
Something positive! Revel has some free stuff to do while sitting around like games, reading, and puzzles. Wonder how they will keep the invasion of kids under control? Actually, they have already made it clear the resort is not for kids and kids are not allowed in the sitting areas.
Revel Parking is like a municipal lot where you pay a machine to get a ticket before you leave. Also have to remember to get the extra receipt for same day parking at other parking lots from the machine.
Player card signup is not offering an initial bonus download or any other type of bonus which all other casinos have always done.

Revel supposedly still has rooms available even for their first weekend even though only 500 rooms were up for grabs for their *soft* opening. Their policy of having to book both nights on a weekend may be greatly hurting them.
Plus no truly comped rooms!! Players can pay for the room with their earned comped dollars but the rooms will not be *free*.
Another mistake Revel made is ignoring potential bus business. It is day trippers and bus commuters that have kept ShowBoat in business.
So folks have fewer transportation choices to and from Revel:
drive and pay for parking
or take a jitney/cab
or walk a bit more outside from the boardwalk
(note: The stairs leading to the entrance closest to the boardwalk is past the center of the complex when walking from Showboat)
from whatever boardwalk hotel provided free parking or transportation and will therefore, continue to receive play to keep the free parking, comped room, free buffet, etc.
Showboat gave up its view to the Revel behemoth but in return Showboat will have lots of hungry customers eating, parking, staying and most importantly, playing there.

Here are my own direct impressions:
Walkway from boardwalk was tricky to find but found it.
HATE the long escalator into the casino which is a real safety hazard.
Most penny slots had higher minimums than I prefer
and seemed pretty tight.
Casino was much darker inside than expected.
Music was too loud and not any better than Borgata's
(much prefer Showboat and Caesars music)
Place felt cold, uninviting, and liveless.
Very confusing layout.
Hard to find bathrooms, etc.
No mobile phone signal inside Revel
Good thing it was empty enough for my husband and I to find one another without our phones!
Not fun to visit at all like the Taj or Wildwest when first opened.
Very glad they didn't offer upgrades or gambling incentives so I do not have to return!
Overall, felt like a large racino.
Speaking of racinos, too bad our governor didn't pump the tax dollars into NJ's racetracks instead.

Predictions ....
It will feel more like a ghost town than the CET AC Diamond Lounges off season and will have trouble paying its utility bills. Lots of huge areas needing heating and cooling. The bonds providing the finances to finish its construction will never be paid. It is supposed to be like a cruise ship but on land without interesting ports to visit. Last I checked cruise ships had food and shows included and most had buffets.

What is really sad is that Revel's failure will be blamed on its *No Smoking* policy instead of all of their other terrible decisions.

Truly Delicious Workouts

Since I am recovering from a nasty intestinal infection, I took it rather easy today yet still wound up sweating and enjoying every second of the workout. If you could taste a workout, today's was truly delicious.
First I warmed up on the bungee to two MUVE radio shows:
Tell Me Something Good
Mama Mia
I had downloaded these radio shows then edited the downloads to go right to the MUVING.

Next, I did the warmup and first leg sequence from Sole Synthesis which was alot like Ellen Barrett but with IMHO better music. Then I did the first 15 minutes of the Nia workout led by Kevin that I posted the link to yesterday. Loved his personality and voice!! Finally some new Nia moves too. Hope there is more coming from him down the road.
Last but not least I did some Gyrokinesis clips I found on youtube:

Some Good News

Our son who lives and works in London won the Molly Moggs Karaoke contest yesterday! It is a gay bar but a well known one in London. At least he got to perform and get an ego boost for his performance. Plus he received a cash prize!

Good news about our younger son as well. He may be going out with some of his old college friends soon. It means alot to somebody with Asperger's.

Me? Good news too. My intestinal tract seems to be getting back on track after food poisoning on Wednesday. Still have to decide what workout to do this morning which is no simple decision.

(ETA: all of the above is true and fortunately not an April Fool's joke)