Sunday, September 30, 2012

WOW Fusion Sculpt

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Jessica's Toning Walk II with a band which I had added music to then did her Fusion Sculpt with current music added
I really enjoyed the Fusion Sculpt which is actually more cardio than sculpting even when holding Fitstix throughout as I did. The original youtube clip of Fusion Sculpt is at

I finished with some CS including the freebie on vimeo for stress relief.

Stress Release Exercises from Esmonde-White House on Vimeo.

Third Hand Smoke

I just saw this today and copied it below.
Never even knew about it before!
Really hope AC bans all smoking indoors soon.
Many Smokers are really rude and do not follow the existing bans.
Revel which is  the only non-smoking casino in AC has too many other flaws to attract my play.

"What is thirdhand smoke, and why is it a concern?


from Lowell Dale, M.D.

Thirdhand smoke is generally considered to be residual nicotine and other chemicals left on a variety of indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. This residue is thought to react with common indoor pollutants to create a toxic mix. This toxic mix of thirdhand smoke contains cancer-causing substances, posing a potential health hazard to nonsmokers who are exposed to it, especially children. 
Studies show that thirdhand smoke clings to hair, skin, clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, bedding, carpets, dust, vehicles and other surfaces, even long after smoking has stopped. Infants, children and nonsmoking adults may be at risk of tobacco-related health problems when they inhale, ingest or touch substances containing thirdhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is a relatively new concept, and researchers are still studying its possible dangers. 
Thirdhand smoke residue builds up on surfaces over time and resists normal cleaning. Thirdhand smoke can't be eliminated by airing out rooms, opening windows, using fans or air conditioners, or confining smoking to only certain areas of a home. Thirdhand smoke remains long after smoking has stopped. In contrast, secondhand smoke is the smoke and other airborne products that come from being close to burning tobacco products, such as cigarettes. 
The only way to protect nonsmokers from thirdhand smoke is to create a smoke-free environment, whether that's your private home or vehicle, or in public places, such as hotels and restaurants."


I have been getting headaches during the night and in the morning and am pretty sure it is because of Melatonin so have decided not to take it daily anymore.  I will still take it if I have a day or two of not sleeping well.

Last evening, I just couldn't keep my eyes open and went to bed very early and slept 9 hours probably because I had too much Melatonin in my system.  I did feel more lower body joint pain this morning but those headaches were getting worse.  A headache side effect trumps less joint pain.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Realplayer Downloading, etc.

Some video sites do not enable Freemake Video Converter to download and I like to use Realplayer to download clips because it is the simplest to use
.....when it works.

Previously, when Realplayer stopped downloading, I found an easy fix to uncheck the hardware accelerator under settings when right clicking a video.
Well that fix didn't work today so I jumped through a bunch of hoops to update Realplayer and my Chrome add-on preferences and finally something I did worked and I can download with Realplayer again.  PHEW

Also updated the Freemake Video Converter, hoping it will download from sites that the previous version couldn't.  Again I did a custom download to avoid the toolbar and another program they were offering.

I am in shock that hardly anyone downloaded from my most recent filemail links with music added to some Jessica Smith youtube videos.
Guess it isn't worth the effort to share as much in the future.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Music!

I have been playing around adding music I like to video files.
Here is part of Jessica Smith's Barefoot Sunset Walk with music from the Broadway show *Once on This Island* to feel like I am walking on the beach LOL
Love the Calypso beat!

Not Really Muving today

Well I stubbornly tried the Yellow Mile with Leslie's voice and bland music and totally got unmotivated to move.  Then I did some more of Nia's Awareness of Thighbones which motivated me just a bit more and finished with some CS.  Just never got into the groove thanks to Leslie's boring routine, bland music, and chattiness.  Lesson learned to stick to my revised workouts with better music.

Stupid things are bothering me too like a soot stain I noticed for the first time in our basement.  It may have been there even before we bought the house or before our oil burner was replaced.  Of course, I will be checking with every rain seeing if moisture does indeed bring down some soot there currently even though it is totally dry now.  Hopefully, our chimney isn't leaking.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chaptering and editing music

I wanted to share how I have been doing what I have been doing LOL

For chaptering, Freemake Video Converter and/or Windows Live Movie Maker.
I just open the whole movie and trim parts I do not want and save the shorter video as a chapter.

For sound editing, I convert a video file to wmv without audio then add the audio with Windows Live Movie Maker.

I can rip the music from video files using Freemake.
Click on Audio as the source then the video file (need *all files* chosen in the drop down menu) then convert to MP3.

As I create more music mixes, I will be adding video files to the older filemail links.
Tonight I added 2 more to Jessica Smith's list and another Leslie Blue Mile.

ETA: Freemake Video Converter can rip the whole video file off of a dvd as well as those stored on your hard drive (or whatever storage device you use).  When the source is a dvd, you may have to open and play the dvd on the pc first for Freemake to then be able to open the files on your DVD drive.
I can also add audio with Freemake but find Windows Movie Maker easier when adding more than one song track.

Enjoying my downloads

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Jessica Smith's Toning Walk II which uses a band but chose an edited version with my own music (filemail download offered this past Friday).  Then I did the band segment of Dana's Total Body Conditioning which I will revisit near the bungee next time cuz she tosses in alot of higher impact options.
Next I did the first 15 minutes of Nia's Awareness of Thigh Bones which was lovely with combos that alternated long strong thighs for stability and soft hips for loosening.  For those who prefer to download a video file directly from a website instead of downloading the streaming video from Nia, I added that file to a filemail link yesterday.
Finished with CS802 and added in the nice hip stretch with a band which seemed to relieve my right hip nagging.

Friday's link for edited files adding music to Jessica Smith's youtube Toning Walk II
I just uploaded 2 more mixes for a total of 4 different mixes for Jessica Smith's Toning Walk II.

Here is the youtube low back/hip band stretch:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy Combos

This morning I warmed up to Leslie's Red Mile which was rather boring then did the second part of Fitstix Cardio Praise to the Body Gospel steps cd music which was more motivating.  Next I did the heavier weights and kickbox routines on Dana's Total Body Conditioning which were darn good.  I used homemade XCOs for the weights and held on to my Fitstix for the kickboxing.  Finished with alittle Jazzercise Burlesque and CS 801.

Since I liked Leslie's Blue Mile moves but tire of her voice, I am adding my own music to it for future use from a cd I bought at a thrift shop with decent workout tunes.  Also am adding some of my favorite music by Three Dog Night to Cardio Praise for future visits.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Music is definitely the key to getting me to move = muve.
This morning, I warmed up on the bungee while holding a band to Jessica Smith's Toning Walk II but had added my own music to the video file.  WOW was it fun.  I tweaked alittle here and there to work the biceps and wound up having a great AWT band and bungee workout.  Was tempted to repeat the workout with the next music mix but figured I would try it another day.  Will alternate this routine with different music mixes with Leslie as a warmup so I work the upper body with a band on alternate days.
So next I did the light weighted routine from Dana Pieper's Total Body Conditioning. I used homemade XCOs and liked her unique moves. Her music is better than most workout dvds.  Next I did some of Jazzercise Burlesque and finished carefully with some of CS 730.
Thankfully my back injury healed quickly yesterday with Arnica gel and Advil.
The only bodypart still twinging a bit is the good old right hip.

ETA: Friday's post has more info about Jessica's latest Toning Walk and the music I added to it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nia Thigh bones

The newest Nia online class (Awareness of Thighbones) has been posted:

Blast from the Past LOL

(Somehow when re-editing some stuff, this post became identified as being published today????  Think it was originally posted in May 2012)

This morning I warmed up to another great filemail combination of RefitRev on the bungee that had a Nia-like cooldown (videos embedded below).
Then I did some Strong Knees since my knee bothered me before I started to workout. Then I did half of Ellen's Grace & Gusto but starting with the Level Up chapter, skipping the abs and stretch and then doing the warmup up to but not including the chair. Finished with the first couple of Nia routines on my Holly's Fusion 3 filemail.

The ReFitRev videos were
Fire by Glee cast:



Follow the Leader:

There is a God Cooldown

NJBets Grrrrrr

If it ain't broke, don't fix it and please don't then break it!
OK so the new Blogger interface is fine since DS figured out to be in *Compose* mode instead of HTML.

Meanwhile poor DH has stopped betting the racetrack online since NJBets changed their video provider.  The finish-line in most races is now cut-off from view.  What is the point of watching a race if you cannot see who wins, especially if it is a close finish???
Anyone else affected by this streaming change, please contact them at
and complain!!!

BTW I have the same problem when embedding a youtube video on this blog with the right side of the video being cutoff when viewing on my old pc.  However, can see the blog streaming  fine on my wide laptop.  The NJBets streaming video is still cutoff even on my laptop.

Whoopeeee I can make the embedded youtube files fit better now by changing their width on the HTML option.

New Ouch

Woke up with some aches and pains in spite of the third night of Melatonin and a decent night's sleep. My right foot and ankle seemed especially twingy so Arnica Gel to the rescue.  Luckily, GNC offered a decent coupon this month in an email ($10 off $20 purchase)  and sells a huge tube for $10 because I have gone through 3 of those large tubes already.  Now that son is starting to jog more, he needs it for his feet as well.

Anywho, I warmed up on the bungee to the green mile then did some Fitstix Cardio Praise with Body Gospel music which made start thinking about adding my own music choices to more routines.  I did the first part of the combinations on the floor then the whole combination on the bungee.  Actually used my homemade XCOs cuz too lazy to go get my Fitstix from the basement (gee and here I am workingout???). The moves felt more intense on the bungee.  Next I did the warmup and some of the stability ball cardio from Dana Pieper's Total Body Conditioning but used a light smartbell instead.  Went to finish with CS729 which unfortunately triggered a new mid back injury so more Arnica gel and Advil since it felt like a more serious injury than usual.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Jessica Smith Toning Walk

I had just downloaded a new toning walk from Jessica Smith from youtube that uses a band but wasn't satisfied with its music so added my own.

Hello Dana :)

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Leslie's Green mile which was ok but not as much fun as the Blue mile.  Then I did Dana Pieper's Kickbox warmup on the bungee, followed by her punching with weights AWT but I used homemade XCOs and really liked Dana, the routine and the music.  Dana's dvds lack chaptering so I chaptered them myself with Freemake Video Converter :)
Finished with CS 728.

Another Freemake tip ....
When Freemake Video Converter crashes, try restarting your pc before attempting to do the task again. (actually this is a good tip when any application crashes).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Blogger Interface

Blogger has switched its format and I no longer see an option for uploading videos :(
Can still embed them from youtube.
May have to upload clips I want to share to youtube first.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to the Blue mile from Leslie Sansone's Just Walk 5 Day Plan.   At first, it was typical Leslie but then she added in some good moves to one of my favorite workout songs *Proud Mary*.   I may actually try the other colors to see if any moves or music motivates me enough for a revisit.
Then I did all of the warmups on BeMoved® then skipped to the dance routine done 6 times using 2 different songs. BeMoved® surprisingly made me sweat on a cool day! Finished with CS 727.
Last night I resumed Melatonin but was already feeling alot of DOMS from the morning workout so hard to tell if it helps pain tolerance.
I did sleep well and woke up alert, just with lots of twinges.

ETA: Hate the new blogger!
If it ain't broke, don't fix it .....let alone break it!!!
It doesn't allow new paragraph breaks.
Editing is ridiculously more complicated.
Unfortunately, if I cannot continue with the older Blogger interface, I may stopped using Blogger and blogging altogether.  New Interface really sucks BIGTIME.

ETA: Son found if I clicked on *Compose* instead of *HTML*,  I could overcome most of the problems I was having with the new Blogger interface.  Now why didn't Google make *Compose* the default on their new interface?????

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Insanity type cardio then segments 3 and 4 and the Cooldown on Sole Synthesis Take2 and finished with some of CS 726.

Spent the rest of the morning walking around a huge supermarket. LOL

One Pot Pasta

Recently, my cooking focus has been on using less salt and fat and more fiber. Besides being healthier than pre-made pasta sauces, this way of cooking pasta has been more economical with most ingredients readily available. I have been cooking pasta several times a week this summer BUT without pre-cooking or boiling the pasta. Not only does this save an extra pot washing and wasted water but energy (both the gas to heat the water and ac to cool the extra warmed air in the kitchen) as well as being easier, not having to worry about watching the clock to cook the pasta just right.
These pasta dishes are similar to soups that have enough pasta added to absorb the broth. I happened upon this idea when accidentally adding dry noodles to my chicken soup and having all of the delicious broth absorbed turning a soup truly into a chunky meal. Pasta prepped for the microwave works on the same principal but just uses less water.
Taste-wise, the pasta absorbs the flavors instead of being covered in it. It seems like the higher fiber pastas prefer this method, tasting better absorbing the flavors instead of trying to cover them with sauces. All I have to do is shift some of the ingredients to have a completely different dish from Italian to Indian to Asian to Southwestern and everything inbetween.
Try any of your favorite pasta dishes this way or create your own. Prep takes about 20 minutes then another 20 minutes to cook. It can just be left to finish on its own, stirring occasionally while preparing whatever else you want for the rest of the meal like meat or salad, etc. We usually serve Foreman grilled chicken or pork chops if I am cooking or fried pork or chicken cutlets if DH is cooking.

Basically, I saute chopped garlic in Canola oil with whatever else I have in the house (chopped bell peppers, onions, etc.) and whatever seasoning is the focus for that meal. I have a large deep frying pan that works great for this.
Once the veggies are soft, I then add liquids usually in the form of a can of diced tomatoes and/or other canned veggies like spinach or black beans or a can of broth if no canned veggies. Also add an extra can or so of water to give the pasta more liquid to absorb. If a full 16 oz of pasta, I add up to two cans of water (more water tips at the bottom).
Bring the concoction to a low boil, add pasta, cover, lower flame, and stir it every 10 minutes till the liquid is absorbed and pasta is tender. Can add more liquid if needed or cook longer to absorb more liquid.

Last evening, I did Asian:
(1)chopped and sauteed garlic, red bell pepper, and onions
(2)seasoned the veggies with an Asian seasoning of garlic, ginger and white pepper and some ground celery and cooked till tender.
(3)added soy sauce, a whole can of pineapple tidbits including its juice (I did cut the tidbits in half), a can of low salt/low fat broth, a can of water.
(4)when almost boiling, added a higher fiber pasta (thin spaghetti which I broke into 3 parts), covered and lowered the flame to low.
I could have added canned spinach or any other vegetable like frozen broccoli with the liquids but with the higher fiber pasta didn't think it necessary.
Today we are frying the leftovers cuz we love leftover pasta fried.
The leftovers can also be eaten as a cold pasta salad.

Just change the seasonings and canned ingredients to whatever your family prefers.
If I have extra green bell peppers to chop and saute, we love an Italian pasta with a meatless tomato sauce and peppers dish done this way. Lately, I have been adding split red lentils to the veggie saute especially when aiming for Indian flavoring.

It's fun trying various pasta shapes like Orzo or tiny shells.
Aldis has a great canned spinach which works better than frozen.
You can also add water to dehydrated stuff like minced onions or garlic as a shortcut to chopping fresh veggies.
A splash of Balsamic vinegar works great with canned diced tomatoes.
A large can (28oz) of crushed tomatoes works well with one can of water.
(Basically need two smaller 14 oz cans of water or one large can)
Rice can be used instead of pasta (we just prefer pasta)

ETA: I will be adding tips to the above as I think of them. LOL

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The Borgata was sooo crowded Sunday cuz it was a double slot bonus day. The penny slot machines I like to play were hard to find available but when I did get a seat, a couple were darn generous. Never really went into my own money :)
Weather was amazing too.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to the warmup from Insanity's circuit then did the second segment from Sole Synthesis-Take2 and some of the faster Bollywood routine on BeMoved® then skipped to its cooldown then some Classical Stretch 725. Really enjoyed everything and plan to try to revisit Sole SynthesisTake2 and BeMoved more often. BeMoved® is chaptered nicely so skipping around making my own mix is pretty easy. Next will do a couple of the warmups then the dance routine when it is repeated to a different song before the cooldown. By mixing and matching, it feels more new when revisiting. Overall, it is a nice feel good workout and like a Bollywood Walk workout in its simplicity and intensity.

For more info including clips:

Saturday, September 15, 2012


After waking up very sore all over this morning, I am convinced Melatonin has made a huge difference in how I feel when I get up in the morning so will resume taking it once this week off passes.

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to some Insanity Pure Cardio moves. Then I did the second segment from Sole Synthesis Take2 then did some youtube XCO stuff with Fitstix and finished with CS724.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kept Muving

Woke up a bit too early because of a headache. Tylenol took care of it but I felt tired so started very slowly on the bungee to warmups on youtube (Blanche Black's circuit and PT). Then I did the Bollywood dance routine on BeMoved which is more like a Bollywood Walk which made it perfect for today. Then I did the TA arms done to the Cold Play's song I love done by TA in a clothing store LOL
Then I finished with some CS 722 and 723.

Blanche Black bounce segment from her circuit workout:

PT Bouncer Warmup:

TA Arms:

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I finally felt back in the workout groove this morning after several days of little energy :)

First I warmed up with Insanity's Pure Cardio warmup on the bungee which had perfect moves for bouncing. Then I did a TA Inspired Arm Routine and TA's Abs Webisode. Next the warmup on Sole Synthesis Take2 which was really great working all muscles in the lower body plus producing sweat. Finished with some CS 721.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

more bungee and CS

This morning I did the rest of Body Bounce Circuit then CS 720

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bungee and CS

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with the first two circuits from Jumpsport Body Bounce Circuit then did most of CS 719 which was mostly barre. I haven't been pushing myself much in the morning but have been trying to go down and upstairs more during the day, passing by the bungee for a short healthbounce.
Only chronic nagging joint has been the right hip BUT at least I can now turn over in bed without a pain spasm.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nice Routine

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to more of TA Cardio then did the TA Method warmup then some of the upper body without weights. Finished with some of CS 717 and 718. Left inner thigh seemed fine. Right hip seems alittle better but not perfect. Broke a sweat on everything in spite of beautiful weather.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Darn It

With the cooler weather, I felt invigorated and wanted to do more than usual but my left inner thigh got a bit sprained and put a damper on my enthusiasm.

First I warmed up with some Tracy Anderson cardio on the bungee then did TA arms with weights while holding my Fitstix then some of her standing abs which made my right hip act up a bit. Next I did the Sculpt Tonic Image Finale and that is when the left inner thigh went ouch. When I tried to do CS, the thigh said stop.
There are many Tracy Anderson routines available on youtube.

ETA: Since the weather is incredible and energizing, I am just going to really try to keep moving the whole day. I keep going down and up our stairs to bounce on the bungee for a few minutes. So far, I have made over 10 trips!

Since this morning, my left inner thigh has behaved so hopefully, Arnica gel did its thing.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


BAK from another successful AC trip. We seem to be losing less often and actually winning enough to cover gas and toll expenses lately, thanks to bonus downloads, comped food and of course, good luck.

Last evening I came down with some sort of a mild stomach bug but still warmed up on the bungee with Caitlin and did most of CS 715 and 716 this morning.
I particularly liked this one from Caitlin:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

same combo

This morning I warmed up with Caitlin on the bungee then did the second half of Sculpt Tonic Image. Finished with CS713 and 714.
CS714 was really great!

Toxic People and Revel

On a travel site, there is a mob mentality in support of AC's Revel resort. Unfortunately for everyone, Revel has alot of flaws in its design and management.
People are taking the slightest negative comment about Revel as a personal attack and reacting quite nastily.
They are blaming Revel's flaws on people who express them instead of on Revel and blaming people who express these flaws for Revel's lack of success.
They go as far as claiming there is a conspiracy for Revel to fail by cigarette manufacturers and smokers because it is *No Smoking*, etc.
Meanwhile, there is a real conspiracy to attack anyone who doesn't love Revel.
Heck even the good reviews mention the same flaws!
All this does is make Revel look even worse.
Who wants to eat and play near toxic people???
Not me!

a bit of irony...
2 new positive Revel Reviews complained about other patrons who had complaints.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sculpt Tonic

This morning I warmed up with Caitlin on the bungee then did the first two blocks from Sculpt Tonic Image while holding Fitstix and thoroughly enjoyed the revisit. Finished with some of CS711 and 712. Doing CS and avoiding the moves which trigger my hip problem seems to be helping. I noticed way less hip pain in bed last night. I do have intense butt DOMS from Jessica Smith's Cardio Mat Fusion standing segments which I did as 2 sparks yesterday.

Again I was sweating profusely after CS?!?
Yeah it is humid here but nothing else drenched me as much.
It is a very sneaky style.

I should mention last evening I didn't sleep too well because of a mosquito sighting in my bedroom even though the critter didn't buzz in my ear or get another bite because I had a fan blowing on me. I did get a mean bite the day before but didn't see the critter till last night.

Monday, September 3, 2012

JS Cardio Mat Fusion

This morning, I warmed up with Caitlin on the bungee then did CS710.
I was sweating profusely so decided to stop and do something else later.

Later in the morning, I did the beginning of Jessica Smith's new Cardio Mat Fusion which was wonderful like an intense Ellen:
I like that she uses a small space so it can be done on the bungee for even more of a balance challenge.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wonderful Youtube Clips!

This morning I warmed up with Caitlin on the bungee then did a wonderful XCO routine but used my lighter Fitstix. Had to do some tweaking to work both side more equally. Finished with some CS 708 and 709.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Facebook, Forums and Nuts

There are alot of Nuts online.
People who are online to create havoc because of some sort of mental problem: Cyberstalkers, trolls, bullies, etc.
There is no real way of knowing if any of these nuts may cross the line and become a physical threat in real life to their target.
An information travel forum made me more aware than ever that these nuts breed and thrive on the internet and unite with one another creating a Mob Mentality, treating other people disrespectfully like those kids did to their bus aide.
Online, it is mostly childish Sticks and Stones but Cyber stalkers and bullies have sometimes crossed that line.
Being naive, I had used Facebook to sign onto other forums and recently realized what a huge mistake that was. It made my face, name and location exposed to a couple of these nuts!

I try to ignore and avoid these toxic personalities but they truly are everywhere and there is no telling how far any of them will go to feel powerful.

ETA: Anywho this morning I danced with Caitlin and finished Dance Aerobics on the bungee then did most of CS 707 and some 708 till I got distracted and started to search for some missing CS episodes which I eventually found. LOL

This routine was great for standing abs!

We just went out to dinner to a marvelous Japanese buffet to celebrate DH's birthday. I bit into a piece of lobster and a piece of shell got caught in the space between my last two upper teeth. Not only was it uncomfortable but it threw my whole bite off. After trying unsuccessfully to pry it out with dental floss and toothpicks, I had some green tea ice cream which actually contracted the teeth just enough to pry the thing out. It was teeny tiny sliver the size of a comma. Couldn't believe such a tiny piece could cause such discomfort!
Anyway, all is well and thanks to the incident we avoided over-eating badly.

I am sooo thankful DH's dinner wasn't completely ruined and I didn't have to find a dentist in the middle of a holiday weekend.