Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dakidissa S

First I warmed up with edited files of F3 and 21Day Fix.
Liked both but my body came alive when doing my edited file of a Dakidissa routine:

Her moves are simple to follow and have alot of variety.
Most moves are compatible with the bungee or ball.
Great when the audio is replaced by fun MUsic.

this and other videos at

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More F3 and Skip

This morning I did some more edited F3 files and really am enjoying them on the bungee and ball.
Then to do something with less bouncing I did my edited version of Skip Jennings Dancer Body Breakthrough which ended with plies jumping jacks anyways.  I really enjoyed the Skip Jennings routine but more because of the soundtrack I had used instead of his movements.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nell and F3

This morning I bounced with an edited file of Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy Recharge.  At first, I didn't mind the audio on the DVD but then the male instructor leading most of the routine started his whistling so I did my thang with it, replacing the audio and removing some of the moves which got repetitive.

Then I continued visiting edited versions of the Faithful freebies through their F3 Plan.  I really enjoyed alot of the moves both on the bungee and on the ball.

OK I did spend alot of time looking for a stability ball plug when it went flying across the room when removing it to pump some air into the ball.  That almost became a hated mat workout! Since my dvdr was still playing at least I did the ground searching to good MUsic. LOL

Before my workout, I hauled my BodyBurner (minitramp with straps) to my bedroom for sparks.  Doubt I will use it much because it feels like concrete.  Wish I had bought another YogFlex which had a better and bigger mat instead when they were available years ago.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fitstix Kids and Faithful F3

This morning I started with an older edited video file of the Fitstix Kids routine with MU added.  I really enjoyed the variety of moves!  Too bad this dvd is OOP.  Too bad the Fitstix enterprise is over.

FS Kids MU by POMBarb
It actually makes a nice walking or bouncing routine without Fitstix.

Then I did some of an edited Faithful routine which is available free if you sign up for the F3 plan:
Faithful F3 Plan

I like the moves but unfortunately, her voice is annoying so I prefer MUsic only.  I did track down a few of the songs being used and included them.  What was really great about the routine I did was that there was a chair modifier.  Those who have trouble tweaking standing routines to the bungee, ball or chair may appreciate the modifications.
Original video at
Getting Started

The whole group uses a chair in the second half and add tubing for strength

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Zumba and Jessicasmithtv

This morning I did some of the rest of the Zumba Target Zones.  I liked one song enough to revisit but fast forwarded through many others which just didn't click for me, preferring older lower body Zumbas like the 2 Special K free vhs and dvd which drew me a copyright strike on youtube!  They are unavailable for sale and were free through Kelloggs.  The incident left me not liking Zumba anymore.

However, the edited jessicasmithtv indoor jogging routine got me MUving :)

my version on DailyMotion

JS Indoor Jogging MU by POMBarb

and I was really surprised to find my version had been uploaded to a new site
I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery?
Maybe I found a new way to share!!! LOL

I do not think my edited videos can be downloaded directly from the-new-youtube. However, if you click on the lower right corner of the video, it will take you to the video on DailyMotion.  Similarly, if I link a video from DailyMotion to instead of uploading the actual file, the file cannot be downloaded directly from

Bellicon or JumpSport? PROBounce? IBounce?

(Updated 4-18-2016)
Since this post, I have purchased two more bungees from China.
The ibounce hexagon bungee is now my favorite:
The ibounce was ordered from aliexpress
Ironically it was also the cheapest of my 4 bungee rebounders!

I also love my 48 inch PROBounce because it has a bounce similar to the 44 inch 550 but is even lower besides wider.

There were a couple of legs which loosened often on both models but have been reinforced with duct tape and no longer loosen or make noise.  I also reinforced their frames with duct tape.

Buying an expensive Bellicon does not guaranteed no weird noises:
(This one sounds much worse than my PROBounce!)
It is true the guy was going for a more ballistic healthbounce with cushions underneath the Bellicon

I have read complaints that the Bellicons with screw on legs can make more noise than their folding leg option (or is it the other way round?  LOL)

There is no doubt that a bungee rebounder is way less jarring than a spring rebounder as well as quieter.  The obvious choice for most people has been a Bellicon bungee but the Bellicon is quite confusing as far as frame size and cord tension for the size of its user and use intention.  In fact, I had one in my cart ready to order but changed my mind because of my foot and ankle problems which need a firmer and more stable bouncing surface.

Here Arnita is using a 39 inch frame with possibly Ultra strong bungees which were probably the wrong combination for her size:

Remy used a 44 inch frame and Strong bungee tension which probably were not the right combination for his size either in this youtube video.  He looked like he was struggling to keep his balance and the mat looked close to hitting the ground a few times.

I do not think either Arnita or Remy made the right choices but Different Strokes for Different Folks and Bellicon does have a chart to help determine which bungee strength may be best for the individual user.  Some people order an extra set in another tension to try.  Some like the slower bounce with looser tension like Remy and some the faster like Arnita.  However, what feels better can be deceiving down the road if a new condition like Plantar Fasciitis developes.  Also the GForce needed for the most efficient lymph pumping may be better with something in the middle of the very loose and very firm tensions.

Then there is the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline with its various mats, frame sizes and cords.  Here's a video showing the bounce of each model:

Most models have 30 cords except their PRO models have 36 which increases the mat tension.  All except the 500 series are 39 inch frames.   The 500 series have 44 inch frames. Most of their higher end models have adjustable cords.  The petal mat costs more than the skirt mat but I actually prefer the skirt mat because the petals make a noise.
The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline has a much better warranty on its bungees as well as a lifetime warranty for its frame and costs a bit less than the Bellicon models.

(I have removed price comparisons because they vary)

Here I am on my 44 inch JS 550F PRO in my basement with a low ceiling

I am very glad I listened to my feet and went for the 44 inch JS550F PRO instead of a 49 inch Bellicon.  Besides saving money, I can probably do more on my 550 in my basement with a low ceiling than any Bellicon size and cord tension combination because the Bellicon frame is higher.  In a weird way, my Plantar Fasciitis was a blessing.

ETA July 2015:  I am still bouncing daily and happily barefooted on my JumpSport 550 with no Plantar Fasciitis flares and am convinced it was MY best choice.
I no longer discuss the pros and cons of which bungee to get on public forums because the Bellicon fans are usually very condescending, assuming the more they paid, the better their choice.  Keep an open mind and really investigate which bungee would be best for your own personal circumstances, financially and physically.

ETA: since this post I found 2 cheaper and larger bungees I like even more!
You can find my demonstrations of the 44 inch JS550, 48inch PROBounce, and 50 inch hexagon ibounce in several places online.
Check my dailymotion and youtube playlists in my favorite links to the right or

(Note: DailyMotion allows better music)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cardio Yodates

Just wanted to share a sample of a routine no longer available for sale:
Brandi Woodard's Yodates Cardio

It is fun but does get repetitious and some moves when done too long can aggravate my hips.  Since it is mostly done in horse stance, it works while sitting on a stability ball!
I will be breaking it up into smaller sparks.

More Zumba

This morning I did the Zumba class mentioned yesterday by Linda Edler and a few more Zumba downloads.
Not sure why but the download of Edler's class last year was longer than what is presently on her site.  Maybe she had to remove a song or two.
I enjoyed this download too even though the choreo is a bit trickier but darn fun so worth the effort:

Also did some of Zumba Target Zones (Arms/Obliques) and liked most of what I did.

For all of the above, I kept switching between the bungee and Hopper Ball, finding everything compatible with just alittle tweaking.  For example, instead of trying to do the Hora to Hava Nagila, I just did bent elbow ab twists and crunches.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Purplestore and Chair on the Hopper Ball

First I did an edited file of the band warmup which I really liked , maybe because of my MUsic because the original does nothing for me LOL

Then I tried their edited lower body band routine but wasn't my thing (band lower body wrapped around the feet tend to aggravate my knees) so skipped to another edited Purplestore warmup which was done with the legs wide and worked perfectly on my hopper ball!

It really worked the lower body on the Hopper Ball!
(and my MUsic made it awesome)

After the standing routine, I did a chair routine on the Hopper Ball but need to replace its MUsic:

If I want to bounce and keep legs wide, I keep the handle in front.  If I want to bounce with my legs closer together, I put the handle in the back.  I think I like the Hopper Ball more than my favorite stability ball which is saying alot since I have at least 5 others still blown up.  If I want to drive up my intensity quickly during a routine, a few hops will do the trick.

Also started to revisit the Sparkspeople Chair routine and decided to stick with my edited version.

Saved the best for last.
This Zumba Beginners Class which was removed from youtube :(

The audio quality wasn't the best but the choreography was great on the bungee.  Linda Elder has lots of Zumba classes on her channel, many of which I plan to download.
(check for more)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

More German routines with MUsic added

I really like the Hopping Ball in spite of my initial mishaps of having trouble pumping it up and falling off the darn thing.  Luckily, I woke up feeling rather well and more pain free than usual so the fall didn't cause any serious injury and the hopping no negative effects.  When hopping, my feet do all of the action so it doesn't affect my knees at all and doesn't seem to aggravate my feet either.  I notice just a short amount of hopping with babysteps gets me breathless quickly! I think it will provide excellent crosstraining during TV commercials LOL
The ball itself is just as good as my favorite stability ball for my sit-bouncing and actually the handle comes in handy for plies and plies hops.

This morning I visited more German youtube routines to which I had added MUsic.  Most were from and  Moves-wise nothing really special but my MUsic made them all special.  I should mention one WellShaped.TV routine was great for moving and lubricating all of the joints but cannot figure out which was the original!!!  Too bad their thumb prints do not show the instructor.
I may eventually share my version because I would like that one on my laptop to do its leg swings in my bedroom.

If you like lesser known workout routines, quite a list is being compiled in this VF thread:
Off the Beaten Path VF Thread
There are so many wonderful routines that many new to video workouts may have missed.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My New Toy

My new piece of equipment has arrived which is a stability ball with a handle.
Actually, it is a Hopper Ball  large enough for adults.
I ordered the pink one but it also comes in blue
Pink Hopper Ball for Adults

Blowing it up wasn't as easy as expected till I realized its pump just wasn't doing its job after about the 3/4 mark so I tried it with another pump and got it easily up to 27 inches.  May shoot for the other inch tomorrow after trying it to see how it fits.  Right now I believe it is the perfect angle for my knees.

Here's a photo of the much stronger pump and the set it came with:

I wanted to share a quick webcam video without moving around any furniture.  When trying to get into position, I took quite a flop backwards but Arnica gel was thankfully right within arms reach and it did its thing. I had fallen backwards and slammed my elbow into the floor.  I would have shown more in the video but after getting right back up on the horse, I wasn't throwing caution to the wind so the video is very tame.

I just wanted to mention that the shirt I wear when working out is one of 20 identical Tshirts I own from Showboat casino which is sadly closing next month.

I am very grateful I didn't injure myself badly and that Arnica gel came to the rescue.  Otherwise, there would have been no video and the thing probably would have been packed up and returned as soon as I was physically able.  I will not be racing or playing soccer on it.  Lesson learned.  I will act my age or at least 50% of it.

German PURPLEStore Youtube Routines

This morning I visited a few edited German routines and loved them all.
There were a couple of low impact, a high impact great on the bungee and a Hip Hop routine.
The first two were ok but the moves became a bit onesided and repetitive so I tweaked them a bit.
Aerobic Fatburner:

and another
Aerobic Workout

Then there was this Cardio routine which was prefect on the bungee

But the last was my favorite
Hip Hop Fitness Training

I look forward to trying some more tomorrow!
(I created these over 18 months ago and never did them all)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rediscovering older Routines

Today I continued revisiting downloads.  Unfortunately the first few by PTFitness with Rosalie Brown  just didn't click for me (rebounder, pedometer and tubing)
too much TIFTTing and repeating the earlier cardio moves too often by the time more were added and so on.  I do not even think editing and adding MUsic would make them worth a revisit cuz I have so many routines I prefer like the jessicasmithtv jogging routine. Tubing was ok but nothing special.

Then I started to revisit the jessicasmithtv jogging routine and liked it till her music started losing my interest so switched dvdrs to my edited version and did it till I felt pooped.
mine with exercise cd music from thrift store:

JS Indoor Jogging MU by POMBarb

Then I checked out a bit of what was on the burned dvdr and came across some awesome routines from the German Well channel to which I had added MUsic so I will be sticking with this burned dvdr awhile.

Since music is the universal language, I love replacing foreign routines with MUsic since I do not understand the cuing anyway.  So after a boring start, I am filled with anticipation for tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mark Twain Diner

How can one of our favorite restaurants which has been a landmark in our town since 1960 burn down with no mention of it in the news????


Arm Lines for Pilates - Airikai

This morning I did a bunch of online downloads and have to say I loved this one:

Arm Lines for Pilates - Airikai

I did add MUsic to it but it wasn't really necessary

Otherwise really nothing else to share.  Tomorrow I'll finish up this older burned dvdr and return to a newer one.  I am trying to alternate older and newer dvdrs for a change in music.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michelle and Jessica

Slight delay in posting today because DH was not feeling well.  He is having a bout of vertigo with nausea but luckily, it's not his heart.  Doc prescribed a script for the symptoms.

This morning I revisited some of the Michelle Dozois The Ultimate Workout.  I had replaced the cardio audio with MUsic which kept me moving in spite of what felt to me as rushed and choppy move combos.  I should have edited it to be half time.  I did like the Strength section and hope to revisit it sooner rather than later.

Finished with some of my edited file of the jessicasmithtv double chair cardio routine and loved it.

original on youtube:

Irish MUsic added on dailymotion:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swing Yourself Fit with Gin Miller

This morning I revisited my edited files of Gin Miller's Swing yourself Fit which I happened upon while looking for the dvdr with my edited files of The Ultimate WO with Michelle Dozois.  Ironically, I didn't find the latter till after my workout by searching for the dates when I did the edited files on my blog to know which month I may have burnt the dvdr.  So tomorrow I may revisit The Ulitmate Workout :)
(I couldn't find it for good reason because the envelop was not well labeled)

I enjoyed Gin's Kettlebell routine using a purple Zumba stick instead of a kettlebell and loved the MUsic I had added.  Totally had forgotten about that routine!!!  In fact, as I was looking for the Ultimate WO, I found several others I totally forgot about, some of which I loved and some of which I never actually did!!  I need to revisit older edited routines more often just to enjoy the music I was using during the time when I was editing and burning each file.

I found most of the tunes in the original jessicasmithtv Dance Party mixx and added them back after muting the original.  I had to repeat the footage to fit the full length songs and then repeated some of the songs LOL

Anywho here is a temporary filemail offering both the MP4 and WMV formatted files

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shelly and Kathy

This morning I did the rest of the dancewithshelly Hip Hop routine.  Not only was the MUsic great, there were lots of moves that I never tried on the bungee which worked well with little to no tweaking.  Some songs were good on the ball as well.
Just a Party in a Box type of workout

Then I did some edited routines with Kathy Smith.  I really liked some moves in her Total Body Toner with my MUsic:

(edited sample below)

The other day, I enjoyed her 10 minute Fatburning Blast routine:

Ball Bouncing

I was trying to figure out ways to move when my Plantar Fasciitis was at its worse.  I found sitting on a stability ball greatly enabled cardio without aggravating my PF.  I also started to do more ball bouncing whenever any joint twinged from my hips to my toes.  My heartrate monitor showed I was getting the same intensity sitting on a ball as bouncing on a bungee.  Many workouts were easy to tweak to work while ball bouncing, especially walking and kickboxing routines.  I could add intensity by holding my fitstix or a band if the urge struck.

Having a stability ball near my laptop enabled me to do a spark whenever the urge struck by playing one of my edited workout routines or an online video on my laptop.  All I needed was MUsic and some movement suggestions and I was good to go.  Granted my desk chair could have been used for MUving while sitting or pushed out of the way for standing in front of my laptop but using a stability ball was just more fun and I believe more beneficial.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come Dancewithshelly!

This morning I started with a couple of dancewithshelly routines and really enjoyed them with their original audio!  All of her routines were linked to youtube but to access some full routines, I needed to go to her website by clicking on the links on her preview youtube pages.

This morning I started on the bungee healthbouncing to a gentle dance for people with Fibromyalgia.
(Here are the sample/preview clips)

then I did some of her Hip Hop routine while sitting on a stability ball.

which actually became quite intense even while sitting on a stability ball.

Then I did Keaira's Towel Swag holding a short band instead of a towel

and ended with my edited Kathy Smith stretch combining 2 stretch routines.

Here's a sample
(I do not know what happened to the King of Funk David Gray who is a background exerciser above even though I believe I collected all of his VHS funky dance workouts)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

MUving and Pain

After reading an article about pain tolerance and exercise,

I was reminded about how much better I feel after my workout session.  Every morning, I wake up with stiffness and aches which all seem to disappear once I start moving.  If I have an actual injury, I find moving cautiously usually promotes healing.  In fact, avoiding movement because of an injury often causes the pain to radiate to other areas of the body.  Arnica gel usually relieves the pain enough that I can move and also promotes healing.  Sometimes, I do resort to taking a pain relieving pill.  Also I try different ways to move which do not aggravate the injury. My feet are much improved since getting my JumpSport 550 PRO but before its arrival, I started sitting and bouncing on a stability ball for much of the workout.  I continue to do so to avoid overuse of my feet and ankles. (tip: use a larger stability ball if your knees complain)

My main goal when working out is to feel as well as possible with minimal physical pain and increased energy when done.  During the day when feeling an ache and/or energy low, I do a spark to relieve the ache and to feel energized.  My workout is a joyful time for me.  Anything that may create dread is removed.

Music definitely energizes me when moving.  Now that I have been replacing the audio on workouts, an annoying voice or inaudible music just doesn't give me the lift in energy I need.

Another technique that helps me move is avoiding movements which do not click for me so when I edit music, I remove some moves or excessive reps of moves.  When I follow a workout, I let the workout suggest what movement I could be doing.  Sometimes I tweak the move itself and/or its speed to make it work better for me.  Watching myself in a mirror is better than being fixated on the TV screen.  I do not play *Simon Says* or *Follow the Leader*,  listening to my body and the beat of my own drum and making the movement as much fun as possible, avoiding any twinges.  I want to feel good during and after a workout.  I know my own body much better than the person on the TV screen.

If in a hotel room, I can follow a video on either of my Tracfones (unactivated LG Dynamic Optimus and activated LG 840).  A great tip I read was to put the mobile into a drinking glass to amplify the sound.   This worked great on my recent trip to AC.  I have loaded some videos onto my mobiles for traveling and can access any of my dropbox videos stored in the cache by making the video a favorite on the Optimus.  Also can access my online videos either with WiFi or my activated LG840 3G browser when no WiFi.

This mornings' workout were edited Kathy Smith files (10 minute Fatburning Blast., Matrix Walk, and Peel Off the Pounds Pilates). I already had most of these dvds and had edited some but adding music to these clips that Kathy Smith shared on vimeo was easier than trying to find my previous edits.  Really enjoyed them so mission accomplished.  Now will have to hunt for my older edits.
Here a sample of Kathy Smith routines with different MUsic:
I did use mostly Country music with Matrix.
The 10 minute Fatburning Blast original :


Peel Off the Pounds Pilates

ETA: Just enjoyed this spark
an apartment routine by POPSUGAR Fitness

sample of my file:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Active Recovery Day

I approached my workout cautiously because of a nerve inflammation in my mid back which right now is thankfully gone.
First I did my edited version of the jessicasmithtv Mommy and Me
but my baby was a 6 pound medball LOL

then I did my edited version of the jessicasmithtv Dynamic Stretch

and finished with a surprisingly pleasant routine by dancewithshelly!
You can access Shelly's Easy Dance through her website by clicking on the *watch on youtube* lower right corner of the larger video screen:
This routine is similar to a Jessica Smith dance walk but slower with less repetitions of each move.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nell and Karen Joy

This morning I tried some of the Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy Recharged DVD which was gifted to me by a generous VFer.  At first, I really liked it!  The music was decent and the cuing minimal. Then the whistling started and I was wishing for a different soundtrack.  Once the instructor replaced the cuing with a loud whistle, I felt more like a dog in obedience class than a human being trying to MUve in a workout class. Also the moves were starting to feel too repetitive.  However, I may do my thang with it, removing some of the repetitive parts and replacing the audio.

Next I started to revisit my edited Fitstix Kids routine and lurved it!
Here's alittle sample
It is sad that the Fitstix enterprise has ended because Karen Joy Allen created some wonderful routines besides a joint friendly piece of equipment.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Freemake Video Downloader Walkthru

I am posting a Walk Through for how to download a video with the current Freemake Downloader now that Chrome has block its extensions.

Copy the url of the video you want to download
(click on the share or export icon on most video sites to get the direct url of the video)

Open Freemake Downloader
(make sure one click option upper right corner is OFF)
Click on *Paste URL*

If  a screen like this pops up, you choose your quality and which folder you want to save the video to then click on *Download*

However, if a screen like this one appears,
click on the link under 
*Play the video you want to download in your browser*
then PLAY the video that pops up in your browser 
and click on the arrow next to *what I should do*

The first screen above should then appear for your quality and folder choices

Sometimes when downloading more than one video at a time, you can get a duplicate of the previous video instead of the next video so be watchful about the thumbnail, file size and duration of each in case you get a duplicate of a previous download.

Downloading Videos with Freemake

Chrome stopped enabling extensions not available through their store which has affected being able to download videos with both Freemake Downloader and Freemake Converter!
I just downloaded and installed the Downloader from
*carefully to avoid unwanted software*
*Use the custom options to avoid toolbar, home page, and Skype*
(unless you want Skype)

I am back in business as long as I copy and paste the video url
(note: Do not use the one click option)
may have to copy and paste the same url into your broswer or click on the video link to play the video in your browser then click on the Downloader arrow to retry the download

Edited Videos

When I edit a video, I really do not know how the results will feel till I try it.  This morning I did a few edited routines and really liked them all more than I had expected!  I removed the moves I did not want and replaced the audio.

First was a PrayFit routine
which was great on both the bungee and the stability ball.

then another standing abs routine
which had a decent combination of moves

and last but not least a Lower Body Dance
I had done this one with its DVD and really didn't love it because of the voice over cuing
Adding my own music made it fabulous
almost like a Michael King Flow


Big Brother, CBS and FIOS Rant

Confession:  My summer TV revolves around Big Brother

Last evening,  after waiting for the delayed golf broadcast then the following 60 minutes delayed broadcast, Big Brother finally went on 2 hours late and destroyed any chance of me seeing any of the other Sunday night shows I like to watch and kept me up past my bedtime. Thursday night football will also interfere with the live Thursday night Big Brother schedule. Last week I watched at the regular time in AC with a Philly station LOL
However there is a sister CBS NY station which will broadcast the Thursday show live when football blocks the live broadcast.  Unfortunately, this was not done last night since the golf delay because of weather was unplanned.  I only hope that I can see the live Thursday night shows when in AC if Philly has a football game scheduled.

I never got a dvr and rely on FIOS Video On Demand and online streaming for missed shows. Not all shows are available online, especially those on FX because FIOS does not enable the FX streaming option.
I CANNOT rely on FIOS VOD to see missed episodes timely before the next episode airs.  FIOS is totally unreliable in uploading missed shows and could take up to a whole week to update.  They also randomly remove some episodes of shows.  I hope I can see the shows I missed last night on VOD or online before next Sunday or watch the episodes consecutively before they are removed.

I did enjoy the Big Brother show but found out this morning that it was completely rigged!  People who just watch the edited shows and do not see the live feeds or read their summaries do not have a clue about what is going on.  They make Frankie seem so nice but the feeds show otherwise.

Here's the crew gossip:
(warning: spoilers from last night's show)

Producers didn't want Caleb to sit out. They pulled him aside and tried to convince him to swap. Frankie didn't clue in to him throwing it, they flat out told him.
They offered Caleb money on the DL, he said no. Then they scrambled to tack on a prize. There were no specifics about the prize because they don't even know what it's going to be yet.. They are scrambling to put it together now. 
Then the BoB game was delayed so they could call in the engineers and fix it so it could work for one person. Half way through the game Caleb wants in cause he sees he's winning alone. The edit skips a bit cause you don't see them not letting Caleb play. Now Zach sees it's easier for one and he does it solo.
Producers either pressured or made a deal with Frankie that he has to out himself now. 
They think he's gone soon and they want it out who he is. 

They've also been coaching Donny a lot cause he sucks as a player but he's likable.

Frankie Article

ETA this morning 8/13
Derrick and Cody did mention that Caleb tried to get back into the BoB comp when he saw Frankie was winning but Caleb was not allowed to compete, confirming previous rumors that production knew about Caleb's plan to sit out and engineered the comp to work for one person.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fun Stuff

This morning I started with my edited version of Gymra's Beginner's Dance:
She repeated simple moves so it worked really well with replaced audio.

Then I did some of an edited Ryan Kettlebell routine and some of an edited PiYo routine, leaving out moves I do not do.
Finished with a fabulous Kathy Smith Standing Abs:

(The songs I used were Cat's Cradle, Remember When, and Numb)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Copyrights Rant

I did alot of great edited routines this morning but unfortunately, I cannot share any of them because of copyrights.  One was a Jessicasmithtv routine which I had originally shared after replacing the audio the first time:

JS Cardio Blast Redone by POMBarb
but I redid the music a second time and the newer version is awesome!

Here is Jessica's original:

Also did some of an edited dancewithshelly.
Here is her sample:

I found the whole routine by going to her website and the music I used clicked much better for me.

It is so sad that I cannot publicly share the outstanding routines I am enjoying.  Our copyright system is simply archaic in today's tech world.

This morning I used my Hear Rate monitor watch and saw my intensity was almost the same on the bungee or on the stability ball!   Do not know why the stability ball is not used more for cardio, especially if a lower body joint is feeling vulnerable.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This morning I started with a bunch of Piranha videos I had downloaded and joined together found at
I really like Kayce's AWT!  Especially this one with a Towel warmup

They use great MUsic too.

Then I did some of an edited StudioMIXX Ballet Box which I liked alot.
Most of the above were done either on the bungee or ball while holding Fitstix.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Routines

This morning I revisited my edited Baladea Slim and enjoyed it then revisited some free Yin the Zone routines which I also enjoyed.  My favorite was
because of its unique moves.

Finished with some Older Wiser and Wonderful edited strength files.
(I really need to visit stuff I never did and revisit some stuff I liked alot!)

Monday, August 4, 2014


I store many videos privately on Dropbox and share some of them through Dropbox.  Dropbox is a great way to store, share files, and/or have access to the files on the road with a Smartphone, etc.
Again I want to invite anyone who does not have a Dropbox account yet to subscribe and install through this link so we  can both get extra space:

What I really like most about Dropbox is after I delete a file, I can restore it for 30 days.
What I like least about their free account is that I can only share files privately because if I draw too much traffic, my account gets frozen for a few days.  So if I do share a file or folder with you, please do not give that link to others.  You can download the file/folder into your own Dropbox account and share it with others from your own account.

This morning I revisited more of my edited Baladea Boost on the bungee (really love the simple moves and great MUsic) then I did Meghan Henderson's (edited) Boxing routine.  My MUsic was so good that I freestyled whenever a move became too repetitious.  I used my stability ball and Billy's gloves attached with a band from PT24/7 then switched to Fitstix.  Finished with more of Michael King's Flow.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lurve Michael King

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to an edited version of A Champion's Bellicon Beginner routine:
Of course, it was my MUsic and the removal of moves I wouldn't do which made it click for me.

Then I did Burn to the Beat Cardio Dance with my purple Zumba sticks
Again my MUsic made it click for me

Then I revisited Michael King's Pilates Flow but this time with my own MUsic and enjoyed it even more for a sample
I have to say that Michael King is becoming a real favorite.  He works the joints like Scott Sonnon but Michael's moves are more flowing.

Last but not least, I revisited some of my edited Baladea Boost while sitting on a stability ball. I really like the simple to follow moves in Boost.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

DVD Shrink and IMGBurn to Clone a DVD

If you want to clone a dvd, you can use DVD Shrink to rip and convert the files into movie files/folders and ImgBurn to burn the folder created by Shrink on to a dvdr to play as a movie in a dvd player.  However, these programs were designed to be used on Windows operating systems.   Shrink may need the compatibility mode of older versions like Windows XP or 98 if using newer versions of Windows.  Works fine on my Windows7.

You can download both DVD Shrink and Imgburn for free
Download their set-up applications then install the programs for each

Alternatively, you can get a newer free version of DVD Shrink for Windows or Mac here:

I have older versions of Shrink and  ImgBurn so my instructions may not be identical to those for more recent versions but may still be useful.  My older versions have been uploaded to Google Drive in case my laptop has a sudden death:
Here's instructions on how to clone a dvd using DVD Shrink
(1)Put the original DVD into your dvd drive
(2)Open Shrink
(3) click on *Open Disc* upper left corner
 your dvd drive with the dvd should pop up
 click OK
 Shrink will then analyze the dvd
after the disc is analyzed
(4) Next click on *Backup* on top
(see more details at the bottom of this post if you need more details)
(5) select target folder where you want to save the files then ok
and wait till Shrink is done
(tip: create a simple to find folder wherever you want on your pc like on your desktop)
(6) After Shrink is done, it will provide a link to your target folder
This Shrink target folder will be your source folder for ImgBurn

Instructions for ImgBurn
(1)open ImgBurn
(2)click on *write files/folders to disc*
(3)Browse for your source folder (Shrink target folder)
Enter the address of your source folder
(Click on the link to the target folder provided by Shrink or go to your target folder and copy its address
then paste this address into the ImgBurn Source box)
press enter and address should then appear in big box below as your source
(4)put a blank dvdr in your dvd drive
(5) click on the folder to disc icon
and just wait for the burn
(sorry but not wasting a blank dvdr to doublecheck if anything else needs to be done LOL)

Here's a link about how to run DVDShrink on a MAC:
or do an online search for *How to run DVDShrink on a MAC*

Here's more details for Shrink:
You can create a folder for your target movie files anywhere you want on your hard drive by right clicking where you want it (like on your desktop) then scroll to New then Folder. Name the folder whatever you want.  Rename by right clicking.  Just remember where it is so you can find it easily.

After Shrink completes its analysis
Click on Backup
something like the image below will pop up

Choose Hard Disk Folder
Browse for the folder you want to use as your target folder on your pc's hard drive (C:)
(you can create a folder if you have not already done so)
Make sure the box is checked for Create Video_TS and Audio_TS subfolders

Click OK and wait
till Shrink is done creating the folder with Video_TS subfolders
This folder will become your source folder for ImgBurn
Continue with the instructions above of how to burn a dvdr with ImgBurn

After you have successfully burned a dvdr with IMGBurn, you can delete the Shrink target folder if you wish.

ShaunT, Meghan and Scott

Back from a trip to AC.  Unfortunately, sitting on the hotel room bed to watch tv triggered my hip problem. However, I know it will resolve itself and is not nearly as bad as last time.

This morning I bungee bounced with Shaun T and Meghan Henderson using edited versions of these

then sat on a ball with my edited Sparkpeople chair routine:

Finished with a bunch of Scott Sonnon joint mobility vids:

At first some of the hip stuff made the twinge worse but it seems to feel better now.  I have become a true believer in moving for healing.

ETA: I did not have any foot or leg spasms in AC at night like previous trips when on Lipitor!