Saturday, June 30, 2012

This morning I did some Chiball Energize then 3 chapter's of Misty Tripoli's Alive, some of it on the UR! Next I did some Essentrics Core and Leg Strength in Motion because this routine seemed to help my knee last night. My knee twinged less last night in bed than it has in months! Finished with various hip and back stretches.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Get Back Up in the Saddle

Only twinge that is bothersome today is still my right lat but not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday, because of my right lat acting up again, I focused on my lower body, both in doing whatever I could without aggravating my knee and in stretching the knee and hip. Found some Egoescue knee and hip stuff on youtube which I even uploaded to my blog. Once the hip felt fully released, my knee felt much better! I am now able to go up and down stairs alternating legs with hardly a twinge! Even lying in bed and turning over didn't bring on the dreaded jab of pain. Will experiment and see how much I can do on the bungee this morning.
However, I have rediscovered that there is alot to do off the bungee and have piles of stuff I want to revisit off the bungee just in case my body isn't ready.
This fall helped me discover quite a few new things like how to get up off the floor without struggling or hurting my knees. How to stand and how to walk with less knee bending which is better for avoiding arthritis stiffness. To keep moving throughout the day, never sitting for too long. To keep using the stairs just like falling off a horse, get right back up. Stairs provide great physical therapy. Lots of boring looking workouts aren't so boring to do if it means moving with little to no pain.
Most importantly:
Our bodies are as strong as our minds.
My fear of pain was paralyzing me.
Accidents do happen and can happen anywhere.
I will try never to doubt my body again

ETA: still not ready for bouncing except with a straight knee.
I did alittle Batuka then the Chiball warmup and yoga which also had a warmup from Awaken The Spine. These old Chiballs are quite brilliant. Finished with a bunch of hip and knees stretches.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Egoescue Hip and Knee Exercises

Found a bunch of Egoescue exercises on youtube for the knee and hip. The intros are similar but the exercises are one after the other starting about midway through each video. There are two for the knees, one of which overlaps with the one for the hips.



another knee which is similar to the one for the hips:

Chiball Essentials, Batuka and A New You Ballet

Unfortunately my right mid back muscle decided to twinge intensely again, somehow re-injuring it when sleeping!
My knee is still improving. This morning I found I could do a stiff legged healthbounce pain free on the bungee which is better than no bouncing at all.
Anywho, I worked the lower body with *A New You*'s muscle conditioning and ballet workouts. The ballet workout was very similar to Ellen's stuff but not as intense. Then I did alittle Batuka and found a great looking martial arts routine that I hope to revisit when feeling better. Will give more info about that later.
Then I finished with the first two chapters of Chiball Essentials and thoroughly enjoyed it! When I first got Chiball Essentials and Dance of the Dragon, I didn't like them as much as the vhs routines led by Monica because not nearly as intense. However, this morning Essentials TaiChi/Qigong and Radiant Yang were perfect. The first chapter started very gentle then alternated movements done slowly and faster in the second chapter. They really lubricated my joints and made me feel so much better. Also felt totally energized afterwards.
So if you can only buy just one of the new dvds, I highly recommend Chiball Essentials!

Here's the Batuka video:

Chiballs in the US

I just wanted to mention that the chiballs and dvds in NTSC are now available in the US! The dvds offer much better quality for the older routines and quite a few new routines. I had ordered Dance of the Dragon before it was available in the US and paid quite a bit more for it. However, my NTSC dvd had a purplish back so preferred the PAL since my dvd player was compatible with PAL. I will be revisiting the newer Chiball Essentials soon which I had received through the VF exchange.

ETA: the Power of Relaxation dvd has caught my eye.
May be caving on this one!
and the Anise chiball LOL
(already have orange, lemon, lavender and cinnamon)

Their official website is
I have ordered from their official website and found the service very good

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tiffany Rothe chair

Just did this fabulous chair workout by Tiffany Rothe as a spark:
Still struggling a bit going upstairs and downstairs but am alternating legs more and more. I really think the stairs are a form of Physical Therapy for me.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get comfortable in bed last night without a Night-Time Tylenol.
This morning I did some Batuka videos from youtube but while standing, holding homemade XCOs and using the feet minimally instead of while bouncing on the bungee. I am not sure when (or if) I will be able to even healthbounce again because that really hurts my knee. Then I did a Caribbean Chiball routine, at first holding a Miracle ball then a homemade XCO which worked nicely. Finished with rolling the hip on the Miracle ball.

I am doubting the pain will ever be completely gone in the right knee because it feels similar to the twinges my elbows still send after several years. Will just keep trying to do what I can with minimal twinging. If it gets to a point of being in pain 24/7 no matter what I am doing, I will see a specialist about possible surgery. However, I believe it isn't just a structural problem in the knee but is related to a hip problem as well.

Chiball Filemail Links

Monica's Chiball vhs upright and chair routines:

Shelly's Caribbean Workout Chiball routines:

These are wonderful alternatives to whole body dance and walking. You'll get out of them what you put into them. Can be done with a weightless playground ball, imaginary ball or very light weight. The movements are gentle but involve the core so have a sneaky effect.

Again, I highly recommend Freemake Video Converter if you have a Windows operating system for burning dvdrs, available at
If you need more info about filemail or Freemake Video Converter, check the labels on my blog.

ETA: the dvds in the Chiball Therapeutic series offer alot more footage and at better quality than the files I have uploaded from vhs
official website is
Their US vendor is

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Did It!!!!

I just walked up the stairs alternating legs without pain!
Heck I couldn't do that for weeks even before the fall.
Maybe it is the Aleve? LOL

To celebrate, I will be uploading another filemail with some of the original OOP Chiball vhs footage that many may enjoy.

Here's the filemail link:

Just did 10 minutes of Unity House on and actually sweated!
There are lots of nice chair routines on the MUVE site and dvds.

Another Day, Another Injury

This morning I did another Tuttle Standing Pilates workout, carefully and slowly. Knee is improved but stairs and putting on shoes still a challenge. Then I did some of Monica's original Chiball for posture and flexibility that is done sitting on a chair, again carefully and slowly yet I pulled a muscle in my left upper back!! So I ball rolled it with a Miracle ball and applied Arnica gel and took an Aleve. While down and dirty, I also tennis balled my right hip and lower back. Everything seems fine now but am really getting tired of injuries. Working around the injuries throws off other body parts I guess.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Caribbean Chiballs filemail

I am offering a filemail of the 4 different Caribbean Workout Chiball workouts in wmv format because the show is no longer being broadcasted on Fit TV and these Chiball workouts are too good not to share. Some are still available but hard to find on various older dvds because the workouts aren't listed clearly on each of these dvds. Thanks to the VFers who deciphered which dvds had them and enabled me to have access to all of these treasures, I am paying it forward and making them available to others. If you cannot use wmv files, you can email me with the file format of your choice and I will convert them for you in another filemail. WMV files will work on all Windows operated pcs and with Windows video software. The filemail link for the wmv videos files is

Pain Grade

Knee pain is less intense than yesterday giving me hope it is healing. Still more intense pain than before the stairs incident but very similar to what I had a few months ago that improved but never totally resolved. It is becoming more evident the pain is connected to the hip/lower back.

I am beginning to believe most of the chronic knee, hip and lower back problem on my right side is because my right leg is much longer than the left so am going to try wearing the Walkfit Platinum insert just in the left shoe and a cushioning insert in the right shoe. When I do this, my shoulders are even and my right side feels way less jarring when walking.

Still not comfortable on the bungee but will try to do some lower body stuff without any impact. Yesterday's sparks were chair dancing, doing some Zumba-like videos while sitting.

Just tried an Ellen but knee/hip wasn't liking plies so switched to a previously boring Standing Pilates routine with Susan Tuttle which seemed to help more than hurt :) Went halftime, slowly and carefully adjusting to avoid any twinging or pain. Wore shoes with the inserts as above and will continue to wear shoes 24/7 except when sleeping. I am walking much better today! Dug up a whole bunch of senior exercise dvds and vhs that I will be slowly exploring throughout the day. Also will try some roller stuff and Egoscue's Supine Inguinal stretch. Just realized I did all of this without taking any pain medication so am definitely healing. Although I avoid everything except Tylenol because of bruising, I did take one Aleve yesterday and one night-time Advil last night for anti-inflammatory action.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Highest Pain Grade

Well after missing the bottom step on our stairs yesterday, my right knee is about the worse it has ever been. Whatever problem I was having before has been greatly agitated by the incident. Arnica gel, ice and Tylenol at least allow me some comfort when sitting, standing and lying but walking has been a challenge. Ironically, going up and downstairs one step at a time, keeping the knee straight, has been easier than before the fall. Will try a chair workout later.

If I do not see improvement within the week, I will see a specialist.

so far this morning I did Upper Cut which is an old vhs with upper body resistance using a band while sitting. Then I did most of Jill Miller's Knee Rehab 1 because it, too, is done while sitting on a chair. Makes me wonder how most other knee rehabs are done on the floor. If my knee enabled me to get down on the floor and up again, it would not need rehab! Anywho, the knee felt alittle better afterwards so may be on the right track. May do some Sit&Be Fits off youtube and the tv show later. Also have a bunch of senior type workouts that have a chair option. Can also try any of my cardio with Fitstix while sitting or standing without using the legs. I'll try to focus on what I can do instead of obsessing over what I cannot do.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Batuka and Pain Grade

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with some Hip Hop Walk then some Batuka videos. Finished the workout with some more Zumba toning and newest Kareenu uploads. Though I prefer the Hip Hop music in other Zumba-like videos, this Batuka all Spanish version had a surprisingly good Tai Chi video which I am sharing below.

Also am sharing another Batuka I found worth revisiting:

Also here's a Batuka similar to Body Combat:

I decided to grade my pain problems daily here where I can track them to try to figure out what is going on.
This morning both knees hurt mildly as well as left arm before workingout.
All hurt somewhat less after workingout.
Last night all were horrible.

Just went for a walk using walking sticks and think it did make the walking easier on the knees while more intense for everything else.

Oh dear, just missed the last step walking down the stairs and now my right knee is a real mess. Cannot bend it at all. Arnica gel is relieving most of the pain when straight but forget about bending it. Well either I will now need knee surgery or the new injury will heal and hopefully, heal the previous problem along with it. Time will tell.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Great Youtube User

Another Great YouTube user that offers workouts to music only:
bostonathleticclub, specifically the Cardio Dance w/ Caitlin videos

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nia Awareness of Ankle Joints

The latest Nia class is now available online
Awareness of Ankle Joints

I really need *Awareness of Knees*
or better yet
*Unawareness of Knees*.

Zumba online

There is an available filemail expiring in a few days (6/25) which I finally tried everything on and think it may be the best dvdr I have burned. Only problem was Freemake Video Converter crashed trying to burn this one so I used Windows DVD Maker.
If nothing else, download the Zumba Stix files! Fabulous AWT.
After warming up with some Hip Hop Walk on the bungee, I did all of the Zumba Stix and Dance files and lurved all of it! Really got me muving and feeling great.
Finished my workout from another dvdr which included Nia routines by Holly. That filemail unfortunately is no longer available.

Here's a bunch of songs done on a beach, a few other dance routines, and some routines with Zumba stix. Ends with the newest Nia Awareness of Feet.
Janette's Beach videos come from user vjz29
TheDance videos come from user FoodieBelle242
The Zumba Toning stix comes from various youtube users including (Kit-fair2u2) (one will lead you to another when searching for Zumba Toning)
Nia's Awareness of Feet is located at

I recommend downloading any of the above either through my filemail or directly from youtube if there are others you like that I didn't include because the youtube videos could disappear anyday as most videos did for one of my favorite instructors recently (Kareenu).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hip Hop Walk and Surfer Girls

What I basically hope for in a new workout is audible music and unique moves. This morning I did the rest of Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk on the bungee and the Surfer Girl Shreds and both of these workouts delivered.
Hip Hop Walk is definitely different from any other walking workout, even the Fitstix Hip Hop chapter on Fusion. Amy has used unique simple moves with varying intensity to create a do-able yet sweat producing workout. The moves are mostly rebounder friendly and the chapters can be used as sparks. Yes, I would have liked better music but the music volume is loud enough and Amy's chatting low enough so that Amy's voice is not at all distracting. Since I am completely burnt out on Leslie Sansone, I am hoping Amy does more walking workouts. Shame on the people who slammed this workout just from its clips. This is definitely a try it before you decide whether it is for you kind of workout.

The Surfer Girl workouts have lots of unique moves in them and the number of reps totally do-able. Here too I would have liked different music but the instructor's chatter is not annoying. Most moves work very well with any weighted object and many do not even use a weight. I have only done the standing upright so so may revisit including some floor/mat stuff next time round.

I finished my workout with JB's Knee and Hip Restoration Part A which didn't seem to do much till the final front flexor stretch so now I know to do that stretch more often for my knee/hip problem.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Still Muving

Even though I feel like the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow, falling apart and losing straw, I keep muving. The back muscle I pulled yesterday when applying Arnica gel to my knees is still twinging but not as badly so of course, now my left foot had to get in on the action and something went amiss in it while just doing healthbouncing on the bungee! Some people avoid exercise to avoid injury or aggravating an injury but an injury can happen anytime doing anything. My worse back pull was from a simple sneeze. Muving helps healing and preventing other injuries strengthening body parts. The good news is my left knee hardly twinged (or its twinginess is being completely drowned out by other more intense twinges)

Anywho, I did some more of Bento's Hip Hop Walk on the bungee then the Ab and Glute Shred from Surfer Girl disk 3. Finished the Nia Awareness of Feet which gave just as much attention to hands, elbows, etc. Also did alittle of a beach Zumba routine. Will be doing more of these as sparks off the bungee.

Just had a personal discovery that made me appreciate having aches and pains instead of other aging conditions. Will keep my bag of troubles.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pain Rant

I have been having increasing joint pain and am getting a bit frustrated. On our last AC trip, I started envying the people in scooters but know that will just make my joint pain worse because they hurt the most after inactivity.

Here I was, getting ready for battle with the intention of muving more than usual this morning, applying Arnica gel to the feet, ankles, knees and hips but during the process pulled a back muscle! So Arnica went on the back muscle and I popped a Tylenol and will still be attempting to muve soon. :::Fingers Crossed:::

OK I worked out.
Warmed up on the bungee to some youtube which got me in the mood to muve then did some of Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk on the bungee. Really like this workout cuz simple to follow and can be tweaked for more intensity. Then I did some roller and ball pressure release around my knee and back which helped my knee quite a bit so I could do the cardio on the third Surfer Girl dvd while holding a smartbell. Finished with some of Nia's Awareness of Feet which had some really neat moves in it, especially hot feet with toes inward and outward.

Here's the video I did during my warmup:

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Walked over 30,000 paces in spite of wonky knees and just did a spark with Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk which was better than I expected.

Otherwise back to morning workouts tomorrow morning :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check in and FIOS On Demand Rant

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some newer clips by Kareenu which I can no longer find on youtube :(
Just glad I downloaded the ones I liked!!
Then I did some sculpting from the Surfer Girls second disk but my DOMS made me too uncomfortable so I did some of the third Faithful workout and called it a day.

May squeeze in a spark before watching more of *The Killing* episodes on Sundance at 6PM. Already saw the whole first season and first 4 episodes of the second season thanks to Sundance and Locate TV which notified me about them even while FIOS still had the wrong program information. Our Video On Demand for AMC seems very unreliable. They have the second season episode 9, 10 and 12. Um what about 11?? FIOS On Demand also messed up the numbers for Lifetime's *Client List* episodes and several episodes from premium channel series. Way too many errors and skipped episodes. Guess they are trying to force everyone into renting a dvr?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Day but a Better Day

Knees are improving and energy level as well in spite of humidity.

Warmed up on the bungee to Just Jhoom which I had to burn onto a Play Station2 compatible dvdr to use near my bungee since the original dvd is PAL. It was alot more fun this way than focusing on the hands. Then I did Surfer Girls Core Wave2, Faithful Workout 2, and finished with some Strength&Grace, an old vhs still being sold cheaply on Amazon though I paid much more for it 12 years ago!
Loved the revisit :)
Also enjoyed the Faithful workout, learning to focus on the music and trying to block out the instructor's voice. Still liking Surfer Girls moves too.

Tough Mudder

A video of our son's Tough Mudder in the UK:

He's the bald one LOL

here's the official video:

Monday, June 11, 2012

So So Day

Knees were much better today. Am hoping it is the Vitamin D supplement which I usually do not take when in AC but will start taking daily for awhile. However, just couldn't get into workingout today but kept muving.
Warmed up on the bungee to Batuka then did the second routine on Just Jhoom which I did like then did some of the first Faithful workout (her voice was very annoying to me) then tried some of Power Stretch & Sculpt which was way too much floor and finished with the rest of Richard Simmons Sit Tight. Just had a low energy day I guess.

Received the Surfer Girl workout set this afternoon and already did some of the first workout and liked it! The holding the stability ball moves worked well with my yellow Smartbell. Alot like other Michael Carson stuff but slower and less reps so less tedious. Having a different set, music and instructor also made this kind of routine feel more playful.

Just used a Sit and Be Fit youtube video for a spark and feel better than I have all day:

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Walked over 37,000 paces in 3 days. Weather was amazing. Ended the trip with an excellent brunch at Harrahs' buffet using our last $25 coupon and most of DH's comp. As great as it was, it isn't worth $50 because I cannot eat that much food so will stick with The Borgata's buffet for just $20 comp which is just as satisfying without the coffee pot with steaming coffee at my fingertips on the table.

Now have the choice of alot of new workouts to try after completing a couple of trades.
Hope my stiff knees are up to the task. Last night, I put Arnica gel on them before bedtime which seemed to make getting up much easier this morning.
At least that funky ankle problem seems healed.
After getting home yesterday, I did the warmups on *Just Jhoom* which included Bollywood style hands which seemed to help my stiff right hand.

Will post what and how I did later.

I warmed up on the bungee to two Batuka clips then did the first routine on *Just Jhoom*. So far, Just Jhoom is like a Bollywood walk and simple dance fusion so I think it is a keeper. Really like using the hands more too.
Then I did some of Evolution CardioFlex, skipping the step cardio in Workout1 and the Floor toning in Workout2. Favorite part was the warmup in Workout2 which happens to be on youtube and what caught my interest to arrange a trade for it:

Also liked the stretch at the end of workout2 which used the opposite muscle contraction to stretch. Would love to try the partner stretch at the end of Workout1 but trust neither my husband or son to follow the instructions correctly. One bad pull could cripple me.
The band segments in workout one are a bit buried being the second part of each block after step cardio. The standing toning segments in workout2 are unique but could have used a modifier. Doing a clock without mirroring left and right for the numbers is a bit confusing too. Overall, think I can use workout2 in the future, skipping just the floor block.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This and That

My ankle problem seems resolved but my right knee was acting weird so I wound up doing some Knee Rehab after warming up on the bungee to Batuka and finishing Ellen's Power Fusion as well as alittle Caribbean workout HiLo with Fitstix. After Knee Rehab, I did some more of Richard Simmons Sit Tight.
Because of various physical problems, I have been working less intensely and more with sparks instead of one long morning workout but my weight seems to be responding well.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked to the post office then did a Batuka on the bungee before dinner. Hope to do another walk and Batuka on the bungee today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still Muving but not much

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some Batuka videos since my ankle seemed fine. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue what videos I had downloaded from youtube and there are dozens and dozens of the Batuka videos there from several users. They are in Spanish and similar to Zumba but have a short lesson before the routine.

Then I did alittle bit of a Caribbean workout Calypso hilo dance that had been on Fit TV but stopped when my right inner ankle gave me a warning twinge and switched to some Caribbean Workout muscle conditioning staying stationary. Finished with some of Richard Simmons *Sit Tight* but on top of a stability ball instead of a chair.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep Muving Grasshopper!

So I gave some sitting workouts a try and actually sweated plus feel much better! Ankle didn't even twinge coming upstairs after doing the routines.

Did some Sit and Be Fit routines found on youtube and finished with some sitting Gyrokinesis found online. Instead of a chair, I sat on the oblong stability ball that came with the Barry's Bootcamp kit. No matter what kind of an injury, there is some way to move the rest of your body if not the injured part though some movement may actually help speed up healing. The first Sit and Be Fit routine was designed for when sitting on an airplane and did flex my ankles in various ways but without weight so no pain. I already have a pile of sitting workouts waiting for me till my ankle is ready to bare weight again.

When I was a child, I had caught a grasshopper in a jar.
After I released it, it couldn't hop.
Use it or lose it.
Do not let an injury weaken the rest of your body. Trying to avoid pain, makes us use the rest of the body awkwardly and can cause other sprains and/or radiation of the pain to adjoining areas. In my 20's I always resorted to bed rest (rather floor rest) when my back acted up. Now in my 60's as soon as there is a back twinge, I pop a Tylenol, rub on some Arnica gel and keep moving and it works itself out much quicker. If every human being had their spine and neck checked with Xrays, MRIs, etc., each individual would show some sort of a vertebra problem just like older tires show some wear and tear.
Keep Muving while listening to your body to prevent injuries and to heal faster. If you choose to use an injury as an excuse not to move, you may be suffering the pain and associated pain more intensely, more frequently and longer.


Yesterday before dinner, I did do some more of Ellen for a spark and actually sweated!

This morning, I did alittle more caulking then warmed up on the bungee to the ReFitRev routine with Survivor on the bungee then did some of a Peak Fit Challenge warmup and started doing some of Michelle's kickboxing while holding Fitstix and suddenly had a pain in my right inner ankle. Continued to hurt after applying Arnica gel so stopped workingout, too frustrated to look for a chair routine to do instead. Hopefully will do something sitting later. Also will try to upload the ReFitRev routine I did before the filemail link expires on it. I have to check the last song (Cry Holy) which froze a couple of times.

ETA: Oh well, the filemail with the freezing clip had just expired so will check the video when I upload it to the blog to see if it freezes.
Turn It Up:


Free It Up:

Cry Holy: Will be redoing this one on my next youtube download burning cuz not sure if the file on the previous filemail was corrupted or not and want a nonfreezing file of it. Seems to play fine on youtube. Hmm, the burned file also plays fine on my puter so maybe it was some dust on the dvdr or in the Play Station2.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Washout :(

This morning, I caulked in our bathroom till I felt sweaty then started a laundry and cleaned our basement toilet. Then I warmed up on the bungee to ReFitRev, really liking one of the tunes alot and started to do some Ellen Barrett but stopped because feeling nauseous which has never happened before. Feel better now after eating breakfast and will go on a walk soon and hopefully resume my workout later.

Here's the routine I really liked to Carrie Underwood's *Undo It*:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

More of the Same

Warmed up on the bungee to another fusion of ReFitRev youtube videos then did Grace&Gusto from the Giddyups up to the floor stuff which I skipped.
Then did the second half of Rockin Body House Your Body which had alot of good moves for the Fitstix and others good for the rebounder.

Last night I caved and ordered a Surfer Girl set of 3 dvds from Amazon because the moves were designed by Michael Carson and obviously would work with a light kettlebell, smartbell or medball. The price was just too reasonable to resist. Only have to like one of the three dvds to be satisfied with the purchase. Hopefully, the music is better than its clip. The newest similar workout I have (Gilad's Maximum Abs) was ruined by the nasty attitudes on VF. Cannot do that one without remembering a very toxic personality. She has this thing about having the right to say anything she thinks whether online or in real life without any empathy for other people's feelings. Maybe it is immaturity. Maybe it is a personality disorder. Whatever it is, she is a very negative and determined to inflict her miserable attitude on others. Like my dad used to say:
"It is nice to be nice."

Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for Another AC Rant LOL

About the only thing that could get me into Ballys lately to play has been their earn a free buffet promotion, especially since they removed the slot machines from the Claridge and most of their Wild West casinos. Not only has that promotion ended as of June but the buffet is closing completely in mid-June with the summer season just beginning! This buffet even on its worse days was better than most others that were higher priced.
The WW buffet always had a line because of its promotions, price and quality so it was obviously the most popular buffet in AC.
An ignorant reporter implied the WW buffet closing was a business decision similar to that of Revel's not to have a buffet because of less day trippers to AC. Well people aren't flocking to Revel to eat and play as expected and now, way less will be flocking to Ballys.

With just a 2 week warning, CET (Caesars, Harrahs, Ballys and Showboat) started charging for their Diamond Lounges a year ago, promising improved food. Diamond Lounge attendance greatly dropped immediately. Their quality is even worse now and the Diamond Lounges have become ghost towns. Wonder if they ever bothered to check how many Diamond players they have in 2012 compared to 2011. Since many players were close to Diamond when the lounges started charging in 2011, 2013 will have even less Diamond card holders than 2012. Once a regular AC CET Diamond player switches their play to The Borgata and sees how much quicker the comp dollars accrue while earning superior meals at both the buffet and Amphora Lounge, they will not bother to pursue CET Diamond status anymore.
The Borgata is brilliant in allowing player upgrades and is obviously going to remain the most profitable casino resort in AC. Cannot trust business decisions made by either CET or Revel but thankfully, The Borgata continues to reward its players, year after year.

Still Loving ReFitRev

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to the RevFitRev file I called
*Purples Tonight NT Firestarter Embute HisGlory.wmv*
on the filemail link
which expires 6/4.
Will try to embed the files below later today.
Then I did Grace & Gusto starting with the chair chapter up to the Giddyups.
Then I did about half of *House Your Body* from Rockin Body with Fitstix.





His Glory:

Note: If you have RealPlayer, you can download these videos and other videos right from my blog (or youtube) onto your hard drive. Then you can use Freemake Video Converter to burn the flv files to dvdr if you have a Windows PC.
Or you can use Freemake Video Converter to download them by right clicking the mouse on the video and choosing to copy the url then pasting the url onto Freemake. You can save the files in whatever format you want on your hard drive, etc. or burn them directly to dvdr with Freemake Video Converter. Best have a good hour or two of videos ready to burn before burning if you do not want to use too many blank dvdrs. Freemake Video Converter is much easier to use and faster than Windows DVD Maker. If using Windows DVD Maker you have to have the files converted to a format accepted by Windows DVD Maker like wmv,mpeg, etc. if you want the dvdr to play on most dvd players. Either RealPlayer or Freemake Video Converter can do the conversions. Occasionally, I still have to settle for Windows DVD Maker when Freemake crashes.