Monday, June 28, 2010


This morning I wore the Walkfit inserts in a different pair of shoes which I will use for workouts and walking when not in AC to save my other pair for AC.

I did some BBL Rio Extreme then took a break then did Fitstix Adaptive PE Basic Moves for upper body then some Classical Stretch 603.  Used the UR for the Rio warm up and some of Adaptive PE. Absolutely no heel pain :)   but still have lingering DOMS from Bum Bum.

Almost forgot how awesome the Fitstix were in working the upper body and core!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This morning I did some of the standing parts of Cardio Axe and High&Tight and Sculpt. Used the Fitstix with Cardio Axe and a band with the others. Didn't put much effort into anything because of the heat and DOMS. Cardio Axe got very repetitive even though it held my interest initially. High&Tight had some good moves even without using a band around the feet. Sculpt hardly showed the band modifier but I managed on my own. Music was terrible and perhaps, these would have caught my attention and held it better if the music was decent and the movements in sync with the beat. Maybe if I hadn't previewed it and done Shaun T  and Beto recently, I would have been more motivated to try them again. Will try to do Rio Extreme tomorrow and maybe Bum Bum Express.
Finished with the standing part of CS 602.

I may actually trade for Bum Bum and High&Tight down the road but have many lower body workouts to revisit first.

I wore my Walkfit inserts for everything except CS (absolutely no heel pain even when on the UR)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have very mixed feelings about Brazilian Butt Lift which I previewed yesterday. Upon the previews, I did not click with the instructor or the music and most of the moves seemed routine. However, actually after doing some this morning, I did like some of the moves more than expected.
Overall, not exactly fun or enjoyable but worth trying for some crosstraining.

This morning I did Brazilian Butt Lift's Bum Bum but just half the reps cuz didn't want to risk joint injury or ridiculous DOMS tomorrow. Already feel like my lower body worked very hard. I wore my Walkfit Platinum inserts which may have kept my joints in alignment because no really bad twinges in any joints. Then instead of a break, I did CS 601 (just the standing first half with shoes off) which really worked the arms intensely. Then I did BBL Rapido Abs (shoes back on LOL) but used my homemade XCO trainers and then Uppercuts still with XCOs. Did the warmup from Cardio Axe on the UR and will do the whole thing tomorrow with Fitstix.
Bum Bum was a good lower body workout with a couple of unique moves.
Rapido Abs was a decent kettlebell inspired workout but nothing special.
Uppercuts seemed like a very routine upper body workout though using XCOs made it more interesting for me.
Music was annoying in all if I tried to hear it so just ignored it.
Same thing with the instructor, just there and ignored by me.
Much prefer Shaun T's Rock It Out.

Do not understand the love on VF for this set.

Son really likes the London office and co-workers so may be a great move for him!

Friday, June 25, 2010


This morning I did most of Zumba's Dance Party, some on the UR wearing my new inserts (that should break them in faster LOL).  Held the Fitstix through most of it too.  Really like Zumba style punching with them and hope Beto may consider a Zumba boxing fusion one day. Took a break about 30 minutes into the workout then finished the dance party and some Classical Stretch. I will be starting the Season 6 being broadcasted now in my next workout session.

I now am trying a high insert in my left shoe and a medium in my right, not sure I should mix and match like that but it seems to make my feet feel the most balanced.  I swear I think I am feeling an improvement already!  Absolutely no lower back or hip twinging and left foot's heel has been having no pain.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I walked over 44,000 paces Sunday through Wednesday in spite of the heat. Also ate more carefully, taking advantage of available fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables as much as possible and lost the 2 extra pounds that had crept back on in the past month or so. Do not want to break my plateau in the wrong direction LOL

This morning I did the second half of Zumba Live and some Zumba Flat Abs and Classical Stretch.  Think Zumba Live is right up there with Nia's Unplugged for my favorite workout. Rock It Out may be giving both some competition too. Not sure till I get a chance to revisit everything.  Just may be quite awhile because I am borrowing Brazilian Butt Lift soon.

Finally got a discount coupon so went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the Walkfit Platinum inserts I saw on an infomercial.  My worse left foot felt fine with them but my better right foot felt way too much pressure, like the right leg was much longer than the left. So then I changed to the medium inserts from the low inserts and voila, much better. Right foot may still need slow adjusting, adding an hour a day but left was fine and legs felt more even. 

Son is in London for 3 to 4 weeks as a *consultant* but then has to return to the US till his paperwork is all done.  So he is having a nice paid working vacation to London.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday through Wednesday

Walking, walking and more walking!

Yesterday I walked the whole AC boardwalk from Ballys to the Hilton and back then Ballys to Showboat and back.  Another day I walked roundtrip from the Borgata to Harrahs and back.

Pedometer registered over 44,000 paces!

Got lots of Vitamin D too :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday and Zumba Live! WOW!!!!

This morning I did Zumba Live which was incredible on the YogFlex with Fitstix with minimal tweaking to use less space. After several breaks to catch my breath, I did some Classical Stretch. Will be seeing if the YogFlex triggers my foot problem without shoes. It didn't this morning :)

So I will be careful to wear shoes when I crosstrain with the UR and maybe, this probably will heal enough where I can venture onto the UR again barefooted cautiously.

What I especially love about Zumba Live is really no cuing just follow along and enjoy the music. It is just Beto doing what Beto does best, making moving fun.  Cannot believe this was available through youtube!

Our visit with son went fine yesterday and he even stayed longer than usual.  Ate all of his favorite childhood dishes.
What shocked me was how much weight he had gained since March!
He will be turning 31 and guess his metabolism is slowing down.
Also he totally quit smoking after trying on and off for years.
He was so skinny till recently that I never thought he would gain weight.
Think this move will really help him because he explained how London is different from NYC. In NYC, the social life starts after 10pm. In London, it starts as soon as work ends. So most day in NYC he just stays in and plays video games or watches dvds till bedtime. I am sure he will be spending every vacation in NYC, including a connection with us. With the internet, everyone feels next door anyways.

This trip will help him decide exactly what he wants his goals to be in the future. He is purging himself of all possessions he definitely doesn't need after being very compulsive with collections (dvds, cds, etc.). He has to stay with this next company if he wants to stay in London, so will take it all one step at a time. It is a promotion in his growing field (online behavorial targeting) so he will be set professionally no matter where he lives unless he decides to pursue something else. Still hopes to find a lifetime partner and even adopt.

Now if our younger son could just find himself a position that he wouldn't mind in spite of all of his anxieties and Asperger's.  Our neighbor who was his karate teacher offered to teach him to drive but son is resistant to trying.  He almost considered moving into Greg's apartment till the lease was up in December and finding a job in NYC if Greg's room mate cannot find another room mate but that is just too much of a leap for him without Greg there to help.  For now,  he is still our housesitter LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday and Farewell

 This morning I did some Zumba while holding the Fitstix then put on shoes and did some on the UR, took a break and did some Hip Hop Abs with Fitstix then Classical Stretch.

Our son is visiting later to say bye bye before going to karaoke with high school friends.

(one of the friends is giving son stuff to take to London cuz friend's brother is in *Hair* there, actually he is the lead)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This morning I did some Hip Hop Abs and Rock It Out's Hardcore Abs with the Fitstix, alittle on the UR wearing shoes then after the break did some Classical Stretch.

I got alittle weepy that our son was leaving America during the Neil Diamond impersonator's *America* at the casino yesterday but got over it and am fine about son's leaving.  Actually may see more of him this year than we would have if he stayed a 30 minute bus trip away LOL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weds and a rest day

Today we had a bus trip to a Pocono casino and on the bus I got a call from our older son who lives in NYC that he accepted a job starting next week in


It has been his dream to live there so his dream is coming true.
I am still in shock though.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This morning I did a walking workout while holding the Fitstix but stayed off the UR because my lower legs had DOMS from yesterday but found I may need to wear shoes even for walking workouts on the floor cuz my foot problem got triggered :(  

I then did some KB swings and mostly lower body stuff while holding my favorite homemade XCO trainer (Simply Orange bottle and rocksalt).  After a break I did a Classical Stretch.

The elderly father of a member of VF has been missing since Friday.  The police have finally started an all out search with bloodhounds and flyovers.  Sounds like an Air Show here.

ETA: a body has been found in the woods that may be the missing dad. Hope whoever he is that he died peacefully and painlessly and that it didn't matter that the police didn't bother sooner.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I did the second half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and some on the UR after donning shoes. Think I will have to wear shoes whenever using the UR cuz it seems to trigger my foot pain when I don't. Never had this foot problem before getting the UR too. For the first time in a long time, I did the whole workout without Arnica gel. Usually, I have to stop and apply some to finish.
After a break, I decided to test my elbows since they have been just about twinge free for quite awhile, even when pulling open very heavy doors in AC and donned my Shadowboxer belt and did a few rounds (after not being able to find the Express dvd which made my break quite long). I really enjoyed it for crosstraining. So far so good! No twinging and I think if I did any damage, it would be immediate. I will be careful though not to use any bands tomorrow though even though I have found the Express dvd Whoo Hoo.
I also found 3 other misplaced workouts when searching for the ShadowBoxer Express plus a few that would have become misplaced :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This morning I did the first half or so of Bootcamp Boogie and really love the music. Most moves worked well with Fitstix too. Then I took a break then did some Get Sexy with my homemade XCO trainer and finished with Classical Stretch which I think is now repeating episodes I have already taped so have to do some research with my tapes LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weds through Saturday

Did alot of walking in the sunshine :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This morning I revisited Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk which worked great with Fitstix then did some of the Rejuvenation Stretch then took a short break and did some Classical Stretch.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday and Moving more intensely

The heat and humidity are GONE but the cooler weather brought some aches and pains with it so after taking a Tylenol, I worked out with much more intensity than usual.  I revisited Rock It Out and loved it!!! A real AWT that works well with sliding filler weights. I started with the Fitstix on the UR then used mostly my Pringles cans off the UR. Took a healthbouncing break during the planks then finished with some Classical Stretch.

I also experimented jump roping with a pinkie ball inside a sock when healthbouncing but my elbows said *No*.

ETA: Just finished a spark with Donna Richardson's Brazilian workout and the moves worked great with the Fitstix.  Loved the drum music and loved the chaptering which enabled me to skip when a routine became too repetitive.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday and Sizzling

This morning I did more Hip Hop Abs with Fitstix and some on the UR then took a break then did some of Booty Time (Rockin Body Rock It Out) then some Classical Stretch.

I did 2 sparks yesterday, both mostly sitting on various stability balls and marching, jogging and bouncing. Love the Barry's Bootcamp ball supported by the living room couch for this and some healthbouncing on the rebounders.

If I lose any weight this week, it will be because of the sizzling heat and humidity cuz totally took away any appetite.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday and Sparking

I did some Disco Abs with Fitstix,  some of it on the UR then took a break then did some Get Sexy using a homemade XCO trainer instead of a medball and finished with Classical Stretch. Think I like the XCO trainer I made with a Simply Orange bottle filled about halfway with rocksalt more than the Lays Stax or Pringles containers and barrel shaped plastic bottles.  The neck of the bottle is narrow enough to hold comfortably with even one hand but wide enough to move the rocksalt as well as pour in the rocksalt.  It is alittle heavier yet flows smoothly in both directions and its club shape offers more variety in how to hold it.  Twist off cap enables easily adjusting the filler.

Only spark yesterday was a short walk so I hope I will spark more today.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday, Formula Tweaking, and Fitting in sparks more

I did 45 minutes of Hip Hop Abs and some jump roping on the UR, holding the Fitstix during both then took a 15 minute break and finished with some Classical Stretch for a total of 85 minutes.   Figured to try tweaking the formula to 45-15-25 LOL

I really want to try sparking more too if for no other reason to make a dent in my *to do* workout pile, um piles.

Hopefully, one or the other, or both, may help with the Neverending Plateau with no end in sight.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday through Thursday

Did alot of walking, both indoors and outdoors.  The Atlantic City boardwalk weather was great! and I didn't have to be home running the air conditioner :)