Thursday, January 31, 2013

Loving MUsic

This morning I did the JS Sunset Walk to Queen which is blocked in Germany then then some of (Classical Stretch) CS 601 and some of CS 930.  CS 930 was much better burned onto dvdr for better audio than live on the TV.  Also 930 had a better variety in its moves than most of the other episodes.  Because the episodes are shorter, especially the upright segments, Miranda wasn't as creative with the warm ups as in previous seasons.  Some don't even have a warmup.  Unfortunately, the warmups are my favorite part.

Then I wanted to do some athletic cardio on the bungee with Fitstix so did the first part of Moms Cafe with MUsic added which is also blocked in Germany.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loving JESSICA!!!!!

I am starting today's post on my den dinosaur pc and will add to it from my laptop later.  I just did another Jessica Smith Living Room workout generously offered by Jessica on youtube to which I had added MUsic.  The combination is magical to me.  I think I have actually found my favorite all time workout style after 13 years of trying almost everything.  For the longest time, I have been a clock watcher, enjoying a workout for the first 5 to 10 minutes then wanting to move on, rarely revisiting even my favorites.  Jessica's Fusions provide endless feel good moves and the MUsic I add creates a combination that makes me want to keep MUving forever.  Most of her Living Room series can be done barefooted.  All use little space so can be adapted to any area, even a rebounder.  I can use my Fitstix and Zumba stix instead of weights and also love using a band.  They make me sweat without hurting my joints.  Even more miraculous, I  follow mostly what she is doing instead of tweaking to the point of freestyling like I do with all other workouts. In fact, I really do not want to do any of my other workouts!  Rather than add MUsic to other styles, I would prefer to just add different MUsic to the same Jessica Smiths'.

My only question is what the heck do I do with the other hundreds of workouts I own and probably will never do again?

ETA: I just did some of this mornings' Classical Stretch which was Season9 #60 for Frozen Shoulders and really liked how it felt.  For tomorrow, FIOS is showing Arms and Posture which is probably #1 for Season 6.  So Season 9 is just 30 episodes and  Locate TV had Season 6 episodes listed for their first 30 in their guide.  Maybe Season 9 will restart after Season 6 is completed but not sure.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with fitstix to a Leslie Sansone to which I had added music and it was absolutely fabulous.  Cannot share that one on youtube because it is the Blue Mile from her current Ultimate 5 day Walk Plan dvd.

BUT I can share what I did next which was even better:
some of Jessica Smith's Cardio Dance Sculpt youtube routine to which I had added MUsic.
Ironically it began with the same Cold Play song that the Blue Mile ended with so it was a combo meant to be :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Freemake DVD Burn Screen Options

Here is a screen of my choices before I actually burn a dvdr with Freemake Video Converter.
My options are entering a dvd Title (which I sometimes remember to do LOL), type of menu (I just prefer text), destination, type of quality (standard good enough for me and allows me several hours on a dvdr), NTSC (for US dvd players), MP2 because otherwise do not have sound when using a Play Station2 as a dvd player.  Any option can be adjusted with a drop down menu on that screen and will become your next default when burning.

Video file formats can be mixed and really do not matter like they do when using Windows DVD Maker which needs a Windows video format.  Freemake claims it can hold as much as 20 hours on a single dvd as long as the size is under 4.7 gigs.

ETA: This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Fitstix to a Leslie Fast Mile with MUsic Only then did this great XCO routine and the drumsticks routine before finishing with some Bellyfit Fire.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

HeavyHands Walk Plus

This morning I noticed that the HeavyHands Walk Plus dvd which was half priced in April is now totally out of stock.  The best deal for the HeavyHands Walk Plus dvd is on Ebay:

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Fitstix to more of Leslie with *music only* then did some XCO demos with a heavier Zumba stick then did the rest of the cardio of Bellyfit Air.

Forgot to share some of this video I did as a spark last evening.
I added Bollywood music to Jennifer Galardi's Sweat Sexy shown on Sportskool.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still the Same Pattern

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Fitstix to the rest of Leslie's Fast 3 miles.  The James Brown song really clicked for me.  I'll be capturing some of these songs to add to other workouts. Then I did another XCO routine downloaded from youtube and burned to VideoCD which was quite intense but the next one planned for tomorrow looks even more intense! Yikes.

I finished with some Bellyfit Air.  Really liked one set of movements which wasn't done nearly often enough for me because of the TIFTTing style.  Had to endure the earlier moves to get to it.

Before dinner spark were the first 2 parts of Aerobics with Soul Serengeti

Friday, January 25, 2013

More of the Same

First I warmed up with some of a Leslie 3 mile Fast Walk with Music Only on the bungee with Fitstix then did a nice XCO routine which also had some of a Combat routine.

Then I did the second half of Nia's Awareness of Chest.  I really do like the choreo and music in this latest Nia online class!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Revisiting Video CDs

Before I had a laptop with a dvdr burning drive, I only had a CD burning drive.  I spent alot of time downloading videos and burning them onto CDs after I discovered my cheap Rite-aid Craig dvd player also played VideoCDs.  I never even got around to visiting all of the video CD files I had burned before I found myself burnng dvdrs instead!  Anywho, this morning I did start to revisit some of the CDs.  Back then my main method for downloading and converting was with Firefox and Download Helper so these videos will have a watermark in their upper left corner because I was too cheap to pay for an upgrade.  No watermarks on my dvdrs thanks to Freemake Video Converter.  Also can upload much more content onto a single dvdr.  Not sure but think I did the actual CD burning with Windows Media Player or whatever was used for burning CDs on our old Windows XP pc.

First I warmed up on the bungee with a band to Leslie's last mile on the Advanced 5 Miles with Music only.  Then I started revisiting some Zumba toning and Shake-It/XCO trainer videos I had burned on to CDs.  The Shake It and XCO Trainer is a large tube partially filled with sand for a sliding action like Fitstix.  The heavier Zumba stix is proving to be a great substitute!
I finished the workout session with the rest of the Bellyfit Spirit upright routine.
After the workout, I was really feeling my core talking to me LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Workout Day

Today I felt more energy than I have in a long time so really enjoyed the workout this morning.  I started with the upright segments on a very old vhs called Bun Busters Total Body Workout with Liza Elliott who was not as annoying as many well known trainers.  It worked the whole body without any weights and had decent music for its time.  All of the moves were do-able without endless reps.  It is the perfect spark for a day short on time.

Then I did another mile from Leslie's 5 Mile (Advanced) Walk with Music Only.  Liked all of the songs except one.  May even rip the soundtrack to use with other Leslies LOL
I did it on the bungee while holding Fitstix and tweaked what she was doing to make it bouncier.
Then I did the first block from Bellyfit Spirit, skipping the opening meditation.  I may actually revisit this one!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jessica Smith Mat Fusion and Floor

Jessica Smith just uploaded a new Mat Fusion and Floor workout:

For my own use, I trimmed it so it is all upright and added MUsic:

One day Jessica will have better audio playing with her Living Room workouts.  
Meanwhile, according to the collagevideo website, her new walking dvd may be available in mid March and her other new fusion dvd in mid May.  Looks like I have picked out my next birthday and wedding anniversary gifts.

I am becoming a Jessica Smith Groupie!
Her playlist was my first playlist on youtube and I am only planning to purchase her new dvds/downloads.
Yesterday while cooking dinner, I popped on her video above with MUsic added on my den HDTV youtube app and I got so into actually doing it that I burn dinner LOL
There's more than one way for Jessica to aide weightloss.

Nia Awarness of Chest

This morning I warmed up with 2 miles from Leslie's 5 Miles with Music only, mostly on the bungee and wearing the belt for the second mile.  Still wound up adding in my own moves to keep me interested.  Do not understand why people complain about the music being too soft when there is a music only option?? Wish there were a music only option on all simple to follow workouts.

Then I did the some of Nia's Awareness of Chest.

There were more unique feel good moves in this routine than any other workout.
MUsic was great too.
It is the perfect spark.

The whole Nia Awareness of Chest class is available at
Nia Class Video - Awareness of Chest | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness

The Never Too Late dvds are still being sold.
The instructor Rene Burton reminds me of Joyce Vedral LOL
I think her warmups and cooldowns are similar to Miranda's Classical Stretch.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nice combination

This morning I finally got around to revisiting 2 workouts.
First was Leslie Sansone's 5 mile (Advanced) Walk but only did the first mile with the hand weights.  Of course, I chose music only and actually liked the music.  I did some of what she was doing but more of my own thing on the bungee.  I think I may be able to upload this one to youtube because it seems very out-of-print?

Then I revisited the standing part of Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates Triple Threat which was similar to Ellen but with great music and used a weightless ball:

I did find the 5 mile Walk for sale online so will not upload it:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship with Youtube

This morning I wasn't feeling well, waking up too early with lots of aches and pains so while having some coffee, I put my HDTV with internet apps on and started watching my youtube channel.   When a Jessica Smith video started playing with MUsic I had added, I actually jumped up and joined in.
Jessica Smith's new low impact style is perfect for our HDTV in the den because I have limited space there and a creaky floor I do not trust to jump on.  She has so many wonderful feel good moves that I follow her more closely than most other instructors.  Her new Fusion style is the best of walking and Nia combined. After a couple of Jessicas', I wanted to rebound in the basement so I popped in a dvdr of some Leslies' which youtube had banned to which I had added MUsic. Well at least Gaiam didn't give me strike like Zumba!  I really am burnt out on Leslie but I didn't want to waste these vhs I had so I did more my own thing to them instead of following Leslie but couldn't help but wonder how many Leslie fans would enjoy the music.  Sad I cannot share them.

Then there is the Zumba people giving me a youtube strike for totally out-of-print and unavailable content (Zumbando Special K offers and Rapidos).  Crazy thing is that Zumba instructors are all over youtube using copyrighted songs and routines. Also I have seen alot of Zumba's newer content uploaded. That strike has made uploading longer than 15 minute workouts a real PIA.  Also has made me fearful of having ALL of my youtube uploads deleted.  Most people just watch part one of a workout with multiple parts so it is a real waste of my time to upload full workouts, especially when I have no personal interest in the whole workout.  I started out adding my own music before getting into uploading to youtube. Once I saw how much easier it was to *store* these video files on youtube than dvdr, I really got into uploading.  Then I wanted to store some of my favorite vhs content on youtube before the vhs died. Then I decided to share and make these uploads public.  Along the way I lost my focus, uploading content upon request, content I had no intention of using myself.   There is something for everyone on my youtube channel but I need to set limits and stop being a people pleaser.

The Nia Awareness of Chest is now uploaded!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well I did workout and tried 2 new workouts.

First was Susan Chung's RapidFire3 which just didn't click for me so I kept skipping to the next chapter as soon as she started doing a front kick marathon.  Luckily, it was just a loan so no buyer's remorse.

Next was Angie Miller's Bedroom Body which had alot of standing moves I liked which worked well with my heavier Zumba Stix.   However, the music was too soft so ........
(I think y'all can guess what I plan to do today LOL)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith has been offering free online workouts done in her living room
jessicasmithtv's channel - YouTube
They have been so popular that she is moving her low impact workout style outside with beautiful scenery and putting them onto dvd this Spring.

Here are previews:

I am so hoping the music is good
If not, I will do my thing for private use only

Thursday, January 17, 2013

African Dance

This morning I warmed up to a wonderful routine played on our HD TV through youtube:
Aerobics with Soul Karibu

I wound up doing most of it LOL
Question is why did I wait so long to revisit this treasure???

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Booty Slide

Yesterday I picked up the Booty Slide set at Walmart which came with the booties, hand/knee pads and 4 dvds.  I was mostly interested in the booties which were supposed to work on rugs but really do not.  However, the hand/knee pads do work with barefeet just fine on rugs and are more comfortable than real gliding disks.  The set does not come with the band used in some of the moves.
The dvds are short and use the same 4 minute warmup and aren't chaptered so I had to fast forward through the warmup.  Each dvd has a couple of moves.
Each move is done in several sets, varying the reps.  The moves are not mirrored by the *class* which seemed odd to me.  It felt more like an interactive demonstration than a class.
The dvds come in one case with no artwork.
The dvds and durations including the 4 minute warmup:
Cardio Extreme 24 minutes
Booty Blast 29 minutes
Core Plus 19 minutes
Sculpt Tone & Burn 21 minutes

The Cardio Extreme is really a lower body workout with different kinds of lunges.  It worked my lower body well without aggravating my knees or hips but I didn't do the last move *Plies Pop*, choosing just to slide one leg out and drag it back at a time.

Booty Blast is mostly tabletop with the band which I skipped.
Core Plus is mostly mat planks and pushups which I skipped.
Sculpt Tone & Burn works the upper body while kneeling on a mat and using the hand pads which I didn't mind doing for some cross training.  Really felt it in my biceps without aggravating my elbows.

After the Booty Slide above, I enjoyed the second part of Kacy Duke's Upper Body cardio from Peak10 series to which I had added MUsic and finished the workout session with some stretching

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amped Start

This morning I tried Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped Rockin Abs to which I had added MUsic and this time it clicked.  I did some on the bungee, some with my Katami Bar and some with a heavier Zumba stick.  Here's a sample clip since the original dvd is still being sold.

Then I continued MUving quite nicely but switching to Fitstix with Kacy Duke's Upper Body Cardio from Peak 10 to which I also added MUsic

Finished with alittle Refit:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Slow Start

I started my workout with Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped Core Express workout to which I had added MUsic but it just didn't click for me.  Luckily, I didn't upload this one to youtube LOL

Then I did a Zumba clip found online which got me more into the Muving mood:

Finished with the Next Move Core routine to which I had added MUsic that clicked

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Loving Jessica!

Jessica Smith uploaded a bunch of new videos to her youtube channel
jessicasmithtv's channel - YouTube

This morning I did Stride and Strength:

Except I had added Irish MUsic to it:
and absolutely lurved it!!!
I did it on and off the bungee with Fitstix and then my heavier Zumba Stix.

I just added MUsic to a warmup with Deanne Berry and removed the stretches so it is now a nice spark.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Body Sizzle with Tracy Hess

I wanted to share a special workout by Tracy Hess called Body Sizzle which I have uploaded to my pombarb channel with Tracy's blessings.  Unfortunately, this dvd is no longer available.

Tracy Hess is going to be offering content through her new website:
Zone2BTone - Home

Be sure to try this one and visit Tracy's new website:
Her Body Sizzle workouts are still available through her store on her older website:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Buti Filemail

Buti has three sample workouts on their vimeo channel
Sample BUTI Tone Workout on Vimeo

I downloaded them and uploaded them into a filemail
Buti samples

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Carol, Richard and Michelle

This morning I did the dance part of the Carol Argo Anti-Aging Method.
It had a nice hip opener without putting weight on my knees.

Then I did the rest of Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies 5 on the bungee with Fitstix.

Then I did the Michelle Dozois' Lower Body routine from the WeightWatchers Next Move set to which I had added Irish MUsic

I just downloaded the Buti workouts from
Sample BUTI Tone Workout on Vimeo

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ellen goes Pink

I cannot share everything I capture and add MUsic to because some workouts are still being sold and most music are copyrighted as well..

Sometimes I leave the original soundtrack so the cuing can still be heard and sometimes, I remove it  before adding the MUsic.


Yesterday Super Chizel-it was seemingly compatible with my capture device but I hesitated to capture it, waiting for permission from Charles Harris.  Well this morning my capture device doesn't want to capture Super Chizel-It anymore even though it still plays well on my vcr/tv.    Guess I over-used the tape with fast forwarding, rewinding and stopping.

ETA: This morning's workout was Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies5, on and off the bungee with Fitstix.  Lots of good moves, easy to tweak and of course, great MUsic. Only did this one once or twice when I first got it soon after its release!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Still loving MUsic

This morning I tried a bunch of older dvd stuff without anything clicking so then I revisited Total Dance Fitness found on youtube which got my motor going:

Then the Ellen Walk to which I had added MUsic kept me MUving.
Used the bungee and Fitstix for most of it.

I have to come to the realization that my workout preferences have change quite a bit over the past decade and many of the workouts I used to do just aren't going to be revisited again.  Some aren't even worth sharing online even if I could get the permission of the individuals who own the copyrights or the postage to give them away.  In the Spring, I think I will just put them out on a table in my driveway for parents escorting their kids to the nearby school to take.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Body Gospel

Great deal on Beachbody Body Gospel! $24.95
with shipping it comes to $33 to $34
(I paid over $80!)

That's alot of footage for the buck.
I like the set alot thanks to the Music Louder option.
If you need a coach, ask Mary Crowder at Total Fitness Dvds
Total Fitness DVDs - Your Total Source for Fitness


I attempted Yodates carefully this morning and the muscle I pulled yesterday cooperated.  When I first did this workout on vhs, I loved it and even ordered the dvd several years later.  Never tried to do the whole thing at once because it is done in a horse stance with the abs zippered up and to be that way for more than 15 minutes wasn't appealing to me.  Same thing happened again this morning.  The horse stance didn't feel good so I eventually shifted onto the bungee and did my own style and enjoyed it much more.

The more I upload to youtube, the more I uncover in my collection which I would like to preserve or have readily available for my own use. My collection is more eclectic than most.  I can spend time uploading stuff which to me isn't unique because some stranger requests it or try to focus on what I would choose to have uploaded. With youtube being less cooperative as far as uploading clips larger than 15 minutes, it is much more time consuming and tedious.  Up to now, I have granted a few special requests but if those requests in the future aren't aligned with my own, I will have to learn to just say *No*.  Almost any well known workout can be bought new or used.   Old out-of-print vhs and dvd are cheaper on Amazon than when I bought the originals!  Vcrs are really cheap at thrift stores and garage sales.
 Instead of asking if I can share the mundane, even if it is out-of-print and will not jeopardize my youtube account, why not try something new on my channel?

Saturday, January 5, 2013


This morning I attempted to revisit Yodates but did something to my right mid back so stopped and put Arnica Gel on the pull. Tried to resume Yodates but my back said *no*.

So instead I revisited Gin Miller's Ramp Workout Cardio Express with my back's approval.

Used the bungee, inclined BodyBurner and even Fitxtix.
I am really like these Ramp workouts.

I think the Yodates style is just too repetitive on my muscles not ready for that much action.

Friday, January 4, 2013

HeavyHands Panaerobics

I got alot of HeavyHands sparks in following along while recording HeavyHands Panaerobics with my webcam while playing the vhs on the tv.


I was reorganizing my pombarb youtube channel a bit, getting featured playlists and a featured video on the opening page and saw alittle green arrow in the right lower corner of the featured video and it opened Freemake Video Downloader!  Didn't even know I had that simple option though I had downloaded the Freemake Video Downloader program awhile ago.  I usually use Realplayer or copy the url to Freemake Video Converter *Paste a URL* for downloads.

Anywho I uploaded most of my Gin Miller Ramp workouts and may add another one and maybe a Leslie WalkBlaster.  Leslie's Walkblaster is the same piece of equipment as Gin's Ramp.  Both instructors had these workouts recorded on Good Times media.   Good Times went bankrupt and Gaiam bought their content.   I doubt Gaiam gives a darn about Ramp/Walkblaster workouts.  One of the Good Times vhs I bought new for almost $20 and played only once or twice was already showing some deterioration.  I do not understand how copyright laws created before vhs are still in play now that vhs are deteriorating.  There is a *Fair Use* policy which has 4 different factors.  I believe I am following 3 of the 4 and definitely the most important one of not interfering with the profits of the copyright owner.  I think I could have contested Zumba's youtube strike against me.  My one big factor I am violating is uploading more than a sample of a video but I am doing so more for preservation of the content and archiving than any other reason.

Love how some people expect me to upload stuff they can easily buy new online or offline at a brick and mortar store.  No Way!!!!  I am not jeopardizing my youtube account and committing copyright infringement to save people a few bucks.
Then there are those who complain about my MUsic.  Adding MUsic was and is my main motivation for capturing video.  Even most of the videos I add MUsic to can be found online in their original form.  Most are pretty darn cheap in *Used* condition on Amazon.  Much cheaper than I paid when *New* in most cases.
Yes, I can offer some variety to Vidiots so they can save some money as well as discover new ways to move BUT Vidiots still need to support their favorite instructors and vendors.
I am a People Pleaser but have to set some limits.

This mornings' workout

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Ramp and Bellyfit

This morning I did Gin Miller's Ramp Workout Super Cardio.  She used the ramp so little in the first half that it can easily be considered a walking workout.  I really do like all of the foot presses on the bungee more than I did on the Ramp when I had one or even the inclined BodyBurner I preferred to the Ramp.

Next I did the cardio in Bellyfit Elements Fire and Water.
I much preferred both the cardio blocks and music in Fire to those of Water.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HH Panaerobics and Ramp

This morning while trying to record the HeavyHands Panaerobics vhs in yet another way, I did some of it as a warmup.  Actually prefer the way I did song 2 on another post (October 5th)

ETA: Since then, I have redone the whole HeavyHands Panaerobics with my webcam off an HDTV.

Also I did some of Gin Miller's Cardio Challenge Ramp workout.
Her Ramp workouts can be a great alternative to walking or even rebounding.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

As in the movie *Field of Dreams*, I built my blog and youtube channel and hoped other Vidiots would come..  Vidiots is a term coined on (VF) for the many home exercisers who have collected home workouts.  We share a passion which most of our closest friends and family do not understand. Nothing beats clicking with a workout never tried before for feeling good physically and emotionally.  This is what I am trying to share.   Some of my content was purchased but most of it was thanks to the generous spirit of sharing found on VF.  Truth is I started sharing workouts even before I found VF with a few other fans of the original Billy Blanks' TaeBo.

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some of Donna Richardson's second Sweatin in the Spirit.

Then I did some of the standing segments of Billy Blanks' TaeBo Amped Rockin Buns to which I had added MUsic.  This has not been uploaded to my youtube channel because it is still readily available retail.  I do not have an Amped bar but my Katami bar worked quite nicely.  Also used a heavier Zumba Toning stick for some moves, making them more compound, using the core and upper body.  I don't think I would have done as much as I did of this routine without the added MUsic.

Finished with alittle of Sweatin in the Spirit standing Pilates Stretch

Happy New Year and remember each day is the beginning of the rest of your life.
Be Healthy and Be Happy.  MUving can help.

ETA: I am still removing any videos which may be charged with copyright infringement and determining which others are probably safe to upload.  Uploading is now very tedious with the length duration under 15 minutes per video so be patient.  On a personal note, I will never buy or even trade for another Zumba workout ever again.  The grief I am having over totally OOP workouts which are not available for sale through Zumba is really aggravating.