Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Workout Day

Today I felt more energy than I have in a long time so really enjoyed the workout this morning.  I started with the upright segments on a very old vhs called Bun Busters Total Body Workout with Liza Elliott who was not as annoying as many well known trainers.  It worked the whole body without any weights and had decent music for its time.  All of the moves were do-able without endless reps.  It is the perfect spark for a day short on time.

Then I did another mile from Leslie's 5 Mile (Advanced) Walk with Music Only.  Liked all of the songs except one.  May even rip the soundtrack to use with other Leslies LOL
I did it on the bungee while holding Fitstix and tweaked what she was doing to make it bouncier.
Then I did the first block from Bellyfit Spirit, skipping the opening meditation.  I may actually revisit this one!

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