Saturday, January 31, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Free Walking Video

Suzanne Andrews has fixed the link on her website so now if you give the site your email address, you will get a link and password to their first home walk:
*Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart 1*

Previously, it was just a sample trailer but now it is the whole routine ~20 minutes

Loved Edited Files

I found a wonderful website where I can play or download video files easily and plan to really use it to store my private collection.   As much as I love the content on WellVideo, this other website loads much faster and enables downloading much easier.  Also I can delete the video whenever I want. is the Russian equivalent of Google.   I did have trouble registering because Google Translate did not translate the registration page but it was in English on Firefox!

This morning I really enjoyed the edited files I did but want to finish the dvdr they are on before uploading them.  The routines were edited files from Get Fit Fast Booty Boot Camp, including this one

I also did some edited JNL Fusion which were great because the simple moves are repeated alot and goes great with MUsic

I have dozens of routines on my laptop I would like to upload to then delete from my hard drive.  Finally a place I can play videos without taken up space on my hard drive or waiting endlessly for loading or needing to find the right dvdr.  However, does not accept files larger than 200 mb so I have to give up visual quality and longer routines.  I cannot read their notices to me so do not know why larger files are not processed but assume because I am using a free account.  I can still store larger files on WellVideo and VK,

Friday, January 30, 2015

Another New Day

I have been very stressed lately about many things.
Part of the problem has been my generous nature which I must rein in by learning to say *no* more often and focusing on what makes me happy.  What makes me happy is bouncing to MUsic and editing videos to enjoy.  So as much as I may be disappointing people, I see no reason why I should spend hours trying to rip a dvd which can be found elsewhere online or bought used for less than $5 on Amazon including shipping and handling.  I believe my equipment, skills and time are worth more than an average of $2 an hour.  Not that anyone is paying me anything but that is what I am saving them by providing the content free.  I would rather buy them the damn dvd myself than do the work and tie up my laptop's resources. Now don't go asking me to buy y'all dvds!  There is a Yiddish word that covers this sort of personality that takes advantage of other people's generosity: schnorrer or someone with alot of nerve (chutzpah).

I will continue to share my favorite edits privately.  If people prefer the original content, the videos can usually be found online.  If not and/or wanting better quality and chaptering, the dvds are getting cheaper and cheaper on Amazon, Ebay, etc.

I have loads of information on how to download videos from various sites:
Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited Biggest Loser Cardio Max segment led by Bob Harper and Kendall's Explosive Cardio on the bungee with Fitstix and the stability ball with a purple Zumba stick.  Of course. the music I used was awesome even though edited when I was first starting to do this sort of thing and left the cuing in the background. The best moves were those I tweaked along the way.

The Kendall original conveniently on youtube

Cardio Max is available on

Jessica's latest looks great!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New DVDr Plan

I am finally going to start being more logical about what routines I may edit and burn because my pile of never visited routines has been growing faster than I can ever visit, especially if I want to revisit something I loved.   Going to try to focus my editing and burning on routines I want to use on my bungee in the basement.  All others I can just play muted on my laptop with any tunes I feel like using.

This morning I did the bonus from Debra Mazda's Walking Fit and Fabulous then some of my edited Debbie Rocker's AM Walk with steel drum music which I liked at first but then switched to her PM Walk with Irish MUsic which I liked better.  The MUsic really clicked for me so I started doing more freestyling especially on the stability ball while holding Fitstix then when holding a single purple Zumba stick.  Ended my workout session with a couple of anaerobic intervals before cooling down and stretching.

Last evening the intensity of my peripheral neuropathy returned with a vengeance.  I am slowly accepting the fact, my central nervous system may never recover.  I wish I had read reports published over 10 years ago so I could have stopped the statins before permanent damage or better yet that my doctor had read them and took my symptoms more seriously.  What is really frustrating is how the medical community not only ignores these adverse side effects but also ignores the suffering of their patients instead of investigating what their suffering patients can do to reverse them if anything.  After reading about people who went through all sorts of tests without any solutions, I see no point in stressing myself out seeing any specialists.  We need a new medical specialty for statin damaged patients.  Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and serious nerve, muscle and brain damage are on the rise. Many young adults are being put on statins for life.  Imagine the stats 20 years from now:
1% less heart attacks but over 50% of statin users suffering chronic conditions ruining the quality of life.  Most importantly, statins do not prolong life!  and even if they did, living a life with these conditions is not worth living longer IMHO.


This article was written in 2004.
Why aren't the doctors putting 2 and 2 together since then????
Why did it take me so long to wake up and realize the damage I was doing to my healthy body and mind.  Sadly my neuropathy is probably irreversible.   Last night I had bad spasms during the night.  Thankfully a holistic over the counter product helped,

The article doesn't even address some adverse side effects now associated with statin use like my endless hot flashes because sex hormone production is also blocked.   There is also a higher risk of diabetes and metabolic disease in general, cataracts, and the list is growing.

quote from article:
 Heel pain from plantar fascitis is another common complaint among those taking statin drugs. 
(read somewhere else that my chronic bilateral golfer's elbow was probably related to statin use as well)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Revisiting Walks

This morning I revisited Debra Mazda's Shapely Girl Walking Fit and Fabulous.  I don't think I ever gave this one a real try having burnt out on her previous walk and step routines.  What I liked about this one was the variety of moves which were easy to follow with a do-able number of reps.
Of course, I need the audio replaced LOL

I did about 20 minutes on the bungee and 20 on the ball.  Even snuck in alittle on top of the Zip Trainer domes.  Just the usual chronic twinges today.

ETA:  Since my burned dvdr collection is getting larger than I will ever do, I decided to just stick with burning backups of my edited routines and routines I want to use on the basement bungee.  All others I will stream from WellVideo with the option of playing different music on my laptop.  For example, my spark this afternoon was a one mile Leslie with music someone had added to a Tracy Anderson Omni routine and it worked!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Better Day

It was a relief that the blizzard went east and skipped us so we just had an average snowfall and no winds.  I have been having more of my old foot and ankles twinges as well as muscle spasms but at least less numbing and tingling.  Arnica gel has been handling the twinges and spasms.

This morning I did some BodyVives I had downloaded a long time ago during some sort of special sponsored by Nestles which I really enjoyed.  Most didn't use the ball but had moves that worked great on the bungee.

In case you missed this in yesterday's post, there is a free Nia Passion class with Carlos.  The DVD has Kevin so they are different.

Also I wanted to mention that Adblock wasn't working right on Chrome since I had Windows restore then Chrome reinstalled after the easycap dongle made it crash.   So I trashed the adblock and reinstalled and all is fine again

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Day and Maybe another Crazy One

My bad karma with technology continues.
In anticipation of the blizzard we are expecting and after being without power a full week after Sandy, I made my freezer/refrigerator colder and wanted to charge our mobile phones.  When I plugged in my husband's Motorola 376, the outlet sparked badly.  The outlet seems fine but the charger seems dead so I ordered another on Amazon.  Luckily the phone is fine and almost fully charged anyway and I have a car adapter in the car which I can use going or coming from AC if needed.

I really try to offer simple advice on this blog and update that advice as others experience problems.  However, people still go ahead and download programs without reading my advice.  Please if you want to try a Freemake product read:

Also I added a new link for pop-up solutions which includes all browsers if you take the time to scroll down the post:

There are some people online who just seem to make the wrong choices of what, where, and how to download programs and then blame the products they downloaded.
Bottomline, most freeware will offer you extras you do not want, including java and adobe flash updates.
Let me repeat that louder:

It does not mean these programs are trying to infect your device, they are just trying to get revenue by bundling other software with theirs.  Same can be said about most laptops.  Ironically, the post about blocking pop-ups on various browsers comes from the Freemake blog!  I have been using Freemake Video Converter (gold) and Video Downloader (blue) for years and think they are outstanding products.  My worse adware came from java and adobe updates which I assumed were trustworthy.  The free version of Malwarebytes has handled everything thrown at it.

I did try to workout this morning.  First I did some of Keep on Rebounding till it felt way too repetitive then I did some of an edited Walk Yourself Slim that I really enjoyed till my energy went boom.  Michelle Dozis offered three different levels for each move and used limited space making it perfect for bouncing.

Nia shared a Passion class today so those stuck home in the snow have something to do!
and Carlos is BACK!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crazy Day

It has been a real crazy day for me, making me less interested in technology.

First I wanted to make a vhs copy of a dvd that would not play on my laptop but still played in my dvd player to see if I could then burn a dvdr backup.  So instead of using my basement dvd and tv for a workout, I played the dvd to dub it onto a vhs with my basement vcr.  Meanwhile I tested our water cut off valve since it was a due for a flushing and the heat was coming up.  The dumb thing malfunctioned again and didn't shut the heat after working fine the past couple of weeks.  I see no point in paying $425 for a replacement which could also become finicky and not be dependable.

I tried to workout with the dvd that was recording onto vhs in real time but just couldn't get into it.  When it was done, I took the vhs upstairs to where I use a vcr capture dongle on my laptop.  The vcr wouldn't work and I saw the batteries in the remote had corroded.  The vcr manually refused to play any vhs I tried to play so I figured I would replace the vcr with a spare vcr.  Hooked up one of the spare vcrs which had been stored with a tape inside (big mistake).  The tape inside got stuck and damaged so that was a second vcr to hit our garbage heap.    Then I took my laptop downstairs to try with the dongle on the working vcr in my basement area.  Everything seemed fine till my laptop froze.  Finally got Windows to fix the error and restore to a previous point but then Chrome wouldn't work.  Finally got Chrome working (downloaded a Chrome setup file through Firefox) and realized the dongle was probably now incompatible with the laptops because of recent updates.  Everything was fine till I inserted the dongle.  So no more converting VHS to my hard drive and/or dvdr for me.  Combo recorders cost way too much $$ and I had already converted plenty of OOP workouts  and lost half when youtube closed my account.

At least everything that was disconnected is working again....
except the water cut off which may work next time LOL

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Haven't worked out yet and will add a checkin later.
Very frustrated after being woken up at 4:30am by our beeping smoke alarm because of needing a new battery.  Especially since a phone ring woke me up at 3:30am the night before.
I need my sleep!!!!!

I did some BodyVive this morning on the bungee and ball and really enjoyed the music and simple moves.

Friday, January 23, 2015


I really enjoyed the workout this morning which was mostly my edited file of the 5 Shrink Session Feel Good in 5 routines (Erin Strutland).  There was alot of variety in the moves since it combined the highlights of 5 full length routines and the MUsic I added was AWESOME.  The moves worked on the bungee and ball.  Then I did some more of my edited Shape Ultimate Bikini routine.

Considering I was abruptly woken up by a telephone ring at 3:30am this morning, I never expected to get a good workout but I did.  If there is any karma, the caller should have insomnia forever.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good Variety

This morning I did some of the Zip Trainer Peak Amp Reps and Bonus Barefoot Abs and as expected had saved the best of the Zip Trainer routines for last, really liking the Barefoot Abs.  Then I did chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the BodyVive 4 and finished with some of my edited Shape Ultimate Bikini Body which I look forward to finishing tomorrow.

Actually I tried to warm up with the 30 minute routine from the Leslie Sansone Walk Off Fat Fast but couldn't get into it like I did yesterday.

My dvd player acted up and wouldn't load the Barefoot Abs till I gave it a tap in the right place LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hell Froze Over and Pigs Do Fly

This morning I did something I never thought I would ever do:
 a 40 minute walk with Leslie Sansone with the original audio.

It was the 40 minute routine from her Walk Off Fat Fast dvd that I received free from Amazon thanks to the lazy postal worker.  I did the first 20 minutes on the bungee and the second on the ball and went anaerobic frequently by tweaking the moves to have more impact.  Also if my hip flexors start to whine while following Leslie, I start walking my hips more than my legs.

What I liked about the cuing was I didn't have to look at the TV much and was able to focus on what I was doing in the mirror.  I kept changing the moves with Leslie so it didn't get boring and the pace definitely kept my heartrate up.  I have already replaced the audio on these but may do another set keeping the audio for cuing and just playing different instrumental music louder than the actual music.

An inflamed nerve I had in my upper back is gone today.  Not sure if the Apple Cider Vinegar tablets are responsible but am hopeful other damaged nerves may respond.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last but not Least

I finished the last of the B12 supplements yesterday and still have Peripheral Neuropathy and Tinnitus so started Apple Cider Vinegar with B6 tabs today.  This is pretty much my last shot at restoring nerve damage with a supplement since I stopped statins almost 6 months ago except for a single 5 mg Crestor dose 3 months ago which made my thighs numb again.  At least many of my annoying adverse side effects from statin use are improved if not gone (morning headache, brain fog, vertigo, fatigue, hot flashes, eye dryness) and I stopped before developing a chronic Metabolic disease like Diabetes type 2.  Only other condition which cannot be resolved are cataracts which may need surgery in 7 years or so.  Hopefully, I stopped statins and started CoQ10 before  my mitral valve prolapse worsened.  It has been reported that nerve damage is the hardest adverse effect to heal.

This morning I did another edited Shrink Session which was great on the bungee then a BodyVive that was great on the ball.

The workout stars were in alignment and both Amazon packages delivered today!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Zip and BodyVive

This morning I did some of the Zip Trainer Peak Cardio2 and Sculpt2 routines.  I did not click with most of the moves in the cardio but liked some of the moves in the Sculpt so will do my chop and dice thing and replace the audios.  Overall, most of the moves in these routines can be done without a Zip Trainer or Core ball but the on the top of the domes moves do work the lower body deeper.  Most cardio and bursts work on the bungee. I did feel some heel twinges on top of the domes even though wearing Futuro arch supports so will try to wear shoes next time.  Spreading my toes did seem to help.

Last but not least, I did some BodyVive while sitting on a stability ball and holding a playground ball.  It worked my core hard and aerobically. Plus it was fun!

So yesterday I was supposed to get a special Sunday delivery during an Amazon Prime free trial.  Well when I checked the tracking at 2PM, it said there was a delivery attempt about an hour earlier???  We were home all day and there was no attempt.  Then the tracking update claimed the business was closed at 3PM.  We live in a one family residential home in a residential area.  So some unethical  USPS worker decided not to even try a delivery attempt in the rain and to lie about it.  Fine if there was not enough time in the day with the bad weather to deliver but do not lie and blame the customer!!!  Anywho I may still get the Leslie DVD but either way, Amazon gave me a refund because it was not delivered when expected.  I probably would not have even complained to Amazon if I hadn't felt like the victim of a lie. Instead of ordering another workout, I ordered some blank dvdrs at a great price which may actually deliver before the Leslie DVD even though ordered 4 days later.
great dvdr sale:

I still have some credit from Verizon rewards but will probably cancel the Amazon Prime before it is used or may just order something cheap to make Amazon and the USPS go through the wringer for stressing me out yesterday.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shrink and Zip

The good news is that the Plantar Fasciitis flare has already abated.

This morning I did a few edited Shrink Sessions, favorite of which was Hit the Jackpot.  I liked some of the lunges and leg lifts in another Shrink Session file on the opened Zip Trainer.  I felt the movement deeper in my thighs than when using just the floor.

Then I did the Firm Rev Amps Rep which had some keeper moves that didn't even need the Zip Trainer and worked well with a purple Zumba stick so will edit and add MUsic.
I am expecting a Sunday delivery today from Amazon thanks to their Amazon Prime free trial:
Leslie Sansone Walk Off Fat Fast
Hey, it was free after applying some Verizon reward credits!

I checked the tracking and it claimed a delivery attempt was made about an hour ago and to check the slip left for instructions about contacting the carrier.  Well we have been home all day and there was no attempted delivery so of course also no slip so I had Amazon process a refund.  Guess the carrier just wanted to get home and not deliver stuff in the rain.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shoot :(

My Plantar Fasciitis started up a bit this morning so I am concerned about using the Zip Trainer today.

I did a newly edited jessicasmithtv Cardio Party routine on the bungee which clicked with the MUsic I used then some BodyVive while sitting on a stability ball.   I'll use the Zip Trainer sparingly till I can be sure it is ok for my feet.  May even try it with shoes.

Here's the original Cardio Party:

Again the MUsic I used made it AWESOME!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Zip Trainer Rev Cardio and Sculpt (and Finicky Wires)

This morning I did the Zip Trainer Rev Cardio 1 and Rev Sculpt 1.

However, I did some substitutions, replacing the core ball with a weightless chiball and the light Zip Trainer with a purple Zumba stick to leave the domes opened.  Holding the closed Zip Trainer aggravates my vulnerable Golfer's elbows.  Also I slowed down some of the moves quite a bit which go way faster than what is needed or safe.
I, especially, liked some of the sculpting moves on the domes. Some of the cardio bursts were nice on the bungee so for now I am leaving the Zip Trainer downstairs.  Once I have gone through all of the routines and added MUsic to the parts worth revisiting, it may return upstairs.

Speaking of music, the audio was way down but it was because my cheap surround sound system needed to have some wires jiggled.
Speaking of wires, it is amazing what a little jiggle can fix LOL
To name just a few of my finicky wire connections which need a jiggle now and then:
the surround sound system speaker wires
my laptop ear phone jack
my vhs capture dongle
our mobile charging/data wires
(and the list goes on)

Have to wonder how many people gave up on a device because they did not try a jiggle here and there.

These wires and jacks expand and contract alot because of heat so can develop a contact problem that just changing the angle of the wire a bit may solve.  An HDMI wire went bad and caused outages on our FIOS signal to our HD TV.  Ironically, it was the HDMI wire that cost the most!

ETA: My spark this afternoon was some of Cathe LIVE Senior Class and OMG she had those poor older people doing dozens of calf raises. Guess she doesn't realize how many of them were going to suffer spasms in bed that night.  I did like the cardio and playing with the ball while sitting in the chair segments though.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jessica and Zip Trainer

I had lots of fun this morning and my legs feel really worked.
First I did my edited Dance Party file on the bungee from the 15 min Fast Fat Blasts and the MUsic was AWESOME.  Then I did my edited Fast Fat Burn starting on the bungee then switching to the ball then adding in the split Zip Trainer in front of the ball.  Instead of hitting the floor with my feet in forward steps, I tapped the domes. I never felt like I would lose my balance and my legs were pumping.  Really have my thighs talking to me still but thankfully, no knee twinging.
Finished with some of the Firm Jumpstart which doesn't even use the Zip Trainer but has moves I really like so will be adding MUsic :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still Edited Jessica Walks BUT

This morning my MUsic brought Jessica's Stride and Stretch to life.  After doing this one on the bungee, I did my edited BellyBlaster on the Hopper ball.

I'm still enjoying Jessica's moves with my MUsic but may add even more zip to them this afternoon since my Firm Zip Trainer just arrived.  My bare feet liked the feel of the split trainer!  Just in time too cuz I think the peripheral neuropathy is beginning to lessen and my old foot and ankle twinges are returning.

I may switch the Hopper to my bedroom to share the same room with the Zip Trainer since they are both pink LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Enjoying New Jessicas

This morning I did my edited versions (audio replaced with MUsic only) of the Jessica Smith Low Impact HIIT Walk and Tred&Shred from her Walk on: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan set

(If anyone cannot order these dvds because they are not available outside the US and cannot get the digital downloads to work on their devices, contact me

I was surprised to see how high my heartrate went during the HIIT while bouncing on my hopper ball!    Because of my peripheral neuropathy, I am starting to enjoy sitting and bouncing on a ball even more than my bungees.  Most of the HIIT moves were easy to adapt and of course, my MUsic AWESOME.   The warmup for the Tred and Shred was much better with my MUsic as well.

To motivate me to visit more walks in my bedroom in front of the laptop instead of on a bungee, I am going to try alternating ball bouncing with standing and using various walking bands I have collected.  Also look forward to trying the Firm Zip Trainer split into two small BOSU-like smaller spheres for walking after it delivers.  Ironically the price had dropped a dollar so I tried to cancel my order to reorder at whatever the lowest price may eventually be.   Soon afterwards, the set was shipped too late to cancel and the price jumped back to over $55!

Speaking of my Hopper Ball ...
It is really cheap now!

Monday, January 12, 2015

One Crazy Day

This morning was really challenging.  I am still experiencing peripheral neuropathy.  First I woke up with a muscle spasm in my left inner thigh which is odd cause it is usually the right thigh that spasms.  Then my left hand got much more numb than it ever had been with just carpal tunnel syndrome.   Both acute events passed thanks to massages with Arnica gel.

Then we had several power outages.  Once they had passed I tackled a huge pile of clothes, deciding which to wash, which to toss and which to give away.    Just after I started a laundry of those chosen to keep and was clicking with the edited Jessica Smith Cardio Core Walk with MUsic on the bungee, the power went out again.  So I finished the routine sitting on a stability ball while using my laptop.  Again MUsic made a huge difference for me.  The good news is that the power is back and has stayed on so whatever the problem had been, it has probably been resolved.

I love working out with my laptop because an old pair of power speakers from a previous desktop pc offers great audio.  Its screen being 17 inch and elevated on a stool on top of my desk offers great visual quality as well as a standing desk option.  This combination is probably even better than my tv and surround sound in my basement but that is the home for my 550 bungee and the only place in the house I can blast music early in the morning.

Remember if you are replacing a desktop with power speakers, keep the speakers!!!

Here's my laptop mounted on top of an extra stacking table level I didn't need because I use the other two as a night table next to the bed.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ripping VTS files

Sometimes neither Freemake Video Converter (gold)  nor Handbrake can rip all of the titles when opening the DVD as the source.  Instead try ripping the VTS files.
You will not know which program is better for the task till you try one and if it fails then try the other.

Another trick if this does not work is to use Shrink to create the VTS files from the DVD then let these files be the source whether using Handbrake or Freemake Video Converter to rip them instead of the DVD titles.

(if using Handbrake, it is basically the same procedure using the video files (VTS) located on the dvd instead of the DVD as your source)
Here is a Walkthrough for how to do it with Freemake Video Converter (gold).
In the first photo, this is similar to what you should see using the VIDEO as the SOURCE
(instead of the DVD as the SOURCE)

You select whatever VTS files you believe may contain the content you want after skipping any that has a zero at the end like VTS_01_0
In this case, I would choose


Once you have chosen which files you may need, you should see a screen similar to this

You can play to check each title to see if you have the ones you wanted and remove any you do not want before choosing your output format and starting the conversion

After you have the footage you want from one or more files, you can edit, trim, join or whatever to get the exact footage you want.

If using Handbrake, you can rip each VTS file one at a time.
However, I am unsure how to join the separate VTS files on a MAC because I use Freemake Video Converter to join them back together into a single video file.

Note: WellVideo sometimes does not accept MP4 files produced by Handbrake.  I then convert them with Freemake Video Converter.  However changing the format extension to (dot).mp4 on the Destination File when using Handbrake  may be a solution.

What a Difference!

This morning I did the Jessica Smith 30 minute Cardio Core Walk (21 days WalkOn set) on the bungee then the ball then the edited Power Pick Up Walk (15 minute Fast Fat Blast) on the bungee then the ball.  Cardio Core Walk was rather bland in its moves and music to me but started to click better with me in its last 10 minutes.  Power Pick Up with the audio replaced was AWESOME.  I felt more energized after the 45 minutes than usual so music makes a huge, Huge, HUGE difference.

Jessica's routines provide just the right amount of simple to follow steps which work well with MUsic only.  I much prefer the routines with Music only so if she goes exclusively digital, I will have to work around the limitations of the routines only playing on a special player.

Overall, I prefer the moves and music in the 15 minute Fast Fat Blasts to those in the 21 day set.

(I will only be sharing some of my creations privately with select friends on VK so if you subscribe to and friend me, let me know who you are if I don't already LOL)

Coming Soon: The Firm Zip Trainer

I just wanted to mention that The Firm Zip Trainer set has been dropping on Amazon till it is probably out of stock.  I finally caved and ordered in case I like the feel of standing on top of the opened sphere.  If not, my son may enjoy it while I edit the workouts LOL

here's its trailer:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Still Jessica and Exploring VK(dot)com

This morning I did the Low Impact HIIT and some of the Stride Stretch.
I got my heartrate anaerobic three times on the bungee and knew I had hit my limit so will be doing this one 15 minutes at a time.  I did the second 15 minutes at my normal pace while sitting on the hopper ball.

FINALLY, a HIIT without burpees :)
and I need to do more HIIT so will be revisiting this one more than usual.  Most of the music is just there but every so often a great tune pops out.  I do need the cuing to let me know when to change the pace for the intervals.

I prefer many of her fusion walks on youtube to the Stride Stretch but maybe after I add music, it will click better for me.  If not, all of her other dvds and edited youtube routines will keep me plenty busy.   Jessica has been posting some nice 15 minute routines on youtube lately.
One with new scenery!

 Lately I have been finding some great videos on

You can find me on VK at
If you decide to subscribe, friend me!
Just use their search for whatever workouts you want to find
For example, type in
Leslie Sansone

I also like VK for streaming and storing more private videos.  Takes the worry away of having people visiting my edited files with audio replacement who may not respect my privacy.

I did notice that VK plays a video nicer from another site than the same file uploaded directly??
So I will import videos from Dailymotion instead of uploading files whenever possible.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jessica :)

This morning I did a new Jessica 15 minute routine then her 30 minute Tred and Shred.  The music in the 30 minute one was boring to me till the end Ho Down music which I really liked.  I did about 25 minutes on the bungee and 20 on the ball.

I am still battling Peripheral Neuropathy but have had some better days so am hopeful I can reverse most of the damage if not just learn to live with it.  At least, it is not progressing since stopping statins and I stopped before developing Diabetes or needing a Mitral Valve repair.

This video is about an athlete who switched from a high carb diet to a high fat diet:

Most critical to note, the only seemingly adverse effect the diet change had was higher LDL and Cholesterol
BUT (and this is a BIG BUT)
his LDL was determined to be all of the good large size!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jessica Smith 15 min Fast Fat Blasts

This morning I did a couple of the new 15 Minute Fast Fat Blasts by Jessica Smith.

If you are short on time and/or energy, these routines will pump you up with moves and music not short on fun.  Jessica packed alot of variety in these so the time flies by.  She did a great job in music selection, music volume and using simple but fun moves with just the right amount of reps.

The first run of this dvd sold out quickly but more have been ordered.

I try to avoid and ignore anyone who is rude, especially online.
But sometimes, it is really hard when someone is totally rude.

For example, someone said the following about an edited video
*I wish there was no music, but thanks*
So why the heck doesn't that person find or buy the original video instead of being so rude and ruining my party in a box enjoyment?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I found out why I NEVER should have been given a statin besides being a postmenopausal woman who gets no benefit from a statin.  I had been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse on two different echocardiograms about 10 years apart. One around the time I stated on a statin and the other about 10 years into being on a statin.  The best thing for MVP is CoQ10 and statins block CoQ10 production!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Shrink Sessions

This morning I did more of my edited Shrink files and really liked them!  Their original audio files were so annoying to me that I had deleted them LOL

I had ordered the new Jessica Smith DVDs last week and saw they made it to Avenel NJ yesterday afternoon.  Luckily they are on the truck for delivery today by avoiding the Kearny and Jersey City Black Holes where packages have sat for days.  Unfortunately, I may not be doing any of them till Thursday because I am not working out tomorrow.  Maybe I'll test drive a bit this evening.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Shrink Session

Quite awhile ago, I got some of the earlier Shrink Session routines

Of course I did my thing as far as editing out planks and adding MUsic but only did one of my creations and even though I loved it, I switched to new Nias and the rest of the Shrink Sessions got lost in the shuffle. (see bottom of  12/10/2013 blog post

Our son decided to try using his laptop in our basement during the day so I had to reorganize some of my dvd clutter and discovered some buried burned dvdrs. Well I finally visited my edited file of the Shrink Session Belief workout this morning and really enjoyed it!  The MUsic I had added was fabulous and the first 24 minutes of cardio perfect for the bungee and ball and I even liked the lower body moves done in the last 8 minutes.  I think I was anxious to replace the audio on these because of the Erin Stutland's chatter, more like mumbo jumbo.  However, she does alot of moves I enjoy so it works for me by replacing the audio.

Speaking of chatter and Mumbo Jumbo, also this morning I did some of a Leslie Sansone Power mile with the usual Leslie moves but I did add great MUsic.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

OMW and Bollyx

I really enjoyed both routines I did this morning.
First was the edited Older and Much Wiser warmup and first two cardio combos with replaced audio.  I had replaced the music a second time on this particular file because of an annoying clicking during the first song but the music fit the mood of the routine so much I decided I may actually like this first attempt more.  It was really wonderful on the bungee.

Then I started the first edited file of Booya's Bollyx to which I had added different MUsic and loved it even though the visual quality was low having recorded it on my mobile before Booya enabled downloading.  Then I switched to a longer file and still loved it but again visually, it was low quality.  This routine with replaced audio is fabulous while sitting on a stability ball and the third time being a charm, I will try to combine the MUsic I used with their downloaded file.

What's really ironic is this older post LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lurve Steve M

Found a couple of more recent routines with Steve M who was on Exercise TV and edited them with great MUsic!

Here are the originals

great on the bungee!


Really liked this one sitting on a stability ball

Also did some edited Sleek Technique and some segments from DailyBurn which I had edited into a nice warmup (or in this case, a Cooldown)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Tech Rant then Check in

I just wanted to share my own experiences online a bit.
For malware removal, the Malwarebytes free program has been extraordinary
see this link for info about Malwarebytes:

I had bad experiences with both pre-loaded virus programs McAfee and Norton.  Even the highly rated free ones like AVG or Avast slowed down my system.  The free Malwarebytes program only scans when you want it to scan and doesn't clog up your memory and start up time.  Most people get suspicious items by clicking on untrusted links on sites or in emails.  If you are careful, you will not get infections.  If you do get an infection, Malwarebytes will remove even the nastiest ones with a full scan including root kits from Windows safe mode (Warning this scan technique can take several hours to perform).  I also do a Windows Defender scan regularly but it never found anything LOL

If you want to download a program like the Mozilla Firefox browser, do its from its official website.
If you download anything, be cautious about unwanted other freebies being offered to you.
If you goof, do a Malwarebytes scan.
If it finds something that returns again after being quarantined and removed, do a full scan from safe mode overnight.

see my other links about Windows tools, etc.if you are experiencing problems
or search online for solutions from reliable forums

This morning I did Cathe's Low Impact HIITs 2.
I was not a Cathe fan and still am not.
She kept saying not to move with the beat of the music when the beat of the music was usually better timed for the move than she was doing.  Most of the music was boring anyways.
I did enjoy the TapnPower routine which I had edited to remove planks and floor stuff.
original routine

About is a great way to store, share, stream, and organize videos in a cloud service with different levels of privacy.
Share Links to other videos on other video sites can also be embedded.
You can create playlists to organize all of the videos.
Lately I am preferring to do some routines right in front of my laptop.

Note: file uploads are no longer available for new members
In fact, all file uploads will become inaccessible in August 2016
vids from other sites will still be available till ~June 2017

The residents are from all over the world and most are very supportive of one another, especially in a new club called *Fit&Fun*.
Friend both of my two profiles and/or send me a message:

Other tips for WellVideo:
When registering, try to use a non-aol email address because aol email and WellVideo are not always compatible.

To organize videos you want to revisit, create your own playlists.
Playlists are on the right side of each channel page.
Just use the *Add to Playlist* button under a video to add a video to your own Playlist of choice.
Also if you store a video, title it so it will be found on a search.

I found absolutely the easiest way to download a video file from WellVideo using Chrome!
Using the Chrome browser, install the extension called
Video Downloader Professional
If you want to download an embedded file like youtube, you may have to do its from its original hosting site and this Chrome extension does not download from youtube.

Play a video you want to download with Video Downloader Professional then click on the dark green arrow in the upper right corner.  You can rename this file whatever you want after it is downloaded but  keep or type a period (dot) between your file name and the mp4 to keep the MP4 format identification.
For example, the filename should look something like this after renaming:

Other tips for Chrome browser extensions:
you may want to use Google Translate to translate some pages

you may want to get an adblock
(Get Adblock from my favorite links)

If you do not use Chrome, you may want to get NetVideoHunter if using Firefox for downloadable content.  Also the Firefox extension AdBlock Plus.

About actual files and Embedded videos:
If an actual file is stored on Well, it works fine with Chrome Video Downloader and a few other methods to download the file

If the video is an embedded url, you may have to find it on its host site.
Sometimes the host site appears in the lower right corner and if clicked, your browser will go there.
Usually the site will be either youtube or vk.

Most youtube and Dailymotion videos can be found by copying and pasting the title when searching the host sites.

Note: works fine with the Chrome extension Video downloader Professional
Chrome Video Downloader Professional does not work on youtube so you would have to find another way to download a youtube video.  
almost all of my other suggestions do work on youtube

For more Downloading info, see

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year (Gush Warning)

I started off the New Year with Les Mills BodyVive #1 and was thrilled with it.   Finally a different way of using muscles without straining the joints.  I have not been this excited about a new exercise genre in a very long time.  The moves are do-able, not over repeated and easy to follow.   The music is great and best of all, I do not mind the cuing like I have in other Les Mills I have tried.  I did do some of the ball cardio on the bungee and jogged on the bungee during some of the group activities.  There is also a modifier who does a nice job.

At first, it was the use of the soft ball that attracted me and it worked great with the Kathy Smith ball I had from one of her kits.  The band moves were much better than expected.  Right now I feel muscles I forgot I had LOL

(expect to hear alot of gushing in January from me since I have lots of Bodyvives to explore and Jessica Smith DVDs on the way)

Someone did this routine by Jessicasmithtv this morning and noticed there was coincidentally a Happy New Year message from Jessica:

I do not remember hearing the message because I usually replace the audio like I did with this one.
The music I had added goes a bit slower than Jessica but the moves fit the beat of the music nicely so if you do my version, move to the beat of the music and enjoy.
(tip: try refreshing the video if it doesn't play well the first try)