Monday, January 19, 2015

Zip and BodyVive

This morning I did some of the Zip Trainer Peak Cardio2 and Sculpt2 routines.  I did not click with most of the moves in the cardio but liked some of the moves in the Sculpt so will do my chop and dice thing and replace the audios.  Overall, most of the moves in these routines can be done without a Zip Trainer or Core ball but the on the top of the domes moves do work the lower body deeper.  Most cardio and bursts work on the bungee. I did feel some heel twinges on top of the domes even though wearing Futuro arch supports so will try to wear shoes next time.  Spreading my toes did seem to help.

Last but not least, I did some BodyVive while sitting on a stability ball and holding a playground ball.  It worked my core hard and aerobically. Plus it was fun!

So yesterday I was supposed to get a special Sunday delivery during an Amazon Prime free trial.  Well when I checked the tracking at 2PM, it said there was a delivery attempt about an hour earlier???  We were home all day and there was no attempt.  Then the tracking update claimed the business was closed at 3PM.  We live in a one family residential home in a residential area.  So some unethical  USPS worker decided not to even try a delivery attempt in the rain and to lie about it.  Fine if there was not enough time in the day with the bad weather to deliver but do not lie and blame the customer!!!  Anywho I may still get the Leslie DVD but either way, Amazon gave me a refund because it was not delivered when expected.  I probably would not have even complained to Amazon if I hadn't felt like the victim of a lie. Instead of ordering another workout, I ordered some blank dvdrs at a great price which may actually deliver before the Leslie DVD even though ordered 4 days later.
great dvdr sale:

I still have some credit from Verizon rewards but will probably cancel the Amazon Prime before it is used or may just order something cheap to make Amazon and the USPS go through the wringer for stressing me out yesterday.

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