Friday, January 9, 2015

Jessica :)

This morning I did a new Jessica 15 minute routine then her 30 minute Tred and Shred.  The music in the 30 minute one was boring to me till the end Ho Down music which I really liked.  I did about 25 minutes on the bungee and 20 on the ball.

I am still battling Peripheral Neuropathy but have had some better days so am hopeful I can reverse most of the damage if not just learn to live with it.  At least, it is not progressing since stopping statins and I stopped before developing Diabetes or needing a Mitral Valve repair.

This video is about an athlete who switched from a high carb diet to a high fat diet:

Most critical to note, the only seemingly adverse effect the diet change had was higher LDL and Cholesterol
BUT (and this is a BIG BUT)
his LDL was determined to be all of the good large size!

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