Sunday, November 20, 2016

The End of the World as We Knew It

The election was rigged by lies and as a result a woman who was a devoted public servant lost the electoral college to a narcissistic bully. Trump believed tell a lie often enough and it will appear to be the truth.   He had the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press to promote these toxic lies and hate rhetoric.  However, the media and his critics risked nasty attacks if they dared to mention the truth.

The GOP and radical right were obsessed with putting Hillary Clinton under a microscope for decades.  She lost all civil rights to any privacy and still nothing truly criminal was proven.  Russian hacking added to the mix taking words out of context.  Even the FBI interfered with her momentum. Is there another politician in this country who could have been so investigated and come out of the intense scrutiny so innocent?
Meanwhile, Trump's whole corrupt history and lies were ignored.
Trump could do or say whatever he wanted and people voted for him anyway because he was a master sociopathic manipulator without a conscience.   His hate rhetoric and bullying Tweets were much more destructive to the security of our country than anything Hillary did.
He was a true domestic terrorist.

Ironically, he does not have any of the personality traits or experience needed for the position and neither do his advisers.  He has no ideology and promised mostly unconstitutional acts.

The real shock was to uncover so much ignorance and hate in this country.
As he continues to lie and bully, some of you may wake up but it is too late.
The damage is done to not just our country but the world.
He is a malignant cancer to our mental and physical health.

To the Deplorables and other ignorant minions who fell for his toxic propaganda, History will not respect you.  Only time will tell how long our world and the human race can survive such horrific mistakes.

do not know whether to laugh or cry:

maybe it will be the best historic period for comedy

Poor Mr Trump did not like the SNL skit and wanted equal time for his side LOL

Most of America including the entertainment industry do not respect Mr. Trump.
He better moult a thicker skin quickly.

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