Monday, November 28, 2016


Some observations:

tRUMP is protesting the recount too much and back to lying on Twitter, claiming he won the popular vote if *millions* of illegal votes were eliminated.  Anyone with half a brain knows this is a lie, a deplorable lie that a POTUS should not be trying to spread among his ignorant supporters.  I even heard one of his TV surrogates doubling down on this ridiculous claim!
Exit polls highly favored Clinton.

Either there was voter fraud
or he is just trying to divert attention from other issues
or his thin skin is not thickening
or a combination of all of the above.

There was voter fraud in Wisconsin:
Some mathematical discrepancies were discovered after counties in Wisconsin had shown more votes than ballots cast for president, resulting in nearly 5,000 votes being removed from President-elect Donald Trump's totals in the state.
The very first person accused of voting twice on Election Day was a Trump supporter.  There was also voter suppression of Hillary supporters.

His ignorant minions wanted to drain the swamp so now the GOP controls Congress and wants to make unpopular changes in spite of Obama's high favorability rating and improved economy.   tRUMP, himself, has no ideologies and flop-flops and contradicts himself after making all sorts of empty promises depending on the particular mob he was addressing at each rally.  Hillary Clinton had been persecuted by the GOP for decades. 
tRUMP has a history of lawsuits and corruption which slid off Teflon Don.
His conflicts of interest should have disqualified him.

tRUMP used hate rhetoric and mob mentality, appealing to the most bigoted segment of our country. tRUMP surrounded himself with deplorables and does not have experienced advisers for cabinet posts, etc. Steve Bannon is proof that.   Now bigots feel empowered and hate crimes as well as verbal assaults have escalated.  This end of civility has damaged our society more than any foreign terrorist.

If the electoral college has any sense of decency, tRUMP should not be officially declared our POTUS.  Either way, America has lost its self-respect and respect around the world.  Deplorables accounted for most of his vote.  The rest who voted for him or did not vote at all were ignorant people who had their eyes, ears, brains and hearts turned off.  Families have been torn apart in an emotional civil war.  
As tRUMP would say: SAD.

Or maybe tRUMP is tweeting lies so that he will not have to be POTUS for 4 years.  
He never expected to win.

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