Thursday, November 17, 2016

Retail Therapy at Its Best

Retail Therapy gives me a temporary lift by expecting something new to try in the mail in spite of having plenty to visit already.  Since I had lots of Amazon credit thanks to FIOS rewards, I ordered a few dvds the day after the election.

The only thing that beats retail therapy is discovering the items were even better than expected!
I love Zumba Country!!!!
Maybe more than the pricier BeachBody Country Heat.
and I was pleasantly surprised how good the new Nia U Class felt, previously thinking I was done with  Nia.

OK they all cannot be winners because the Dance That Walk dvd had annoying music and Whooing but will see how replacing its audio affects me.  I could not get through the second routine with its audio.

ETA:  I am a very happy camper in my bubble.
The edited Dance that Walk has been GREAT!
Our new cheap RCA HDTV with a USB port plays files from a flash drive.
I do have to convert the files to mpeg to play the audio.

PLUS:  I just discovered that both the Zumba Country and Nia U class DVDs have a music only option!!!!

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