Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jumpsport 550F PRO

I LURVE my new Jumpsport!!!

It arrived with its loosest tension but the mat is still firmer than my original on its tightest adjustment.  Having 36 cords instead of 30 for the extra 5 inches makes it a much firmer mat tension. So now I have a larger and firmer mat which my feet will definitely prefer.  It also needs slightly less overhead room so it is in my basement and the original Jumpsport is in the living room with a higher ceiling.  I can now do side to side steps and jumping jacks without touching the border of the mat (or my head brushing the ceiling LOL).

Set-up was slightly confusing because one cord was not completely attached and an extra cord had been sent.   I believe they want one cord released when folded and am guessing the extra cord is just a spare in case one cord becomes damaged. It took my whole body weight and strength to open the folded frame.
ETA: releasing a couple of cords near the hinges will make unfolding easier!

Since it is a folding model, it also came with a traveling case for the legs which was a nice bonus.  The legs screw on and off easily without tools for traveling.

I am very impressed with the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F PRO quality and design.
Definitely made the right choice for my feet since walking in soft sand is the worse scenario for Plantar Fasciitis.

Jumpsport Folding Trampolines
Professional Fitness Trampolines

here are the various diameters:
44 inches is the diameter of the 550 frame.
The skirt mat diameter is 38 inches end-to-end.
The diameter of the actual jumping surface of the inner mat that is connected to the cords is 30 inches. The outer 4 inches of the skirt do not feel stable enough to me so I avoid jumping on it.

Just take 5 inches off any of the above to calculate the 350/370 diameters. The skirt mat still has the same 4 inch fringe on both.

Just did a spark on the new bungee and can now do 3 moves I just couldn't do well on the smaller model:
Jump squats (landing in a wide leg squat)
butt kick jog (kicking the feet upwards to the butt instead of lifting the knees to jog)
tick tocks (alternate swinging each leg up to the side)

As far as vigorous healthbouncing, definitely feel the pumping without the jarring of the joints.
It is wonderful to have a bungee version of the BodyBurner.
Also appreciate feeling more stable and less likely to lose my balance.

Here is a comparison of the Jumpsport 550 to my other models.
It has the size of the BodyBurner, quick bounce of the Urban Rebounder and non jarring bungees.
My ReboundAir has absolutely nothing positive for me to compare.
The 550 tension is so much firmer than the 370 that my 370 bounce is probably more similar to that of a Bellicon.  I prefer the higher tension for stability, speed, and my Plantar Fasciitis.  Between the larger mat and higher tension, I can do more moves, faster and with more stability.
For example, I never could do the Urban Rebounder type bounce landing on the front part of the feet because it was too jarring for my hips on a spring rebounder.  I just tried it on the 550 and I can do it darn fast without hardly leaving the mat.  However, when I tried it on the 370, it was slower and sloppier.

ETA 9/16/2014:
It has been confirmed that a 49 inch Bellicon has a different softer bounce in its center so it is not the best choice for anyone with Plantar Fasciitis.  My 550 is now almost a year old and bouncing in the center of the mat is still firm so I saved my feet as well as a few $$

ETA: release several cords around the hinges when unfolding a 550 for the first time!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Youtube Playlist

Before checking in with this morning's routines, I wanted to share one of my youtube playlists:
Zumba and Dance - YouTube

I am using this youtube channel to organize playlists for our Vizio TV with a youtube app and will not be uploading anything.  Uploading will only be done on DailyMotion and Dropbox.

This morning I warmed up on the glider barefooted which massages my feet like a gravel walk then healthbounced on the bungee.  Next I did some Angie Gorr Ultimate Sweat and Tone with added MUsic then did this very nice no dread routine by dancewithshelly, some of which really worked well sitting on a stability ball:

Finished with the Qigong routine to which I had added Irish/Celtic MUsic

Chi Lel demo with Irish MU by POMBarb
This can be pretty intense if the focus is on the movements coming from the core.  Otherwise it is a nice meditative stretch.

Still hoping my new Jumpsport is en route although there has been no tracking updates.
The Amazon vendor for the FootRubz Massage Ball has sent me another since the first shipment just went *poof*.  I find it very odd that the tracking for both the Jumpsport via UPS and FootRubz via USPS had their tracking more or less nonexistent.

ETA Weds 10/30:
The Jumpsport 550 Pro is on the truck for delivery today!!

Also here is Jessica's Cardio Quickie which I previously captured from Sportskool but now available on youtube:

Monday, October 28, 2013

A New Youtube User

After some healthbouncing on the bungee to warm up, I did this routine by dancewithshelly mostly on the BodyBurner then the stability ball.  It was easy to follow with decent music.  Definitely, a no dread routine.  About the intensity of a walking workout so would describe it as a dance-walk fusion.

I will be trying a few more of her routines down the road.

Then I did some of jessicasmithtv Quick Flat Abs and finished with some of the Prayfit Cardio routine with replaced audio.

I started a private group on Daily Motion for workouts with added MUsic.
Email me a request for the link at

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LUrving MUving to MUsic

This morning I had a low energy day but the MUsic I had added to the workouts below made kept me MUving:

Kept the original music on this one and enjoyed the moves sitting on a stability ball:

Besides adding MUsic to the first three above, I removed the moves I know I would skip.
If anyone would like to try some of my MUsic added videos, email me at for a private link to the videos on Dropbox or DailyMotion.  If you have never subscribed to Dropbox, I would appreciate using me as a referral so we both get extra space.  I try to keep MUsic added videos mostly private because of confusing music restrictions on Daily Motion and traffic restrictions on Dropbox.
A temporary 3 day filemail can also be arranged.

So far my last two online orders (Foot Rubz massage ball through Amazon and the Jumpsport 550) have not moved from whatever shipping center they were sent.  What is the point of tracking packages if they are never scanned???

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sing with Me!

(Come and sing with me)
I'm so excited
that I just can't hide it

OK what am I singing about?

My newly ordered Jumpsport 550F Pro

Finally decided to cave and order it because I love my 370 with a skirt mat instead of the original petal mat and have had great experiences with Jumpsport's customer service. The 550 mat will be 5 inches larger than the 370 which is about the diameter of my stiff BodyBurner's mat.

I will be the guinea pig for this piece of equipment in the VideoFitness community.  With its adjustable cords, I will not have to worry about which cords to order like with its more expensive competitor the Bellicon.
It's a nice compromise for my Plantar Fasciitis because I want to bounce or healthbounce without feeling like I am sinking into sand.  
It is not going into my basement workout area with a low ceiling but into our living room so our son will be enjoying it as well.  
Hopefully, I will hop on it everytime I walk through our living room.

Here's more info about it:
Jumpsport Folding Trampolines

ETA: Wednesday 10/23
This morning I did a bunch of routines found online rotating from bungee to Bodyburner to puzzle mats to stability ball.  No real favorite to share but really got into the drum beat in Misty Tripoli's CanFitPro clip while sitting on a stability ball so may start revisiting some of her dvds soon.
I think I will start revisiting the MUVE dvds after the new Jumpsport arrives.

just found this!

ETA Thursday 10/24:
I did a bunch of MUsic added videos this morning but used MUsic I cannot share.
Really enjoyed everything!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mostly Online Routines

This morning I started with this routine which was quite good after the silly intro:


Then I did the rest of Sieber's Cardio Core Express which was previously on youtube and finished with some of a nice yoga routine:

As usual most cardio rotated from the bungee (Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline) to the BodyBurner to puzzle mats and finished mostly on the stability ball.

ETA Tuesday 10/22:
This morning I did some of jessicasmithtv's Bikini Body Circuit and Summer Legs to which I had added MUsic then some of a Classical Stretch from Season9 which I had missed during a previous broadcast period.
Yesterday I got a flu shot which was painful and still is painful this morning which prevented a good night's sleep.  May not get another one in future years because of the pain even though last year's was a piece of cake.  Our doctor gave me both but really jammed it in hard this time. At least my blood pressure was the best it had been so those walking sparks may be worth the effort :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Futuro Arch Supports

FUTURO(TM) Therapeutic Arch Support, one pair, adjustable
I just had to post about a wonderful product I found thanks to a recommendation on VF.
3M makes these Futuro Arch supports which are quite amazing and can be used with or without socks or shoes.  My evening Plantar Fasciitis pain has vanished.  I have worked out and bungee bounced barefooted with these as well as left them on all day while barefooted in the house.  Also wore them with shoes and found them better than most shoe inserts or athletic tapes.
For more information including a video, checkout the site below:
Therapeutic Arch Support

Unfortunately they are only available at CVS.
Note you can print a $3 off coupon on the site above for any Futuro support.

I have tried many different shoe inserts and have to mention the best for me have been Dr. Scholl's Arthritis PRO insert.  Much better than the shoe inserts specifically designed for PF or heel pain.  Some inserts do work better with certain pairs of shoes so it is a trial and error for each foot and shoe combination. I have kept all of the inserts I have bought so I can find whatever works best for whichever shoe I am planning to wear.  As much as I love the Arthritis PRO inserts, they are thick and do not work with some of my smaller cut shoes and thick socks.

Since I can now bungee bounce barefooted again, I was reconsidering trying a larger bungee.  However, it seems like the larger the mat, the more it may affect my PF since the worse stress for PF is walking on loose sand.  I do not think the Jumpsport 44 inch will have that much extra room to justify its higher price but the 49 inch Bellicon may not be good for my PF.  Also have the problem of which tension cords to use if I decide on trying a Bellicon.  The Ultras would probably give my feet the most support but may not provide as much fun.

ETA Sunday 10/21:
This morning I did the rest of the Kung Fu Step Circuit vhs, cardio mostly on the bungee and bands for the upper body then one set of each body part on Met-Rx Shaping WO4 and finished with the first half of Debbie Sieber's Cardio Core Express with my own MUsic added which was fabulous!

I just did from the jessicasmithtv Flat Abs Walk with MUsic added.

Original video can be seen on youtube at
or below

Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Nice Combo

This morning I did the first half of Cardio Tactics1 from the Met-Rx set then a Leslie Sansone mile using a band from her 5 Advanced Miles.  Then I did the jessicasmithtv Quick Standing Abs.  I had added MUsic to all of the above and enjoyed everything.
Finished with a routine from Daily Motion which was very nice:
8 Brocades of Qigong

8 Brocades of Qigong by stefste

ETA Sunday 10/19
This morning I did the second half of Met-Rx Cardio Tactics 1 then the Leslie Sansone first mile from Advanced 5 miles holding Fitstix.  I had added MUsic to these.
Then did some of  Met-Rx Shaping WO3 and finished with some Kung Fu Step Circuit while sitting on a stability ball.

I am repeating a recipe for meatloaf because it is so darn good and healthier than most meatloafs:
Saute, chopped celery, carrots, onion, garlic, green pepper and red pepper till tender in Canola oil. 
Then splash the concoction with some  black ground pepper and Balsamic vinegar and let the concoction cool.
90 minutes before dinner, combine the veggie concoction, 2 eggs, ground meat, Balsamic vineagar mixed with ketchup (reserving some for the outer glaze) and my new secret meatloaf ingredient...... OATMEAL! 
Shape the meatloaf evenly.
Smear the glaze on and bake at 325 degree oven for 75 to 90 minutes till the center reads well done on a meat thermometer.   The final result is about 1/3 meat, 1/3 veggies and 1/3 oatmeal.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Personal Impressions of Ultimate Sweat and Tone

This routine was not designed to do in a single day unless you have the lower body of a bionic man or woman.  Overall, the dvd offers some unique and effective moves. Since most of the large muscles are in the lower body, doing routines using the lower body will burn more calories and challenging these muscles differently will increase their strength.
I broke-down the chapters so I can skip to what I want to do *Playing All*
(see previous post)

However, Angie Gorr definitely should have done a better job with the warmup and the music.
I really wanted to love this dvd but the warmup sets the mood for me and this was one of the worse warmups ever.  Not only were the moves too fast and music dull but the gal showing the no bench alternative started off on a different foot!

Anywho the music stayed dull so I will replace it and do the chapters I like as add-ons.
Really lurved the Plies variations in Chapter 11!  They even worked well sitting on a stability ball.

Angie Gorr Ultimate Sweat and Tone Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the chapters as they appear in the Play-all option of the Ultimate Sweat and Tone:

chapter 4 Warm Up

chapter 5 Legs with bench starting with tap-ups with mirrored left side

chapter 6 Legs with bench starting with tap-ups with mirrored right side

chapter 16 Shoulders done standing

chapter 11 Inner Thighs (Plies)

chapter 12 No bench Legs staring with cardio

chapter 15 Bench triceps

chapter 17 Bench legs starting with cardio

chapter 18 Back and Chest starting upright and ending with mat pushups

chapter 19 Biceps

chapter 20 Abs starting with planks

chapter 21 more mat abs starting with Pilates style

chapter 22 more mat abs

chapter 23 Floor lower body

chapter 24 Cool Down sitting on floor

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Angie Gorr Ultimate Sweat & Tone

The Angie Gorr Ultimate Sweat and Tone dvd arrived this morning along with some personal background on Angie and the dvd.  She has overcome alot of physical ailments which makes me want to try her routines even more.  I have to say I am very impressed with her efforts to listen to both positive and negative comments and to keep pursuing the production of dvds.  She has been very generous in giving away this dvd in exchange for reviews.  Also her previous 2 dvds which had water damage to the cases had been given away through Total Fitness so she definitely has suffered financial setbacks.  I did buy her first Custom3Fit 50/50 from her website during a good sale but never tried her second dvd Cardio Strength Interval Circuit because its sample clip showed mostly weighted moves which really weren't calling my name.  I have been enjoying revisiting 50/50 and have had sneaky DOMS from it.

I decided to start a new post after doing much of the dvd to share my impressions and a breakdown of the dvd.

Nice Online Routines

This morning I did three routines found on youtube to which I added MUsic.
Reminder: If you would like a link to the video with my MUsic added, email me!

First two are on the upwave channel:

This was very bungee friendly.

This worked the lower body aerobically.
Some worked well on the stability ball too.

and finished with a nice Qigong routine uploaded by bodhiveeren, some of which I did sitting on a stability ball.  It started out slowly but had several feel good moves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feedspot and SpryLiving

Here's a shout out to a new social feed reader service called Feedspot

My blog through the Feedspot service can be followed at
Feedspot - Keep MUving *Just Right*

The posts load much quicker and cleaner than my actual blog!

Last week I had embedded a video by Petra Kolber from the site which was removed from both Daily Motion and my blog but I have since then received permission from to embed it so here it is:

It's direct link is

Monday, October 14, 2013

New Week

Yesterday was a rest day in AC except for walking.
Today after returning home, I did an outdoor walk spark then some of the shoulders and triceps on the Shaping Met-RX DVD, using imaginary resistance because my shoulders and elbows are very vulnerable.  One wrong tweak and I get a chronic twinge.  Nothing special about the weighted segments on the Met-RX dvds yet.  Once I have tried everything, I will probably give the set away.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Donna, Michelle, and Petra

This morning I did some of the Donna Richardson's original Sweatin In the Spirit which most people never saw because it was replaced by other Sweatin in the Spirit titles soon after it became out of print.  It was released at the same time as her Old School Dance Party which was more popular as well as her Brazilian workout.  These three dvds were released just when workout dvds first started hitting the market.

Then I did some of Michelle Dozois' Rockin' Body Cardio Jam to which I had added MUsic.  I would really love this routine if it were slower so I did it halftime.

Finished with some routines by Petra Kolber to which I had also added MUsic.  Unfortunately, I do not even know where I found the original clips!  Just know it was NOT on her Streamline Strength.

ETA:  The Petra Kolber clips can be found on

ETA: Just did a spark using the second half of the cardio from Angie Gorr's Custom3Fit 50/50
(with MUsic added of course)

ETA: Saturday 10/12
This morning I did more of Dozois Rockin' Body then more of Angie Gorr's Custom3Fit 50/50 which had some sneaky intensity for the lower body and finished with some of the kickboxing from the Met-RX set.

I will be making most of my MUsic added Daily Motion uploads and Playlists private since I believe somebody is reporting them as copyright infringements who has no ownership of the copyrights.
so if you want a link to any, just email
(To the copyright crusader who has been stalking my uploads, go find another fish to fry.
There are way bigger fish out there than me to satisfy your appetite)

Thursday, October 10, 2013


There is a sudden interest in rebounding or using a mini-trampoline on VF.  I just wanted to remind readers that I have several links for rebounding, including a sample video for the Jumpsport cardio video posted on 1/6/2012:

It is very hard to decide how to try rebounding since the better models, especially bungees, are not available at sporting goods stores to try for a test drive and are expensive.  If you think rebounding may be a nice option for you, I suggest trying a Walmart strap model first since you can always return it if you hate it or even if you love it but decide to take the plunge in ordering a bungee Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline or Bellicon.

If you are even less sure about rebounding and want an up and down action to pump lymph, try sitting and bouncing on a stability ball.

This morning I did this Cardio Abs routine on the bungee, BodyBurner, puzzle mats and stability ball and found it worked on everything.  Of course, I had replaced the audio with my own music selections.
Also edited to remove the planks :)

Next I did some of the second Conditioning dvd from Met-RX which seemed pretty routine.

Finished with some Zumba while sitting on a stability ball including this routine:

I just won one of the 10 Custom3Fit Ultimate Sweat & Tone dvds that Angie Gorr was offering in exchange for a review on Facebook.  I had purchased her original 50/50 directly through her website ( during a sale offer and had blogged my impressions in June 2011.  Looking forward to trying her newest.  The moves are the kind I like but will probably want my own music.  I am adding my own music to the 50/50 before revisiting because I know the audio didn't get me muving last time.  Not only did the 50/50 dvd include 3 levels of intensity, it also offered many pre-mixes.

so I had replaced the audio on Custom3Fit 50/50 and just did the warmup and first 2 cardio sections as a spark while sitting on a stability ball. I am sweating and breathing hard without any joint twinging :)
Lots of moves done many different ways so easy to tweak them alittle more to do when sitting.
Some had a problem with the exercisers moving differently from one another but I find this style freeing.
It was a perfect replacement for my outdoor walking spark which I skipped because of the threat of rain.

If anyone wants to order the Met-Rx set I had bought, the set has been reduced even more!
The price is now $15 after applying coupon code VEXTBDY. Shipping is $1.95.

Also Walmart is selling the Weider Ruthless set for ~$20 online:
just Google Walmart Weider Ruthless

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nia's Groovin', Freemake Burn and FIOS Issues

Nia has uploaded their whole Groovin' vhs to their blog!!!

Groovin ' 92 | Nia

Monday 10/17

This morning I warmed up with a mile from Leslie's 4 Fast miles (MUsic only) mostly on the bungee.
The music and moves started feeling very repetitive so that revisit is probably over for awhile.
Then I did some of the rest of the first routine on MET-Rx Conditioning dvd 3 MUsic only.  Unfortunately, it started freezing alot at about their 33 minute countdown.  Not sure if it is the dvd or my player. Probably will not revisit this dvd again but I didn't mind some of the resistance moves and will just add a few new tweaks of theirs to future resistance moves.

Finished with the first 27 minutes of Nia's Awareness of Nerves and really liked it.
The warmup is all about the feet.  I did the first 12 minutes on puzzle mats then the rest sitting on a stability ball.

Yesterday when trying to burn a dvdr with Freemake Video Converter, it kept stopping at the 82% encoding point so I converted the whole project to MP4, noting which files seemed to be at that point and replaced those previous files with the new MP4 files.  Worked like a charm :)  Guess one of those two files confused Freemake when converting to dvd format.

Also last night, our FIOS HD STB had its hic-cup again after playing fine for several hours, blinking to a blank screen for a second or two every 5 seconds or so.  I believe the HD STB over-heats but it may have just been a temporary FIOS glitch.  This happened one other time on 9/12 after a storm.  Not sure what to do about it as long as it plays ok most other days.

Darn it.  It happened again so after jumping through hoops with the FIOS phone system,  they are sending us a new HD STB to try.

ETA: Tuesday 10/8
This morning I really enjoyed everything I did.
First was the PrayFit Warmup with replaced audio/MUsic.
Then two routines from Fabulously Fit Moms
One was with a scarf and the other with a weighted ball.
I had replaced the audio/MUsic on those as well.
Cannot share any of the above publicly because of copyrights.

Last but not least, I did the first set of the first routine on the first Met-Rx Cardio dvd and really liked the choice of moves and number of reps up to the almost 15 minute mark when planks took over for the last 2 minutes of the set.  The whole set is then repeated a second time before the stretch.  I'll probably replaced the MUsic and trim the routine to its first 15 minutes up to the planks. The MUsic they used was ok just not as motivating for me as my own.

We are staying put waiting for our new HD STB from FIOS which is out on the UPS truck.  The tracking info did not include our name and address so I am a bit worried about Murphy's Law.  Hope it arrives today and during daylight so I can see what I am doing when connecting the wires.

So the new HD STB from FIOS arrived today and was working fine for a couple of hours then boom, the same problem again.  Spoke to a FIOS tech who said it could be the HDMI cable or the HDMI port on the tv.  So I switched in another HDMI wire which cost like $4 from Amazon and it played fine so far.  Makes me mad because we bought a $20 GE HDMI cable at Walmart for our new and only HD tv because Walmart claimed they had problems with cheaper wires and FIOS stopped providing any because the ones they provided received complaints.  Well it seems as though most failed HDMI cables  have been GE!!!!  Guess we were lucky it worked for 18 months.

Wednesday 10/9
First I did the second Cardio Tactics routine on the Met-RX dvd9.
I was able to tweak the plank moves so even though they are more scattered than in the first routine, I liked the routine just as much as the first.  Most moves are very bungee friendly.  No Buyer's remorse.
Then I did the rest of Nia's Awareness of Nerves.  Some I liked alot and some I will not revisit.

I will be adding MUsic to both Cardio Tactics.  DVD Fab HD Decrypter copied the needed VTS files to a folder for me and Freemake Video Converter will be used for stripping the audio and trimming.
I prefer 15 minute routines so I did each the sets for the routines separately because they are tweaked a bit more in the second sets.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

JS and Met-RX

This morning I did some of jessicasdmithtv routines (Stride & Step and Bikini Body Circuit) to which I had added MUsic and cannot share because of the music copyrights.  Too bad cuz the MUsic rocked!

Then I tried some of the dvds from the Met-RX set which was on clearance through Vitamin World.  I like that the dvds have a music only option but still may replace the music if I find any routines I want to revisit.  I enjoyed the Kickboxing first part especially with Fitstix and moved to the *music only* even though the cast did not.  Cast was doing most moves too fast to keep time with the music.
Their first conditioning dvd was just ok but I still have plenty of it to visit and may find a few segments worth revisiting for me.

Sunday 10/6
This morning I did some more of Met-Rx Conditioning Disk 3 and liked some of the moves and definitely determined I preferred the MUsic only option.  Then I did some of Leslie Sansone's 4 Fast Miles with its MUsic only option.  During Leslie, I rotated from bungee to BodyBurner to puzzle mats and finally, stability ball so my bare feet and joints weren't worked too hard on any one surface.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Month and New Nia Class!

This morning I did the jessicasmithtv HIIT Cardio and Core to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee.  The moves I do not usually do involving planks were easily tweaked.  I can only share the MUsic I added to this routine privately.

Then I tried the first 15 minutes of Total Dance Fitness volume 2 and lurved it.  The instructor reminds me alot of Kukuwa and the moves were easily tweaked for the bungee or stability ball.  I look forward to doing the rest another day.  My blog post on Monday 9/23 has more info about this routine.

The new Nia Awareness of Nerves class is now available:

This morning I started with a Denise Austin Power walk mile, holding Fitstix instead of dumb bells on the bungee.  
Then did a jessicasmithtv 10 minute Lower Body routine:
Both of the above had added MUsic.

Next I finished the Total Dance Fitness volume2 and the instructor really was so similar to Kukuwa that I decided to try Kukuwa while sitting on a stability ball.  Her routine for kids was perfect on the ball!