Sunday, July 28, 2013

RS, T25, Nia Forearms

Really enjoyed today's workout, starting with Richard Simmons warmup from his Ab Formula VHS on the bungee:

Then I did the Alpha Cardio from Shaun T's Focus T25 which had a really different feel and worked on the bungee, floor and stability ball.  I got breathless several times with simple to follow moves.  He changes the moves so often that I need his cuing and didn't mind the music.
Last but not least, I did some of Nia's Awareness of the Forearm Boness which was a really nice routine with a different focus and moves.  Hopefully, it will help my elbows which didn't twinge at all.

Of course, Jessica uploaded a new workout yesterday right after I burned a big dvdr LOL

Monday 7/29
This morning I started with Kelly Coffey-Myers Start Here workout1 to which I had added MUsic.  The cardio was very bungee friendly and the AWT good with Fitstix/Zumba stix.  I like that the AWT had swimming moves and the MUsic I chose was great.  This routine flew by and produced sweat.  I will not be adding music to or doing the second workout because the routine didn't look as special.  However, this routine may become a favorite.

Then I did more of Nia's Awareness of the Forearm Bones and still am enjoying this different focus.
Next I did a BodyBall routine which was rather interesting.  Some of the awkward moves actually felt good!

Finished with a Senior Gather the Energy Chiball class which was too short and choppy to revisit.

Tuesday 7/30
This morning I did the first half of Jessica Smith's Abs Diet for Women to which I had added MUsic.
Next I did Tracey Mallett's Killer Arms, first half standing and second half sitting on the stability ball.  Then continued sitting on the ball to the last quarter of PeakFit Cardio Burn Remix.  Last but not least, another 15 minutes of Nia's Forearm Bones.

Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Print Screen on Windows

If you do not want to print a screen with a printer but want to save a file of the screen for future reference, you can use your PrtSc key to capture a screen shot.  This comes in handy when you want to save any sort of confirmation screen and do not have a printer available.

To get a screenshot using your PrtSc key:

click on a blank part of the screen you want to capture
click on the shift and PrtSc keys if PrtSc is on the top of the key
(Try fn+prtsc if PrtSc is on the bottom of the key in gray)

This will put the screen you want to capture onto your clipboard
Open the Paint program 
(Start then Search for *Paint* should do it if you cannot find it)
then click on *paste* (your screen should appear on Paint)

Save the file (click on upper left corner of Paint for saving options)

Amazon free MUsic, JS, New Nia

This morning I started with the jessicasmithtv High Intensity and Low Impact routine to which I had added MUsic and trimmed, leaving out the down to the floor stuff I skip and it turned into the perfect bungee spark.  Most of the MUsic was found on Amazon which is a great source for free MP3 files:

MUsic available at Amazon

Then I did Ellen's 30 minute Walk to which I had added MUsic and enjoyed the MUsic but tweaked most of the moves to make them more interesting. The first 10 minutes were on the bungee then the next 10 on the floor then the last 10 on the stability ball.  I used Fitstix through-out but switched to the purple Zumba Stix when sitting on the ball to focus on biceps and triceps.  The routine without my music is on my DailyMotion channel POMBarb

Then I did routines found on youtube including a Gigong ball routine
 and another chiball routine as well as some of the stretch called *Kiss Anita* found on dagby - YouTube.
Sometimes I used a purple Zumba stick instead of a ball.

Nia's latest upload:
I was able to download this video in my chosen MP4 format on

or in flv only format with the new version of Freemake Video Downloader by pasting

Saturday 7/27
This morning I did more of Michele Dozois PeakFit Cardio Burn Remix.  First I did the combo on the bungee then I did the repeat on the stability ball and really liked it on the ball!  Next I did most of Ellen's Prevention Express Belly Blast with Fitstix, alternating the bungee, floor and stability ball.  Actually preferred the original soundtrack to the music I tried with it!  Finished with some of Jessica's Cardio Barre which went great with Irish music.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freemake Video Downloader DailyMotion Fix

You can download the newly revised Freemake Video Downloader which supposedly now works on DailyMotion from

Remember to refuse the extras (toolbar, default homepage, and Shield offers) by choosing custom downloads and unchecking unwanted extras.

So downloading from Daily Motion can now be done with
Freemake Video Downloader v3.5.3 on Windows operating systems
Download Helper on Firefox
from various download sites like
(there are several others but all have tricky ads trying to get clicked so be careful)

Visit my POMBarb videos and playlists on Daily Motion

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Check in

I will start a weekly checkin post here and will add to it so the posts about DailyMotion uploads do not get buried.

Sunday 7/21
Woke up with a nightmare about our son and felt out-of-sorts then found out son had laptop problems and made the initial problem worse not waiting for me to help cuz 2 heads are always better than one.  We both know different things about pcs and usually together can solve most issues.  Ironic how my subconscious overlapped with the real world in sensing his stress.  I am confident that we will be able to solve most of his problems.  First problem was he couldn't adjust his game graphics like he could previously (a Windows update may have caused the glitch) then he compounded the issue trying to install new graphic drivers.  Then when that failed, he tried the Windows8 option of Refreshing.  Refreshing seemed to remove all of the programs he had added but I investigated and believe they were just moved to a different folder and can be restored.  Refreshing did not help his graphic problem either.  I believe googling the graphics problem will bring a fix and maybe MS is working on a patch for it already if related to their update
I didn't feel like working out Physically or mentally and figured I would just stop if I didn't become interested.
So I started with the first 3 Doonya songs with MUsic only on the bungee and really enjoyed them.  Felt some of my funk lifting and though my mood improved, still felt out-of-sorts so preceded cautiously.  Next I did the Biggest Loser Mile 2 from their Power Walk DVD to which I had added MUsic.  Did half on the bungee and half on the floor while holding Fitstix and the time flew by. Finished with a youtube routine *Let's Have a Ball* which used a playground ball, chair and paper plates for sliding disks.  The exercisers were older than me but had more stamina!  Anywho it was a nice functional fitness routine for both strength and flexibility with enough sneaky cardio to increase my sweat.  Glad I worked out even though still feel weird.

Found the routine which I had edited and added MUsic to

Monday 7/22
This morning I did a 30 minute AWT walk led by Kim Lyons while holding Fitstix.on the bungee to new Hip Hop MUsic and really enjoyed it!  Then I did some of a standing bag routine led by Cathe.  Then Essentrics for the Waist to which I had added MUsic.  Essentrics was more of a hip opener for me than core routine. Finished with Active Aging Cardio which had some sneaky abs on the chair as well as more paper plates for sliding.  My abs are actually sore and I did less than half of the reps!

Tuesday 7/23
only did a Barefoot Dancer because had a crazy Verizon morning.
First Cinemax somehow got shutoff by Verizon when upgrading our internet speeds then our wireless internet  was disconnected after I changed our router encryption.  All working again and son's laptop is downloading much better than it used to before the speed upgrade.  Phew.

Barefoot Dancer21 Child by POMBarb

Weds 7/24
First I warmed up with the HeavyHands Instructional routine to which I had added MUsic on the bungee with Fitstix. Then I did the Upper Body band routine by Exhale. Next a nice feel good ballet warmup routine. Then jessicasmithtv Yoga Abs to which I had added music and trimmed to be just upright. Last but not least the stick, ball and ring routines while sitting led by an elderly German instructor which were excellent! Of course, I had added MUsic. I used cords attached to my weight machine for the partner rings and sometimes sat on a stability ball instead of chair.  *Advanced* exercisers may turn their noses up at these *senior* type routines but with some tweaking they can be pretty intense.

Thurs 7/25
Finally a break in the heat today!
I tried some of Michelle Dozois Peakfit10 Cardio Burn Remix which had some new moves.  Of course, I tweaked and modified like crazy to do most of the moves on the bungee.  Then I did Ellen's 20 minute workout to which I had added MUsic and found it really nice on the bungee. Then I did some of the Active Aging Chair Yoga.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daily Motion Download Update

The Mozilla Firefox browser has recently updated their Download Helper so it can download Daily Motion videos again!  They fixed the bug :)

It is much faster than using a download site like

ETA:  I found an old pair of Crosstrainers that are more comfortable without inserts than any of my other shoes with inserts!  This morning I revisited  Dana Pieper's warmup, punching with weights and stability ball routines which I chaptered from her two dvds.  Her warmups are great on the bungee, her punching with weights great with Fitstix and her stability ball which is used like a medball great with a purple Zumba stick.  Finished with some Classical Stretch (930).

I am starting to upload some of the Barefoot Dancer episodes to DailyMotion.
Ironically, they are age restricted because of the title even though Sarina Condello mostly works with children!
Here's the first

Barefoot Dancer 1 by POMBarb
The rest can be viewed on my DailyMotion channel

Just wanted to mention that I am now preferring Handbrake to Freemake Video Converter for ripping chapters from dvds.  Freemake used to be much faster but lately, Handbrake is faster!  Handbrake is just as easy to use and easier to download.

Friday, July 19, 2013


The PF was better during our last AC trip than it was the previous trip but acted up alot once I was home and shed the shoes so will have to wear shoes all day.

This morning, I did a bunch of Jessica Smiths' to which I had added MUsic, starting on the bungee then switching to the stability ball.  The good news is my HDL is up so doing cardio sitting on the stability ball is not a waste of time.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Daily Motion

Here's more embedded Daily Motion videos from the Jenny Craig Let's Walk It Off series with Kim Lyons:

Walk It Off Beg 10 by POMBarb

Walk It Off 30 min Beg by POMBarb

Walk It Off Adv 10 min by POMBarb

Walk It Off 30 min Adv by POMBarb

I actually am liking DailyMotion more than youtube because I can upload videos up to one hour in length and blog embedding is so much easier.  Their interface is even easier to figure-out and with more options. Youtube may have done me a favor!

ETA:  I also think the embedded videos play better on the blog.
This morning I started revisiting my 4th burned dvdr of jessicasmithtv videos to which I added MUsic.  First I did 15 minutes of Jessica's Power Walk to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee then the second half of her Cardio Barre to which I had added Irish MUsic.  Finished with her Tank Top Arms to which I had added tunes from the new hot show Kinky Boots.

Here's her original Ballet Body Sculpt which had much of the upper screen cut off when I tried to play it on youtube.

Ballet Body Sculpt Original by POMBarb
Jessica's original

Cardio Dance Party (AKA: Dance Party2) with replaced MUsic after youtube muted Jessica's original soundtrack and as a result the video was deleted from youtube:

JS Cardio Dance Party2 by POMBarb
I still have the original video file for private use as well as all of the videos to which I had added MUsic.

Next, I may be adding some Sarina Condella videos from her Barefoot Dancer series.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

DailyMotion Uploads

I am in the process of uploading Dr. Leonard Schwartz's HeavyHands Panerobics to Dailymotion after receiving a request for it.  Then I will be uploading OOP Ellen Barretts which were very popular on my youtube channel..

HH Panaerobics now available on DailyMotion at

HH Aero-Abs

HH Yoga Hands

Heavyhands  Panaerobics by POMBarb

HH Instructional by POMBarb

HeavyHands WalkPlus by POMBarb

ETA:  Ellen's Slo-robics from Fit TV

Ellen Slo-robics by POMBarb

and Zen Sculpt

Ellen Zen Sculpt by POMBarb

Buff Girl

Ellen Buff Girl by POMBarb

Pilates Yoga Blend

Ellen Pilates Yoga Blend by POMBarb

Ellen from Weight Watchers® Walk at Home dvd

Ellen 10 min Walk by POMBarb

Ellen 20 min Walk by POMBarb

Ellen 30 min Walk by POMBarb

Ellen 10 min Power Walk by POMBarb

BalletPilates w Ellen Barrett by POMBarb

ETA: will add my checkins down here for the next few days so I can have one blog entry with DailyMotion videos on top for awhile.
Yesterday morning I did the Patrick URX to which I had added MUsic and lurved it then I did Jessica's new High Step Metabolic Circuit to which I had also added MUsic, tweaking the high step to a low step to actually stretch my PF. Used the heavier Zumba stix instead of dumb bells.  Finished with some of the 20 minute Zumba class while sitting on a stability ball.
This morning Sunday 7/14, I warmed up on the bungee to a Leslie Mile using the belt to which I had added African music then did Ellen's Slo-robics to which I had added Bollywood MUsic.
Spent alot of time looking for other workouts I wanted for DailyMotion.  LOL
This morning Monday 7/15, I warmed on on the bungee for 10 minutes then switched to the stability ball, doing most of Jessica's HIIT routine to which I had added great MUsic.  Then I did half of her Cardio Barre to which I had added Irish MUsic.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lurve DA

This morning I started with a Denise Austin to which I had added MUsic with good moves for the bungee but my PF didn't feel like bouncing today so I switched to the stability ball.  Then I did some of a DailyMotion Tonique routine while holding Fitstix then Jessica's newest barre routine with my own MUsic.  Finished with a Denise inspired Kettlebell routine with my own MUsic using a heavier Zumba stick which I absolutely lurved!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DA with MUsic

I added MUsic to a whole bunch of routines by Denise Austin and lurve the results!  She does choreo similar to Jessica without overdoing reps or moving to the next move too quickly.  Anywho did about 40 minutes of DA on and off the bungee, depending on the type of move then Knee Rehab1 again since my foot and right side responded well.  Way less pain this morning in the heel and right knee feels fine.  Right hip and back were tight but loosened up.  I am, hopefully, on the mend.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JB URX, google and youtube

This morning I tried out the URX led by JB. Did the first 1/4 on the bungee and the second 1/4 on the stability ball. Alternated on the third 1/4. Have to admit that JB Berns the man behind the UR and its products did the best job of using the UR in the URX series.  His routines included just about all of the standard bouncing moves.  Music was totally boring sooooo will be adding my own MUsic but keeping his cues so I will not have to watch the tv screen much.  Finished with some of Jill Miller's Knee Rehab 1 which includes the feet, ankle and hips into the mix.
For the workout, I wore my older pair of shoes with different inserts I found in another pair and the two worked together fine. Shoes are snug but comfortable enough for an hour.  Will reserve my new larger shoes and PF inserts for longer outside ventures like AC since feet swell with heat and I wear thicker socks and keep the shoes on all day.
Found a pair of sandals with magnets that feel pretty good on the feet to wear around the house instead of taping.  Have another pair to try which has little spikes for circulation which may be good too if a gravel-like effect.

I am not going to share videos on my blog anymore. It is too hard to access youtube without my original google account and quite honestly never know when the video I plan to share could also get a copyright dispute so no point.  If you want more information about my videos, techniques, etc.

A few things about Google confuse me greatly.
Why does Google completely close a youtube account after 3 copyright complaints instead of just blocking video uploading??  Don't they want to claim as many users as possible for advertising?
Why does Google demand a youtube account to be linked to gmail then leaves the gmail account without an associated youtube account if youtube closes the account?
Why can I just be signed into one google account at a time on all products?
What if multiple users on the same pc want to be signed in to different accounts/products?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No More Youtube Uploads

Since music I added to a Jessica workout received a copyright strike, my youtube account has been closed.
So I will not be bothering to upload anymore videos here or anywhere else.

The copyright laws are very out-dated and no point trying to guess what is ok and what is not ok.

As a precaution, I am removing all of my embedded youtube videos and samples with added music to avoid copyright disputes.

Never got around to actually workingout today because deleting videos from the blog took all day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

PF and workout checkin

This morning I started with a URX led by Patrick.  He was actually using the UR quite nicely but then started using it more like a step. I did like alot of the moves so will edit it and add MUsic.  Then I finished jessicasmithtv Stride & Step to which I had added MUsic.  Then I did more of the Zumba Basic Class.  I used the bungee with my shoes and new inserts alternating with the stability ball depending on the moves for all of the above.    Finished with more Yoga Dance.

I really like my new shoe inserts from CVS especially designed for PF when walking and workingout BUT they are not comfortable when standing.  Guess I will have to stand differently in AC.  The inserts are similar to Walkfit Platinum but have a cushioned heel and are half the price!
At home where I prefer going barefooted, the new kinesiology tape from Walgreens is very comfortable.  Think this is the simplest taping method:

The tape can be stretched for more support and stays in place nicely.  Finally learned how to remove the paper from the center to be stretched for support and to use the ends unstretched for an easier removal.

DailyMotion Downloads

I have downloaded alot of great workout videos from Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos  but lately none of my download methods seem to work on that site.  Finally found a download site that did work with less tricky advertisements to avoid clicking by mistake:
Free Download from Rapidshare, FileFactory. Free Download Videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe -

Just copy the url of the video and paste it into the dialog box on the top of the website and click on download right next to the box then choose your file format size and done.  The video file will appear in your download folder.  Ignore all of the other advertisements.  You do not need to download anything else.

There are all sorts of ways to copy the url.  Usually the easiest is to click on *share* or *export* and the url will appear in a dialog box.  Sometimes it will automatically get copied into your clipboard ready to paste.  If not you can right click the video's url and copy it or right click the video and copy its url.  Some programs and sites will automatically paste from your clip board as well.  If not, right click will give you a paste option.
Keyboard shortcuts:
for *copying* a highlighted link onto your clipboard hold the [Ctrl] then also the [C] keys
for *pasting* whatever was last copied onto your clipboard hold the [Ctr] then also the [V] keys
Clipboard will just hold the last copied characters
Note: I use a Windows Operating System so the above may not work the same way with others.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jess, Zumba, Jane, TA Arms and more Yoga Dance

This morning I did more of jessicasmithtv Stride and Step then some of a Basic Zumba Class with great music.
Then I did a Jane Fonda dance routine which I liked:

Then I did more of Tracey Anderson's Daily arms and the Russian Yoga Dance as a cool down.
I wore shoes with different inserts for the whole workout. Did some on the bungee, some on the step, some on the carpet and some on the stability ball.  Also used Fitstix as the mood struck. Didn't feel any pain!!  Also took a walk outside with the shoes and new inserts without the pain I had been having so will not be going to AC in a wheelchair as I had feared.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

PF Sux but still MUving

While in AC for a few days, the PF really became inflamed from plain walking.  I believe the Walkfit Platinum inserts just didn't work well with my current favorite shoes.  It was way less painful after removing the inserts.

This morning I started on the bungee but wearing shoes to avoid the sinking in sand effect.  I really enjoyed the first few songs from the Zumba Janey at 130 pounds.  I uploaded Janey to my blog the other day.  Then I did a couple of ab routines by Ryan with the Kettlebell to which I had added MUsic and edited to be just the standing moves I wanted to do. His routines are uploaded to his youtube channel *Ryan Raw*.
Next I did some of jessicasmithtv Stride & Step to which I had added MUsic.  At first I was doing Stride&Step with Fitstix without a step, focusing on using the upper body and core more than the feet  then switched to sitting on a ball and really liked the effect! The music was blocked in Germany so I had replaced it and didn't upload this video file to youtube because it will not play on my HD TV.
Then I did some of Tracey Anderson's daily arms found on youtube but I did them sitting on a stability ball instead of a chair.  Also I had fused the short segments together.
Finished with some wonderful Yoga Dance found on youtube:

I am not a yoga person but her routines are exactly what I enjoy when cooling down.  Do not even mind her (Russian?) cuing which is melodious to me.
By the time I was done, I was sweating and feeling no pain yet felt every muscle in my body had been used.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wendy Ida, Qigong and Nia

This morning I did Wendy Ida's second level routine to which I had added MUsic then did a short but sweet Qigong routine and finished with the rest of Nia's Elbows but mostly while sitting on a stability ball.  I think I will revisit all of the Nia classes while sitting on a stability ball!

I have also decided against buying the big Bellicon because it is like walking in sand which is the worse thing for PF.  No point spending so much if I would have to use shoes on it to avoid the sand effect.

Monday, July 1, 2013


This morning I did some of Tracie Long's Staying Power to which I had added MUsic and liked it!  Finished with some of Jessica's Chair Abs to which I had added MUsic, doing mostly the beginning barre moves.  Then used my aerobic toys (Glider and recumbant Bike) to squeeze in some PF friendly cardio because had a lingering twinge when workingout.