Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Madeline, TA, Senior Zumba

This morning I started with some of  the edited Madeline Lewis Walking routine which now belongs to Gaiam.  The MUsic I chose really got me MUving.  Then I did some edited Tracey Anderson Cardio (not sure but think it was an XBOX routine?).  It had lots of good moves for the bungee and then an edited Transform routine was great on the ball.  I was pooped working mostly at a higher heartrate than usual but still wanted to add in a few minutes.  The TA routines are easily found on youtube and DailyMotion.

Last but not least, I finished with this and really liked it!

Even though I was already pooped, it worked very well on the bungee.
Great cooldown.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This morning I worked out to Leslie Sansone's 3 Mega Miles to which I had added MUsic.  I held Fitstix for the first 30 minutes, 25 minutes on the bungee and 5 on the stability ball then held Zumba purple stix for the next 10 minutes before cooling down.  I tweaked moves as I went to make them more fun and less repetitive.

Just found this wonderful ball bouncing class with pregnant women!
It nicely shows what you can do while sit-bouncing on a ball:

I find I can convert just about any standing cardio to bounce-sitting on a stability ball and keep my heartrate elevated.  I will be trimming and adding MUsic to this routine and uploading it to my Daily Motion channel shortly.  Sit-bouncing or Bounce-sitting is a wonderful way to workout without aggravating my joints.

Here's my edited file with free music found on amazon:

SyperBall MU by POMBarb

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Solibeat then JS

This morning I warmed up with a tune from Solibeat on the bungee then did my edited version of jessicasmithtv's Beginner's workout which I am embedding below.   It had nice simple moves that were easily tweaked to the MUsic I had added.

JS Beginner MU by POMBarb

Finished with my edited version of Jessica's Cardio Ballet.

The Jessicasmithtv original Beginner's video is here:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fusion Walk and Solibeat

This morning I revisited the edited version of Jessica's Fusion Walk and again, lurved it.  This is definitely my current favorite but more because of the music I used than just the style.  Most of the music I used came from Nia youtube clips. I enjoyed this one the other day with its original soundtrack but it is still so much better with the Nia tunes. I did the first half on the 550F then some on the stability ball with Fitstix then some upright on the floor with Fitstix.

 Next I did some Solibeat while sitting on a stability ball which was a great combination.
My heartrate was perfect throughout all of the above.  Best of all, most of my joints behaved and I felt energized during and after the workout.

My eye is almost back to normal again but last evening I had the weirdest pain on the top of both feet.  Soaking in Epsom salts then applying Arnica gel seems to have made the pain go away.  I think it was because I was wearing slippers most of the day and my feet had to work differently to keep the slippers on.  However, I had a terrible stiff neck upon waking this morning which thankfully instantly disappeared once I moved and loosened up. Never know what part of my body will complain next LOL

A huge mistake many make is to avoid movement when a pain strikes.  We need to move to heal.   Whenever I try to move differently to avoid pain, I put a strain on other parts of the body creating a new source of pain.

Just found a great source for rebounder friendly routines!
Sarahplacencia aqua dance routines with great music seem perfect for a bungee :)
Here are a few of them:
There are others in her uploaded videos like this one

which is my personal favorite because of the song.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dumb Dumb Dumb

This morning my eye was hurting so I wanted to take a Tylenol and by mistake took a PM Tylenol.  Not only am I fighting drowsiness but it is also drying the eye which caused the initial problem!  Anywho I still worked out :)
I did Jessica's edited Stride Walk using a band wrapped around a bungee leg instead of dumb bells.  Then did some of the original Barre Burn and finished with the beginning of the edited Fusion Walk.  I decided to edit the soundtrack for Cardio Barre and Barre Burn, just to make them feel different so I would visit them more often even though I enjoyed some of their music.

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Jessica DVDs

This morning I did the Fusion Walk with her audio to pick up on cuing I may have missed in my edited file.  It was pleasant enough and I did pick up some stuff I previously missed but it didn't have the same vibe that my music only version had.
Then I did some of her Cardio Ballet.  Did both routines barefooted without arch supports and will see how my PF responds.  I did notice strong DOMS in the quads from her Floor Barre!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Walk-bouncing

This morning I warmed up with an old Madeline Lewis walking routine which has been repackaged and renamed a few times to which I had added MUsic which was great on the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F PRO bungee.  I had received a replacement leg for my 550 yesterday because one leg would become way looser much faster than the others and am happy to report that the problem is now solved.  Jumpsport Customer support has been great with both of my bungees.

Then I did the walk to Party Hits which I had edited to include just the routines with real songs and it was fantastic compared to the original dvd which previously frustrated me with its soundtrack and editing.  I did 10 minutes on the bungee and 10 minutes on the stability ball with  my Fitstix.   Finished with alittle of Jessica's Barre Fitness Floor Barre.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LiveStrong and Kettlenetics

I did some really unique routines today and enjoyed the change.
I had edited the LiveStrong channel 's Stronger month 2 videos to include just moves I like and added MUsic.

The edited results were really great.  Time flew by.
Then I had added MUsic to Gaiam's Kettlenetics and used a Purple Zumba stick instead of a light kettlebell.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another WOW

This morning I did the Walk to the Radio Hits with replaced audio and really got my heartrate up thanks to the pumping music I used!  Then I did a kettlebell inspired dumb bell routine from the BFit youtube channel holding a purple Zumba stick and finished with some foot and hand routines from Gaiam Shanti yoga found on Hulu.

I found a Gold's Gym Massage Therapy Capsule at Walmart for less than $6 which I having been using under my feet before bed and upon waking.  My PF has become much less intense during the night and in the morning since doing this.

Walmart's link

Amazon has the same product for over twice the price!

Monday, January 20, 2014


The energizing effect of my edited Walk to the Hits is simply amazing.

This morning I did the edited Radio Hits with just the real tunes strung together then the Party Hits with replaced music. GREAT!!!  I now have 4 new Walking to the Hits video files, averaging 1 1/2 miles each.
Finished with some of Scott Cole's Chair Strength and Stretch.  I loved his Millennium Stretch and this is a nice abbreviated version.

(ETA: the whole original Walk to the Hits Radio Remixes routine had been uploaded to youtube)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

JS Cardio Dance Party

This morning I did my edited Cardio Dance Party. The original also known as Dance Party2 was deleted from jessicasmithtv because of music copyrights so I replaced the music.  The first half was great on my new 550f bungee and I tweaked the second half to do while sitting on a stability ball.  I also did alittle of the edited Indoor Jogging and then Ballet Body Sculpt routine.  The Ballet routine I had downloaded showed more of the top of the screen than the version now on jessicasmithtv so I am glad I had downloaded it immediately. The original and the video to which I had replaced the music are both on my DailyMotion channel so are the Cardio Dance Party files.  There is an active filemail for the original Cardio Dance Party in a recent post.
For more information and embedded files, check this post:

I plan to revisit the whole edited Indoor Jogging routine on the 550F bungee soon!

JS Indoor Jogging MU by POMBarb
Hopefully before 2015

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Walk to Party Hits

Will make this short but not sweet...

Whoever did the editing on the Leslie Sansone's Walk to Party Hits needs to find a new day job (or not give up the day job if editing videos is their night job).

ETA: I trimmed the fat off the butchered Party Hits to include just the vocals.  It meant losing some of the new moves which appear for just a few seconds but at least it will keep my interest.  The *Professional* editing of this video was worse than even my earliest attempts when I first added music to older Leslie routines.

So I took a peek at the Walk to Radio Hits and saw it had similar lame editing so re-edited before I try it and to avoid wasting another workout session.  I kept all of the real tunes for each then added my own music to the interesting looking parts with boring instrumentals.  I now have 4 separate files of the routines with MUsic.  Maybe the routines work with the cuing but I cannot tolerate the chatter.  Just see no point of those very short bursts with good music then long endless segments with boring instrumentals.
Obviously, nobody in production bothered to try the dvds with Music only.

This is an OOP routine called Quick Fitness with Meredith Robertson I had edited in my earlier attempts using free music from Amazon:

Quick Fitness MUsic by POMBarb
I believe this routine will keep most MUving to the beat more than the new Walk to Hits series.
(if ads start to appear, click on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner after the initial ad to see the rest without ads or to go directly to the video on Daily Motion for playing and/or downloading)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fusion Walk and Barre Burn

This morning I did my audio replaced Jessica Fusion Walk from her Walk On DVD and am in love.
For the first time in a very long time, I did not want a workout to end.  Still will try it with her audio but doubt it will have the same effect.

Also did most of her Barre Burn and liked alot of the moves and did not mind her audio.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jessica Walk On

This morning I did Jessica's Walk On Stride and Strength Walk but had added MUsic to her cuing because I found the original music bland.  Well my music was great but the first half was still comparatively dull with mostly routine strength and walking moves.  Thankfully the second half got alot more interesting with more cardio great on the bungee.  I then did some of another edited video file of the routine with MUsic only while sitting on a stability ball.  The first 15 minutes may be nice for folks who do not have access to her jessicasmithtv Living Room routines but overall were not as creative as Jessica usually is.  However, the second 15 minutes made the purchase worthwhile for me and I still have her Fusion Walk to try.

Next time I do the first 15 minutes on the bungee, I may try it with a band around the legs.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jessica Total Body Balance

This morning in anticipation of the new Jessica dvds being delivered, I did the Cardio Flow and Cardio Sculpt Dance from her first set.  My heartrate was great through-out and I believe I did them with more energy than when new.   Not bad for a 64 yo woman with various joint ailments.

ETA: My Jessica dvds have arrived and I already did most of the Cardio Ballet on Barre Fitness and loved the music!!!  First time in a long time I liked the music on a dvd workout.
Unfortunately the Walk On DVD had softer and less motivating music so I will do my thing.

I wore my heartrate monitor - pedometer watch most of the day to confirm that I do get in over 10,000 paces each day :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

JS and JS

This morning I started with my edited jessicasmithtv Dance Walk and finished with the second half of Cardio Core Flow.
The Link to Dance Walk on jessicasmithtv is

I enjoyed Dance Walk on the bungee so much, I am replacing the music for my own private use because the previous music was free music and I think it would be more fun with possibly copyrighted music.
The second half of Cardio Core Flow worked beautifully on the stability ball.
The whole routine is available on my Daily Motion channel and was embedded on this blog last Sunday 1/5.

I did almost 5000 steps according to my HRM Pedometer Watch, always in my aerobic zones.  I love how the watch counts all movement as steps.  No regular pedometer ever did that for me.

Reminder:  if you would like to make a donation to jessicasmithtv:
Jessica spends alot of time, energy and money to give us all free routines so let's help her out!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

JS, Jazz, Pound, Nia

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with 10 minutes of the edited version of jessicasmithtv Power Interval Walk.  Then I did the Jazzercise HIITs (tube) resistance routine.  Liked it more than their dance routine.  My Heart Rate was nicely elevated throughout.  Then I did some youtube Pound routines with Fitstix and again my HR stayed nicely elevated.  Finished with more of the last Nia online class (Nervous System) upright for the first few minutes then sitting on a stability ball.  Again my HR was where I wanted it to be and I sweated plenty.

The Aldis HRM and Pedometer Watch seems to record all movements as steps.  I actually am getting the hang of using the watch for steps as well as HR so may try it in AC when we plan to walk outdoors more.  However, it still takes patience and perseverance to get the HR recording.  At least, once the watch starts reflecting HR, it continues to do so.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Jessica Smith DVDs

I am a huge fan of Jessica Smith and just pre-ordered her new DVDs which should be shipped tomorrow. They are available for ordering on her website store

as well as through other online vendors but I wanted to buy them directly from Jessica so she gets a larger share of the payment.

There are decent clips of these on youtube at jessicasmithtv as well as totalfitnessdvds.

They are also available as digital downloads through her digital download store:

Reminder:  you can make a donation to jessicasmithtv here:
Jessica spends alot of time, energy and money to give us all free routines so let's help her out!

Jazzercise and Drums Alive

This morning I did the Dance routine from Jazzercise HIITS.  First of all, it wasn't really High Intensity Interval Training.  Second of all, the moves had choppy transitions instead of repeating a single move long enough to be able to really get into it.  All moves started from the same side, not working both sides as equally.  Worse of all, the music was drowned out by cuing.  I may edit it and leave out the endless repetitions of combos I didn't like and replace the MUsic.  The last routine did work well sitting on a stability ball so may be worth the effort.

Then I did a bunch of online Drums Alive type routines in all sorts of ways including
standing and pounding a stability ball
sitting on a large stability ball and pounding a smaller one lodged in an upside down Firm step
all kept me in my aerobic HR zone
also my watch showed over 2 miles and over 2400 steps
(and if you think that was easy to determine, think again LOL)

I really liked this routine because of the dramatic music and may try some Conductorcise this way:

this is the class from the back of the room

there is another from the front

forgot to mention I also did alittle of the newest Nia online class:

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I really think the copyright laws need  an overhaul.
The whole original intent of copyright laws has become pointless because of technology and legal mazes.

Yes, I am angry my original youtube channel got permanently deleted by Google but even angrier that so many talented workout gurus have had their work stolen by unethical partners or employees.  Among my favorite victims have been Billy Blanks, Kukuwa, Misty Tripoli and Brandi Woodard.  Then there are plenty of others who do not even know who owns the copyrights to their previous OOP work like Sarina Condello, Ellen Barrett and Gin Miller.  It's ridiculous how many vhs production companies went bankrupt and trying to figure out which content is still copyrighted and if so whom owns it.  Even Nia is afraid to share their vhs content because of music copyrights.

Something needs to be done so that the copyright royalties go into the right pockets.
Also something needs to be done so if a fan wants permission to share any work, the fan knows who-the-hell can grant permission to do so.

LS and RS

I really enjoyed my workout session this morning.  Wearing a Crane heartrate monitor watch from Aldis motivated me to move in different ways to MUving MUsic and discover how each move affected my intensity.  The result was lots of sweat!

Mostly I did some Leslie Sansone walks to which I had added MUsic on the bungee with and without Fitstix and also some of MUsic added to Richard Simmons Silver Foxes while sitting on the stability ball without Fitstix.  The Fitstix definitely added intensity while allowing my feet to be relatively quiet on the bungee.  Also I was able to stay aerobic without the Fitstix just bounce-sitting on the ball.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pound, Drums Alive, etc.

This morning I started and ended with a Pound Class Demo found online, trying to figure out if I should cave and order the Pound double dvd and Ripstix set.
Inbetween the Pound demo, I did some edited Leslie Sansone on the bungee while holding Fitstix.  I used the Aldis Crane Heartrate Monitor Pedometer Watch to check my Heartrate, much preferring it to my old monitor with a chest strap.  This morning before getting out of bed, my resting heartrate was 49.  During the workout I was between 60 to 80% of my MHR the whole time.  Recovery was almost immediate. I was happy to see my heartrate seems darn good considering I workout for enjoyment more than fitness.

After trying the POUND demo a second time after Leslie and feeling a twinge in my hip, I decided against the set and started searching online for video uploads and found plenty.  Then I started searching for Drums Alive already owning that dvd and found plenty.  What really caught my interest was a senior chair class using chairs as drums:

This looks like a great crosstraining option for me with either my Drums Alive Drumsticks or Fitstix.  I can use a stability ball for sitting and/or pounding instead of the chairs as well.

A new Nia online class!
Nia Class Video - Autonomic Nervous System | Nia

Monday, January 6, 2014

New JS

This morning I did the newest jessicasmithtv upload Power Interval Walk to which I had added MUsic
▶ Walking, Exercise: Free Full Length 30-Minute Power Interval Walk - YouTube

It was a big surprise to get a new upload on a Sunday so I burned a JS compilation dvdr with it enabling me to try it this morning since I had just burned a dvdr of downloads on Saturday after editing her Stability ball upload.

Finished the morning workout session with her edited Awesome Abs & Arms.
▶ Abs, Arm flab, Full Length Toning and Fat Burning Workout: Awesome Abs And Arms - YouTube

Will not be uploading these to Daily Motion because not sure about their added Music copyrights.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still Jessica

My edited videos from jessicasmithtv are really addicting so will really have to force myself to do something else tomorrow LOL

This morning I did my edited version of her Cardio Core Flow. The first half was great on the bungee.  The second half was more lower body than core and worked on the bungee, floor and stability ball.
original available at
▶ Cardio Core Flow (fat burning, cardio, barefoot, low impact, abs exercises) - YouTube

Finished with some of her edited Chair routine but on a stability ball.
original available at
▶ Chair Workout I + II (seated cardio, strength, fat burning low impact exercise) - YouTube

My Cardio Core Flow with different audio:

JS Cardio Core Flow MU by POMBarb

My Chair with Irish MUsic:

JS Chair Jig MU by POMBarb

(remember to wait till after the initial ad before clicking on the DailyMotion lower right corner to view the rest ad free)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Jessica

Now that I started revisiting my jessicasmithtv video files, it is hard to switch to anything else.  This morning I revisited her first Dance Party
▶ Dance Party!! - YouTube
Strong Standing Abs
▶ Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat (standing abs, abs workout, abs exercises using dumbbells) - YouTube

Jessica also did a Cardio Dance Party (AKA Dance Party 2) which was muted on youtube because of song copyrights so she removed it from jessicasmithtv.  I replaced its audio and uploaded it to Daily Motion:

JS Cardio Dance Party MU Replaced by POMBarb
(remember to wait till after the first ad plays and the actual workout starts to play before clicking on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner)
Email me if you would like to see the original Cardio Dance Party, privately.

The first Dance Party with my MUsic has just been uploaded to Daily Motion:

JS Dance Party MU by POMBarb
(remember to wait till after the first ad plays and the actual workout starts to play before clicking on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Me & My Chair

I was just wondering if anyone knows where Dolvett Quince's *Me & My Chair* dvd may be available?

Here's a sample clip:
Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince & Armchair Workouts from Jim Ethridge on Vimeo.

Amazon used to sell it but has no copies new or used.

This morning I was back to Me & My JS MU
(JessicaSmithtv with MUsic added)
Actually first I did some Barre Fire as a warmup then I did my edited jessicasmithtv Belly Walk.
Original video:

(Please click the youtube lower right corner to see it on youtube)

My edited version will be uploaded to Daily Motion.
Now that I have started revisiting Jessica, it will be hard to pry me away to visit my other stuff!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Start Here

This morning I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Start Here which I had edited for my own private use.  Most of the MUsic I used was suggested by RunHundred.  The cardio was perfect for the bungee and the AWT perfect for my Fitstix.  Really enjoyed the combination.
I finished with another song from Tracy Anderson's Bootcamp Dance Cardio for alittle more bouncing.

I keep editing videos faster than I can do them LOL

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Run Hundred

This morning I started with jessicasmithtv's gliding routine to which I had added Holiday MUsic (video embedded on blog Sunday 12/22) and thoroughly enjoyed it rotating between the 550f bungee, gliding pads and stability ball.  Most gliding moves worked surprisingly well on the bungee.  Then I did Jessica's 5 minute Tabata band routine which was the final week 5 of Shape's Black Friday Fitness series.  I did it on the bungee using a band attached to my weight machine near it.  I had edited the video and added loud pumping MUsic while keeping Jessica's cuing.
Finished with just 5 minutes of Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Dance Cardio found on youtube and really liked the music and the moves on the bungee and intend to visit all of it as sparks and warmups.  Finally a download that does not need any editing to make it more appealing to me. The whole routine is on Daily Motion including the third part.
I really need to try some of TA's rebounding stuff on the 550 and may get around to that this year.

 My feet behaved while wearing ankle supports and Futuro arch supports without shoes so I worked out without having to stop because of any twinges.  Great start to the New Year :)
I should mention I was sound asleep by 9PM on New Year's eve and slept till almost 6am LOL

I also want to give a Shout Out to a great site for workout music called RunHundred
you can check out song samples on their Facebook page
Run Hundred
or through emails
Run Hundred - Workout Music & Running Songs

I like to download the songs myself from youtube but you can purchase their downloads and/or cds.