Sunday, January 19, 2014

JS Cardio Dance Party

This morning I did my edited Cardio Dance Party. The original also known as Dance Party2 was deleted from jessicasmithtv because of music copyrights so I replaced the music.  The first half was great on my new 550f bungee and I tweaked the second half to do while sitting on a stability ball.  I also did alittle of the edited Indoor Jogging and then Ballet Body Sculpt routine.  The Ballet routine I had downloaded showed more of the top of the screen than the version now on jessicasmithtv so I am glad I had downloaded it immediately. The original and the video to which I had replaced the music are both on my DailyMotion channel so are the Cardio Dance Party files.  There is an active filemail for the original Cardio Dance Party in a recent post.
For more information and embedded files, check this post:

I plan to revisit the whole edited Indoor Jogging routine on the 550F bungee soon!

JS Indoor Jogging MU by POMBarb
Hopefully before 2015

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