Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jessica Walk On

This morning I did Jessica's Walk On Stride and Strength Walk but had added MUsic to her cuing because I found the original music bland.  Well my music was great but the first half was still comparatively dull with mostly routine strength and walking moves.  Thankfully the second half got alot more interesting with more cardio great on the bungee.  I then did some of another edited video file of the routine with MUsic only while sitting on a stability ball.  The first 15 minutes may be nice for folks who do not have access to her jessicasmithtv Living Room routines but overall were not as creative as Jessica usually is.  However, the second 15 minutes made the purchase worthwhile for me and I still have her Fusion Walk to try.

Next time I do the first 15 minutes on the bungee, I may try it with a band around the legs.

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