Saturday, January 18, 2014

Walk to Party Hits

Will make this short but not sweet...

Whoever did the editing on the Leslie Sansone's Walk to Party Hits needs to find a new day job (or not give up the day job if editing videos is their night job).

ETA: I trimmed the fat off the butchered Party Hits to include just the vocals.  It meant losing some of the new moves which appear for just a few seconds but at least it will keep my interest.  The *Professional* editing of this video was worse than even my earliest attempts when I first added music to older Leslie routines.

So I took a peek at the Walk to Radio Hits and saw it had similar lame editing so re-edited before I try it and to avoid wasting another workout session.  I kept all of the real tunes for each then added my own music to the interesting looking parts with boring instrumentals.  I now have 4 separate files of the routines with MUsic.  Maybe the routines work with the cuing but I cannot tolerate the chatter.  Just see no point of those very short bursts with good music then long endless segments with boring instrumentals.
Obviously, nobody in production bothered to try the dvds with Music only.

This is an OOP routine called Quick Fitness with Meredith Robertson I had edited in my earlier attempts using free music from Amazon:

Quick Fitness MUsic by POMBarb
I believe this routine will keep most MUving to the beat more than the new Walk to Hits series.
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