Sunday, January 12, 2014

JS and JS

This morning I started with my edited jessicasmithtv Dance Walk and finished with the second half of Cardio Core Flow.
The Link to Dance Walk on jessicasmithtv is

I enjoyed Dance Walk on the bungee so much, I am replacing the music for my own private use because the previous music was free music and I think it would be more fun with possibly copyrighted music.
The second half of Cardio Core Flow worked beautifully on the stability ball.
The whole routine is available on my Daily Motion channel and was embedded on this blog last Sunday 1/5.

I did almost 5000 steps according to my HRM Pedometer Watch, always in my aerobic zones.  I love how the watch counts all movement as steps.  No regular pedometer ever did that for me.

Reminder:  if you would like to make a donation to jessicasmithtv:
Jessica spends alot of time, energy and money to give us all free routines so let's help her out!

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