Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pound, Drums Alive, etc.

This morning I started and ended with a Pound Class Demo found online, trying to figure out if I should cave and order the Pound double dvd and Ripstix set.
Inbetween the Pound demo, I did some edited Leslie Sansone on the bungee while holding Fitstix.  I used the Aldis Crane Heartrate Monitor Pedometer Watch to check my Heartrate, much preferring it to my old monitor with a chest strap.  This morning before getting out of bed, my resting heartrate was 49.  During the workout I was between 60 to 80% of my MHR the whole time.  Recovery was almost immediate. I was happy to see my heartrate seems darn good considering I workout for enjoyment more than fitness.

After trying the POUND demo a second time after Leslie and feeling a twinge in my hip, I decided against the set and started searching online for video uploads and found plenty.  Then I started searching for Drums Alive already owning that dvd and found plenty.  What really caught my interest was a senior chair class using chairs as drums:

This looks like a great crosstraining option for me with either my Drums Alive Drumsticks or Fitstix.  I can use a stability ball for sitting and/or pounding instead of the chairs as well.

A new Nia online class!
Nia Class Video - Autonomic Nervous System | Nia

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