Friday, May 19, 2017

Peripheral Neuropathy

This past week, I was evaluated by a Functional Medicine doctor who specializes in reversing the progression of peripheral neuropathy.  I will be starting my actual treatment next week.  The hardest part will be adhering to a strict anti-inflammatory diet.  This has been the only hope I have been given about reversing the condition which has been ruining my feeling of well-being for the past 5 or more years.

Traditional medicine offered me nothing and actually may have damaged my nerves with Lipitor.

....... Stayed tuned.

I had my first treatment Monday 5/22.
First I stood on a vibrating platform which is supposed to help everything especially fast twitch fibers.  Eventually this vibrating massage will become a workout.

Then I sat on a cushioned chair while disks were applied to the feet and lower back to stimulate circulation while I breathed in oxygen through nasal prongs (I am oxygen deficient because of small red blood cells).
Last I had heat therapy then all sorts of vibrating and rolling therapies to stimulate circulation and break up tight spots.
When done I felt really loose and light.

The only thing I found uncomfortable was lying face down on the therapy table which was not designed for large breasts.

I am determined to follow the anti-inflammatory diet which excludes sugar/refined carbs, gluten, and diary.  Soon my blood will be tested for allergies and other markers to determine which foods to avoid and which supplements to take.

The treatment is expensive which makes me (and my husband) more determined to do it 100% for the best results.  He usually sabotages all of my attempts to eat healthier.
A nice side benefit is finally losing some weight!

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