Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bullies = Bad Karma

I still believe in Karma and that selfless people are happier.
There is nothing positive about hurting another human being unless it is to protect an innocent victim.
Bullies try to boost their egos by hurting others.
Bullies are not happy people.
Misery loves company and mob mentality quickly spreads.
Some religious leaders and politicians thrive on feeling more powerful by dehumanizing others.
The bigotry, homophobia, and bible cherry picking of the radical right in the USA to me is very UN-American.  Why give these unhappy people control of the American government just so they can spread their toxicity, negativity and unhappiness?
The GOP platform is Un-American.
All you can expect from this empowerment of bullies is misery for all instead of justice for all.

Let the bullies inherit the Earth.
Donald Trump is not interesting in the environment.
If Global Warming does not destroy the human race quickly enough, let's start bombing the hell out of each other.

This may sound odd but I do not even like competitive sports.
The winner may be very happy superficially but how do the losers feel?
Even if America is the last country standing, will the environment be kind to its future generations?

Live and let live.
The pursuit of happiness should not be in the hands of unhappy people who lack a conscience.
Bullies are emotionally unstable.
Guns should not be available to people who are emotionally unstable.
Assault weapons and ammunition should not be available to any civilians.
(2 recent police shooting were by emotionally unstable Black men who were trained in our military)

Trump is emotionally unstable and a horrific role model.
His rhetoric is escalating hateful behavior and harming others everytime he opens his mouth.
Our military quite clearly do not want him to be Commander-in-Chief.
Last but not least, nuclear bombs should not be available to people who are emotionally unstable.

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