Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Ugliest American

Donald Trump is the epitome of *The Ugly American*.
In fact, he has become the most famous and therefore, Ugliest American.

I have crossed paths with other Ugly Americans online.
Just as Hillary has been taking the higher road, I have tried to choose similarly.
My nature drives me to be as generous with my time as possible to *friends* I have made online, especially if I can give them something to make their day alittle brighter.  I have always been a giver instead of a taker and a people pleaser my whole life.   My mother suffered from borderline personality disorder and I allowed her to abuse me and sadly my husband till the day she died.  I cannot express what a relief it has been not to endure her abuse anymore.  I feel guilty for not forgiving her for being mentally ill.  One day, maybe the Trump kids will wake up but perhaps, they are too far gone to realize what damage they are doing to our country and the world.

I have learned the hard way to avoid toxic people who feel threatened by my nature because it is so foreign to them just as their nature is foreign to me.

I cannot lie like a toxic sociopath but do understand how one can manipulate others into going against their innate nature.  Heck, I was under the spell of one for several months from her very first email  up to a year ago when I woke up. I tried to warn others but probably appeared unstable in my attempt.  She used fear and countless lies to manipulate and create chaos just like Trump.  She was the puppet master and thankfully, I cut the strings that bound us but the damage was already done to some mutual friendships and communities.
There are probably many Trump fans who cannot open their eyes but hopefully will before November.

Last night's convention had me in tears several times.
I never realized just how selfless Hillary Clinton actually was and is.
It is very hard for a person who does not have this innate fire to make the world a better place realize there are selfless people in this world.
Selfless people put a huge bulls-eye on their back.
Toxic people take aim and shoot.

Cher called Trump Gozilla:
Loud, crushes everyone in his way. makes lotta noise but says nothing

Whichever personality becomes the next POTUS is up to the voters who need to open their eyes, minds and hearts or forever suffer the consequences.

Deal me in
I'm with her

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